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skye I hate to ask you but I'm having an awful week and rejection after rejection for college and I ended up not doing amazing on a math test that I felt confident on the material and like 5 people told me I look angry today and I'm so t I r e d..... could you maybe write something about my moon and stars im jaebum and cats...?

im sorry that things are glum,,,but just know you’re amazing anyway <33

  • wizard!jaebum whose familiars are cats 
  • has lots of cats that wander in and out of his apartment,,,,they honestly just jump up and come through the open window and lay down in like any warm space avilable
  • he always comes home to cat loaves on his couch, bed, on top of the tv, on his keyboard,,,,,in the freaking bathroom sink
  • but he really doesn’t mind, cats have always been his family’s protectors and companions 
  • they’d collect herbs for his potions, act as mail carriers so he could communicate with other wizards, and just be there to keep him company
  • he can speak with the ones breed by his family, but not street cats
  • the kitten he got when he turned old enough to use magic on his own is a Javanese with piercing blue eyes and white fur
  • and he named her ‘soul’ 
  • lil things about wizard!jaebum in general: has a nose ring, wears silky dress shirts with sleeves that are too long and so when he uses his wand it looks kinda funny, his wand is painted black with a silver lining and cat charms that hang off the end where he holds it, breaks all his brooms so he prefers teleportation, sings when he’s alone with soul
  • you meet him because you’re both at the market for unicorn hair and as you’re waiting for the shopkeeper you hear something break in the room and you and jaebum both turn around
  • and look up to see your familiar, the red fox, with its muzzle in some kind of jar and another broken one on the floor
  • and you’re like oh my god get down!!!! we’re gonna get in trouble
  • but as you’re jumping up to get your fox down, jaebums cat hops off of his shoulder and onto the cabinet where your fox is and tries to paw at the jar 
  • and jaebum is like “what are you doing??” and you’re both jumping up and down at your familiars, frantically worried that the shopkeeper is going to walk in and see the mess
  • and your fox pulls its face out and jumps into your arms and you’re like “let’s leave before the owner sees us-”
  • but jaebum grabs your wrist and is like ummmmm ,,,,your fox did this me and soul aren’t taking the blame
  • and you’re like about to use a spell to make him let go
  • when the door to the store shuts and you both look over and the shopkeeper is like “neither of you are leaving, you’re both taking the blame and cleaning up what you broke.”
  • that’s how you and jaebum end up cleaning up a bunch of like??? what even was in that jar like goblin eyelashes???
  • and neither of you get your unicorn hair because you have to pay for the jars
  • and you’re both nagging at your familiars as you leave
  • and soul just disappears in a puff of smoke and your own familiar scampers off and you and jaebum are like ,,,,,,,,,,,,, why are they like this
  • and you’re both looking at each other and jaebum is like “i can’t believe you got us into that mess” and you’re like “your cat jumped up there too!” and no you’re both nagging at eaCh other,,,,
  • but also you’re like “im tired. im gonna go get some food.” and jaebums like “don’t steal my idea, i was going to get food too.”
  • and you’re arguing up and down the streets until you both stop in front of the same stall that sells food and you’re like heY dont follow me and he’s like this is my favorite place???? don’t follow me????
  • long story short you’re both angrily eating in silence waiting for your familiars to come back and slowly but surely you start to bond over the fact that,,,,,,,,,,,well familiars are a handfull but,,jaebum thinks its cool yours is a fox and you think soul is pretty
  • and soon enough you’re not nagging but talking and when your familiars return soul finds her way up onto jaebums shoulder and he’s like “hey- what? a date? no we were just talking because you left-  hey don’t jump to conclusions!”
  • and your fox, curled up in your arms looks up at you and you’re like “is he handsome???? i didn’t noticE????????? don’t look at me with that sly foxy smile???”
  • and you and jaebum both glance up at each other but then you’re like,,,,,,shyly looking down because ok um since when was the other person so cute????
  • and you’re like ill be going!!! and he’s like alright,,,,,,but then soul drops something in jaebums hands and he looks down to see the address with your name and he’s like soUL where do you get this 
  • and your fox familiar has the same card with jaebums name and you’re like i,,, dont,,,,,need this,,,,,,,,,,
  • but ofc you do hehe jaebum sends you a package a week later with unicorn hair and an invitation to go out for dinner sometime ^^ 

“Super Companions #1 - Rose” - Digital Oil Painting

And finally, the #1 collectible card in the Super Companions series, Rose! Imagined as a Sailor Moon type group with special jewelry to help them transform (and a magical perfect manicure in their ‘color,’ LOL). Collect them all!

