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“It’s the oldest story in the universe, this one or any other. Girl and girl fall in love, get separated by events. War, politics, accidents in time. She’s thrown out of the hex, or she’s thrown into it. Since then, they’ve been yearning for each other across time and space, across dimensions.

This isn’t a ghost story, it’s a love story!

The fundamental misunderstanding of the state in which Heather exists in after she becomes ‘the pilot’ is what drives the conflict in this episode, but it’s made abundantly clear that she is not dead.

When they meet in the park outside the Doctor’s study, Bill, seeing her in this new form, mutters “you’re dead!”, which is repeated back to her by Heather’s mimicry - the clear intention here (supported by Lawrence Gough’s brilliant directing style) being to establish the misunderstanding of her being ‘the monster’ while playing it off as a ‘horror’ moment. But, in classic Moffat fashion, the entire point of this episode is to subvert that idea.

I really have to praise Stephanie Hyam’s performance here because it’s key to understanding that Heather’s pursuit of Bill across time and space was something that she was directing. Notice how much emotion appears on Heather’s face whenever she catches up to Bill - she looks extremely sad when she appears in the Doctor’s study (see the fourth image above) and Bill gets in the TARDIS because that’s exactly why she’s here… to fulfill her promise to Bill that she won’t leave without her.

She appears positively elated to see Bill when they travel several million years into the future and cross to the other side of the universe, as her face emerges out of the water. There’s multiple occasions where Bill has a flashback to their time together earlier in the episode and we’re meant to think that it’s her remembering the girl that was before she became this creature, playing to a rather typical trope in how horror films are directed. But it’s actually establishing the opposite, as Bill slowly pieces together the reason why this is happening and realises that this has been Heather all along.

Perhaps the most obvious clue is given to us in how Heather assumes the form of a Dalek that’s trying to kill the Doctor. A Dalek! The Doctor wonders why she didn’t fire on them. She had a gun, after all - “the deadliest fire in the universe”, a Dalek’s weapon.

But she doesn’t use it…

Face-to-face, at last, she affirms her feelings towards Bill when she’s told “I really liked you”. Hyam’s performance here is just brilliant because she’s obviously having to mimic what Bill says, but you can distinctly hear the tone of sadness in her voice as she says the line back to her because this is where they part ways.

And she extends another offer to Bill, showing her what she’s become - how she sees the universe differently now, and all of time and space. And Bill is enraptured with it, but releases Heather from her promise because she’s (naturally) scared. Things still aren’t totally clear: she doesn’t know or understand what she’ll become if she accepts this offer because Heather isn’t totally human any more, but, as we’ve seen time and time again throughout the episode, right up to this moment, she’s still Heather.

The end of The Pilot has two rather important moments regarding the episode’s narrative arc with Heather. Back in the Doctor’s study, Bill asks if she’ll ever see Heather again, to which the Doctor rather cynically responds “I don’t see how”.

But, after Bill calls him out on the mind wipe situation and he’s reminded of Clara - who he’s very clearly still yearning to find - he shows up outside the university in the TARDIS and tells Bill:

“It’s a big universe. Perhaps, one day, we’ll find her…”

I can’t for the life of me find the quote, but, some months ago, Moffat said that there’s a very particular story they have in-mind to tell with Bill. I definitely don’t want Pearl to leave after one series, but it seems like a distinct possibility with the handover to Chibnall ushering in the next era of the show…

As such, I can sort of see how Bill’s story could potentially end if she’s only going to be in Series 10 and won’t carry over into the Chibnall era.

Similar to how Clara and Ashildr ended up with their own TARDIS and went off together to travel in time and space, Heather has her own time travel capabilities and Bill is clearly hoping that, in travelling with the Doctor, they will find each other again.

Naturally, that sets the stage nicely for Bill to continue travelling after her time as the companion is done with her new cosmic girlfriend.

gaynihilsm  asked:

hey! I love pining too.. but more so from Draco's side, I love Draco head over heels not being able to contain himself just seeing Harry. Also I need a happy-ending. Any good fics in mind?

