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Asmaa bint Abu Bakr رضي الله عنها

source: ‘ad-Da’wah ilallaah’ (The Call to Allaah), The magazine featuring Women’s Issues. (UK) Vol-1 Issue-5

Asmaa was a woman of great nobility, wisdom and patience. She was among the early converts to Makkah and being the daughter of the great Companion Abu Bakr, she was brought up in an atmosphere of purity and devotion and shared close ties with the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam.

When the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam was about to secretly leave Makkah for his emigration to Madeenah with his close friend Abu Bakr, it was Asmaa who prepared the provisions for the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam and her father. She said: “I prepared the provision bag for the Prophet in the house of Abu Bakr when he wanted to emigrate to Madeenah. We did not find anything with which to tie his bag or waterskin. I said to Abu Bakr: “By Allaah, I cannot find anything to tie with except my belt.” He said: “Tear it in two and tie the waterskin with one and the bag with the other.”” So that is what she did and since then she became know as ‘Dhaatun-Nitaaqayn’ [She of the two belts]. (Collected in Sahaah al-Bukhaaree (eng. Trans. Vol.4 p.141 no.222))

Asmaa was married to Zubayr Ibn al-Awwaam, the cousin of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. He was a very poor man, nevertheless Abu Bakr knew him to be a man of great piety, so despite the huge difference between their financial status, Abu Bakr married his daughter to him. In the initial stages of her marriage, Asmaa has to face a lot of hardship due to the extreme poverty they suffered. Suddenly, this daughter of a rich merchant found herself tending to the animals, kneading, grinding, fetching water and carrying huge loads on her head. She said about her situation: “When az-Zubayr married me, he had neither land, nor wealth, nor slave, nor anything else like it, except a camel to get water and his horse. I used to graze his horse, provide fodder for it, look after it and ground dates for his camel. Besides this, I grazed the camel, made arrangements for providing it with water and patching up his leather bucket and kneading the flour. I was not very good at baking the bread, so my female neighbors used to bake bread for me and they were sincere women. And I used to carry on my head, the date-stones from the land of az-Zubayr which the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam had endowed him and it was a distance of two miles from Madeenah. One day, as o was carrying the date-stones upon my head, I happened to meet Allaah’s Messenger sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, along with a group of his Companions. He called me and told the camel to sit down so that he could make me ride behind him. I felt shy to go with men and I remembered az-Zubayr and his Gheerah (Gheerah is the sense of pride that a man has which causes him to dislike his wives, daughters or sisters from being seen or heard by strangers. It is this gheerah which makes a man protective about his women) and he was a man having the most gheerah. The Messenger sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam understood my shyness and left. I came to az-Zubayr and said: “The Messenger of Allaah met me as I was carrying date-stones upon my head and there was with him a group of his Companions. He told the camel to kneel so that I could mount it but I felt shy from him and I remembered your gheerah.” Upon this az-Zubayr said: “By Allaah, the thought of you carrying date-stones upon your head is more severe a burden to me than you riding with him.”

I led this life of hardship until Abu Bakr sent me a female servant who took upon herself the responsibility of looking after the horse and I felt as if she had emancipated me.” (Reported in Saheeh al-Bukhaaree (eng. Trans. Vol.7 p.111 no.151))

Look at the sense of dignity and modesty of Asmaa. See how she felt shy in front of men? See how careful she was about refraining from what displeased her husband? She knew that az-Zubayr had a lot of gheerah, so she didn’t want to upset him by accepting the Prophet’s offer of assistance, even though that meant bringing hardship upon herself. And what did az-Zubayr say when he heard of what had happened that day?…’By Allaah, the thought of you carrying date-stones is more severe a burden on me than you riding with him!” so even though az-Zubayr had a lot of gheerah, he did not wish for that to cause inconvenience to his wife. Isn’t this what the marital relationship should be like? One of mutual concern, corporation and compassion? Asmaa could easily have said: “I am the daughter of the noble Abu Bakr and so I shouldn’t be doing these jobs!” but she didn’t. she was patient and respectful towards her husband throughout her difficult period.

It is reported that once when she complained to her father about her hardships, he advised her, “My daughter be patient. When a woman has a righteous husband and he dies and she does not remarry after him, they will be reunited in the Garden.”(Reported in at-Tabaqaat of Ibn Sa’d)

And az-Zubayr was indeed a righteous man, as the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam himself testified when he counted him among the Promised ten of Paradise. (See Musnad Ahmad, Abu Dawood and others. Authenticated in Saheehul-Jaami’ (no.50)) He also said of him: “az-Zubayr is the son of my paternal aunt and my disciple from my Ummah.” (Saheeh – Narrated by Jaabir & collected in Musnad Ahmad. Authenticated by al-Albaanee in his as-Saheehah (1877))

In addition to her being the wife of such a righteous man, Asmaa was also the mother of ‘Urwah Ibn az-Zubayr, who became one of the scholars of Madeenah. His teachers included his parents as well as him maternal aunt, the Mother of the Believers, ‘Aaishah radhi’allaahu anha; from whom he learnt a great deal. ‘Umar Ibn Abdul Azeez said about him: “I do not find anyone more knowledgeable than ‘Urwah Ibn az-Zubayr, and for whatever I know he knows something which I do not.” (Reported by adh-Dhahabee in Siyaar A’laamin-Nubalaa’)