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“Super Companions #3 - Donna” - Digital Oil Painting

The next collectible card in the Super Companions series, Donna! Imagined as a Sailor Moon type group with special jewelry to help them transform (and a magical perfect manicure in their ‘color,’ LOL). Collect them all!

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this set of double-sided books was given to me when i was a toddler by my grandparents. they were the first books that were truly mine and most definitely started my book obsession. 

when you’re done with one just flip it over and rotate and you can start over with another great book with gorgeous original artwork

(part of the companion library collection)

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How does Crestwood and the mayor's secret fit in with Mordred being companion to the inquisitor?

The mayor and Crestwood were complicate issues, for sure. I don’t remember visiting Crestwood in Origins main game and haven’t fully played the DLCs, but I’m pretty sure Mordred had only ever passed through the place to make sure post-Blight outposts were properly equipped and the locals trained to handle darkspawn raids as much as he could.

What the mayor did was distasteful to the extreme for Mordred, but the other side of that coin was that because of what he did, not ALL of Crestwood fell to the Taint. If Mordred approved sentencing him to death, then he would’ve condemned him on grounds of purposeful murder to save as many of those he was responsible for as possible. If he approved properly and totally pardoning him, then he would have more or less said, “What you did was acceptable in your circumstances and you bear no blames” which…Mordred did not believe. Out of his own biased standpoint as a Grey Warden or not.

But he wasn’t there. He wasn’t the one to have made that choice, and he did not make that choice. Nor should he be the judge, he surmised, as Mordred commanded soldiers and was not an outright overseer of his “people”. His soldiers knew they would die, however much they hoped and fought for the opposite. The mayor was in charge of civilians. Defenseless common people who explicitly trusted him to look after them at their worst, and if the mayor had committed an atrocity on the basis that he thought it was necessary, he should be judged by people who had borne or held the same responsibility.

Mordred advised Maedwyn, and would have approached any Inquisitor, for the man to be transported back to Ferelden to face proper trials by his own country. And it’s the only choice he will approve of. Sentencing the guy to death was Greatly Disapproved. Pardoning him was the same. Imprisoning him affected no change.

(Mae didn’t want to parade his authority in such a justice-heavy way, as he was more of a courtier and a social type of leader, and he didn’t want to risk what fragile general approval he had of the people with such a possibly divisive case. So he did as Mordred suggested and used the appearance of wisdom and propriety it gave him to buoy his own reputation – also to show the Fereldans among his Inquisition that he was willing to respect their laws and authority even when he was a Dalish elf.)

@panonnes late birthday gift

There were many facts in this world that could never be proven false. The sky is blue, grass is green, Chat Noir loved Ladybug, they were both bisexual, Marinette had a thing for blondes, and Marinette Dupain-Cheng was late. Again. For the third time this month. It didn’t help matters that her first class was chemistry with Madame Medlenive. The purple haired woman had a temper hotter than any fire and an attitude stricter than an uptight grandparent.

          Therefore it was understandable, that when Marinette woke up and glanced at the time, she cussed a word that would make the innocent Chat Noir blush and stammer while scolding her. After letting out multiple merdes, she rushed through her morning routine, and made it to class in 7 minutes (it definitely did help that she lived right across her school). With three minutes until the bell rings, she ran into her class and caught sight of her best friend’s fiery red hair.

          “- with three minutes to go, Marinette Dupain-Cheng makes the final touchdown! She made it! Against all odds! Now, Nino, I think you owe me a croissant. Serves you right for getting against my best friend.” Making her way though the class, Marinette caught snippets of Alya’s commentary and apparent bet.

          “You bet on me? I’m hurt. Anyways bonjour guys, I was going to ask you if you wanted to eat croissant and macaroons in the park at lunch, but seeing as you were getting on me, I’d rather eat them alone. Such a shame, my parents made an extra batch of chocolate chip cookies for us, but I guess I’ll have to eat them alone.” Marinette sighed as she faked a hurt expression. Immediately, three horrified faces turned to look at her. As of on cue, three looked at each other, and then at her, and then at each other again. The silence was broken when they all started pushing each other while talking to Marinette.

