companion puzzle

Jurassic Love (It's from the Cretaceous period, you imbecil)

Kuroo/Tsukishima, Haikyuu!! now also on ao3

I don’t remember where I saw some OTP prompts that included “wearing same sweater AU” or something along those lines. But well. I saw that and thought “lol lemme try that” and then this happened. Little by little.

The rattling of the train was pathetically normal. No dramatic echo, no soft don of impending doom in the distance. All was calm, normal, predictable and expected. There was only one conclusion to pull: nothing relevant was going to happen.

Nothing fucking relevant ever happened. Not if Tsukishima could avoid it.

But what the fuck was he supposed to do when this guy - tall, messy black hair, sharp eyes and a cutting grin carved into his features – walked up to him whilst making persistent eye-contact?

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