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Short Story: Vaccination Day

Curie clapped her hands together. “It is time to be inoculated!”

A low groan ran through the group of companions.

“Come on, guys, it’s for our health!” Preston protested. At the head of the line, he sauntered up, taking a seat in the sanitized chair and rolling up his sleeve. He presented a dark, well-muscled bicep to the doctor.

“It’s going to hurt,” Piper cringed.

“You all are being children,” Danse grumbled, arms crossed and a surly expression on his face. “Primitive vaccinations have been a staple of Brotherhood operations for generations.”

“I’m not getting that crap anywhere near me,” MacCready declared.

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Companions as AHS gifs


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Short Story: Nick’s Day Out

It was her birthday.

Funny how he could never remember much else about her, but he remembered her birthday. It wasn’t like Nick, either, to remember a date more than a face. Old Nick prided himself on being able to read people, to pick up on the social nuances and micro expressions that gave so much away. Now, an appointment, an anniversary - those always slipped his mind. But he never forgot a face.

Except hers.

The synth clutched his bag of caps, the fabric threatening to tear beneath the harsh metal of his claw. Normally, he didn’t mind haggling. Myrna gave him a hard time, but the other merchants were friendly enough, and it was nice to get out and about in between cases.

Today, though. Today they’d ask questions he wasn’t sure he wanted to answer.

Gotta hold it together, old man.

The detective clenched what counted for his jaw and shuffled into the marketplace, hands stuffed in the pockets of his trenchcoat, hat pulled low over his brow. Myrna looked up with a menacing glower. 

“Bouquet, please,” he murmured.

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Here ya go, have a draw the squad meme that I put too much effort into hhhh

So yeah, on this is all of my character designs basically heh-

I changed a few, like Morality, Curiosity, Anger, Cube, and I think Chell a bit

So yeah hope y’all like it


AU where Gilbert ( or G1-18 as he was known in the Institute ) is a runaway Gen 3 synth who recently escaped from the Institute. He wandered the Commonwealth for a while until he was rescued by some agents working with the Railroad. Since then he has joined the organization working as an agent himself, rescuing fellow runaway synths and earning the codename ‘ Four Star ’ because of his tendency to fall into a leadership role when out on missions.

I’ve invested way more time and energy into the “Frisk arrives 6 years earlier” scenario than I originally intended to. But it’s ending up really cute??

Scrapped the original angle and came up with something new, more focused on matching the tone and mechanics of the game and using the more minor characters. It’s good to be getting out all my “what’s everyone’s backstory” headcanons that I’ve been sitting on for ages, haha

also it’s hard to make things not about Sans

Ages of the Original SWTOR Companions

According to the updated timeline and the ages of the companions as stated by the SWTOR Encyclopedia our beloved companions are no longer as young as they used to be when we met them. About 13 years have past since the start of the class stories.

The companions above are sorted by year of birth. For some there is only an approximate year given. Blizz, Broonmark, Scorpio, M1-4X are not included for lack of data. For those with a ‘!’ wookieepedia states slightly different years of birth, that do not correlate with the ages given in the Encyclopedia.

Since I don’t have any months in these calculations, the actual year of birth as well as the age of a companion during current ingame events may differ slightly.

Theron is born in 3666, the same year as Raina. I still don’t have data on Lana.

(Note: Feel free to headcanon your companions as old as you want them to be.)

Before Castiel met Dean, humans could be explained to Castiel when he read them on the page.

Reading classic authors such as Thoreau, Eliot, Kierkegaard, or Sun Tzu—these authors and more helped Castiel learn the intricacies of the human condition. It gave him a firm grasp on the emotions and motivations that humans experienced, even though that as an angel Castiel never felt them himself.

Until he met Dean.

“Hey, Cas?”

Castiel raises his head from his book, brushing stray hair from his eyes. His friend is smiling at him from across the kitchen table, holding a mug in his hand. Castiel reflexively smiles in return. “Hello, Dean.”

“Thought you might want some coffee to combat how early it is.” Dean comes around the table and presses the tepid mug into Castiel’s hand as he leans into the chair, looking over Castiel’s shoulder. “What are you reading?”

Crime and Punishment. I found it on your bookshelf.”

“The one that is still in the middle of the living room, after you manhandled it last week?” Dean asks, his accompanying laugh dancing and light in Castiel’s ear.