           “Marinette! My favourite person in this whole cruel world! The only one eho treats me right here! Hey, remember how much fun we had as kids when we played together?”
           “Shut up Nina. Marinette, my best friend. My one true love.” At this Nino scoffed, but Alya continued unfazed by his reaction. “My bi buddy, remember how much fun we had on that one date?”
           “Marinette! My talented cute fashion designing friend who happens to be an amazing baker, have I ever told you how much I love our Ultimate Mecha Strike tournaments and how much I appreciate and love you?”

          Marinette couldn’t help it. She lost it and burst out laughing. Her giggles invited her friends into joining her. Soon enough, they were all laughing in class. That was put to an end when Madame Medelenive walked into the class slamming the door with a sharp ‘Bonjour’. Marinette spaced out after that, tuning every sound out except that of her teachr’s, only glancing up every once in a while to take notes.  Therefore it was understandable that Marinette squeaked when Alya shook her after she failed to answer her.

        "-inette? Marinette. Marinette!“ The last sentence was shouted in Marinette’s ears, nearly piercing her eardrums. "Ow! Ow! I’m here! Stop shouting,” She whipser-shouted while rubbing her ears. She’d be lucky if her ears didn’t ring for a few days. “Well, did you hear what Madame said? No wait you didn’t, well, we’re doing a project!  With partners! Remember last project?” Oh. Oh. Of course she remembered. She had been partnered with Alya, Nino, and Adrian! It was one of the few times she looked forward to chemistry. She not so secretly hoped that they would be partners again. Her hopes would soon be dashed.

          “Today I want you to research Boyle’s law, Gay-Lusaac’s hypothesis, Avogadro’s hypothesis, and the experiments that led them to make their conclusions. I will be grouping you into groups of two. You will have your lunch break to make a quick summary of your researches and you will have to write a paragraph on each topic and present it after lunch break. Therefore the rest of the day, until after lunch, is free for you to complete your research. Now here are the partners.” Marinette hoped she’d end up with any of her friends, since the chance for a group project seemed to be thrown out the window to all four winds.

          “Adrien and Nino.” The two boys high fixed and Alya and Marinette looked at each other hopefully. “Juleka and Rose. Mylène and Ivan.” The girls grew excited, all their classmates were being partnered with their best friends. “Max and Kim. Nathaniel and Lila. Chloé and Sab- One minute,” Madame Medlenive muttered the last part under her breath and continued, “since Sabrina is absent, Alya you can go with Alix and Marinette will be with Chloé. Any questions?” Without waiting for an answer, she said, “Good. Now pay attention as this information will be vital for your research. Now…”

          Marinette’s mind spaced out again after hearing 'Marinette will be with Chloé’. It was true that the girl had changed her attitude last year. She wasn’t annoying and bossing people around as much. Marinette suspected it was due to a certain model having a serious conversation with her. Still, they weren’t exactly 'best of friends’ but it was better than nothing, she supposed.  She’ll have to make do with it.

          Marinette had no idea how to handle this situation.

          Lunch came much faster than Marinette thought it would -or wanted to, if she was being honest with herself. While Chloé was packing her tablet and books, Marinette took a deep breath and steeled her nerves before approaching the blonde.

          “So, um, hey Chloé."  The girl received a glance and a nod in her direction. "Since the project is due today, I was thinking we can start it now at my house, if you’d like of course. I get it if you want to go to your place if it makes you feel more comf-” The rambling girl was interrupted. “Okay.” Chloé was finally done packing her bag. Marinette blinked.

          “So we’re going to the bakery?” She asked. “Yeah. Daddy has a big meeting over at the hotel so its gkinh to be crowded. What are you waiting for, let’s go.” To say that Marinette was surprised with this change of attitude would be an understatement. She was more than shocked, she doubted words would be enough to describe it.

          “I’m done. Let’s go.” The two walked in silence to the bakery. The fact that it was right across the street meant that the walk was short, it didn’t give them enough time to sort out their thoughts. Unlike what the half Chinese girl thought, her companion wasn’t as collected as she seemed to be.