Hey! Yes I do! Pining!Draco is another of my faves. (Here’s the Pining!Harry companion list in case anyone has missed out on that one.) @jaloesie

Drarry + pining!Draco fic recs

And Back Again (Where You Belong) by eidheann (15k)
He thought back on their previous handshakes, and smiled faintly at the fact they always seemed to mean so much more to him than they did to Potter.
(This is so wonderfully angsty, the pining is just lovely, it really hurt me. Poor Draco gets his heart broken, and mine breaks along with his. So good.)

The Light More Beautiful by firethesound (81k)
Thirteen years after Draco accepts Potter’s help escaping the horror of his sixth year, he returns to England where he makes the unfortunate discovery that Potter is still as obnoxious as ever. And worse, more than a decade overseas hasn’t been enough to dim Draco’s obsession with him.
(Oh wow, the pining in this one! Draco’s been in love with Harry for SO many years and he just can’t stop. It hurts so good. Amazing, amazing fic.)

On A Clear Day by Sara’s Girl (41k)
Draco Malfoy is waiting for his real life to begin, and it appears that he’s not the only one. Coffee, charity, and the wisdom of the elderly.
(This is suuch a lovely fic! Draco starts to visit hermit!Harry and falls hopelessly in love with him, the pining is exquisite, and the writing is just excellent.)

Whoo Knew? by oceaxe (18k)
Despite having had a crush on his Auror partner for years, Draco’s been biding his time and waiting for the perfect opportunity to make his case. But when Harry subscribes to a new wizarding personals service, Draco gets a wake-up call. With new each message that arrives for Harry from a hopeful suitor, it becomes more and more clear that the time to act has arrived.
(AAGH this is such great pining, Draco is hurtinggg and Harry has no idea. At the same time, this fic is also has a bunch of really funny moments. Love it!)

Stories in E Minor by huldrejenta (8.7k)
Draco has found his place in the Muggle world. He’s got his music, he’s got his neighbours and he is content. Until a certain someone from the past enters his life again.
(Beautiful writing! I love jazz musician!Draco and he’s pining so hard over Harry, it hurts. He never expects to get more than one night with him..)

All Life is Yours to Miss by Sara’s Girl (114k)
Professor Malfoy’s world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go.
(I love this fic, Draco’s journey and development in it is the kind of thing I live for. He falls so hard for Harry, but is convinced Harry will hate him.)

Chaos Theory by Brief_and_Dreamy (43k)
When an ancient spell book is discovered in an abandoned vault, Harry–a Curse-Breaker–and Draco–an Unspeakable–are called in to examine it. Draco does everything in his power to resist Potter’s advances, despite his growing crush. Potter just wants sex, he assumes, and Draco doesn’t want to be used. He discovers, however, that some things aren’t within our power to control.
(I feel so protective over Draco in this fic, “soft vines of longing curled around his heart”, first pain, then pining pining pining, and then SWEETNESS.)

Weeds or Wildflowers by lumosed_quill (17k)
A perfect match, a romance for the ages, with a one hundred percent success rate! Magic Match claims they can give Draco all of this. So why do they keep sending him on dates with Harry Potter?
(This fic is absolutely hilarious. I love the writing, Draco is so outraged while he’s secretly pining so hard. Exactly the kind of fic I love to read.)


Vaughn likes to pose a lot…He does look awesome, so who can blame him ?

thanks @synthwanderer for this strong, handsome boy and for editing the pics :)

Spirit Companionship FAQ Part 1

So this has been a long time coming. Questions are really in no particular order, but are common questions I get about spirit companionship! I will probably be referring back to this post a lot! Just as a heads up, when I say spirit in this post it is referring to both spirits and entities. I am also splitting this up into two sections because of length.

Please see more of your questions answered on Spirit Companionship FAQ Part 2.

What is spirit companionship?