“Your living room did seem due for some redecorating,” Castiel says with an innocent shrug.

Dean chuckles again, and then with a sigh, rests his forehead onto Castiel’s shoulder, who tries very hard not to stiffen under Dean’s touch. “You’re impossible,” Dean sighs fondly before stretching to his full height and walking back to the kitchen.

Castiel watches him leave, the place where Dean touched his shoulder still pulsing with warmth. The edges of the book’s pages crinkle from Castiel’s suddenly firmer grip.

Dean blurs the lines of the words of the stories that Castiel thought he once understood; smatters black ink across the pages. There is no dictionary for Dean’s actions, no prose that has ever described the complexity of Dean’s face when his expression displays the seven emotions he feels in a single moment.

No author has fully defined or explained the sensation of Castiel’s heart simultaneously clenching and expanding whenever Dean smiles at him.

“Do you want to go to that bookshop again?” Dean calls from the kitchen as Castiel hears the clicking of the gas stove. “After I’m done teaching for the day?”

“I would like that,” Castiel replies.

Dean appears in the doorway, wiping his hands on a towel and then slinging it over his shoulder. He leans against the door frame, auburn hair framed by the morning sun peeking through the window behind him, neck still dewy with perspiration from his shower. “Anything else you want to put on the agenda?”

Dean may not make sense on the page, as most humans do, but it doesn’t make him less interesting. He is the most complex and beautiful book Castiel has ever read; with flawlessly blemished sentences and neatly cluttered vernacular. Dean is the most accurately confusing story; one that Castiel does not want to ever put down.

“Cas?” Dean prompts, jarring Castiel from his thoughts. “Anything else you want to do today?”

Smiling at Dean, at his wondering eyes and his expectant expression, Castiel responds enigmatically, “I think I would like to continue reading.”

This drabble is a companion piece to my story, Passing Ships, if you want more where this came from<3

Short Story: An Unlikely Rendevouz 

X6-88 tapped the side of his head, fingers pressed to the black dot tattooed under his ear. “No visible hostiles. Area unsecured. Contact not in the immediate vicinity. Please re-evaluate coordinates and report back.” 

He had just lowered his hand when he heard the low hum of deep, hissing hydraulics. He whipped around, gun out, and saw a Brotherhood of Steel agent, decked out in well-kept power armor, a laser rifle levied at the Courser. “Don’t move,” the man growled. His voice scratched against the speakers of his helmet.

X6-88 said nothing. Still had his gun pointed at the man. He could get off a few shots, but he didn’t know if they’d burn through power armor. His adversary might fire a more critical blow before he could find new footing. They were both standing in the middle of the street, exposed.

“Quiet type, huh.” The soldier’s finger lay flat against the side of his weapon, just above the trigger, ready to pull it at any moment. “Don’t know if I should kill you, or take you alive. Institute scum.”

Still, X6-88 said nothing. Insults and goading did not work on him. But he did not like a fair fight. He had to gain the advantage. Behind his sunglasses, he scanned the environment, looking for something to aid him. Then, he caught the flash. The gleam of sunlight reflecting a sniper’s scope, shining in a window of one of the buildings. 

“This is a set-up,” he realized aloud.

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eluvixns-moved  asked:

Do you have any w|w book recommendations? I too would like to hide in them forever because television is so fucking sad. I'm sorry for being a bother and thank you!

you’re not bothering me at all i love recommending femslash books!

it’s time i updated the last list i made anyway so i’ll give you all of my favorites and you can pick according to your taste i only guarantee that all of these have happy endings for the pairings :)



mystery/crime with lesbian romance:


  • juliet takes a breath by gabby rivera: young latina lesbian from the bronx tries to figure herself out while interning with the author of her favorite feminist book
  • after the fall by robin summers: wonderful badasses falling in love and finding hope and happiness in a post-apocalyptic world (cw: rape, homophobia)
  • in the company of women by kate christie: historical, about the women’s army corps during world war II, centered around two of them who fall in love
  • courtship by carsen taite: political/legal drama about a powerful campaign manager and the brilliant woman she’s in charge of appointing as the first female chief justice of the US supreme court

let me know if you read any of these and enjoy it i love hearing back from people who read the books i recommended!

anonymous asked:

I wanna start watching ancient magnum bride but what te heck is it about??????

The OVAs we have so far (two parts out of four three) are a companion story to the manga and don’t really follow the main plot (there may be a full anime series coming this fall though?? Unsure). 