          In fact, if Chloé was anything, she was not collected at all in any way. In that moment, she probably was the furthest from calm and collected she ever was in her whole life. There were around two coherent thoughts in Chloé’s mind, and they happened to be: I’M GOING TO MARINETTE DUPAIN CHENG’S HOUSE, and FUCK!

         Chloé walked through the house as if in a haze, only looking at the pictures hung on the wall, focusing only on the baby pictures belonging to a particular blue eyed girl. It seemed to be seconds before the duo reached the bedroom. Chloé looked around the room. It was very… pink. No, it was very Marinette. She could see hints of the other girl’s hobbies. Chloé was brought out of her thoughts when the petite girl started speaking.

          “Okay so let’s start. I’ll get snacks later. Okay so Boyle’s law is really easy, it basically says that the pressure and volume of a gas are inversely proportional. Avogadro’s hypothesis might take some time though, and as for Gay-Lusaac’s hypothesis, it isn’t really hard so it will take less time than Avogadro. I think we should…”

        Of course she had to be perfect in everything she does. Of course, heaven forbid, Marinette Dupain-Cheng had to be perfect in everything she does. God forbid she isn’t an amazing designer, or a talented baker, or a wonder, person whom everyone loves. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Marinette is perfect in chemistry too. No surprises, she was talented in everything she does, she’s smart and pretty and popular an - .

“Chloé?” Shit. Okay Chloé, act calm and maybe she’ll forge- “Are you okay, you look red.” She inched in closer to the blushing blonde. Never had she ever thought that this would happen! Than anyone would catch her daydreaming! Especially the subject of said daydreams! She had to say something that would stop Marinette from being suspicious.

          “I-it’s nothing. I’m not used to the heat from your ovens. That just it.”. 'That should throw her off my track.’ Chloé was sure that she threw all suspicion away from her.

          Marinette was confused at this point. When Chloé came over, she expected her to be cold and silent, not… that. She inched even closer to Chloé,  as if trying to see in her mind through her eyes. Chloé?

@panonne @chiimei thank you guys for supporting me and encouraging me to post it. Im actually really happy you liked it :,) also panonne sorry for getting it late (don’t kill me I love you girl). Hopefully I’ll post part 2 by the end of June. Chi, thank you for supporting me, ily too.

@re-unknown you probably don’t remember but in April I wanted to write something but I was too much of a scaredy cat to post it so I didn’t. But you still encouraged me to write it and you helped me a lot even though you probably didn’t know. So thank you for everything ^^
Also @megatraven I think you would enjoy this..

Update: Current Coming Soon List

There’s a Farkle Under Your Bed (A Future Snapshot): It turns out Cory Matthews has been chasing the wrong boy out of his daughter’s bay window for years. But, the real threat is now clear… Or at least pretty clearly hiding under the girl’s bed.

Fighting with the Freaking Sun! (A Future Snapshot): Even people who are perfect for each other fight. Fighting with Riley Matthews is a little like fighting with the sun… But Farkle would probably die without her warmth and in the end, they are always.

The Lucky Ones (A Socialite AU): Farkle Minkus, the young and newly appointed Head of Minkus International, has just married middle-class, all-American Riley Matthews and she’s quite a packaged deal… Can Riley play her new role of perfect, wealthy housewife?

Missed Moments of Pluto and Mars (A Future Snapshot Collection Companion): So many times, so many missed moments, and Farkle can’t help but wonder how things would have been different if he’d just took the opportunity.

Birthdays, First Times, and Letters from Princeton (A Future Snapshot): This isn’t how Riley thought they would end. Then again, she never thought that they would. (Break-up/make-up fic)

The Electronic Configuration of Hate and Love Pt. 4: THEY KISSED! What the hell happens now?

Little Drunk, Lotta Careless (A Future Snapshot): The color pink has never seemed so intimidating. Riley finds out she’s pregnant for the first time as a Senior in college. (Pregnancy test fic)

We’re Always on the Same Team (A Future Snapshot): Wedding planning is going to be stressful, they say, but Riley figured that ‘they’ don’t have to deal with two smothering mothers, a best friend on the edge, and a teething little bundle of joy.

The Lucky Ones Pt. 2 (A Socialite AU): Don’t wanna give too much away so we’ll just say that things escalate? Everyone cool with that?

Crazy Kids (A Future Snapshot): Lucas going to Riley and Farkle for help on how to get Maya back once he moves back to New York.

