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Too Good

Request from anon for a Jax x Reader using the following prompts:

#113 - “I prefer blondes.”

#123 - “Oh, did I scare you, big boy?”

Originally posted by journeyslegend

You pause outside Jax’s apartment door, your fist hovering over the wood. “Oh, is that a promise?”

“Sure is, big boy.” a female voice responds, a wave of disgust coming over you before you push it down, channelling your humour.

“Oh, Jackie boy.” you sing, bursting into the room, Jax and his half dressed companion scrambling for their clothes as you enjoy the surprise on their faces, a smirk upon your own. “Tables ready.”

“You forget how to knock?” the girl spits rudely, rushing to get dressed as you lean against the door, Jax pulling on his shirt, a hidden grin on his lips.

“Sorry, sweetheart. My mistake.” you reply in a sickly sweet tone, the girl scowling in response as she grabs her heels, throwing you a glare as she scrambles out of the room. “Nice meeting you!”

“Thanks for bursting in like that. I was two minutes away from getting my dick sucked.” Jax says, shrugging on his kutte. You shrug your shoulders, smiling proudly.

“Oh, did I scare you, big boy?“ you reply seductively, Jax raising his eyebrow in response. “I’ll be sure to let the guys know about your new alias.”

“Go ahead, princess. Maybe I’ll let you see if it’s true.” he winks, smirking cockily as he strides past you, your cheeks reddening as you feign repulse.

“No thanks, I don’t plan on getting the clap anytime soon.” You clap your hands together for emphasis, Jax laughing loudly as he heads away from you, flipping the bird as he does so.

The familiar buzz runs through your body as you lean against the wall, Kozik beaming down at you, his eyes slightly glazed from the alcohol. “You’re really beautiful, you know that?”

“You’re really cheesy, you know that?” you tease, him grinning in response, leaning beside you. “But thank you, you’re not so bad yourself.”

He hums, leaning down, his breath tickling at your ear, his delicious scent surrounding you. “Fancy taking this somewhere more private?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” you whisper back, your teeth grazing his ear as he shivers, his hand finding yours as you slip around the corner, following him down the corridor.

His apartment door barely shuts before his lips are on yours, his hands slipping under your ass as he picks you up, squeezing roughly. You moan against his mouth, your fingers pulling at his hair as you wrap your legs around his waist.

He drops you gently onto the bed a moment later, the mattress softening the blow as you sprawl out on the sheets, Kozik crawling over you and connecting his lips back to yours.

“I’ve been thinking about you since I got here.” he mumbles against you, his fingertips running down your sides before he finds the hem of your shirt, pulling upwards to relieve you of the fabric. “How fucking sexy you are, how good you’d look under me.”

“Hope I’m living up to your expectations.” you say, flipping him over expertly, your body straddling his. You pull him up by his shirt roughly, quickly yanking the material upwards, his toned physique coming into view bit by bit.

“Expectations and more.” he whispers, his lips latching onto your neck as you grind your hips onto his hardened crotch, a hiss leaving you as he nibbles teasingly.

A loud pounding stops the two of you, the apartment door flying open seconds later. “Can I borrow your-”

Kozik stands up quickly, placing you down on the ground as Tig looks between the two of you, his mouth parted in disbelief. He opens his mouth to speak, you stopping him before he can.

“Careful what you say, Trager.” you warn, grabbing your shirt off the bed, turning it the right way before putting it on. “We’ll be out in a second.”

Tig chuckles to himself, winking at you and backing out of the room. You turn your gaze to Kozik, him smiling sheepishly, his cheeks slightly pink. “You think he’ll tell anybody about this?”

“Oh, yeah. Get ready to be the center of attention.” you say, smoothing your hair down in the mirror. “See you out there.”

You leave the room swiftly, heading out the back entrance, hoping the cool air might clear your head slightly. You’ve only just lit your cigarette when the door is pushed open, Jax’s eyes finding yours under the dim lights.

“You know, I never thought Kozik would be your type.” he teases, the door slamming shut behind him as he heads over to you, your eyes rolling at the nickname. “Saw you as more of a Juice kinda girl, to be honest.”

“Juice? Nah, I prefer blondes.” you say bravely, holding out your cigarette to Jax as he runs his tongue across his lower lip, a surprised look on his face.

“That so?” You nod in response, admiring the way his lips wrap around the stick, his cheeks hollowing slightly as he inhales. “You gonna be making him a habit?”

You don’t miss the jealously in his words, butterflies fluttering in your stomach in response. Shrugging, you accept the cigarette back. “Not sure. Why?”

“Just asking.” he replies cooly, shoving his hands in his jean pockets before standing beside you, his foot resting against the wall to keep his balance. “Didn’t think you were one for sleeping around.”