The manga is about Chise, a gal with some special abilities bought by this fella Elias, a non-human magus/mage, who intends to teach Chise magic, keep her alive (people with her abilities tend to burn out and die young!), and eventually make her his bride.

This mighty be throwing up all kinds of Wow Unhealthy red flags for you. But the writing is handled fantastically and this odd situation that could have easily turned into one of your standard Weird Gross Anime IPs is instead something super cool and awesome. First off, Elias not being human and not understanding how humans work is a HUGE part of his character and development. Secondly, all Elias’ human pals are immediately like Elias What The Fuck You Can’t Buy People Because We Said You Need An Apprentice Chise Here Is My Number If You Need Help Don’t Hesitate To Call. And thirdly, Chise seems cool with all of this and agrees to teach Elias How To Human better while he teaches her magic and the whole bride thing is like almost never mentioned again.

Over time, the manga delves into things like “Why the fuck does Chise seem cool with this?”, “Chise why are you doing that stop?”, “Both of y’all have an unhealthy attachment to each other please get out of the house sometimes”, “Elias why are you acting like a pouting baby?”, “Elias, no you can’t control everything all the time.”, “By the way, what the fuck are you?” Also this one dude is trying to fuck everything up and there’s all these other ppl who want Chise for shit.

In short (lil too late for short lol), its about two emotionally stunted, lost, and confused people living on the outskirts of their respective societies, slowly realizing things about themselves and working past their flaws and figuring themselves out. And as they grow as people, they grow together as closer companions. Though framed as a romance, that’s really not the focus of it. The focus is more about them becoming healthy and good people. The growth feels natural and appropriate, and I love that. 

Also LOTS OF COOL MYTHOLOGY SHIT HELL YEAH. YAMAZAKI KORE DID HER DAMNED RESEARCH OK. If NONE of what i just said grabs you then you could read for the mythological shit alone. It’s great. 
I think that’s it. Other fans feel free to add to this,,,

You can read it here (which has a nice description itself)
And the OVA bits are on crunchyroll

Hope you check it out! 

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I don't normally like scifi but I'm obsessed with these and I can't figure out why

I mean, sometimes that just happens. I generally don’t like non-fantasy/scifi/adventure stories, especially those that focus on romance, but I somehow devoured Nowhere But Here (by Katie McGarry) which is about teenage love and family drama and a motorcycle gang and I don’t even know why I enjoyed it, but I did.

But if you’re trying to figure out why you’re enjoying these, some possibilities are:

1. Good, fun writing. Tumblr is filled with talented and creative people whose work sometimes just appears in front of you, unlike books where you have to search them out, or at least read a bit more to get into them.

2. Length and setting. Tumblr posts are short[ish] and quick compared to most forms of entertainment, and often mixed in with posts on completely different topics. You don’t have to settle in and decide, “I am going to read/watch this thing which I may or may not like.”

3. Different sci-fi topics than you’re used to finding. If you’re used to finding sci-fi stories about established alien civilizations and intergalactic currency transactions and basically things that require a lot of attention to keep straight, it only takes one or two tries getting through something like that to decide to stay away from anything remotely similar. (…She says from experience.) They’re not bad, but not your cup of tea, perhaps.

But the things I’m finding and reblogging here tend to fall into a couple categories that I had not seen in published fiction before:

Like, Space Australians/Space Orcs/Humans Are From a Death World, stories that portray humans as tough and durable compared to aliens. Popular posts like this include the invading-aliens-foiled-by-animals megapost by @giraffepoliceforce, humans-come-from-a-death-world-and-aliens-think-we’re-crazy post started by @arcticfoxbear, the humans-are-terrifying post by @bogleech, posts following @timemachineyeah‘s post about “what if humans were considered really cute?” and a bunch of others.

Then there are the posts that focus on things humans do that are unusual to aliens. Some of these are written straight, like the short stories by @authorbettyadams and the Gentleman of Fortune humans-as-companions stories by @ts-porter​, while others take a more humorous view like the Star Trek-based humans-are-crazy-like-Doc-Brown and humans-are-considered-freaky-nihilists posts by @prokopetz​, among others.

Whatever you figure out, I hope you find more to enjoy. And if you find someone whose writing you like, let them know! (And if you find books about the above, let me know, I’m trying to make a list.)