Musical Playlist When You’re on Your Period

Act 1 (the “im in love” part): Hopelessly Devoted to you-Grease, The Next Ten Minutes- The Last Five Years, Younger Than Springtime- South Pacific, People Will Say We’re in Love-Oklahoma!, Something to Believe in- Newsies, You’re the One that I Want-Grease, All I Ask of You- Phantom of the Opera, Ten Minutes Ago- Cinderella, Something Good- The Sound of Music, Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?- Cinderella, I’ll Cover You- Rent, Goodnight my Someone- The Music Man, It’s Delovely-Anything Goes

Act 2 (Where it all turns to shit): On my Own- Les Miserables, I’ll Cover You (reprise)- Rent, Falling Slowly (reprise)- Once, I Could Never Rescue You- The Last Five Years, Memory- Cats, Finale-  Phantom of the Opera, A Little Fall of Rain- Les Miserables, My Man- Funny Girl, See I’m Smiling- The Last Five Years, Sleeping- Once, 525,600 Minutes- Rent, Drink With Me- Les Miserables, The Hill- Once, For Good- WIcked, Losing my Mind- Follies

Act 3  (Self Acceptance and Excitement): Being Alive- Company, Carrying the Banner- Newsies, Defying Gravity- Wicked, Moving Too Fast- The Last Five Years,  Another Day- Rent, Seize the Day- Newsies, Another Hundred People- Company, Sunday- Sunday in the Park with George,Something’s Coming- West Side Story

Ever since the disaster at Fukushima nuclear power plant, Japan has been looking to alternatives to nuclear power for their energy needs.

Solar has been an enormous aid in transitioning away from nuclear power, and one Japanese company has an interesting idea for bringing more solar power to the world. They want to build a massive solar power station – on the moon.

Shimizu Corporation, one of the oldest and largest construction companies in Japan, has presented its visionfor solving the world’s energy problems.

They suggest setting up a huge belt of solar panels on the moon. The solar energy collectors would cover about 400 km and would transfer the energy produced to us through microwaves or laser beams. The energy would be received by ground stations, making it an endless power source.

Shimizu wants to build concrete covered with solar panels to lay alone the equator of the moon, which would be a whopping 6800 miles long. The project is called “Luna Ring.”

The project would produce about 13,000 terawatts of electricity every day, which is about triple of what the United States produces annually. This much energy would allow many people who have never lived with electricity to finally access safe, clean, affordable power.

The company is looking far in the future for getting the project started. They would ideally like to begin construction in 2035. It’s unclear how much money, time and resources would be needed to complete the project.

What are your thoughts?

Send Your Enemies A Bag Of D*cks 

Yup, you read that right! If you’ve ever hated someone so much that you told them to “eat a bag of D*cks”, now is your chance to actually send them a bag to eat! For 15 dollars you can anonymously send a delicious bag of gummies shaped like the male anatomy along with a personalized message and a big piece of paper that reads “EAT A BAG OF D*CKS”.



“Steve is our musical theater’s Shakespeare and our Chekhov and our new Gershwin. He’s been a great friend and the most important influence in my career. Performing ‘Being Alive’ is like standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon, channeling our humanity, glimpsing eternity, reflecting back to the audience everything they would most like to be. Yeah, all that stuff art’s supposed to do. That’s Steve’s gift. —Raúl Esparza, performer (Bobby in Company) x  on Stephen Sondheim

Are you single or what?
I need a boy from the country,
I need a boy from Missouri.
I need a guy from Dallas.

I need a boy I can love, someone I can trust, someone to make love with, not only fuck.

Someone that feels blessed every time I let him undress me;
someone that’s so proud to be mine, he’ll walk right up to his ex, look her dead in the eyes & say ‘I got a taste of my new girl & realized you’ve been starving me’-

He said her heart was cold, cold as ice; but the truth burns, so it’ll keep her warm at night.

I know a boy that’ll regret not keeping me when he had me, one day he’ll wish he had proposed but we were on some different shit-

I’m on some up at 9 a.m, rolling blunts, while breakfast cooks shit. And all we ever did was fight on some why are these bitches texting you at 3 a.m shit-

He’d call me insecure & flip shit on me;

He doesn’t deserve me.
My love’s just a little too perfect, a little too worth it.

He doesn’t deserve me at all, I’m ignoring every text & forwarding every call. He’ll always be a canine at heart, he’s a dog.

—  Writing to Company by Drake.