Spirit companionship, or spirit keeping as it is also known as, is the practice of having spirits around as friends, companions, life partners, guides, teachers, students or whatever reason the spirit has decided to become a companion. But whatever the case is, the spirit has decided to become a companion, willingly. But for us, the humans, it is a way of life, as often these spirits are part of our family forever and require our time and commitment just as any other friend or family member does. You build relationships with them, go through ups and downs, and experience life together. Its a huge commitment. But worth it, as long as you have the time to dedicate to the spirits.

Do all spirits want to be spirit companions?

No. In fact, most spirits want nothing to do with humans, and even if they do want to work with us, its often not on a companionship level.

Is spirit companionship like having a spirit guide?

Being a spirit companion is different than having a spirit guide, but a spirit companion or entity can act as a guide. Sometimes our spirit guides turn into companions, but I have found they tend to stick in the background a little more.

Who can be a spirit companion

Anyone, really. Anyone can be a spirit companion, no matter your race, what religion you identify with, what sex you identify yourself with, or what part of the world you live in. It is not a closed practice.

How do I get a spirit companion?

The easiest, and often safest way to obtain a spirit companion is through a reputable conjurer. They will be able to connect you with a spirit that is an energy match to yourself, as well as one that wants to work with you as well, sharing common interests with you. You can check out my list of conjurer’s here as well as my list of my personally recommended conjurers.

Why do I need to use a conjurer? Why cant I just summon spirits myself?

Unless you have experience working with spirits, I would strongly advise against it. Think of conjurers as a safety net. By the time the spirit arrives to you, they have already gained the trust of the conjurer, and potentially others -depending on who you go through. They have also agreed to a contract in the binding where they agree to certain things (for example to not hurt the companion) with the conjurer, before that conjurer will bind their energy to the object. If you are attempting to do this yourself, you don’t have that, and could potentially summon up something quite dangerous without knowing. If you aren’t familiar with working with spirits, it can be even worse, because you have no way to judge their character and/or what type of spirit they are, and this could lead to you being taken advantage of. Until you have a few years of experience under your belt, I advise against trying to conjure yourself. Even then, keep in mind conjuring is a HUGE responsibility, and can be potentially dangerous.

How do I know its a calling?

Everyone feelings callings differently, but its basically a pull to work with a spirit, and the spirit with you. The important thing to distinguish here is that it is actually a calling. If you cant get that spirit off your mind, or you keep going back to the stop to make sure the spirit is “ok” or still there, or that spirit is waiting for you in the shop, then it is probably a calling. Thats just a few examples. With most conjurers, you can often contact them and have them ask the spirit as well too, to confirm the calling.

What is bonding? Why is it important, and how do I bond with my spirit(s)?

I am actually going to refer to another post on this question because it explains it much better then I can in this short FAQ! Click Here.

How do I greet a companion? Do I need to do a big ritual?

No! Some conjurers will provide a short incantation or way to welcome the spirit into your home, and if the conjurer provides this then you should do it. But if they don’t, you don’t need to do anything crazy except introduce yourself and welcome them into your home and life. Probably show them what they can and cant use, what areas of the house they are welcome in, read them house rules if you have them, and go from there! Do what feels right.

Please see more of your questions answered on Spirit Companionship FAQ Part 2.

Thats it for now! This might be updated with new questions later! And by no means is this the be-all end-all of spirit companionship FAQs. A lot of this is based off my experiences and opinions, as well as other spirit companions and friends. So do your own research, and come to your own conclusions.

More useful posts: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

Chaser!Newt x Keeper!Slytherin!Reader

Prompt: Requests are open?? Yeeeeyy! Can u please do a Newt X Slytherin reader fluff again? But this time can u featuring a quidditch match of Newt as the chaser, and the slytherin girl was either playing on the opposite team or cheering for him? That’s up to you;) but just newt, chaser, Fluff!! Ahhhh can’t wait!! from the lovely @onesimariltorulethemall;

Word Count: 1360;

Warnings: none;

A/N:  Haha, y’all know I can never back down from some competitivity! Again, I’m extremely sorry about the hiatus, you can find a detailed explanation and update right here. I hope you’ll enjoy!

