The non-Barba section is growing quite well! 😊
I’m about to finish Barba drawing Nr. 20 but I’d also like to know:
WHICH RAÚL CHARACTER WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE NEXT? Or would you rather like to see one of the above drawn again? Or do you have suggestions for the next Barba/SVU drawing?
Don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m always glad for input. ❤️😊

vintagemichelle91  asked:

Quick question...would you ever consider writing an imagine for Bobby? I recently saw that Company gif-set of him going at it with the blond girl and I thought....a Bobby imagine would be a good one...a smutty one 😉

I would (and will) definitely do a Bobby imagine sometime soon! Company is one of my top three favorite musicals that Raúl has done! And those gifs murdered me along with the best kiss I’ve ever seen gifed…

it ruins me a little more every time. i think about this kiss too often