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my phone was stolen last night and i’m absolutely freaking out???

I changed all my important passwords and the phone hasn’t been turned on after it was taken, and if someone happens to turn it on then my friend will get a notification and i’ll be able to see the location of the stolen phone but still like shit i’m scared that someone is using it rn and seeing all my stuff

Wayne Brady on Playing Aaron Burr in ‘Hamilton’ and Hollywood: “I Feel His Struggle” (Q&A) (The Hollywood Reporter):

[…] “It’s such an amazing opportunity — on TV, you don’t get to relive the same creative piece night after night, and then make your tweaks and try new things,” Brady tells The Hollywood Reporter. “That’s what I love most about theater: It’s never going to be perfect, but you keep trying over and over again, just like real life.”

Ahead of his last performance on April 9, Brady spoke with THR about dealing with his own Burr-like struggles, performing for his teenage daughter and potentially reprising the coveted role in the future.

What do you admire about your character, Aaron Burr?

I feel his struggle, in terms of being someone who wants to make his mark in this world and go about it in a certain way but is in a profession where perception is everything. Just because your outward persona says one thing, it doesn’t mean that’s who you are, but you get judged on that. And I felt I could feel his pain/glory in the sense of he was great at his job, but he was overshadowed by [Alexander] Hamilton because he wasn’t as flashy as Hamilton.I’m not a very flashy person — I don’t like to talk a lot, I don’t like to go to parties. Even when I started, I was told that the networking is a vital part of this business, and I know that it is. But I come from a school of showbiz where I get onstage and do what I do, and you should leave going, “Holy shit, that was awesome, Wayne’s great!” as opposed to wanting to read about me in a tabloid or waning me to be on a reality show or end up on TMZ because I punched somebody, which seems to be the way to be on people’s lists and get work and be relevant despite how talented you are. I feel I’ve accomplished my job if you leave the show empathizing with Burr.


What’s your pre-show ritual?

I rev up by playing Call of Duty: Zombies. Once I’m at the theater, I have to sing through the music in the first act. It’s self-defense. There are a lot of words and if you miss one word, the whole train goes off the track and everyone is gonna blame the conductor.

What are you doing when you’re not onstage?

I’m either reading my lines in my dressing room or talking to castmates. Ari Afsar, who plays Eliza, and I try to sing along to other characters’ songs, especially [“Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)”] but we still fail. But by the time I leave, we have to get that entire Hercules Mulligan section right.

Who has been your favorite backstage guest so far?

I was stoked to have my buddy Taye Diggs see it. And I’m so nervous that Christopher Jackson, who originated the role of George Washington, and his wife Veronica are coming [in a few days].But my favorite, favorite guest is my daughter. She loves this show like every other teenager in the country, and when she came backstage, she lost all of her 14-year-old swagger and was just my little girl and jumped on me. We were both crying when I sang “Dear Theodosia.” […]

{PART 7} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; A whole week has passed since Jungkook was forced to leave your apartment, just before you could take your relationship with him to the next level. But today at the office, things become interesting yet again - for both you, and Jungkook.

{Part 1} // {Part 6} {Part 7} {Part 8}

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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farahsulastree  asked:

hello there! im sorry if this is not the way to request something but can i have a story that y/n pass out or fainted because she works too much (it could be angst or fluff or angst and fluff) so yeah. AND I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOUR WRITINGS. THEY ARE SOOOO GOOD 💕💕

Warning: this shit is hella long, the longest I’ve written yet so proceed at your own risk babies.

Farah, thanks hun, sorry I’m late!  since you haven’t mentioned a member I’m choosing Jeon Jungkook at my own discretion.  Y’all can let me know if you want one for another member! Also, I tried going for something other than the classic ‘reader faints, boyfriend worries’. Hope y’all like it.

***Please remember I don’t know jackshit about the functioning of corporate world, I’m training to be psychological counsellor-miles away from the field of techs, mnc’s and conglomerates so if y’all find something out of place please bear with me. XD



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Free The Band!

Back in 2006, Lego had this strange promotional for Bionicle. The All-American Rejects were kidnapped by the Piraka!

