‘Hamilton’ Is The Very Model Of A Modern Fast-Paced Musical (Five Thirty Eight):

“Hamilton” probably has the fastest pace of any Broadway show, but it might not have the single fastest song. I compared the quickest verses in two of its fastest songs (“Guns and Ships” and “Satisfied”) with two patter songs from other shows, and although the “Hamilton” songs beat the “Pirates of Penzance” song “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General,” the nervous breakdown in “Not Getting Married Today” from “Company” kept pace.

I’d be inclined to give the speed prize to the singer who makes it through “Not Getting Married.” Although the Sondheim song is a hair slower than “Guns and Ships,” the actor has to keep up the pace for longer. (Lafayette, played by Daveed Diggs, gets quick breathers in “Guns and Ships” while the cast cheers him on.)

But “Not Getting Married” is the exception that proves the rule. In a conventional musical, the only songs that keep pace with Miranda’s lyrics are ones in which a character is hysterical. In “Hamilton,” what would be mania in any other show turns out to be the pulse of revolution.

I mean, it is true that Angelica’s not getting married that day…

Anne-Claire Rohe

 A Basics Line That Strives for Less-Is-More

“I started this company to avoid the excess I saw in clothing - to create comfort and inspire confidence through well-made garments that don’t speak louder than the person wearing them,” says Elizabeth Pape, the 25-year-old founder of the Nashville-based direct-to-consumer label Elizabeth Suzann.

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When speaking of her impressive career and accomplishments, she [ CEO Sizakele Mzimela] offers a bit of advice to fellow women entrepreneurs.

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