A Big Princess Bash!

This weekend was very fun, in part because we had a request for a LOT of princesses at one party, and because NO SNOW QUEEN.  Not one snowflake to be seen!  That’s so rare nowadays.  I had fun getting to be Snow White after being away from the classic characters for so long!

I figured for today’s post, instead of going on and on about what the party was like and trying to describe it, I’d just let the pictures do the talking!  Thanks to our special friends for getting so many photos of this great party!

Meeting the birthday princess was even crazier than usual, because we had so many characters with us!

We usually frown on outdoor summer parties because of the heat, but it was actually pretty nice out that day, so we didn’t sweat very much at all.

Everybody got a little one-on-one time with their favorite characters.

There was a surprising lack of licensed Disney costumes on the kids, but no end of imaginative little outfits!

Snow White tries not to laugh at a funny part of Cinderella’s book during story time.

Grown-ups get in on the picture fun too!

Later on, we had a seat inside for some singing and games.  Can you believe the birthday girl later fell asleep while sitting in Rapunzel’s arms?  She was so tired from partying! But it made for a very cute photo.

Cinderella sings better than Snow White, I think.  But I’m not too bad.

Time for some cake with the whole family, including Baxter the dog!

This little guy REALLY liked his snow cone!

A few quick pictures with everyone before we had to leave!

These are the kind of parties I enjoy best…when we can all get together as a group, have fun together and make it a perfect day for a lot of little kids.  Thanks so much to my wonderful fellow princesses, as well as the balloon artist and face painters who also came with us!  You guys are my magical, weird, fairytale family!


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Day 181 (Tuesday)
11:59 PM

My day started off like any other day in all honesty. I woke up feeling the same way I did the day before on monday. I was supposed to hang out with Camryn today and we were supposed to go the movies but the funny thing about that is that I’m starting to have less and less money for myself, so that means less activities that I can participate in. Actually, I started to get ready for the job fair! I got dressed and then went downstairs. Marcus offered himself to me and I said no because I didnt need the help. Honestly, I dont need help when it comes to this! Im perfectly fine with how Im doing things and its gotten me far on some aspects. I arrived and my first initial reaction was that HOLY SHIT theres a long line. Im actually happy I went. Once I got inside, I started talking Oakley because they were the first companies that I actually knew who they were. So once I got the interview with them, I left and went to another. After like maybe 30 minutes of time. I left. I hung out with Camryn, to which she ended up telling me that her family invited me to dinner with them. I couldnt say no because Free food hahah. So i got ready and we left for Chinatown. Now this is the part that gets really interesting because I went inside my favourite boutique shop with camryn. I was like check out the Rastas and the guys like yeah, man. I got you. I said fo sho, thanks man. I showed him that I had a collection of them. I was hesitant on buying the one that I liked. So I continued looking at the other one I liked. Then I said could I see that one and so he’s like buy 2 get 15% off I was like ehh,, i still like the first one. I stood there for a while. Cam says “treat yourself it’s your birthday week.!!” I said “true, ehh.” (I wanted to see the off the set one!) “can I see the offset black one?” *shows ID* Guy says “if you take one off its 12.56?” I stood there for a bit and said “give me the original colour I picked” and he goes happy early birthday hahah and. I got 3 for 13 bucks. We went to dinner and then ate/talked at Lee’s. Left and got to the parking lot of the spot and Cam says ZIA! I said shit thats right. We left and guess what?! I bought DGD’s Instant gratification. I dropped her off and then I came home.

Goodnight (12:06 AM)

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