His son Hishaam reports that his father’s leg had to be amputated at the knee and was adviced to drink a narcotic, but he refused saying, “I did not think that anyone would drink something which would take away his intellect to the point that he did not know his Lord.” So they took off his leg with a saw and he did not say anything but “Ouch, ouch.” And in the same journey his son Muhammad was kicked to death by a mule and ‘Urwah was not heard to say anything about it but: “We have suffered much fatigue in this, our journey.” [Soorah Kahf 18:62]. O Allaah, I had seven sons and You took one and left me with six, and I had four limbs and You took one and left me with three – so if You have tested me then You have saved me, and if You have taken – You have left (more) behind.” (Ibn ‘Asaakir (11/287))

Her other son was of the Khaleefahs of the Muslims, ‘Abdullaah Ibn az-Zubayr, who was the leader of the Muslims during one of the most turbulent periods in Islaamic history. He was killed in Makkah at the hands of al-Hajjaaj on the 17th of Jumadaa al-Ulaa in 73H. a few days after the death of her sin, Asmaa bint Abu Bakr – ‘She of the two Belts’ – also died – radi’allaahu anhaa.

So many benefits in this narration الله اكبر!


AU where Gilbert ( or G1-18 as he was known in the Institute ) is a runaway Gen 3 synth who recently escaped from the Institute. He wandered the Commonwealth for a while until he was rescued by some agents working with the Railroad. Since then he has joined the organization working as an agent himself, rescuing fellow runaway synths and earning the codename ‘ Four Star ’ because of his tendency to fall into a leadership role when out on missions.


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hi! can I ask what are your favorite mckirk and spirk fics? :>

(sry i took so long to respond babe! i wanted to make sure i put in all my favs)

i jus started reading mckirk (the violence of comets is amazING tho, check it out) but ive read lots of spirk soo here’s some of my fav fics ღ’’ღ’’

✨✨ make sure to read all fic warnings/ratings before reading ✨✨

  • Oasis // Kirk accidentally lands himself in an alternate reality, one where Surak’s reformation of Vulcan never happened.
  • Mirage // The companion story to Oasis, told from Spock’s POV, of what happened on the XI Enterprise while Kirk was in the alternate reality.
  • Shine Like the Sun // An accident leaves Spock with amnesia. His last memory is bringing a cadet up on charges for cheating on the Kobayashi Maru - a cadet who, to his disgust, is now his bondmate.
  • Veritas // Captain James T. Kirk and Lieutenant Commander Spock are hereby charged with negligence and wanton misconduct due to their emotional compromise with each other
  • Taste Test // Jim is a broke Starfleet Academy student who hasn’t eaten since breakfast, and Spock is acting weird – again. Convinced his boyfriend is about to kick his boring ass to the curb, Jim is desperate to show Spock a good time by giving his sweet tooth the biggest sugar rush ever. After a little role play, and a whole lot of free cake, Spock finally finds the words to say what’s on his mind. // pt.2 Happily Ever After
  • Asymptote // Anticipation was not an emotion Spock had intended to allow himself to feel; yet, it made itself known despite him, and that it was never satisfied made it harder to suppress, each time the Captain stood near and conscientiously avoided even the brush of their sleeves
  • Entering Orbit // Jim escapes to Iowa to avoid the media frenzy following the Narada incident, but a late-night miscommunication results in Spock turning up on his front porch. // pt.2 Forty-five hours in Riverside
  • Eye of the Storm // Post-ST XI. Three months into the five-year mission, Spock is still with Uhura, and Spock and Jim are at each other’s throats when the Enterprise is sent to investigate another lightning storm in space. They encounter a Vulcan ship, commanded by Captain Spock and his very illogical First Officer Jim Kirk who, to everyone’s shock, are happily married and in love with each other. The other Kirk disapproves of the fact that his counterpart is letting Uhura have what should be ‘rightfully his’ and is determined to ‘set things right,’ but the problem is, no one appreciates his meddling.
  • Life is Something To Do (When You Can’t Get To Sleep) // While studying at the Academy, Jim works in a bookshop and a cafe, and keeps encountering Spock
  • Helloooo, Nurse! // Jim Kirk is the only male nurse on the Enterprise. He’s also the only one with any experience with Vulcan biology. You can guess who he’s been assigned to.
  • How High the Moon // After the destruction of Vulcan, Spock shielded his mind to protect it from his broken bond with T'Pring. Little did he know another bond had already formed in its place. (this HURT my heart)

and some pwp for good measure

  • Interruptions // Arriving late at his apartment, Commander Spock is greeted by a rather disgruntled lover. A few kisses and all is forgiven, however, as things gets hot and heavy the pair is interrupted. Jim is not pleased, but he rolls well with the punches.
  • Powder // Kirk gets a face full of sex pollen on an away mission. He’s ready to take matters into his own hands when the object of his secret affections makes an offer of assistance.
A Satellite Out of Orbit - SilentAuror - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: A Satellite Out of Orbit
Writer: SilentAuror
Status of work: Complete
Characters and/or pairings: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Rating: Mature (mentions of drug use)
Length: 6,512 words
Author’s note: Set during The Lying Detective. Companion story to Where My Demons Hide.

