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Silent Fury


My exams ended last week and I’m so stoked to finally welcome June-July holidays with open arms and my writing prompts folder out.

I’ve got drafts of fifteen different things and I resolve to get at least (at least) 1000 words down for each (knowing me, I’ll surely surpass that word count on some and totally forget about the others).

My schedule at home is very irregular during lazy days (aka: holiday) and my Wi-Fi is down for an indefinite amount of time (curse you whoever is responsible!) so I’ll see y’all when I see y’all!

Enough about me, enjoy this KakaSaku I finally got around to edit.


Silent Fury

Summary: A mission goes wrong and Sakura is forced into bedridden mode upon her return to Konoha. Thank goodness her faithful husband is there to keep her company. KakaSaku.


“I’m sorry, Sakura,” Tsunade began in an unapologetic tone. “But your husband has requested for your workload to be lightened and I agree with him.”

Sakura huffed in annoyance. “Shishou, I’m fine. The mission happened a week ago and I feel as fine as ever,” she reassured with a gentle smile although inside she was contemplating different ways to decapitate her dear husband.

The sound of wood cracking drew her out of her thoughts. Tsunade had transformed from a regal ruler into an infuriated mess of blond hair and Hokage robes in the span of one blink. Her hands were firmly planted atop her desk while her body leaned over it to leer in Sakura’s face.

“Bullshit! That mission was traumatizing for me and I wasn’t even the one sitting in a cell with Orochimaru’s experiments as my captors!”

Sakura flinched at her capture being worded so harshly. Tsunade noticed and got an evil gleam in her eyes. “There, see! The day you don’t get jumpy when talking about it is the day you can come back to work and resume your double workload, am I understood?” She wasn’t even asking anymore.

Sakura sighed, defeated. She grumbled out a, “yes, Tsunade-shishou,” before making her way home.

Her dear medaling husband was gonna get it tonight. Or more specifically, he wasn’t going to get any tonight.


Kakashi found her in the kitchen, perusing through a cookbook on the counter.

Of course he did not hesitate to step inside and wrap his arms around the shorter woman. He had no reason to. And of course he did not flinch subtly when she turned in his arms with a painfully sweet smile on her face.

“Kakashi.” She greeted simply, leaving out the endearing suffix that usually followed his name. Uh-oh. Maybe he did gulp a bit that time.

“There’s tempura in the fridge, help yourself. I’ve had a long day of explaining to the other medics how to do my job for the next few days since I’ve been forced into bedridden mode. I’m going to bed,” she stated and briskly headed in the direction of their bedroom.

After he was sure that she was out of sight and earshot he let out a loud and tired sigh. Running his hands through his silver hair Kakashi contemplated how many days he’d have to suffer before she went back to caring and kind from fuming and vengeful. He looked at the fridge and grimaced. Damn, he hated tempura. And he knew she knew that.


She heard him come in less than ten minutes later. She would’ve preferred to have been long gone into dreamland already but after having to sleep in a forest and be alert at the same time during the past few weeks it took quite a while for her to slumber peacefully; even in her own bed.

He passed the bed with her silent form on it to wash up and change in the bathroom.

Moments later the mattress dipped as his weight joined hers. He laid still as if deciding on something. With an audible exhale he reached out and turned Sakura to face him.

“It’s for your own good,” he told her gently. His face was devoid of his mask and headband so his Sharingan could easily see the scowl on her face.

When she didn’t reply he carried on, “I’m not going to apologise because I’m not sorry. Imagine the distress and anger I felt when I came back home from a three-day-long mission only to be told that my wife had been captured.”

Kakashi felt her twitch against him, obviously uncomfortable with the memories his words were conjuring. He pulled her closer, burying her face in the crook of his neck and softly stroking her unkempt hair. “That is exactly why you need the rest, Sakura. Your body is healed but I’ve been on enough rescue missions to know that your mind will take days to be at peace again. You need to stop flinching at every sound and movement.”

Her snort made him pull her back to peer at her face. She was smiling wryly, as if he had shared a joke she had heard time and time again and never found funny. “That’s exactly what Tsunade-shishou said. You two have more in common than you think.” Her green eyes rolled.

Kakashi kept his lips from smiling. She was responding, and not in an angry way. That was good. He just had to keep the flame burning.

His lips quirked up in to a sensual smirk, “Not as much as you two have in common.” To punctuate his statement his mismatched eyes slowly drifted down her face to pointedly stare at her chest.

Her light laugh told him his words had the desired effect. Her body loosened up under his touch. “I sure hope your eyes carry on down until they reach my hands, Kakashi.”

He smiled sheepishly, knowing she loved it when he did that because a tiny dimple dappled his cheek. “Well, Hokage-sama did say you should rest. What better way to relax than to get familiar with our bed?”

Her eyebrows rose challengingly. “Really, now? Ok then. You take the couch and I’ll get real familiar with my bed.”