“Who says I am?” you snap, not enjoying the judgment in his tone, especially considering he’s slept with about three hundred women. “You’re the last one to be judging me.”

“Not judging. Just trying to understand it, that’s all.” he defends, refusing to meet your eyes as he looks forward. “Did you finish up after Tig disturbed you both?”

“What’s with all the questions, Jax?” you sigh, throwing the nub down and crushing it with your shoe. You stand in front of the blonde, forcing his attention to you. “I’m single, I’m young. What’s the problem?”

“You’re worth more than a fuck, (Y/N).“ You scoff loudly, the alcohol making you more sensitive than usual. Jax huffs, shaking his head and pushing himself off the wall. “You know what? Forget it.”

“Let’s not.” you say, pushing him roughly, his back hitting the brickwork behind him. “So, you’re allowed to fuck whoever you want, yet I’m not?”

“That’s not what I mean.” he stops himself, running his hands through his hair in frustration as he tries to find the right words to explain himself.“I just mean-”

“Save it, Jackson. You’re so full of shit, you know that?” You laugh humourlessly, your throat thick with emotion. You turn around, your wrist being grabbed before you can get very far. “Let go of me.”

“Can you stop being so dramatic for two fucking seconds and listen to me?!” he yells, his brows knitted in frustration. You’re taken aback by his tone, your eyes wide as you stare at him, waiting for him to continue.

Sighing, he releases you from his grip, turning around and running his hands through his hair, you silently observing his actions. His expression has softened once he faces you again, though he remains frustrated.

“I sleep around because it’s all I deserve, (Y/N).” You go to disagree, but stops you before you can. “Listen.”

“You’re too good to become some croweater. You deserve to be loved, shown off, showered with affection.”

“Don’t lose yourself trying to be like everybody else.” he says, his words nothing but genuine. “You’re far too good for that.”

You’re not sure what to say, Jax’s words being the kindest, most honest thing he’s probably ever said to you. You step closer to him, leaning forwards to press your lips against his cheek. “Thank you, Jax.”

As you go to move backwards, he turns his head to the side, catching your lips softly with his own. Your eyes are wide in shock as you try to understand what is happening, your body unable to respond.

He pulls away sharply, his expression just as surprised as yours. “Shit, I’m shouldn’t have done that.”

“Kiss me again.” you whisper, a flush creeping up your neck, though you’re too entranced to care. Jax frowns, unable to believe what he’s hearing. “Kiss me again, Jax.”

You can see him having an internal battle, both sides fighting a convincing argument. You decide to take matters into your own hands, gripping his kutte in between your fingers and holding him in place, your eyes fluttering shut as you find his mouth with your own.

He relaxes into the kiss straight away, his hands cradling your cheeks as his lips work with yours, featherlight yet passion filled.

You wrap your hand around his wrist as the kiss deepens, the slight breeze forgotten as his kisses warm you up, your body tingling from his touch. His tongue explores your mouth expertly as you submit to him, your mind foggy with nothing but him.

A/N - Wasn’t sure where this was going when I wrote it, but I hope you like how it turned out! Thanks to anon for the request and thank you for all of your support, see you next time! ❤



Sole asks the Companions What They Would Change about Themselves

Companions  Say What They Think of Sole’s Body 

Companions Say What They Would Do to Sole in Bed

Companions Confess Their True Feelings for Female Sole (GIF Reactions)

Companions Fuck, Marry, Kill

Companions Are Asked Who Their First Crush Was And Why?

Companions Answer What Turns Them On

Companions answer if they have ever thought about having sex with/being in a relationship with anyone in the room

Companions answer what was the dumbest flirty thing they did/said

Companions answer “Does size matter?”

Sole confessed their love for (not romance-able) companions

Companions answer what their favorite hobby is (for a truth) + Add “In Bed” at the end of every sentence (for a dare)

Sole answers “Yes” to having a crush on someone

Sole asks companions When was the last time they had sex

Sole asks if the Companions have a crush


Companions are dare to press sole against the wall and say they “I love you”

Romanced Companions are dared to hurt Sole badly

Companions are Dared to Ask Sole Out + First Date

Companions are dared to give Sole a hickey

Excuse me Elder…(Drawing)

Companions are Dared to Fight Maxson

Smol Sole Getting Dared to Go on Their Tippy Toes and Make Out with the Companions

