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“There are a lot of things I wish I could’ve seen before.” Dean’s voice gets a little rough, a little too strained for the quaint atmosphere of the bustling coffee shop. “A lot more things I did see but I didn’t appreciate.”

He didn’t get a response, but he could sense the deeper breaths from his coffee companion. Being immersed in darkness for so long made him sensitive to other facts of life. Like how he knew his friend had ordered a hot chocolate, could smell the marshmallows melting. Like how he knew there was a cute girl, with a giggly personality and a love for lavender bath bombs, who stopped by their table frequently as if she couldn’t stay away from them.

What he didn’t know was how they got to this point. They’ve been friends for years and Castiel never brought up Dean’s past, Dean’s loss of sight. It was one of the reasons Dean treasured their friendship. But now… now Dean couldn’t help the disappoint as he continued to talk into the dark abyss that smelled of coffee.

“I wish I would’ve paid more attention to my mom’s smile and my dad’s grin. I wish I could’ve known to memorize Sam’s boyish features. But I don’t. I have nothing to remember my parents except the ghost of their words.” Taking a deep breath, Dean readjusted the cane by his side. The cold metallic feel underneath his fingertips brought him some sense of safety. “I wish I could see a lot of things, Cas.”

Still sitting in silence, Cas shifted in his seat. Taking a soft breath, he finally parted his lips. “I’m sorry that I asked that question. I know that… I want you to know that I really don’t see you as a blind man. It only recently started to bother me.”

And there it was. The statement that made Dean’s face harden into a grimace. That one sentence crushed everything he had built with this other man. “I’m sorry it bothers you.” He couldn’t help the venom dripping from his words. He was halfway on his feet when he heard a hiccup.

Turning his head just the slightest, Dean heard it. Crying. Quiet enough as if Cas was using all of his energy to hold it in. That was not what Dean expected. He found himself sitting back down and trying his hardest to look in his best friend’s direction.


“I-I just…” Cas’ words were breaking, his breathing choppy and violent. “I didn’t care before because… because you were my friend. But now… now I f-fucking fell in love you and you’ll never see me… you’ll never see the smile I get when you walk into a room or know just how much I stare and it’ll never be okay because I want more than anything to have you see the way I love you.”

A single cool tear slipped past Dean’s cheekbone. Without a word, he maneuvered himself from his chair to kneeling beside Cas. With a heavy heart, Dean reached up and took his hand in his own. “Castiel, I don’t need to see.”

Cas sniffled, calming himself. “What do you-“

“I hear every smile you have. I hear every sigh and little gasp from your lips. I don’t need to see you to know that you love me. Just as you don’t need to hear me say it to know that I love you. Jesus Christ, Cas, I…” Without hesitating Dean reached his hand toward the breathing he was so tuned into. His fingers cautiously brush Cas’ stubble. “I love you.”

Dean didn’t need to see to know his friend was smiling. He didn’t need to open his eyes to know that Cas was staring right at him, right into him. And he sure as hell didn’t need his sight to lean forward and press their lips together.

“Let’s get out of here.” Dean whispered against tear-soaked cheeks.

Cas nodded, clinging to Dean’s shirt. “Is it true that sex with a blind person is quite mind-blowing?”

That, that was why Dean loved Cas so much. “You can tell me that answer tomorrow morning, sweetheart.”

Aesthetic for a Nemesis - chan.
I hope you like the aesthetic Nemesis - chan, if you want anything added or changed please don’t be afraid to tell me.
Hey, Nemesis. Are you having a good day? I hope so! Can I just say that your super badass! And I’m sure that you’d be a great companion for a coffee while talking about assassination tips!
Hope you have a brilliant day / night! ^^
- Mod Nora


**EDIT: Just caught the spelling mistake, but I’m too lazy to change it. He’s screaming anyway, take it as a pronunciation error.***

I tried romance options with Laz’ab at the very beginning but it just looked so wrong. So he killed her and he hasn’t romanced any NPCs or companions since.

Except for stupid Ashara who falls in love with you whether you abuse her or not, but she’ll be dead soon.

I feel like Natasha’s the kind of person who doesn’t know how to befriend someone, so she just starts showing up wherever they are and acting like it’s a coincidence.