Kakashi grimaced. Sakura always did have a sharp tongue that loved word play. “No, no, no. That’s not right, love. You once said yourself that you don’t sleep well when alone, remember?”

It was her turn to grimace. It didn’t last long though, soon a mischievous glint took over her bright viridian eyes. “Are you saying that as long as I don’t sleep alone you’ll leave me alone?”

His lips parted to deny her words but she raised her voice over his sputtering, “Well then, I’ll just get Naruto to keep me company. Hinata’s away on a mission and even he doesn’t appreciate a cold bed.”

Kakashi’s nostrils flared. He pulled Sakura closer until she was half-draped over his chest. “You will do no such thing. Not as long as I’m alive, that is.”

His eyes narrowed when she didn’t reply or look at him. His reprimand was on the tip of his tongue when her tinkling laughter stopped him. He stared at her shaking pink head, the tips of her hair brushed his chest every few seconds. His breath halted halfway on an exhale. He hadn’t heard her laugh like that for more than two weeks.

Her head lifted and he stared into amused emerald pools. Her rose lips curled beautifully before she moved forward to place a chaste rewarding kiss on his lips. “Thank you, Kakashi. You’re right. Maybe I do need to unwind a little. Wanna help me?” Her eyes were teasing, but he could see the anticipation she didn’t bother to hide.

He stared at her intensely (for no apparent reason than to fluster her). He watched with a growing smile as a soft blush spread over her cheeck and her lips jutted out in a pout he couldn’t resist. He relented.

He pulled her closer to place his unclothed lips next to her reddening ear. “With pleasure,” he whispered.



Another sneeze, nose running so you had to reach for more tissues, stuffy head, Lord you were barely gonna last the afternoon if this kept up. Why’d you even come into work anyways? Not like things couldn’t have been taken care of in the comfort of your own apartment. But then it’d remind you of the reason you came in today in the first place. Loneliness, granted you weren’t totally alone. Nat, Clint and Sam stayed home from this last mission so company wasn’t the issues. No it’s who you want there more than anything else. To keep you warm, hold you close, kiss your forehead and tell you everything’s going to be okay.

Course the honeymoon stage should’ve worn off by now as Tony has said more than a few times over the past several months; given the fact you and Bucky have been together for going on three years. Though you can’t help it and only hoped Bucky felt the same. Thoughts are interrupted by another coughing fit that rattles your lungs and has you gasping for breath and the desk in front of you.

“Damn sweetheart you don’t sound so good,” Sam’s deep voice reaches your ears right as you blow your sore nose for what felt like the thousandth time today.

Glaring, before tossing the tissues out, “Thanks for the boost in confidence birdman, I’ll be sure to fix my makeup later.”

“That’s not what I meant Y/N,” rolling expressive chocolate eyes, Sam perches a hip on the end of your desk, arms crossed, while giving you the once over. “You look sick.”

“And he takes another shot,” groaning when two more sneezes land in the hastily grabbed tissues. “Insults gonna stop anytime soon Wilson?”

“Woman,” he all but growls, then chuckles seeing the half smirk on your lips, which turns into a frown at the next couching fit. “Seriously Y/N, you need to get home, meds, soup and sleep,” worry seeping into his tone.

“I’ll be fine Sam, promise,” soft groan leaving your lips as you sit up, sore muscle being pulled from coughing so much.

Shaking his head, “Not taking no for an answer sweetness. I won’t have that walking icicle you call a boyfriend rip me a new one for not taking care of you.”

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Erin I'm completely confused with that ending , any previous theories u can link me to?

the ending is that there was a 6 year and 7 days time jump (i’m guessing this is a biblical reference of the 6 days of creation and on the 7th day god rested? there are multiple biblical references in season 1 too.). 

Annnyways…. so there was basically a “reboot” of the series where there are “mountain men” (the 1200 in the bunker in Polis), “grounders” (Clarke and Madi, and any other nightbloods), and people in space (bellamy, raven, echo, emori, murphy, harper, monty) and the ship we saw descend. And this “ship” is full of Criminals just like how the first ship that came down to earth from the Ark was full of criminals. 

In season 4 there was a plant in the first episode about the existence of the penal colony on the monitor screen behind raven here:

Then in episode 4.05 while Raven is floating Jackson is telling Abby about the Eligius Mining company and the long space mission. 

“According to the record, Becca first developed what we know as nightblood for the Eligius Mining Company. Long duration space missions. Criminals were put into hypersleep and given nightblood to protect against solar radiation.”

As you can see…this is an Eligius mining company ship…

So this ship is full of Nightbloods that were criminals. 

So as I suspected…there is now a “switching of roles” as the series basically “starts over”. 