Companions Turning Sole on without Touching Them

Sole Dared to Call Companion’s Daddy or Master

Sole Calling Companions Daddy for a Second Time

Companions Dared to Make a Flower Crown for Sole Part 1

Companions Dared to Make a Flower Crown for Sole Part 2

Female Sole Dared to Grind on a Companions Lap

Companions Play 7 Minutes of Heaven with Sole

Companions Play 7 Minutes in Heaven with a Horny Sole

Companions Playing 7 Minutes in Heaven with Another Companion

Preston Dared to Give Sturges a Lap Dance

Companions Dared to Motor Boat Female Sole

Sole Dared to Tickle the Companions

Companions Dared to Tickle Sole until They Cry

Companions Have to Say ‘I Love You’ to Someone in a Convincing Manner

Female Sole Tells a Romanced Companion that  She is Pregnant with Their Baby

Danse Dared to Kiss Maxon

Companions Dared to Lick Sole’s Cheek Randomly

Companions Dared to Act Out Giving Oral Sex to Female Sole

Companions Dared to Slap Female Sole

Blindfolded Sole and Companions Have to Kiss the First Person They Touch

Companions Dared to Make Sole Moan

Companions React to Sole Landing a Hard Sex Position (GIF Reactions)

Companions Are Dared To Lift Up Sole’s Shirt In Front Of Everyone

F!Sole Kisses Companions For A Dare 

Companions Are Dared To Bother Sole When They Are Using The Bathroom

Companions Are Dared To Grind On M!Sole

Companions Are Dared To Reveal A Secret To The Person Next To Them

Companions Are Dared To Press Their Crotch Against F!Sole’s Butt, While She Is Bending Over To Tie Her Shoe

Sole Is Dared To Undress A Companion While The Companion Also Undresses Them

Sole Pecks Companions Out Of Nowhere (GIF Reactions)

Sole is dared to go down on a companion in front of the others

Sole is dared to lick one of the companion’s body parts

Companions are dared to do a strip-tease in front of everyone

Sole deep-throats a whole banana (GIF Reactions)

Companions switch clothes/outfits

Companions are dared to make out with F!Sole in the middle of Sanctuary. + Bite her lip

Companions are dared to sing everything they say for the next 10 minutes

Companions grope Soles ass

Sole gives companions a lap dance

Companions answer what their favorite hobby is (for a truth) + Add “In Bed” at the end of every sentence (for a dare)

Companions kiss another companion

Companions are dared to kiss Sole

Companions take off their shirt

Sole kisses companions on the cheek

Sole is asked to kiss someone in the group

F!Sole flashes her boobs for a dare in front of everyone

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anonymous asked:

These are great😂 Could you do companions being dared to switch clothes/outfits with someone else? (Either sole or another companion?) thx so much!!!!

Thanks for the nice ask ;)

Companions switch clothes/outfits (For a dare)

Cait was complaining “It smells like shit!!” While Macready was trying his best button up the top “Hey! At least you don’t have to fit your balls in Small size tight pants!”

Codsworth/Maxson: Codsworth felt like a king with Maxson’s coat around him. “Hey! Be careful with that, Robot!” Maxson was trying to keep his precious coat safe on Codsworth, while trying to keep his tool hidden behind the small bowler hat.

Curie/Strong: Curie was way too tiny for Strong’s armor, but still put it on however she could; The armor could fit up to 4 Curies! Strong tried put teared her clothes. “Strong sorry for breaking little lady armor!”

Danse/Deacon: Deacon wouldn’t stop posing and leaning over, just to make fun of how much the ass is reinforced by the BoS uniform. Danse was wearing every day clothes; he was crossing his arms and rolling his eyes, cause of Deacon’s teasing.

Dogmeat/X6-88: Dogmeat had X6’s coat around him; and he wouldn’t stop trying to take it off with his mouth. X6 was only wearing a bandana around his neck; he didn’t bother hiding his privates. “If my uniform has even a scratch on it… I will personally skin the dog alive…”

Hancock/Nick: They both look out of place; Hancock as a detective and Nick as a Leader?! “It’s not any more comfortable…” Nick commented before putting the tricon hat on. “I say you’re rocking that style, Nick!” Hancock was teasing, but he didn’t feel any better with wearing Nick’s clothes.

Piper/Preston: “I’m a minuteman now!!” She got excited and started quoting the Minutemen (“United we stand” etc.). Preston laughed while trying to fit himself into her clothes “You know Piper, it’s never too late to join!”. “Uhm, and help settlements all day? I think I’m gonna pass…”

anonymous asked:

(romanced) Companions being gone for a few days and coming home in the middle of the night to see sole sleeping with an item of the companions clothing? (because the smell comforts them or something i doNT KNOW IT SOUNDED CUTE WHEN I THOUGHT OF IT)

Cait: Cait doesn’t often leave Sanctuary without Sole, but when she does she tries not to think twice about it. She’s quick to leave, and her goodbye is fast before she rolls out of Sanctuary. Sole doesn’t let it get to them, and they take comfort in one of Cait’s older undershirts. Cait comes home at night to find Sole curled up in bed holding the tank top against themselves. She almost wakes them up and tells them to roll over, but she decides against it, smiling a little bit before she got into bed behind them. She reminds herself that Sole really does care.