This had a whole little ARG made for it. A blog site ran by a couple of kids/teenagers who were following the story, a fake yacht company, a fake news report, the whole shebang

There was also a webgame where you’d train the Toa Inika and find downloads for popular songs of the time, and another webgame where you’d explore the island looking for clues to where the band was being kept.

It was just another one’a those early 2000s feverdream things, a weird advertisement campaign that could only be thought up back in the days when people were still trying to figure out how to use this new fangled internet thingie to make money.

Only this time, it had a lot of merchandise, which you could win by entering the sweepstakes! Shirts, lanyards, posters, and… skateboard decks

and iron-on patches

(I impulse bought a couple of these, and you better believe I’m gonna put one on a hoodie and wear it unironically)

From this promotion alone you could iron-on a Free The Band patch to your Free The Band t-shirt while you skate to school on your Free The Band skateboard with your school ID kept on your Free The Band lanyard.

Just be a walking, skating advertisement for Free The Band because gosh darn it The All-American Rejects were awesome and we can’t let those mean Piraka keep them to theirselves!

And yes, the band was freed.

Because the Inika were just that awesome.

no one would actually put up with an “anarcho capitalist” society, but american “an”caps are just edgy bootlicking reactionaries so they still get on my nerves.

it’s the ‘corporations can do no wrong when left without government’ mindset championed by wealthy conservatives who bankrolled the tea party movement to try and mix their ideas with already standing conservatism. what do we have? a fucking messy oligarchy and a bunch of people who believe the horseshit politicians and businessmen are paid to tell them.

america is a literal cancer on humanity. the amount of atrocities committed for financial gain just keeps going, and the blame will be deflected from the system every god damn time.


James Monroe Iglehart Talks ‘Hamilton’ Demands, Batman Magnets and Close-Up Magic (The Hollywood Reporter):

What comes next after Aladdin?

For James Monroe Iglehart — who played the Genie for three years in the Disney musical and won a Tony Award for the role in 2014 — the answer is Hamilton. In the Broadway hip-hop phenomenon, he now plays Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson — the dual roles originated by Daveed Diggs, fellow Tony winner and cohort in the rap group Freestyle Love Supreme.

“His advice to me was, ‘Stop listening to the soundtrack and bring your James swagger to the role, because you got the rapping down,” said Iglehart of Diggs. “Once I got his vote of approval, I felt great. A lot of people really don’t know I do hip-hop, so they’ve been pretty surprised so far.”

Iglehart, 42, goes Off Script with The Hollywood Reporter to talk ferry videos, favorite celebrity guests and spoofing the Matilda musical on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

What’s the biggest difference between Aladdin and Hamilton audiences?

Both audiences are fantastic, but the Hamilton audiences will often mouth along. I’m like, “Please Lord, don’t let me mess up these words because they know everything I’m about to say!” It’s like a rock concert — people have sometimes been waiting to see this for a year or two. It’s so cool to see adults amped and hyped for something like this.

What’s the best part about playing your characters?

I love them both for different reasons. Lafayette is youthful, hungry and energetic and raps fast with something to say. But Jefferson, this uppity aristocrat, just enjoys being, for lack of a better word, a prick to Hamilton. I’ve always played such nice people, so to play somewhat of a “villain” is so much fun.

What helps you most when making that character transition?

During intermission, I sing through “What’d I Miss?” while putting on Jefferson’s purple outfit. Instantly, the whole attitude changes.

What’s the toughest part about these roles?

The lyrical [density] actually wasn’t the big issue because after I had to be quite fast when I played the Genie. But I wasn’t ready for the physical demands of this show. A couple of us nickname the show “The Stairmaster Show.” We have the best butts on Broadway — we’re literally always running up and down steps, not only to our dressing room but also onstage, and there’s no one immune to it.


What’s something special in your dressing room?

A picture of my wife and I from college, and my magnet collection: Batman, a ton of Marvel characters, Transformers’ Optimus Prime and Megatron, plus some Tinkerbell and Phineas and Ferb. I’m always collecting new ones for my wall and door.