“The 1987 Goths are a brazen bunch who openly admit to liking Free, Bad Company, Alice Cooper and Jimi Hendrix. The modern Goth bands are primarily The Cult and The Mission (whose lead singer Wayne Hussey is even a sex symbol). For boys and girls long hair is essential - as are tassles, leather, jewellery, henna, ribbon and studs. Dippy Hippy nonsense is eschewed, but so is the androgenous sexual flaunting of the early 1980s. The 1987 Goths frequent The Crypt, Kit Kat (again under new management), Alice in Wonderland, Sacrilege and Clash City. This is rock ‘n’ roll with no strings attached; just hair.” | i-D Magazine, April 1987

First, let me tell you about a few of the constants in my life.

When I wake up each morning, there will be a puddle of drool sloshing atop my pillowcase. I drool in my sleep. This is a constant. I’m like a garden hose that isn’t turned off properly. Another constant: someone has to clean that drool up, and whether it’s my mom or my dad or my brother or my girlfriend, every single day, one of them uses an obscene number of tissues to clean up the lake I’ve created in my sleep. My family is well-acquainted with my spit. Their never-ending care, compassion, patience, and love are powerful constants.

Next, I typically take a shower, though I can’t label this one a constant, as I’m known to occasionally abandon hygiene for days at a time. Why do I need to be clean for a day of writing in seclusion? That’s a joke—mostly.

Then I drink my coffee, and when we aren’t physically together, send a goodmorning text to my girlfriend, Hannah. Over the last year, she has become a beautiful constant in my life, one that I wake up every day grateful to know. I wait for her reply with the relaxing security that we’ll talk throughout the day, sharing our thoughts and feelings and experiences with each other, and always, always moving towards that next time together. Although much of this daily interaction revolves around food and stupid observations and making fun of each other, there’s always that underlying love—that calming feeling that we chose each other and nothing else matters. Her constant love makes each day bright.

I read if time allows it, and most days I listen to the news. By now, I’ve usually burped at least twice to reduce the explosive stomach pressure created by my overnight feeding tube. Morning burps are a disgusting constant for me.

My work at Laughing At My Nightmare, Inc. has become a unique kind of constant that I never expected. What began as a silly little idea to start a company that promotes positivity has grown and blossomed into the incredible charity that we are today. I know that every day our purpose remains crystal clear: to raise funds so that we can get people the equipment they need to thrive. At the same time that we work to accomplish that, we teach people how to live happier lives.

And since I basically just wrote our company mission statement verbatim, I want to make sure the previous constant doesn’t come off as a half-assed promotion snuck into an otherwise deeply personal post.

Working at this charity gives me a daily purpose, a reason to wake up excited. It’s not always easy and it’s not always fun, but we are making an actual difference in the lives of real people. I grew up kind of wondering if I’d ever be able to make a mark on our world with the time I have. It was a fear that distressed me to my core. In the last five years, I’ve learned that I can make a difference, and working towards that gives me such a rush of joy.

So why this obsession with constants?

When you live with a disease like mine, uncertainty is a natural enemy. Will I wake up tomorrow feeling weak or strong? How many more total days will my hands function? A year? Ten? More? Is my insurance going to cover the new treatment for my disease? Will it actually help me? When will my lungs stop working? What if I get sick?

SMA is like a chisel of uncertainty, chipping away at the solid foundation of my body and mind day in and day out.

Constants, then, become a vital defense.

When so much of my future lies in the murky shadow of the unknown, having constants that I can genuinely rely on allows me to look forward without fear or anxiety.

So even though there may come a day when I wake up and find that—oh shit—I can’t breathe on my own any more, I also know exactly what follows that: someone who loves me will grab a tissue and wipe up my drool.

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What if in sticky situations Scout would be used as a distraction for the team?

Yes. Oh God yes.

Scout has gone through re-spawn more time than the entire team put together.

One time the team had gone out drinking at the local bar, they ended up getting into a fist fight with everyone. It got so bad that the cops where called. None of the mercs wanted to sleep in a cell that night so Scout was used as a distraction so that the rest of the team could make their escape.

Solider called out that the cops where here, but there was only one police car. It was now or never for the Boston. Taking off his top and hat, he left the bar going towards the police men.
“Hey boys you looking for a good time”
“Please move aside sir”
“Oh come on, if you like I’ll take the both of ya”
The Police are not impressed and walk around Scout. The man starts to panic he needs to buy the team more time. Taking a deep breath Scout slaps on the cops on the ass.
“What!? Am I not handsome enough for you?”
That’s the last straw for the cops as Scout is pushed to the ground and cuffed. There’s no going back now. Scout keeps talking.
“Oh aren’t you a kinky one. Handcuffs and all. If ya want you can keep the uniform on. I’m always down for roleplaying.”
Out from the corner of his eye he can see Engi giving a thumbs up. It’s going to be a long night.

I also have this idea.  