Summary: For years, Ella has been trying to get John Watson to open up and talk to her about his issues. To her surprise, his longtime flatmate Sherlock Holmes turns up one day, needing her advice.

Sorry, this is exactly 17 minutes later than I promised last night. :P Though I got it onto ao3 only 6 minutes late, if that’s any consolation. Just if you need something to read during the wait… 

consider the Sole Survivor: 

  • incessantly making pre-war pop culture references that no one understands 
  • telling their companion(s) stories and they think they’re just a really creative person who’s making them up but really they’re just retelling the plot to one of their favourite tv/radio shows
  • getting cravings for food that doesn’t exist anymore and complaining about it for days or trying to make dishes by substituting in stuff from the wasteland and it coming out absolutely horrible but eating it anyway because in some small way it reminds them of their mother/father and/or spouse’s cooking
  • teaching their companion(s) card games they played pre-war that were otherwise lost in time
  • just trying to balance who they were before and who they are now by not living in the past but bringing little pieces of it to the present so they don’t completely lose themselves to life in the Commonwealth 
  • fallout 4 companions: basically everyone hates themselves. that's it.

Oh yay! Merry Christmas to me! One of my angstiest fics ever, Love Is, just reached 20,000 hits tonight! Thank you to everyone who’s ever read this one! This story is the 16th out of my 64 (almost 65!) to have passed this milestone and it’s so exciting! Thanks for giving it some love! (And if it leaves you angry at John, don’t forget to read the companion story, which is from his POV, The Things That Matter!) :) Thanks, everyone! <33333333

Confession:  As Reaver was the most interesting specialization to me in Origins, it was good to finally have an in-story Reaver companion, in the form of Iron Bull. Though I feel it got lost in all the qunari stuff with him; much of his dragon stuff is more about racial ancestry, but what about non-qunari Reavers?? I want a Dragon Cultist, perhaps, to be a companion. It especially makes sense for them to exist in Tevinter, as remnants of the ‘old gods’ worship.

so you know how that one storyline where one of your companions gets the taint almost made it into the game

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i kinda miss having a lot of music pieces included in the fic, it made the skating bits so much more dramatic and emotional, that was one of my favourite things in the early chapters. will we get more of them in chapter 14 and in the compainion fic ??

There will be much less focus on the music in the companion fic as the story is less focused on the skating as everyone already knows what happens and more focused on the emotions and scenes that no-one has seen yet

Mass Effect: Andromeda is coming up and so far I have decided:

  • I will be playing Sis!Ryder because I took a look at the VA’s respective IMDB pages and while the woman voicing Sis!Ryder has a pretty healthy body of work Bro!Ryder is limited to one role as something called “octo-dad” and I’ve made the mistake of going with the worse (male) VA before as my Mass Effect canon and, like, fool me twice; shame on me
  • I wanna use a space sword since you can apparently use a space sword
  • Also apparently the Andromeda species all use plasma weaponry (?) so maybe I can get her a sweet plasma pistol and a sword and she can run around like a Warhammer 40k character, only not awful (and hopefully not blowing herself up with her own plasma weaponry but we’ll see)
  • Apparently the Sith Warrior story/companion writer (meaning Vette’s writer) is writing Peebee so there’s like an 80% chance I will be ENTIRELY THRILLED WITH Peebee and like a 20% chance I will be ENTIRELY SKEEVED OUT BY HER ROMANCE but that seems the likely route
  • I was all set to try and make either a Chicana Ryder or a Desi Ryder (the former because Latinos! In! SPAAACE!!!, the latter because I haven’t made any Desi characters in BioWare games before unlike just about every other major group of humans) but now I’m hearing that there are a number of pre-set faces for a few ethnicities that you can edit from but those pre-sets have actual face scans so they’re probably gonna be better rendered so maybe I’ll just go with a pre-set and only change a couple cosmetic details like hairdo and eye color and scars/tats???!?!
  • So now I can’t even pick?? A name?! Because I don’t know which pre-set ethnicity face I’ll like best?! Is her name gonna be like, Esperanza? Jyoti? Aorei? Fuckin BECKY?! I DON’T FUKKEN KNOW!!!*
  • I don’t know if I want her to have had Security, Leadership, or Explorer training first. Like that’s pretty fuckin’ basic and I don’t? Know?!?!
  • I have to sell off a bunch of my old space marines (I was gonna anyway) so I can afford to buy the game at all when it comes out next month but I keep dawdling on that because posting so much shit on eBay is a huge pain in the ass but I gotta get fuckin’ to that

*it will not be Becky


Ad Astra Series

Inspired by the wonderful stories by @companions

  1. Like Perennials
  2. On lightning, on luster
  3. How to let your planets align 
  4. 400 Lux

I just love Justine’s work and I wanted to do something about her wonderful fics, honestly…if you haven’t read them you totally should! You will not regret a thing! She does an amazing job and I love everything about these fics.