Curie: Sole tries not to let Curie leave too often without them, and Curie isn’t particularly eager to either, but when business calls, business calls. When she leaves Sanctuary, she leaves Sole with a tattered old flannel. It’s full of holes and stray threads, but Sole thanks her before she shows herself out. She’s not gone for a long time, but it’s night when she returns. She finds Sole asleep in a chair with her shirt bundled up in their arms, and she smiles. She figures they must have fallen asleep waiting for her to return. She wakes them up with a kiss to their cheek, ushering them off to bed. After all, she can’t have them getting hurt for not sleeping right.

Danse: Danse doesn’t really think to leave anything behind for Sole when he runs out to take care of something. Instead, it’s Sole who makes the move to keep something when he leaves. They find one of his shirts tucked away in the old dresser in their room. Pulling a particularly innovative move, Sole takes the shirt, as particularly big as it is, and sticks it in one of their pillows to act as a pillowcase. When Danse gets back, he doesn’t think much of it until he steps out of his Power Armor to get into bed and he sees the sleeves on the pillow that Sole’s face is buried in. He can’t help but smile before he gets into bed with them, and Sole doesn’t waste a moment before they turn to him.

Hancock: He has to go back to Goodneighbor for some leftover mayor business. He warns Sole days in advance, and when he finally leaves, he doesn’t leave before draping the flag that’s looped around his waist over Sole like some sort of dumb blanket. Sole laughs at him, but they take it anyway. When Hancock returns, he finds Sole curled rather snuggly in their bed with the tattered American Flag half draped over themselves like some sort of tiny blanket. It’s Hancock’s turn to laugh, but he lays beside them all the same. 

MacCready: When MacCready goes back to the Capital Wastes to get Duncan, he insists that Sole stay back at Sanctuary to stay with Shaun. It’s a long trek, but Sole trusts him enough and agrees to let him go. Before he leaves, however, Mac unties his scarf and drapes it around their neck. He’s not sure what he expects by the time he gets back with Duncan, but he’s not expecting to find Sole slumped over on the couch with his scarf wrapped around their neck. He smiles before he sits down beside them and kisses their cheek. “I’m home,” he murmurs before he leans against them a bit, Duncan asleep in his lap. 

Piper: Visits back to Diamond City are relatively frequent for Piper. Sole doesn’t put up a fight when she says she’ll be back, but they do grab her hat. “You can have it when you come back,” they tease, and Piper laughs. That’s her Blue. She probably expected for the hat to be hung up, or placed on the bedside table, but when she gets home she finds Sole asleep on the couch with her hat tugged down over their forehead. Piper weasels underneath their arm, pressing a gentle little kiss to their cheek. “Still wearing that hat, huh Blue?” she teases, although she knows that they’re fast asleep.

Preston: He’s called back to The Castle for some Minutemen business. Sole’s reluctant to let him go alone- they’re The General, after all- but Preston insists all the same. Once they let him go, Preston gives them his hat and tells him to keep it safe for him, because he’ll be home soon. Sole laughs, but that doesn’t stop them from wearing it. When Preston gets home, it’s night, and The General- his General- is curled up in bed with his hat under their arm. He’s careful when he lays down beside them, unable to wipe the smile off of his face.


Varlen Lavellan 

“So… You want me to go with you to the Winter Palace? Seriously? Don’t you remember what happened the last time I spoke to a noble here at Skyhold? They asked if I was a servant… 

… Then they demanded a different one.”


Sherlock Holmes relaxed so far as to ramble with me for two hours, in silence for the most part.  Suddenly, though, he spun round, peering about in all directions.  

“Danger, Holmes?” I asked with a pounding heart.

On his face alarm and amusement seemed to be struggling for mastery.  “For a moment, I failed to remember the name of the street.”  Amusement carried the day.  We looked at one another and burst simultaneously into a fit of laughter.

“What problem, may I ask, produced such an irregular distraction?  What case do you have on hand?”

“Ten or twelve cases, but none which present any feature of interest.  No, Watson,” said he with mischievous eyes, “if you knew all the interests of this mind, you’d ask me to put words back in instead of taking out some more.”

“I shall never do that,” I answered.  "How often have your thoughts amazed me?”

Holmes flushed at the flattery.  “Do you remember when I read you the passage in one of Poe’s sketches in which a close reasoner follows the unspoken thoughts of his companion?  On my remarking that I was constantly in the habit of doing the same thing, you expressed incredulity.”

“You explained that you read my train of thoughts from my features.”

“From your features and especially your eyes.”    

“You deduced I wanted to hang the portrait of Beecher, and you took it to a framer for me.”

“My dear boy, a rotund abolitionist is not the one point on which this interview hinges.”  He stepped closer.  “What have I seen in your eyes?”  Holmes’s eyes glittered.