The team had been called to protect a target, a CEO from a company. The mission had gone well, Miss Pauling had killed the assassin. But there was a new problem; they couldn’t escape from the charity event that this CEO had thrown on. Each time a merc would leave a conversation a new one would start up. This called for plan; a distraction. The biggest one Scout would have every put on.

He had made his way upstairs and into the host’s room where he was now getting changed in to a loose dress. Whoever this CEO guy was married to she had no taste is clothing. He then found make up and slowly placed on eyeliner, lipstick and finally blush. Looking around the back of the closet the Boston found a curly blonde wig. He just needed on last thing to complete his look, a pillow.

It had been a long night for the Sniper, socializing was never his strong point. He was talking to a woman. She had straight red hair, pale skin and wore a blue dress that left nothing to the imagination. All was going well until he heard a woman screech his name. The assassin turned around immediately to see a blonde headed woman storming across the room towards him. The focus Mundy had on her face went straight to her stomach. She was pregnant, in her last trimester.

Panic filled Mundy’s mind. Oh fuck, oh shit, fuck, fuck, FUCK. His mind started to race, trying to remember any of the women he had been with nine months ago. There was one. But he had worn protection. Did it break?? He wasn’t ready to be a father. He still had his job. His parents were going to kill him, a kid out of wedlock.

It was a slap to the face that brought Mundy out of his train of thought. The woman was closer now; he looked at her facial features. No, this wasn’t the woman he sleep with. Who the hell was this person. That’s when it hit him, it’s no lady.
“Scout what the hell are you doing??”
Mundy got no reply instead he got a wink.
“You think you can just walk out on me!!”
Sniper pitched his nose, the kid was making a distraction so the other could get out. Of course Scout would pick him to help. He was never much of an actor but tonight he had to play along. He made a mental note to kill the kid later.
“So your gonna say nothing to me?? What about this baby??”
Taking a deep breath Mundy got into character.
“That ain’t even mine!!”
Scout acted shocked, tears rolling down his face. Shit the kid was an good actor.
“How can you say that!? I was nothing but faithful to you!!”
The argument had created a large crowd; the entire party was focused on them. Both men had hoped that there team had escaped. Now they had to get out themselves. Only one idea came to Scouts mind.
“Look I don’t care that it’s mine! I ain’t giving up on my life to raise some kid.”
“Don’t you Rick me!!”
Scout’s voice had gone soft, like he was in pain. For a split second the Sniper felt that something was wrong. The look on Scouts face changed on from angry to pain. Oh hell, he isn’t actually going to do. Mundy thought. He isn’t actually going to fake -
“My water broke”
He had. The Aussie was going to murder the kid when they left.
Once again the Sniper pitched his nose.
“Come on, I’ll a least drive ya to the hospital”
Wrapping an arm around the Scout both walked out of the house towards the team.
When the team saw both men, they burst out in to laughter. Medic in between gasp had said.
“Congratulations on becoming a father Sniper. ”
“Ha ha laugh it up you wankers”
Even Scout who was still in the costume laughed.
“Oh man Snipes, you should have seen your face”
“Scout, don’t you ever use me in one of your distractions ever again.”

I’m thinking you meant battlefield scenarios, but I loved these ideas to much. Sorry mate.

I love this idea so much anon help

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Hanzo gifting a puppy to s/o headcannons

  • He had been gone all day telling you to wait at home and that he had a surprise for you
  • when he turns with a puppy in his arms you melt
  • “I thought you could use the company while im on missions”
  • Really you think he just wanted a puppy
  • The two of you spend an hour just watching him explore
  • He names it Ryu.
  • He hates to admit how much he loves cuddling the thing
  • Loves to watch you squish its face softly
  • Always has Genji take care of it when you two are busy 

Gency Week // Day 1: First

The first time Genji calls her by her name, it is instinctive, primal, spilling from his lips as his heart stops - watching her fall from the heavens.

She has been his doctor, his saving grace, the reminder of beauty when he was consumed with bitterness, and - eventually - his dear friend. He had thought to call her by her first name so many times before. Her name would bounce around his mind as they spoke, but always he would lock it away. 

He knew the desires of his heart, and he knew that she could never feel the same. There were many a quiet evening shared in each other’s company after a mission or a companionable atmosphere eating meals in the mess hall. So many blessed moments came and passed in which he could bask in her radiance. All of which were cherished - locked away in his cybernetic heart. 


No. He could not utter her name. There was no mistaking his aching want, his fiery passion in it.


Such a glorious, perfect name for her. She radiated goodness and strength, compassion and intelligence. It was so fitting. 

A thunderous bang echoed, rattling his bones. He turned just in time to see his angel gasp in pain.


As someone who does interviews...

We know you need a job. We know you need money. That’s not why we’re asking why you want to work for us. We’re essentially asking why you think you would work well here. Now, if you tell me you want to work for me because you need a job, I’m going to completely respect that answer. So long as you come off professional about it. But keep in mind, we know you want the job, the interview isn’t where you ask us for the job. It’s where you sell yourself to us.