Like when she first joined SHIELD, she always picked the bedroom next to Clint’s, pretending she didn’t know he was next door. She’d go to the gym whenever Maria went to the gym, but would avoid her unless Maria chose a machine next to hers and started a conversation.

She always ‘happens’ to be at the same coffee shop Steve visits after his run, and they share a table in companionable silence while she checks her mail and pretends to be super busy.

Because when Natasha truly cares for someone, she becomes her socially awkward self.

Conan X Iced Coffee! Even Jigen ordered it for him once ☕ 

ewokk  asked:

I had a dream that you let me buy you coffee and we talked about books and the world, now I'm convinced that you're the perfect coffee date companion. I think you're wonderfully creative so keep doing what you're doing! 😊

I -am- the perfect coffee date companion. I have a great many conversation pieces. Thank you for your faith.

coffee-time fic rec, today….     

Patterns of Fairytales   by buttheyrebrothers                     

Summary: Jared is a homeless teenager with no place to stay during a dangerous blizzard. He finds an empty hallway. He is found by a beautiful boy. And the rest is, as they say, history.                  Notes:    First of a series of meet-cute AUs I want to write. Prompt is from dimpleforyourthoughts:

Part 1 of the Meet-Cute AUs series      from this prompt: J2 au Homeless teen Jared befriending rich heir jensen and sneaking in the back of his mansion to crash on jensens bed and Jensen letting him borrow clean clothes and telling himself that it’s out of charity but in reality he just likes the way Jared wears his shirtsI forgot the shirts. I’m sorry.

Fallout and coffee headcanon. A mix of stuff i’ve used for fanfic and other ideas. I saw a post earlier about Maxson and Danse drinking fancy latte and it sparked me to do this.

The Commonwealth gets a very small amount of real coffee from trade caravans along with other close alternatives to it. Its something of a luxury item, but it can be gotten ahold of with enough effort or willingness to deal with shady characters.

The Brotherhood don’t get real coffee, they instead get a chemically synthesized version called ReCaf they found the recipe for in a pre-war archive. It was designed as a cheaper coffee alternative after the resource wars made it scarce. It is as bad as you would think it would be. The sugar is refined from mutfruit and is slightly pink in colour.

Danse drinks his “coffee” strong black with moderate sugar. This is for waking up early and long nights on watch duty.

Haylen and Rhys drink it too, Haylen adds a lot of milk to make it taste less like burnt wood and disappointment. Rhys drinks it black and straight.

Knight Nathan/Sole drinks Nuka Quantum instead for their caffeine fix. If he’s forced to have the awful Brotherhood stuff he adds a lot of milk and sugar and downs it in one go, trying hard not to let it touch the tongue.

Desdemona drinks green tea, and is aware of the history Boston has with tea. She gets up early, makes a pot of tea and combs over the field intel while every else is still waking up. She finds it peaceful. 

Deacon drinks his coffee so strong Carrington is concerned about him damaging his heart or nervous system. He likes the alertness a little too much. Its so strong leaving a spoon in it might tarnish the metal. He makes comments about the richness of the blend whilst sipping it.

Glory drinks the same stuff Deacon does but only before a mission. They once found a working espresso machine but it broke down eventually. Its on her ‘to do’ list to find another one, somewhere after ‘free all synths’ and in the general area of ‘Deacons real identity’.

Curie tried coffee a few times to study the effects. She now drinks hot chocolate instead, Sole bringing her any tins of instant chocolate powder they can find. She liked the alertness, she didn’t like the risk of dependence on it.

Cait drinks her coffee black in the morning to nurse a hangover, and with a drop of whisky in the evening.

Preston only drinks it when patrolling late. Mama Murphy or Sturges will bring him a thermos full of it.

Sturges drinks tea and coffee. Coffee for working early or late, tea for relaxing. Codsworth still hasn’t had him over for tea yet.

Nick misses the black as night swill he drank back when he/other Nick was a police officer.

Hancock doesn’t drink coffee much, Ghoul biology seems to filter the effects out really fast. He has enough vices that are plenty more rewarding without adding caffeine to the list.