“What did you see?”

“What I did not expect to see.”  His gentle manner was as unlike that of Holmes the sleuth-hound, Holmes the relentless, keen-witted, ready-handed criminal agent, as it was possible to conceive.  “When you fall into a reverie, I propose to meet you there in the sweetness of your dreamland.”  He drew a long breath.  “I must beg you to be so unconventional as to share your enthusiasm with me.”

“I am not in the least conventional in that respect myself,” I answered.  As I followed Holmes’s gaze my skin was warm under my clothes.  

My companion smiled approvingly.  “Then I do not think there are any insuperable difficulties.  Could you spare an evening?  Oh!  I’ve laid plans to explore several charming possibilities.  All will be well.  Come, Watson!”

I think I stood stunned for some moments.  “Yes, I was longing for something to do.”

ok but like

all the companions never change their clothes, but hawke does

that means that varric described what hawke wore at different times to cassandra.

“and then she got this really nice slashed sleeves thing, looked like one of those fancy orlesians but with a marcher twist, ya know? like a real, professional duelist, only wore the champion armour for formal fancy-pants stuff….anyway, like i was saying, we came out of the de launcet’s house and man, she was PISSED because she hadn’t had a chance to undo all those buckles and change back into her fencing things before - wait, you’re enjoying this, aren’t you? you’re enjoying me describing hawke’s wardrobe. should i tell you about the others, too? Rivaini had this really nice set of carved busks, half of them doubles as knives.”

*cassandra leans forward* “tell me more.”

Companions react to sole wearing their (the Companions’) clothes, imitating them while they think they’re asleep.

Here’s the first ‘It’s my birthday I’m back! ’ post! :D 

X6 doesn’t really sleep at all. He doesn’t need to, after all. He merely dozes off a little to soothe Sole, considering vigilance when Sole is in such a vulnerable state of the essence. Nevertheless Sole didn’t know this small fact yet. He was too curious to figure out what they were gonna do to stop them as he heard Sole getout of the bed and put on clothes. Relatively surprised he only opened his eyes when he heard them go “ You should try to protect your son’s legacy. Why would I talk to these ignorant people when I can shoot them! And I think you’re the best warrior out there.” 
“ Excuse me, what?” And there Sole had finally managed to do it; surprise the synth who knows all. He raised his eyebrows at their outfit, correction, his
“ What … part do I have to explain?” 
“ I never called you the best warrior. I just said you’re tougher than anyone I’ve ever met.” 
“ Well you also never said you love me. With you everything is kinda implied.” He sighed, got up and pulled Sole to them, kissing them. Sole smiled. “ By the way, I think I ought to put on your clothes more often, cause eh, you look better without anyway.”


Sole put on Codsworth’s bowler hat. The only thing he could still properly wear as far as his old ‘clothing’ went, now he was a synth. “ All of this sure beats housework! Have you heard this one Sir/Mum? The past, the present, and the future walked into a bar. It was tense. Isn’t that hilarious! I’m the most adorable, righteous thing you’ve ever met.” Sole jumped when they heard “You know me too well, darling.” behind them. Sole expected a confused or even annoyed look but got dissapointment instead.
“ Hey, why are you looking sad?”
“ You called me a ‘thing’, Mum/Sir. I presumed you did not think of me as such.” 
Sole rushed to the bed, dropping the hat in the meanwhile. “Oh honey, I didn’t mean it like that. You’re amazing and you’re way more than a thing. It was just a matter of speech.” He looked a little more hopeful but still seemed to doubt their words.
“ I wouldn’t be walking what’s left of this earth, trust you with my life, wouldn’t be sharing this bed with you every night if I thought of you as a ‘thing’.” A small smile spread across his face. 

“ So, there’s three ways of manipulating people; caps, ego and what they believe in. What I believe in? Oh well, I’m a magical unicorn! One time, I got a face change and was a girl for a few months. “
“ Auch, that was a weak rendition of my amazing wit.“ Sole smiled.
“ You’re just jealous cause I look better in all of this than you.” Sole lowered the sunglasses and winked. He got up laughing. “ Really? In that case I’ll just put on yours huh? See how good of a ‘you’ I can be! “ 
Sole looked at him slit-eyed. “ Don’t you dare.”
“ Oops. ” He slipped on their clothes and started speaking in their tone of voice. “ Hi! I’m the big saviour of the Commonwealth. Lemme just take this and that. That’s stealing you say? Well… I wanna be good, life’s just not letting me.”
Sole smiled and looked him straight in the eyes. “ Hi. I’m Deacon, at least that’s what everyone thinks my name is. I’m a sarcastic smartass with a heart of gold. You see…” Sole took the glasses off.  “I wanna be bad but I am just not letting me. In a world full of bulshit… I’m a diamond in the rough.” Deacon looked down, evading eye contact. Sole walked to him and put their arms around his waist. “ Close enough?” 
“ Never close enough. Nobody can figure me out… “
“ But I am getting dangerously close.”
“ No comment.”