Alternatives to “I need a job”:

  1. Visit other locations of the place you’re interviewing at, see the atmosphere of the place, and decide if the current employees are the people you can see yourself working with. If yes, answer
    1. I really like the atmosphere and I think I would work well on your team.
  2. Research the company, figure out their mission statement and what their goal is (ex: providing stylish shoes for an affordable price), if it’s something you like/agree with answer
    1. I like the fact that you sell affordable shoes families will love and being interested in fashion myself I think I’d do well here.
  3. Look at their product! See what they sell! See what they do! 
    1. Retail stores:
      1. I think your product is great and I shop here all the time
    2. Businesses:
      1. I think the service you provide is respectable/inspiring/ect and would love to have the opportunity to do it myself.

These are easy and simple ways to do minimal digging into the company/business that is interviewing you and turning the dreaded “Why do you want to work for us” question into a place to make yourself shine!

Pyromania (Sith!Obi-Wan x FemJedi!Reader)

A/N: I’ve been inspired by the brilliant Sith!Obi-Wan writings of @nickywritesimagines for a while, and I’ve fallen in love with Darth Valor. Inspired by her writing, I started this story a few months ago, creating my own sexy Sith Lord, Darth Élan. I’ve written almost 11K words, and I’ll start sharing what I have.  I know this won’t hold a candle to Nicky’s work, but I hope my readers enjoy this. This will be a multi-chapter fic. This is in first person, but don’t fear! It’s totally reader-insert!  As always, please feel free to send me your thoughts and ideas on this fic (I’ve seemed to hit a wall before hitting 11K), and happy reading! Please let me know if you would like to be tagged in future posts for this fic!

Warnings/Triggers/Rating: None, yet. Tons of exposition here. Also, eventually this will reach M, but for now we can keep it wholesome.  

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Pyromania, Chapter One

“That spark ignited a wild inferno within my being, matching his own internal combustion. I was obsessed- shrouded in my own darkness, driven by this pyromania. Consumed in the flames.”

Coruscant, 1:12, (24 BBY)


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I’ll Come Back For You

Paring: Poe Dameron x reader

Summary: You are forced to leave Poe on Jakku

Word count: 516

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“We’ve got company.”
The mission had been going smoothly, that was until BB-8 rolled into Lor San Sekka’s quarters beeping frantically at him and Poe, prompting Poe to run outside to see the band of first order fighters heading straight in their direction.
Things were beginning to look like mass chaos. Storm troopers clashed with resistance fighters as Poe raced across the sand towards his x-wing, knowing that you would be making your way your own fighter parked next to his. When he reached it, Poe hurried around to the side of his ship and unexpectedly crashed into another body, gripping their shoulders to steady himself as he felt their fingers wrap around his wrists.
“Poe? Oh thank the maker, you’re alright.” Just hearing your voice made him feel a wave of relief.
“Y/N, we have to move quickl-” just as he spoke, two giant blasts rocked the ground as they hit straight into both of your x-wings, halting any opportunity for you both to escape. You took out your blaster and shot down two storm troopers heading towards you as Poe took out the drive containing the map and bent down to speak to BB-8. “You take this, its safer with you than it is with me. You get as far away from here as you can, you hear me?” BB-8 responded with a series of short, distressed beeps. “I’ll come back for you, it’ll be alright.”
Poe stood and turned to you with fear glazing over in his eyes. “You have to leave. Go with BB-8 and make sure that this map gets to the General safely.”

“Poe I can’t… I can’t just leave you here to fight on your o-”

As he spoke, Poe brought his hands up to cup the sides of your face. “Y/N, please just do this for me. Please I… I need you to be safe.” All you could do was nod for fear that if you spoke, the tears would come. In all the missions you had been on with Poe, the two of you had never had to separate from each other. You were able to keep him in your sights, able to keep him safe. Leaving now meant that that you wouldn’t be able to know whether or not he made it out of Jakku alive. Poe tugged you closer to him and captured your lips in a chaste but forceful kiss, a kiss that your were both fully well aware could be the last you would ever share. “I love you, don’t forget that. Now take BB-8 and get out of here.” He insisted as he let go of your hands. You nodded and ran towards the BB unit that had already begun to roll away from you two. 

It had only been a few minutes before you heard the explosion and stopped to see the place where you left your love behind up in flames. The only thing left for you to do was get BB-8 back to your base and pray to the maker that when you got there, Poe would be there waiting for you.