NAME: Desmond Lucius Slade

AGE: 35

SPECIES: Unafflicted Gilnean Human



INTERESTS: Spilling blood and spilling gold. Treasure hunting. Protecting his collective.

PROFESSION: Gunsmith, Swashbuckler, Bossman

BODY TYPE: Athletic, slim


SKIN: Dark

HAIR: Ebony black with flecks of white strands scattered in his beard near his chin.

EYES: Slate Grey

COMPANIONS: The collective, his revolvers Strife and Ruin, Rook (when he lets the bird win at card games), Caspiean, and his gunsmithing mentor Oliver Jakobs

ANTAGONISTS: Eve (sometimes), his past, law enforcement

COLOURS:  Black, silver, brown, crimson

SMELLS: Gunpowder, ash, rain poppy, leather, pine.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Three lines streak down the knuckles of his left hand, black wax burned into the skin and buried within the crevices. Various scars mottle his torso, front and back, from street gang related incidents during his childhood as an orphan in Gilneas.

FRUITS: Lemons and Grapefruit, bitter/sour citrus

DRINKS: Whiskey neat, good ol’ fashion healing potion.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: More whiskey. Coconut rum on special, rare occasions.

SMOKES: Hand-rolled cigarettes of dried, crushed rain poppy.

DRUGS: See Smokes.


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How You Met - Lithuania


“How am I supposed to find a nineteen foot sunflower? Where do those even come from?” A man with shaggy brown hair, some sort of foreign European accent, and quite a worried countenance enters your shop, a whimper escaping his lips. You raise a brow as you lean against the counter in curiosity, but you remain silent as you observe him from afar. The man continues to pace around the rows and rows of flowers, mumbling something about how someone was going to… kill him?

The man continues to glance around, until finally you decide you can’t take it anymore. The poor man seems as if he’s going to cry almost, not to mention his hands are shaking so badly. Your eyes widen and you gasp at seeing this. You immediately slip out from behind the counter and gently lay a hand on the man’s shoulder. He yelps and breaks into tears, though he hugs you and begins to sob into your shoulder.

“I’m so dead, I’m so dead!” He cries out as his entire body trembles. You shake your head and try to shush him, though you gently hug back and rub his back in a soothing motion. Was someone after this man to kill him?

You take a deep breath and gently continue what you were doing. “Sir,” you begin, your voice as calm as if can be. “Nobody is going to kill you. You’re safe with me, don’t you see?” You try to smile softly to him as he slowly pulls away.

The man blinks twice in shock with tears running down his now stained red cheeks. His ears turn red at how you were somewhat right, but he felt so embarrassed that he had hugged you like that. You sigh with relief as you see him slowly taking a deep breath and calming down, but still you needed to know more.

“Good. You’re calming down some. Do you want to tell me what happened?” You offer quietly, your e/c eyes scanning across his own gleaming green ones. “It’s completely alright if not, I just wanted to know what I could do to help.” You smile at him, though he slowly nods his head. His hands are still trembling.

The man takes a long breath, but he keeps glancing back to the door in worry as if someone was after him. “My boss… is.. well, very s-scary. He wanted me to find him a large nineteen foot sunflower, but.. I can’t find any. He’s going to be so m-mad and I’m really going to get it this time!” The man trembles again and nearly breaks down, though you gently ‘shhh’ him.

You nervously smile at this, thinking that the request was as ridiculous as it sounded. You remain quiet for a moment, thinking to yourself, but then you decide. “You know, I think aw might sell some of those. C'mon.. they’re in the back. Our boss doesn’t like to put them out front, but I think you’re an exception.” Your smile remains and the man softly smiles. The two of you begin towards the back where you show your companion the large collection the shop had to offer.

The man’s green eyes glitter and he smiles brightly. “You’re a lifesaver! Thank you so much.. um..” He pauses for a moment and squints to read your name tag. “Thank you, Y/N!” He cries out in joy, a huge burden being lifted from his shoulders.

You just laugh softly and nod your head. “Of course, sir. Which one do you want? Also, I’ll need a name to write down the order,” you say lightly, though he nods his head in joy.

His face goes very red before at the thought of someone like.. you.. wanting his name! He swallow the lump in his throat and replies, “Y-you can call me Toris!”