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I usually order company face ups. Recently I had to refrain from it because I was short on money. So I got her blank, and it bothered me so much. But I was too scared to give it a try myself. I stored her away, thinking I had to send her off to an artists one day. Last week I was so fed up with my shit that I just took the head and started painting with acrylics, not even using sealant. It was just a try after all. But it turned out fine :). Gave it another, proper try and it became even better.



People are dumping their New Balance shoes after the company came out in support of Trump 

On Wednesday, Matthew LeBretton, VP of public affairs for New Balance, was quoted saying with Trump, “things [for New Balance] are going to move in the right direction.” The company is now facing a major backlash. LeBretton later walked back his statement saying New Balance only supports part of Trump’s agenda.


If you’ve only got one single brother, you want to protect him
from all that is evil, don’t you understand that? - SN: 12x11
The Brothers Lionheart/Astrid Lindgren

I made a list of cruelty free cosmetic brands that aren’t owned by known racists so the next time you see someone sucking Kat Von D or Jeffree Star’s dick show them this

Beauty Bakerie


Bare Minerals (although their parent company is not)

Too Faced



JD Glow Cosmetics

A.R.T. Cosmetics

Urban Decay


Anastasia Beverly Hills

Gerard Cosmetics


Give Me Glow cosmetics

Who Is She cosmetics

The Balm

Wet N Wild

Burt’s Bee’s

(feel free to add more and tell me if any of these brands are problematic) 


i got tagged to post 6 selfies from 2016 by @whelvenwings, @thebloggerbloggerfun, and @vinnie-cha!

most of my mutuals have already done this so i’m tagging whoever is reading this and wants to join in on the selfie party!! 🎉