Originally posted by elenarinya

“Excuse me!” The voice of a Muggle distinguishes itself from the seemingly constant humming of the city. It just so happens that the aforementioned Muggle is the one who, mere seconds earlier, tripped over your companion’s case just as you were trying to blend in the crowd gathered in front of the bank.

Naturally- and quite unfortunately, the kerfuffle around you and Newt drew the attention of the woman who had been keeping the sea of people so hooked to her words.

“You, friend! What drew you to our meeting today?” She speaks directly to the wizard sitting right by your side. Newt, quite startled by the attention he’s granted, visibly stumbles over his words.

“Oh… I was just… passing…” Just as you were planning a clever way to cut him off, the woman addresses him.

“Are you a seeker? A seeker after truth?” The woman presses; in a moment of temporary silence, you can swear you heard your heartbeat- or was it Newt’s? Either way, you cannot hold back the smile as you can virtually predict his answer. A few years of traveling together come with one’s mannerisms rubbing off on the other.

“I’m more of a Chaser, really.” He replies, the shadow of a smile tugging at the corner of his lips. And it is prompted by those words that moments later, your mind is enraptured by a whirlwind of memories, taking you all the way back into your Hogwarts years.

“And Slytherin’s Keeper, (Y/N)(L/N)!” The host’s booming voice echoes through the Quidditch Pitch. You fly in, steadily gripping your broom.

You’d have liked nothing more than to have the confidence to say that this game was going to be easy. However, the Hufflepuffs had an incredibly good team this year. You were told countless times to watch out for their newest Chaser, late bloomer Newton Scamander. He seemed to be the Golden Boy on Hufflepuff’s team. From what you had heard, their Seeker was painfully close to being decent, as well.

In other words, you had to be extremely careful- the Quidditch Cup was at stake, after all.

You watched from above as the Captains shook hands before you all took your positions. With baited breath, you waited for the moment your teacher would unleash the enchanted little beasts. Your hands were secured on your broom, your knuckles starting to whiten from the urgency with which you were gripping it.

When the teacher did finally release the Quaffle, the Bludgers and the Snitch, you immediately switched into game mode. Your eyes were set only on the approaching members of the opposing team as you tried to block their advances.

However, over the course of the match, the Quaffle did slip past your form multiple times, and the Hufflepuffs managed to score. With each Quaffle you missed, you promised yourself you weren’t going to let another one slip. The blasted Hufflepuff Chaser really was good.

Time passed, the scores raised and the Snitch was still nowhere to be found. You were starting to grow weary. Positioning yourself in front of the middle hoop, you straightened up and closed your eyes, taking a deep breath. When you opened them up, you weren’t faced with a very pleasant sight.

The Golden Boy of the Hufflepuff team was getting dangerously close to the hoops. Your eyes followed the Quaffle being passed from Chaser to Chaser, skillfully watching the developments. Just then, you heard another Hufflepuff shout a warning to Scamander- he turned around just in time to dodge a speeding Bludger. However, as he did so, your attention quickly diverted from the incoming Quaffle to the rushing Bludger now mere feet away from you and your instincts kicked in.

Your hands yanked the broom upwards and in a matter of seconds, a lot of things happened.

The first one was Newt Scamander throwing the Quaffle in the loop you just flew over. The second was the Bludger hitting the back of your broom with immense force. The third was in close relation to the second; one could think of it as the flower child of the second occurrence and Newton- not Scamander, but Isaac. You were plummeting to the ground.

There was a fourth thing, but that went pretty much unnoticed- Hufflepuff’s Seeker caught the Snitch before yours did, promptly ending the game.

However, the game wouldn’t have lasted for long as it is, because now a very shell-shocked (Y/N)(L/N) was headed straight for the ground, with Scamander hot on their tail.

You fell, and as soon as he registered it, he steered his broom in your direction. He didn’t manage to catch you in time, though- the pull of the Earth was too strong. Thankfully, there were people specifically prepared for this type of situation- one of them being the referee. She fired off a quick spell just when you were about two feet from the ground, freezing you in the air.