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You asked for some LeifxGardi ideas, so, what would it be like dating him? (Headcanons)

I decided to go as realistic as possible with it and I hope you will like them :>

  • Dating Leiftan feels pretty much like a fairy tale, you would think. He’s a true gentleman, always puts you higher than himself, does his best to make you happy at all times and costs.
  • You get flowers often – always the kind (looking the most similar to those from Earth) you love the most and that makes you wonder from where he knows about this fact until you remember you once mentioned something to the girls. Honestly you did not think he would be so considerate as to ask your friends about this to surprise you so nicely.
  • The fact he so well remembers your favorite color, time of the day, sweets, stories and many more makes you feel so loved your heart may actually burst and believe me this is the best think you’ve ever felt
  •  You don’t go on dates often because of your both duties but every time you do it’s special and different, you can always see the effort he puts in making it sweeter every time and when it’s possible you do your best to pay him back, organizing ways for you two to spend time together when you know the both of you are free (you have long ago asked Miiko to always inform you about changes of plans so that you can surprise him as well – when you did it for the first time he was so surprised and had such a tender expression you really just want to see it as often as possible, though she doesn’t tell you everything if he asks her to. The both of you are weak for the expressions the other makes when you surprise each other)
  • He gets jealous and kinda insecure every time some man tries to flirt with you though (Nevra gdi) and you always have to reassure him that he is the only one you see. He’s friggin perfect, why does he think you’d be interested in anyone beside him?
  • Don’t forget about his overprotectiveness. He cares for you deeply and seeing how he was witness to his parents’ deaths he doesn’t want to lose anyone else important to him. And this thing can be really annoying when he overdoes it while telling you over and over again to watch out for yourself, don’t do this and that, don’t go here and there and pick the most competent people to company you on missions you can pick your partner on (he’d prefer if it’d be him accompanying you but if he can’t he’s going to pull the strings to have one of the guard leaders keep an eye out for you). You can take care of yourself goddamnit and one day you just snap. It makes him go a little less protective for a short while before he goes back to the way it was and you have to remind him over and over again about his promise. He just can’t help it and he will never cease to worry over you 24/7 and let you know about it whenever he deems it necessary, so you have to cope with this.
  • Not to mention the arguments coming from that – you have to learn to give them up if you don’t want your relationship to end but that’s manageable as you know no couple will be perfect
Homeward, Part 8

Pairings: Ward x friend!Reader, Danny x friend!Reader

Prompt: Reader is an abusive relationship with a member of the Hand and seeks out her childhood friends for help. (prompt by @rune-of-a-writer)

Warnings: Swearing, Explicit Domestic Abuse, Brief Violence, Dissociation

Word Count: 4,465


Homeward, Part Eight

As it turned out, Aston Martins are not the best vehicles for hauling boxes of junk, and Danny decided to use a Rand company vehicle for your mission. Specifically, a large, black, Hyundai SUV. Not as flashy as Danny’s sports coupe, but it definitely had an intimidation factor that you could appreciate.

You and Danny met Ward in the parking garage under the building, and Ward got behind the wheel after insisting, “Danny will kill us all before we got near our destination if he drives. Trust me. I speak from experience.”

To which Danny had responded with an indignant look, “That was one time, Ward. One.”

Danny had offered the front passenger seat to you, but you had immediately declined, figuring Ward would want to be as far away from you as possible after your rude behavior that morning. Danny had given you a sympathetic look, but he hadn’t argued the point, which is why you ended up in the back seat to enjoy the space all to yourself. Ward hadn’t commented on it.

You gave your address to the stoic CEO, who entered it into the GPS built into the front panel of the vehicle, and after that it was mostly silence. Any attempts from Danny’s end to start a conversation simply died before it got anywhere. Ward’s responses tended to be one or two word answers, and your responses were brief and distant as you stare out the tinted window.

Danny got the hint, seeing how distracted and tense you were, your hands clenched tightly in your lap. The tension in your chest grew with every passing minute and every avenue you crossed.

Oh, God. I’m really doing this, you thought with rising panic. Oh God, oh God, oh God. You clenched your hands tightly in your lap as you tried to keep your breathing slow and steady. It was going to be all right. You had Ward and Danny. They wouldn’t let anything happen to you.

You just wished you could convince your racing heart of the facts instead of running every disastrous scenario through your head. Over and over.

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They said there was easter eggs all through S4 about the prison transport ship at the end. People have said you may know anything about that? x

I’ve posted it multiple times before but…Yeah, I've kinda been saying it for a while so there wasn’t much of a surprise, like post episode 4.02 and then 4.05 pretty much confirmed it for me. This show is pretty formulaic and often times in the first episode of the season it foreshadows something in the finale. 

The first easter egg was in the screen behind Raven in 4.01. We also see that they put the “easter egg” of the mention of “The Second Dawn” on one of the screens too.

Thenn in episode 4.05 they used Raven floating to distract the viewers from the other easter egg which was what Jackson was telling Abby. 

“According to the record, Becca first developed what we know as nightblood for the Eligius Mining Company. Long duration space missions. Criminals were put into hypersleep and given nightblood to protect against solar radiation.”

There may have been more easter eggs but i haven’t put the time or energy into finding them. 