Best stage door reaction so far?

In my second week, there was a young girl from France who didn’t speak any English and knew the show phonetically. She wanted to do Lafayette’s introduction in “Guns and Ships” for me, and it was the cutest thing in the world. I wish I could do it as well as she can. […]

more on JMI off-stage – his pre-show rituals, post-show wind-down, & day-off chill – in the full article


Some of the best act-closing numbers from musicals.

one day more - les miserables / a light in the dark - next to normal / i remember how those boys could dance - carrie the musical / sante fe - newsies / this time next year - sunset boulevard / who i’d be - shrek the musical / our love is god - heathers / pretty funny - dogfight / now (it’s just the gas) - little shop of horrors / i’ve never been in love before - guys and dolls / bring it on - bring it on / defying gravity - wicked / ever after - into the woods / i believe - spring awakening / man up - the book of mormon / to dance again - a very potter musical / quintet - west side story / happy ending - twisted / i am what i am - la cage aux folles / so much better - legally blonde / there’s a fine, fine line - avenue q / this world will remember us - bonnie and clyde / marry me a little - company / the book report - you’re a good man, charlie brown / bottom’s gonna be on top - something rotten! / everything’s coming up roses - gypsy / status quo - starship / a little priest - sweeney todd / pinball wizard - the who’s tommy / non-stop - hamilton


PinkNews, in good company re-reporting this story (originally sold to inside edition) along with highly esteemed publications such as the Daily Mail and Russia Today, sets itself apart in integrity and evolved sexual understanding by being the first & only site to bravely declare this relationship between woman and chandelier a lesbian one 

Truth behind Asian Media & Entertainment companies

First of all, I decided to be anonymous because of course, I don’t want to lose my job. Any people I know in real life might find me in no time, so I don’t want to take the risk. I will be stating some examples, I’ll try to be less specific as possible so I wouldn’t give in the identity of the artists I’ll be talking about. Anyway, if ever I don’t make any sense explaining things, I apologize because English is not my first language. 

Second, why am I writing this? I’ve been seeing indirect arguments between some Kaisoo shippers and some Kaistal shippers regarding SM Entertainment, etc. I will have to be honest here: it kind of annoys me when some people drop statements about Asian media as if they know everything about it. Also, I feel really bad for the people who are manipulated. So, I decided to reveal what I know. But I wouldn’t be shocked if there are still people who will chose not to believe in what I have to say, so, I’m not here to force you to believe. I just wanted to share some truth behind BIG entertainment and media companies like SMent. (I emphasized BIG because not every companies does this because of the risks & because they’re not powerful enough like the BIG ones). I want you to be open minded about this, I don’t want everyone to be totally fooled. 

Third, yes, I’m a fan of EXO, SNSD, f(x) and Shinee. They’re the only groups I thoroughly followed since the beginning. But I will not state who my biases are and who do I ship because it doesn’t matter, I will not be biased on my statements. I will be stating facts from real life experiences I have from studying and working in Asian media & entertainment industry. I won’t be on Kaisoo shippers’ side, nor Kaistal shippers’ side.   

Lastly, I don’t work for SM Entertainment or any entertainment companies in South Korea. I work for a big media and entertainment company somewhere in Far East Asia (East and Southeast Asia, I’m sorry I don’t want to be very specific about this for obvious reasons). I’m not going to claim that everything I’m going to say about media companies are 100% evident and true in SM, but everything I’m going to say is a common practice among media and entertainment companies in East and Southeast Asia.

I will answer questions/arguments/assumptions that frequently come up because of the Baekyeon & Kaistal issue and this insider info in 2012. This is just an eye-opener for those who are not familiar w/ how the media & entertainment industry in Asia works. My purpose is to let you guys be aware of some of our practices, I don’t intend on going against any companies and any people. 

Is everything scripted? What they say on interviews are scripted?