Newt almost collapsed head-first. It took him all his strength (which wasn’t little) to be able to safely land.

From that moment on, an argument begun.

Your team was trying to argue that someone jinxed your broom or the Bludger. Newt was trying to get the referee to call for a rematch. The other Hufflepuffs were rightfully trying to knock some sense into the Slytherins. And you? You were doing your best not to punch the Beater who stupidly aimed for Scamander just when he was in front of the loops to a pulp.

Half an hour later, though, the situation cleared. The Hufflepuffs would have won even if that goal wouldn’t have scored- they did catch the Snitch. Newt was relentless in his attempts to get a rematch, saying the Snitch was caught after you fell and other points that did make sense- sadly, they fell on deaf ears.

The only thing that made him calmed down was you going up to him and managing to shut him up, despite not knowing the next thing about each other.

You went back into the locker room, showered, changed, cursed and moped over your broom for a bit before leaving to get what would hopefully be a nap back in the Common Room. Just as you were leaving, however, you heard your name beckoned by a velvety voice. You turned, only to see the teen of the hour.

“Scamander.” You greeted. “What’s up?”

“Hey… How are you feeling?” He asked, skidding to a stop and brushing one hand through his hair. You had to give it to him, though, he was pretty handsome. Well-built but lean at the same time, his hair was dripping wet and his eyes were glowing from the excitement that seemed to perpetually flood him.

“I’m fine, thanks.” You warmly smiled at him. “My broom, however- she’s not doing nice.”

She?” He perked up, looking amused by the affectionate way you thought of your broom.

“Yeah. Problem?” You tease, waiting to see what his reaction was going to be.

“Me? I’d never.” He playfully quips, raising his eyebrows and his arms in surrender.

“Good to know.” You reply. “Thanks, by the way.” You start, pausing for a second to clear your throat. “It was nice of you to- you know.” You add, gesturing to show how he zoomed after your falling self. “Although I didn’t really need any help, it was refreshing. Thanks.”

“Hey, no problem.” He replies, the corners of his eyes wrinkling as he smiles. “So, would you want to grab a Butterbeer? In honour of your fallen broom. She was very brave.” He asks, stuffing his hands in the pocket of his trousers, trying to put on a stoic mask.

“I’d love to.” You beam. “Just let me drop my gear in the Common Room, alright?”

“Alright. See you in ten at the front gate?” He asks, cocking an eyebrow.

“Make it fifteen; I need to hit the bathroom.”

“Fifteen it is, then.” He laughs.

As you were heading for the castle, it was that laugh of his that locked a smile on your face, broom shattered into pieces and all.

You really couldn’t wait to find out more about Newt Scamander.

A/N: Haha, I just had to come back to the local Cinnabun, didn’t I? On that note, I still haven’t ever had a cinnabun from Starbucks- I’m working on it.

As always, let me know if you enjoy, if you want to be tagged, if you have any other requests or literally anything else?? I always love chatting with y’all! My askbox is right here, open for everyone- the anon is on, everything cool (tags are under the read more).

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Hope you enjoyed this little thing! Love, always.

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White Rabbit - Nine

Reid had taken part in a similar conversation the previous night after Agent Hotchner had left. Alice had taken herself off for a bath, but not before making Spencer promise that he would retrieve his gun from his bag and wear it.

Ellen Manchester had looked horrified at the thought having a gun in the house, she obviously hadn’t clocked Aaron’s. Alice had laughed at her sister’s expression.

“All these years I wanted one and you wouldn’t let me. Now, you don’t got a choice but to have one in the house.”

“I just didn’t think that anything could be that bad that you’d need one. You wouldn’t tell me why you wanted one so badly.”

Alice sighed and shook her head, tired of this conversation already. She’d had the argument a gazillion times. She wanted a gun for protection but she couldn’t tell them why she needed protection. But the FBI Agent had one, so now her sister had no choice. She could tell that Ellen was still disbelieving that she could be involved in something so bad that the FBI had now taken an interest. Alice could barely believe it herself. Those four and a half years seemed like a dream, a nightmare. A nightmare she’d woken up from but could feel it creeping into her day to day life. She’d left the other three adults to it and had gone for a bath, staying in the main house rather than going back to her own apartment.