[Gif Set of “easter eggs”]

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What would you recommend that a person who wants to follow stage management do in college?

Major in it if that’s an option. Get as much experience as you can, not just as an SM but in all areas of theatre, especially tech. Find a good summer company while you’re still in school, somewhere where you’ll learn a lot and add stuff to your resume. Figure out what theatre market you want to get into after graduation and research the shit out of it. Know the companies, their missions, their seasons, who the big players are.

Get ready to grind and network and do whatever it takes to get your foot in the door. Always be learning, ready to lend a helping hand or a sympathetic ear, give good advice, be supportive. Find a mentor, or at least a squad of peers. Figure how to get business drunk. Pay favors forward. Have a side hustle in your back pocket but stay docked on the main hustle.

It’s tough but if you want it it’s worth it. Good luck!

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What do you think Remus was feeling and thinking when Sirius slipped into/behind the veil. Remus watched the love of his life die right before his eyes. What was going on through his mind?


Remus must have seen it all wrong, Sirius didn’t just disappear on spot, he must have apparated hearing Bellatrix shout the curse. Sirius had always been a little too adventurous during duels Remus reminded himself. One time when they were duelling with Avery and his company during an Order mission, Sirius shifted into his animagus form and bit Avery’s ass to distract the others, granted it worked but Moody was fuming for three days after the incident thinking Sirius chickened out. This was Sirius, his mind worked in a wonderfully complicated way. Remus stared around the room to see him land somewhere else in the room. Stop being a drama queen Pads, Remus thought to himself. He had enough experiences with Sirius to know that the black haired boy loved exaggerating things and acting on impulse without thinking the consequences.


Fucking hell Pads, you are scaring Harry he whispered to himself. The idiot, he always took things lightly. He took Remus’ condition lightly too, that bloody bastard. It slowly dawned on Remus that Sirius may not be coming back, the werewolf held Harry as strongly as he could, this boy who looked so much like James inherited his father’s personality without even talking to him once, he was hell bent on getting himself killed, Remus was not going to let that happen. I won’t lose the only thing that I have left. However Harry got away and Remus fell onto his knees as Bellatrix shouted “I killed Sirius Black”. Why did you have to come with us Pads? Why did we ever let you out, knowing it was dangerous? How did I let you out of my sight? Why is all of this happening to me? Remus had all these questions flooding his mind. Why was it that if he cared that person was bound to left? He cared about Lily and James, they were gone. He loved Sirius with every particle of his being, he left, too. There was nothing left for him, why was he the one left behind to suffer? I hate you Sirius, I hate you so much for leaving me all alone. I trusted you, I trusted that you wouldn’t leave, you told me you wouldn’t leave.With that last thought Remus apparated, he didn’t care whatever was happening in the atrium of Ministry of Magic, Sirius had left him as everyone did. Remus landed in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place 12 and broke everything within his reach, he could feel the wolf in him gaining control and before he could hold himself back the curtain over Walburga’s portrait was on the floor. 

“Blood traitor, you foul creature, FILTH IN MY HOUSE–”

“Shut the fuck up you ugly piece of shit” shouted Remus, he was so angry and Walburga was the best way to get all of it out.


“Well, you can’t anymore Walburga, your precious heir is dead” blurted out Remus. “He’s gone” He wanted to do much more than yell, he wanted to rip the portrait off of the wall, Sirius hated it so much but first he was going to have his way with her.

“What do you mean he’s de–” hissed Walburga.

“Bellatrix killed your son Walburga” replied Remus before she could finish her question.

“Well, I’m glad it was Bella, she was always a good girl, she made sure that blood traitor didn’t taint our blood anymore” said Walburga, there was something hidden in her high-pitched voice.

“YOU IDIOT! Your blood doesn’t exist anymore!” yelled Remus, he could see the small disappointment on Walburga’s structured face.

“It’s better not to have any bloodline left rather than that piece of filth carrying our last name” 

“Oh Walburga, you sacrificed two boys to Voldemort and now you’re stuck in a fucking portrait repeating the same useless shit to anyone who enters to this house. How noble of you, you miserable piece of shit” and with that Remus sent a strong hex towards Walburga, scaring her but not doing any damage whatsoever. He put up the curtain up, made his way up to Sirius’ bedroom where he fell asleep to his smell. 


It had been exactly 3 days after the battle in Department of Mysteries. For three days straight, Remus fought with Walburga and slept in Sirius’ bed, he didn’t eat anything even thought the full moon was getting closer, he felt like he would throw up if he tried eating something. He fed himself with Sirius’ smell, finding all the clothing that smelled so much like him and he wore them until the smell wore off.