Sole had always been kinda intruiged by the outfit Hancock donned, the one that gave him his name. The hat turned out a bit too big for them but they went with it. “ Welcome to my town! The home of chaos and mayhem. So it’s basically just like me. Of the people, for the people! “
“ Hey! What’s wrong with a little chaos?” Hancock had his hands behind his head as he watched Sole’s reaction. They turned around quickly, had the hat fall down a little. Sole decided to just take it off.
“ I didn’t know that…”
“ Looks good on you. Then again, what doesn’t?” The ghoul grinned, reminding Sole of that terminal in the Memory Den. ‘If you think Hancock is dangerous and handsome now you should’ve seen him before he turned ghoul.’ Even now his strong jaw and irresistable grin was getting to them. Hancock got up and yanked Sole back into the bed. “ Last night you weren’t complaining about choas.” The hot kisses on their neck shut Hancock up entirely. 
“ Maybe I should just take this off..”
“ Hmmm… maybe.”


Sole slipped out of bed carefully, knowing that MacCready would wake up easily. Courtesy of being with the gunners for too long… always sleeping with one eye open. They managed and took away his clothes, putting them on. The pants proved so bad of a fit that they decided to just leave them be.
“  I’d do anything for a pile of caps. I’m a gun for hire and ruthless but oh, is that a kid… in need of my help? Well in that case… I’ll just help out this once. Maybe. No, no I’m not tearing up, I got this branch in my eye. You see, it’s a hard world out there and… I am totally a bad guy, yeah, uhu. Except when I’m not. Don’t listen to them that’s not ‘always’.  ” As Sole turned around they found MacCready with a smug grin and one eyebrow raised. Sole looked at him, jaw dropped and it only took a fraction of a second before they both bursted out laughing at the sheer absurdity of the situation.
“ You’re doing wonders for my ego right now..”
“ I’m sorry, it just seemed like fun to do that.”
“ Uh-hu. So that’s how you really think of me huh? Need me to toughen up?”
“ No… if you did you’re not welcome in my bed anymore even. “
“ Ah… speaking of which I don’t mind you walking around in my clothes but eh, there are better looks for someone with a body like yours.” 
“ Really? Like what?” Sole knew where this was going. 
“ Well…” MacCready started to kiss them and lean them back on the bed. That was enough of a cue for Sole.


Sole always had felt like putting on that trenchcoat and finally saw their chance. They slipped out of the bed and put it on carefully. They presumed Nick was on some sort of power saving mode or whatever as long as they were asleep so why not give this a go? Sole slipped on the trenchcoat and put on the hat, feeling just right. “ Nick Valentine, tin can detective man with a plan. Hey kid, where are you off to? There’s always another case to close! If I get lucky I might even close one this month! “
Sole tried to hold back some laughter. He was always so perfect they had to take a jab at him one way or another.
Valentine cleared his throat as Sole’s eyes widened. Shit.
‘I don’t get lucky, I make my own luck.” Sole flung the hat towards the chair as fast as possible and tried to get his focus to anything but the coat clinging to their body. It seemed stuck, like they completely blanked on how to take off a piece of clothing.
“ You do realise ‘getting lucky’ actually means…”
Nick got out of the bed and smiled at Sole. “Why did you think I chose to word it that way?”

Sole knew Preston to be a pretty deep sleeper once he managed to actually drift off… so deep that they didn’t know how he managed to survive out there so easily. Sole didn’t even really put in any effort to be quiet, figured that stealth simply wasn’t necessary. They kept an eye on him, still tangled up in the sheets. Putting on his clothes and hat was amusing enough, but it had nothing on finally impersonating them.  
“  Ah, babe, there you are. A settlement needs help,. Let me mark it on your map. Nooo, we don’t have time for half-naked make-out sessions: settlements. Oh, I can’t join right now. Nope. Shit to do. People to see.” Sole winked and threw the hat to the bed… ah shit… that was meant to hit the floor and not him.”
“ Well you were already being rude I guess throwing stuff on me is just an extra.” 
Sole just grimaced. “Okay, how much of that did you hear?” Preston propped his hands behind his head and sat up, putting the hat on his head. Sole figured he probably had no idea what they’d mean when they would say he looked a bit like a stripper being shirtless with that kinda cowboy hat so opted not to even bring it up. Especially considering the fact he did not look that amused.
 “ Oh, I heard enough.” Preston looked as serious as they’d ever seen him. Please don’t say I fucked this up over something this stupid.  “ Hey babe, you know it’s not nice to gossip right?”
Sole cleared their throat “It’s only gossip if you talk to someone else about someone actually. Which I wouldn’t.”  
He got out of the bed, looking them straight in the eye as he walked up to them. He put his hat back on their head before starting to smile and saying ‘Nailed it, come here.” and hugging them. 
“ Sorry for being so busy with the Minutemen babe. I didn’t know it bothered you so much.” 
“ No, I get it. I am part of the Minutemen too, an essential part even… but dude when I wanna stay at sanctuary and be with you leave the settlements to our recruits for once?”