Not all the time. Expected and general questions are usually half scripted, half scripted because we only say the gist of what they have to say, we don’t require them to memorize everything, of course. This is for PR purposes, it’s for their image and the image of the company. The artists know it anyway, that they have to keep their reputation good no matter what. Also, it’s the company’s decision if the artist will have to keep quiet about a certain topic.  

Are artists really packaged? Aren’t they showing their true personalities?

Not all the time. We only do this to artists who are considered important for the company, or the company’s favorites. One example is this actor-singer under our company, we debuted him with a manly image, a lady’s man type (because he really is handsome & looks manly). But in real life, he’s actually gay. There were scandals about him being gay because he was caught two times (he’s so stubborn about going out at night, I’ll talk about this later), 1st: w/ another actor from the same company, 2nd: w/ a male singer from the same company, but our company remained silent about it (it’s actually a strategy as well, keeping silent about a scandal, because if we refrain from talking about it, then people will forget eventually). So the company continued on giving him projects as if no scandal has ever happened. The journalist who reported both incidents later apologized in public, she/he received a lot of hate actually because the public really loves this guy whom they truly believe is straight. There is also this one singer whom we debuted as a “sexy-type” lady. But she’s actually the girly and shy type in real life.  

Are artists really paired beforehand? 

Again, not all the time because we only do this to important and favorite artists of the company. We choose those who look physically good together. Actually, there’s a certain pair that has no chemistry at all in real life, like they don’t even care about each other (but they became friends eventually since they’re always together). They each have their own private romantic relationships w/ non-celebs, but since they look physically good together, they were paired. So our company reported & confirmed that they are dating in real life (I’ll talk about fake dating later). But fans saw the guy with another girl recently (even took a picture), but the company remained silent about it, as always. Probably soon, they will release a statement that “they’re only friends” if the issue is still alive for a long time. BUT! There are paired artists who eventually started real romantic relationships because they actually fell in love. Like this dancer couple (who got married) and these two singers (who, sadly, broke up). ALSO, there are a few real relationships whom we took advantage of IF and only IF they are famous & are loved by fans as a couple (this is kind of rare though).  

Is fake dating really a thing/marketing strategy?

Yes. If we learned that a lot of people loves seeing them together, then we will show what the public wants to see. But we mostly do this to create hype for both artists & their future activities, and of course, the profit that the company can get from it. But what if the public suddenly doesn’t want to see them together? How about the fans who would be brokenhearted? This will be bad for both artists! Honestly and unfortunately, the company doesn’t care. It’s true that we consider all publicity as good publicity. We actually have this phrase: success from scandal. After the scandal (any kind of scandal actually) arose, we will not bring that up ever again. We’ll continue giving the artist their activities to still promote them, & proceed as if nothing happened. This is very effective actually. Anyway, I saw someone said that why would they do this to get attention, they’re already famous! Because we only use the “reporting/confirming a fake relationship strategy” for artists who are already famous. We will never get the attention we want if we suddenly report that there are two not-so-famous artists dating.

Do entertainment companies have control over what other media reports?

Yes. But only those big, influential & powerful companies can do that, especially those who have partnership w/ other media companies. Those who have the money. Even the government and powerful politicians can control what the media reports. Media practitioners actually have this code of ethics like others have, but there are still people who chose not to follow (journalists who accept bribes!!!). But that’s a different story. You know, money is such a powerful thing. You can’t underestimate money when it comes to businesses. 

Does the company have control over everything involving the artist?

Basically yes, since the artist have to ask permission before doing anything that the company didn’t ask them to do. Like, even if the artist has free time, they still have to ask for permission if they can have a vacation on a certain place, or if they can hang out with this person. There are artists who are stubborn about asking for permissions actually, they sneak in and do what they want. Because of their stubbornness, scandals may arise (it happened for a few artists actually, like what I mentioned earlier). If that artist is very important for the company, we will still keep him/her even if he/she is very stubborn. But of course, we will warn him/her, but we will offer some benefits for them to obey and stay w/ the company. If the artist is not so important, we will have to ask him/her the question: “this or the company/contract/career”. So yeah, company favorites are pretty much treated very differently than the others. 

