the signs as dogs
  • Aries:that one dog that barks and makes all the other dogs in the neighborhood join in
  • Taurus:the sleepy dog that spends 23.5 hours a day napping
  • Gemini:the dog that goes from sleepy to SUPER ENERGETIC in .5 seconds
  • Cancer:the epitome of puppy eyes
  • Leo:the one that eats food off of the counter and table. nothing is safe from them
  • Virgo:will prance on walks and is low-key attention seeking but super loving
  • Libra:v proud dog. acts like a show dog even tho they aren't
  • Scorpio:the dog that's always watching you & is the epitome of "dogs are a man's best friend"
  • Sagittarius:the one that's constantly pawing at the door bc the outdoors is calling them. also runs away a lot but always comes back
  • Capricorn:the dog that will sit next to you all day as you work/do chores companionably
  • Aquarius:the smart dog that learns how to open doors and stuff
  • Pisces:the one that will rest their head in your lap bc they want pats

160 Days of Guilt

“But I guarantee you that a hundred and sixty days’ ride that way…there’s nothing but salt.“

Max knows that there is nothing out there, yet he was planning on letting Furiosa and the others go into the salt, with nothing more than a vague warning about hope being a mistake. The change in tone of the music, the inhuman gleam of reflected light in Max’s eyes…he knows what he is doing is wrong. Knowing there is nothing across the salt but more salt, he was willing to let his companions go to their deaths.

It takes Max some time to force himself to do the right thing and chase them down, with the help of his guilt in the form of a vision of Glory the Child. When Max offers his plan, he does it not as a defacto leader of their group, not as an interloper, not as an expert, but as his own redemption. Though it’s never stated, it is strongly implied that he was planning to ride off on his own and forget those he “could not save” – or perhaps choose not to save.

Consider viewing the movies of the series as a continuum of theme. In the first Mad Max movie, we see a Max choosing to throw away his humanity for revenge and become a beast, chaining Johnny by the ankle to a vehicle rigged to explode. In Road Warrior, we see a Max who eats dog food and chains the Gyro Captain to a dead tree, essentially leaving him for dead. In Thunderdome, we see a Max who is willing to kill a man to get back some stolen camels. And finally, in Fury Road, we see a Max who is literally a beast of a man, chained and faceless until the moment he completes one unselfish act, volunteering to reconnect the gas pod. For Max, choosing to become an amoral beast becomes a hard habit to break and his brief willingness to let his friends die shows that he backslides into his bad habit. Perhaps it is to tell us as the audience that revenge while briefly satisfying, can have long-term consequences that stain us with a burden of guilt that is hard to shed.

Fingolfin character sketch.
This is a companion character sketch to this painting.

I did this because someone asked if I could possibly draw them Fingolfin’s clothes ‘cause they wished to use it in LARPing. It’s a rather simple design, but here it is. Hope it helps.
Happy LARPing. ;)

So I have high hopes for the Blackwall romance in Trespasser. And I will happily tell you why. 

First off, I really can’t imagine them pulling a dick move and having him die in the Joining. He was one of three companions to get two close-ups in the trailer (the other two were Iron Bull and Dorian.) What would be the purpose of killing him off for some people and then having him live in other play throughs?

Second, I’m betting that when we revisit the relationship, the Blackwall romance is going to be one of the stronger, if not the strongest relationship out of all of the romances. Look at what that relationship has already been through. Not a single other romance has that same stress during the base game. Both of them actively chose to be in the relationship after the Judgment. 

Third, I’m holding onto this quote by Sheryl Chee. “To me, the final scene on the balcony marks a beginning, not an end.” I think we’re going to be very happy with what we see romance wise in Trespasser. 

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5 Perfect Companions for If/When Hayley Atwell Becomes the Doctor

If you’ve been living off the grid, under a rock, or anywhere else away from the interwebz, then you may have missed the fact that the one and only Haley Atwell has said she would love to play the Doctor on Doctor Who. Of course, a great portion of the Whovian community collectively gasped…

THIS is Kat Graham. She is flawless, and I love that dress. Why can’t Bonnie have Kat’s style? I love it, I love it, I love it. 

I’m going to pretend this is Bonnie walking into  restaurant with a date, while Damon, jealously (and a little wishful) spies on her and her companion. 

DAO Companions: We believe in you please lead us (but we won’t agree with everything you do)
DAII Companions: Fuck up and we’ll betray you. We are so sad and quirky. God we are so sad. Please love us. FUCK YOU DON’T TOUCH ME. God I need a drink.
DA3 Companions: hi we’re unpleasant 

The Lyre Concert: A Companion Drabble to Like Brothers

Harry Potter stuck his head out from behind the curtain shielding the raised dais and looked out at the small audience seated on the garden chairs his sometime mum, Narcissa Malfoy, had arranged in concentric semi-circles, and gulped. His guardians, Sirius and Remus, had settled into the front row and Sirius was leaning over to Remus and whispering something in the other man’s ear that brought a broad smirk to the werewolf’s face.

Being raised by notorious pranksters had its drawbacks.

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A Portrait of the Actress as a Young Lover - ProfessorSpork - Agent Carter (TV), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: A Portrait of the Actress as a Young Lover
Beta: the lovely theseerasures
Fandom: Agent Carter
Pairing: Peggy Carter/Angie Martinelli
Rating: T

or, Five Things Angie Learns About Peggy During Sex.

a companion to portrait of the agent.

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resending this pic of my mom’s new puppy! she was looking for a sheltie after our old sheltie mix passed away after 16 years of taking care of us. she found a webcam of a litter online and fell in love with the puppies and the way their breeder was taking care of them, but he never responded trying to contact him so she gave up. the day she and I started visiting other breeders who seemed less reputable but more expensive he emailed to tell her this little girl was still available : ) she’s super calm and everything my mom wanted—my mom has minor mobility issues and can’t be chasing after a big dog, but wanted a companion since she works from home.

her name’s Misty : ) hope that wasn’t too much but I just love talking about pets

It’s perfect because I love when people talk about pets!