Okay, Danse is pretty much military… he’d jump up and be ready to defend both of them in a second if he heard as much as a pin drop. So Sole figured that if they wanted to get into that power armour unnoticed they’d better really, really wear him out the night before. They grinned at Danse, sleeping with his mouth slightly open, and resisted the temptation to just let their hand go through his hair. Sole got up on tiptoes and managed to reach the power armour and get into it. They surpressed the urge to curse as the clanking could potentially wake Danse up after all. Sole held their breath, as if that would make any difference, while Danse turned around with his eyes still closed. Or so they thought… Sole whispered as they tried to impersonate him, just in case.
” I started as nothing and ended as nothing. Truly. I’m not some sort of forever young and hot supersoldier. Or literally the most adorable person in the world when in love. I don’t even know love. “ Danse first didn’t respond, didn’t want to. Not understanding the sarcasm he just felt hurt. Until he felt Sole get back into the bed, laying as closely to him as possible with their hand around his waist as good as was possible considering Danse’s physique. “Except you are. And you do. You’re more human than most people I’ve met in my life. I love you.”
Danse just smiled, feeling some sort of strangely human inner glow, and figured it would not be the best choice to let Sole know he heard that, the first time, like that. 

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Sole honestly didn’t give a damn about Maxson noticing anything. He had to loosen up anyway. They pried themselves from under his arm, sat up for a second to inspect if he really was asleep and then walked up to his pants. As Sole put each item of clothing they managed to find on, they tossed their own clothing pieces on a pile so at least getting dressed again wouldn’t take an hour. In the meanwhile, Sole had time to reflect one thing; how does he act when he’s the high and mighty elder? Not this man in their bed with humanity and weaknesses but the persona, the leader who instills fear in his enemies and sometimes even his allies. “ I am the mighty Elder Maxson, abominations tremble before me and my brethren invoke my name to rally them into battle. Hey! I heard that! Stop talking about me fucking my Sentinel! We did not do it in the canteen! Such thing is below us. Carry on with your work! That is an order.” 
Sole jumped up as they suddenly felt a pair of arms tightly wrapped around them, and the one and only man talking straight into their ear ‘I’m the one who gives the orders, remember?”

Chapter 1 - Unbelievably True

After slapping Miiko, I slowly walked towards my room with a hatred in my heart like I’ve never had before. I opened the door and closed it in a lazy way.

‘‘ I just want to wake up from this nightmare. I’m so tired… ’’ I said in a cracky voice.

My eyes drifted to my bed while tears started falling down on my cheeks. I ran to my bed with such sorrow in my heart, I let everything go and did not hold my crying back. Every thought I had broke my heart a bit more: I had no more parents, I had no more sibling. I am completely alone.

‘‘ These bastards, I trusted them! I-I… I trusted him… ’’ I said full of hatred and betrayal.

Then, it truly hit me: I can’t go back. I lost my home. I lost my life.  There is no way to make things go back to the way they were on Earth or here. Everything has been irreversibly changed. They took everything from me. They took my family and my home. I shall take everything from them and they will regret every decision they ever made I guarantee it.

For the rest of the week, I cried and stayed isolated in my room. I knew they would come to get me out of my room since I had no food around me and surely some members asked as to why they hadn’t seen me wandering the HQ lately. I didn’t mind starving to death. What is the point of my existance when it has been erased from the memories of the ones I love the most. At this instance, I do not wish to see anyone. I still couldn’t understand. How can they live with themselves after what they did to me? 

What I had predicted had come to reality. Someone had knocked three times on my door. It was him no doubt. She always sends her god damn dogs to do the dirty work for her. I had my arc in my arms prepared from yesterday morning. I was ready to shoot anyone who entered. The door started opening very slowly as my whole body became extremely tense. Nothing happens for five very long seconds. All of a sudden, a hand with a plate of food appears. I shoot. Surprised surely, he lets go of the plate which broke on the floor and retreated his unharmed hand. I took an arrow out of my quiver and prepared for the next shot. The door closes slowly and I let a sigh of relief out.

If it had been two days ago, I would have let him in. I would have listened to him. I would have cried. But he is too late. I’ve changed in a few days. My heart has become harder than steel and colder than ice. I was kind and naive but I had to grow out of it. And I also had to get out of here. I decided to sleep for a while to forget and to remember the old days. 