In conclusion: here’s a famous saying, “truth is stranger than fiction”, w/c is true in so many different cases. Remember that NOT EVERYTHING shown is TRUE especially about celebrities who are under a contract w/ very big companies and agencies. We will never fully know every truth about these artists, especially their true feelings, personalities, relationships, sexuality, and their private lives. As for Baekyeon & Kaistal and others, since the insider info was posted in 2012 and what stated there are actually practiced in the entertainment industry, there’s a high probability that the couples are fake. There’s also a possibility that they’re real and SM just took advantage of it, but it’s less likely. BUT, we will never know if they actually felt something for each other or not. Maybe they did fell in love w/ each other, or they actually have other romantic relationships that the public doesn’t know. Or they’re actually single. Who knows. There are many possibilities but they only know the truth themselves, of course. 

Once again, I have nothing against SM, any people, any ships. The sole purpose of this is to be an eye opener for those who are not familiar w/ the media & ent industry in Asia. I am not claiming that everything I said are 100% evident and true in SM Ent, but everything I said is a common practice in Asia, and is true in my country and our company. What I said is true & are based on my experiences. I didn’t include links, pictures, other proofs because I don’t want to give in my identity, my nationality, and the company I work in. I’m a lazy but busy person, I wouldn’t waste my free time writing this if they were all lies. But I know that there are still people who will chose not to believe, but who am I to force you? Just remember this: the media and entertainment industry is very manipulative, DON’T let media control and fool you. There are many studies, research, and theories regarding the media and its effects on the public (when I was in college, we memorized a lot of theories regarding media and its effects, just search about it if you’re interested, you’ll understand media even more!). And even though media has negative effects on the public, they will still continue with their doings. Because it’s business. It’s the industry. It involves money. 

So yeah, in general, don’t be fooled. Also, there’s nothing wrong w/ questioning the media because you have the right anyway (because remember? media claims to “serve” the public, entertainment companies claim to “do this for the people”). 

Have a good day! Let’s have peace w/ one another :)

Creepypasta #1307: Bus 330

Length: Short

November 14, 1995, Beijing. It was near midnight and the weather was unusually cold. The last bus of the day was slowly moving across the outskirts of the town. Since it was the last bus, only few people were on it.

As the bus turned a corner, the driver saw two men waving under a lone street light. Oddly enough, the driver was not expecting any more passengers in this middle of nowhere. Nevertheless, he let them on. 

In fact it was three people. 2 were wearing traditional Chinese robes that have long gone out of fashion, and they were carrying a man with absurdly long and messy hair, with his face looking down. The three sat at the back seat of the bus, and the passengers were frightened. But the driver tried to calm the passengers by saying they were probably movie actors who had drunk too much and forgot to change, and everyone took his word.

Everyone except an old lady, who constantly looked back at the three men with suspicion and fears in her eyes. As the bus approached the next stop, the old lady suddenly stood up and frantically started to accuse the young man behind her for stealing her wallet. The young man was confused and everyone tried to calm the situation. But the old lady was stubborn, and forcefully dragged the young man down the bus, claiming that she was taking him to the police station not far from here. 

After they got out the bus, the young man, furious that he missed the last bus of the day, was about to throw a fit with the old lady, but saw that the expression of the old lady had suddenly turned calm and relieved.

“Young man, I just saved your life. Those three men back there, they aren’t humans. When I looked at them, a wind from the window blew over their robes, and they don’t have any legs at all!”

The next day, the bus company reported that bus 330 never returned. Four days later, the bus was found hundreds of kilometers from Beijing, with 4 severely decayed bodies inside. How the bus got there, and how the bodies were so severely decayed in such short amount of time, no one knows.

Credits to: TheQinDynasty (story)

They didn’t have to make the CatCo lunch scene that gay tho with the romantic ass music and Kara batting her eyes and Lena’s gay ass giving away COMPANY SECRETS TO A REPORTER IN THE MIDDLE OF A MEDIA COMPANY and friggin Kara checking her out and sighing contendedly as she walks away and “next time lunch is on me” like wtf kermel whom supercorp is Real