What if he had managed to keep Sirius at home? What if he made sure Sirius stayed home instead of rushing to Harry’s help? Remus knew he could have made Sirius stay at home, Sirius always listened to him. The rebellious Sirius Black that everyone thought would never listen to anyone, listened to him and Remus didn’t do what was right and now he was gone. He would give anything to change places with him, he deserved living way more than he did. Sirius was the reason Remus was still alive in the first place, all those mornings in Shrieking Shack, he stayed after James and Peter left to make sure he was alright, Sirius kept him alive but Remus couldn’t pay back the favour. All he had to do was say stay and he was selfish enough to want him around while they went into a fight. 

Only if this was just a bad nightmare and when he woke up he would find Sirius curled up on his chest, only if he had a way to turn the time back to stop him from leaving. A time-turner would be great right about now, thought Remus, no one in their right minds would give him a time-turner though. Voldemort was exposed and loads of his followers were caught, however Remus couldn’t care less. Orion and Walburga liked collecting dark stuff in their home and Remus was almost sure he would find a time-turner somewhere around this mess of a house, so he made it his mission to find it. Searching kept his mind busy but he had his hopes up for no good reason. It had been almost 5 days and if he tried going back five days, he could fuck up very badly. His logic tried to talk him out of it but his heart was all set on die trying idea.


It had been two weeks since Sirius had left and never came back. Remus spent most of the time at Grimmauld Place, 12 he knew he had to leave it but he just couldn’t. Even though Sirius hated this place, it still was a– had been a part of him. All the black walls and the dark brown staircase, the stupid glass doored cupboards, everything was a part of Sirius’ life at one point, as was Remus. Remus was a good part of Sirius’ life, he knew that. What he had trouble with was remembering how Sirius was not just a part of his life but entirely his life. Remus lost the will to carry on so long ago and he had it back two years ago in the Shrieking Shack. He hated what that place was made for but he loved that it had always been a safe haven for Sirius and him. His Padfoot, his Sirius, his rebel. Sirius was his and he was taken from him, there was no way of getting him back. Remus gave it a good amount of time to find a way to get him back, he hoped Sirius would come back as a ghost, he would have had so much fun as a ghost. Remus scolded himself for being so selfish yet again, being selfish enough to wish that Sirius would eternally stay a ghost. He wondered what afterlife would be like, were they all together? James, Lily, Sirius, Remus’ mother and father? Were they like they used to be, all smiles and laughs? Remus found the thought of it very appealing but what if he wasn’t there? 

Remus barely got out of the bed anymore, he didn’t even care for the calls from the Order to the Floo, he didn’t eat. If he felt like he could eat something, he usually went for half an apple and nothing more. He was running out of his Firewhiskey stock fast. The full moon was in about two days and although he avoided everything up until now, that was something he wouldn’t be able to get away from. He never could get away from the moon.

When Remus woke up on the wet forest floor, he felt like all the blood in his body had been drained, it seemed his feeling was correct. There was a big gash on his upper leg that bleed like a waterfall. He remember how he used to wake up after full moons 20 years ago, Sirius would always make sure the worst of his scars were healed not that Remus would have big scars when he was with the Marauders. That was how much Sirius cared about him, the smallest scratches made him scared. He thought about just letting it be but then he thought about Harry and how James and Sirius would make him suffer for leaving Harry behind. Lily. He didn’t even want to thing about what Lily could do to him if he gave up so with the last strength he had, he apparated to the Burrow and was greeted by a bubble gum haired Tonks with a shocked look on her face. If it wasn’t for the blood and mud all over his body Remus would have thought it was because he was completely naked, he smiled a little at the thought of the weirdness of the situation just before he passed out.


When he woke up, he was staring at a wooden ceiling that wasn’t the ceiling of Sirius’ bedroom, it felt different. He tried to get out of bed but Tonks was right beside him making sure he stayed in the bed. Molly’s orders she said, if it was Molly’s orders Remus knew he couldn’t even go to the bathroom if he wanted to. You had been out for the past two days explained Tonks, his hair wasn’t bubble gum haired and she had a worried look on her face. You scared us all, you had been gone for so long and when you turned up like that– Where had you been Remus? she asked. Remus didn’t even bother with a reply, it was no one’s business.

When he made it out of the bed, his first instinct was to go out and take a good breath. He looked up at the sky and talked to James and Sirius for a while. Even though Sirius was so far gone, he still managed to save his life as he always did. That day was the first day he ate a proper meal after almost two weeks. 

Remus realised he was the only one left from the Marauders to look after Harry, so he made that the purpose of his life, to make sure he would outlive at least one person he cared most about. Sirius was gone but Remus knew he lived in every decision Harry made so he would make sure Harry lived to keep making those stupid decisions that was so very much like his godfather. 

Remus knew there was no way he could love anyone the way he loved Sirius and he would never try to replace him. So he made sure he would honour every time Sirius saved his life by living despite anything that happened to him. He had lived without Sirius before, why should this one be any different? He kept on living while seeing his grey eyes every time he shut his amber ones, Remus didn’t complain.