I washed my face as I woke up the next day. As I stared in the mirror, I could see how worned out I was: my face was as pale as it could get, my eyes were barely opened, dark circles could be found under my eyes. I looked dead. I walked to my bed and sat on the floor, the arc ready in my hands. Time passed by slowly with no one coming at my door. 

Towards the evening, there was a knock on my door. Why is he back at my door so soon? Does he think I’ll let him in this time? Let me laugh. Suddently, I hear a soft and familiar voice.

‘‘ Erika? It’s me Chrome. Hey, I haven’t seen you in a while. I just wanted to make sure you’re okay. Can I come in? ’’

I didn’t know how to react to this. I didn’t want to shoot him, but there was such a hatred in me. He surely heard me moving because he decided to enter. As he poked his head through the doorway, his eyes changed into fear and shock. I opened my mouth, but nothing would come out. It felt as if I had lost my voice. Tears started rolling down my face and I let go of my arc. What is happening to me?! I took my face in my hands trying to hide my weak side, my ugly side. Then, I felt a hand on my head. I turned to my right and saw Chrome sitting right next to me. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I took him in my arms and cried. I sobbed like I never did before. He put his arms around me after noticing how shaky I was. Chrome acted a lot like my old brother on Earth. We always made pranks on one another and annoyed each other but if one of us was feeling low, the other was there to bring the other one up. Since I have met Chrome, he reminded me of my old brother but now it’s even worst as he has forgotten who I was. After a good while, I calmed down and he began talking.

‘‘ What happened?

- If you’d know… I-It’s too hard for me to say.

- Is there someone involved in this, he asked.

- …

- Give me a name.

- … Miiko. ’’

I couldn’t bring myself to telling Chrome about him. I felt no need saying his pointless name.

Before leaving me alone, Chrome had asked me if I was going to be alright by myself for a moment, if I was going to be strong enough on my own for him to return after hearing what had happened. I told him to not worry too much and that everything will be fine.

I felt really bad. He would rise up against the Guard of El, he would tell everything to everyone not up to date, he would come to my room and not find me… I knew I was about to leave soon tonight to find the human group that was looking for me or even finding this Ashkore. Is it even the same person as the masked one? Without delay, the night has arrived. I took my arc, my knives, my companion, a few clothes and other personal effects. I stared at the necklace Lefitan gifted me to go with my golden outfit when Huang Hua was in the headquarters. Is he aware of Miiko’s decisions? Does he know what happened? He always took my side, defended me and trusted me unlike the others. I’ve come to trust him too. I decided to take the outfit with me and put the necklace around my neck. 

With everything in a bag, I left my room. Thankfully, the halls were relatively empty. There was no one to stop me. They’re probably reunited with Miiko and arguing with Chrome if none of them are wandering the gardens. As I kept walking fiercely, I looked behind me to make sure no one was on my tail. No one. Perfect. Immediately, Leiftan appears in front of me. He looks at me as he usually would. He isn’t aware… Then, he looks down my neck and smiles softly as he notices the necklace. I reflexively put my hand on my necklace.

‘‘ It suits you perfectly.

- … T-Thank you, I respond as we stare at each other in silence.

- Were you going somewhere this late?

- (A lie. A lie. Think of a lie.)… Miiko gave me a mission quite late… and… I thought I’d leave now so I can arrive sooner in the village and finish my mission as soon as possible. (God, I’m the worst at lying.)

- That is unfortunate, he said with a look of disappointment. I would have taken this occasion to invite you for a drink tomorrow.

- Perhaps when I come back, I said knowing very well I wouldn’t return.

- … Perhaps, he repeated with a smile on his face. ’’

I started walking towards the gates.

‘‘ Be careful on your mission and good luck.

- … Will be, I said as we parted. ’’

Obviously, there are guards at the door. I had known in advance. I also knew that I couldn’t make it out of here without anyone noticing. I don’t have a notice that allows me to leave for a mission and I’m not someone important like the leaders of the guards or Jamon for them to let me pass. The only thing I thought about was to shoot them in the legs with my arc and make a run for it. The guard on top of the wall will give the alert. The whole HQ will know someone is leaving when they shouldn’t. I can’t do anything about him unless I kill him which I’m not entirely ready I’d say. I started preparing mentally and physically by getting my arc ready and my quiver close to me. I target the leg of the first guard on the left, I take a deep breath and let go of the arrow. He screams. The guard on the right being less experience is lost and doesn’t know how to react to the situation. Poor rabbit. I rapidly get a second arrow and target the second guard. As I let go, he notices where I was hiding to shoot and gets shot. Yes! I take my quiver and my arc quickly and run. After I’ve crossed the door, the alarm goes off. I continue to run without turning to look behind me. I run until my legs give up and my lungs are out of oxygen.



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