Part of her knew her worries about THEM finding her were for nothing. If they’d really wanted to, she was sure they could have done it by now. But…. But maybe they were waiting for the right moment. He had told her over and over again that she was the chosen one , the special one. She was going to lead when he could no longer. He’d seen something in her, a spark that he recognised, he wanted to nurture her and show her the way.

She shuddered in the tub, shaking the images from her head and sinking down under the water.

“So what you’re saying is that my sister in law was part of some kind of doomsday cult?” Robert said to Spencer.

Spencer sipped his coffee which he’d finally been given. “We’re not sure. And I’m not sure we’d use the term Doomsday either.”

He’d been unsure how much to reveal to Robert and Ellen, as soon as Alice had left the room they’d started to ask questions. When it came down to it, he didn’t want to press his own speculations onto them. Whatever story it was, it was Alice’s to tell. He’d simply given them the same information about Lewis and Marnie Goldstein that would be available online in the public domain. Enough newspaper articles had been written about their disappearance, Marnie’s parents had made sure of that. Even though she was the elder of the pair and both were no longer minors, her parents had insisted that there was something suspicious about their disappearance, rueing the day that they ever let Lewis into their home and blaming him for leading their daughter astray.

“What term would you use then? From what I’m piecing together here, Alice seems to have been part of a cult, led by a leader that claims to be from the future and is predicting an apocalypse of sorts. Oh, and they appear to be been killing off their members. My baby sister, part of a cult!” Ellen had summed everything up quite aptly and was pacing the kitchen.

“Stop talking about me please,“ Alice appeared at the kitchen door, wrapped only in a towel, her hair dripping wet.

“Ally, we’re talking about the situation,” Robert said soothingly.

“And the situation involves me. So stop, please. I’ll tell the Agents everything tomorrow so I’m sure you’ll both have your curiosity sated then. I’m going back to my apartment. Dr Reid, I have a pull out couch in my room. I’d feel a lot more comfortable if the man with gun was sleeping in there.”

“Alright. There’s a car picking us up at eight am.” Spencer stood and followed Alice through a door to the side of the back entrance. It led to a ulitility area with a staircase leading up from it and another exit. He averted his eyes as he followed her up the stairs, wishing she was wearing something other than a towel.

When she got to another door at the top of the stairs, she pushed it open. Reid could see that it had an outer lock on it which hadn’t been shut. She led him into a open plan apartment, a kitchenette across one side with what he assumed was a bathroom leading off from it. There was a living area, with a large couch and TV as well as a desktop computer, scanner and printer, and a laptop bag. Two huge strategically placed bookcases separated a large bed from the rest of the room and Spencer watched as his companion walked between the cases and dropped her towel as if he wasn’t even there. Spencer spun around, facing the other way and waited until he heard her voice again before turning.

When her looked at her again she was dressed in an oversized t-shirt.

“Sorry. I’m not used to having company,” was all she said to him before walking over to a closet and pulling out some blankets and a pillow.

“The couch pulls out into a bed. Can I see your gun please?”

Spencer took it out and held it out to her. She eyed it carefully.

“Smith and Wesson Model 65?” she asked him and he nodded in surprise.

“That’s not an FBI approved gun.”

“I have a waiver for it. I find it easier to operate than others.”

“But you CAN operate others right?”

He nodded and allowed her to take his gun out of his hands, watching her handle it.

“I prefer Desert Eagles or Glocks.”

“Alice, you know guns?”

She checked the chambers making sure it was loaded and handed it back to him.

“I know guns. I know how to fire them, how to assemble them and how to clean them. We were taught how to defend ourselves at the compound.”

“Defend yourselves from what?”

“Everything and anything else.”

“Alice, what hap…..”

“I’m going to sleep now Dr Reid. I’m tired. Feel free to use my shower or to watch TV. Make yourself at home. I have a feeling you’ll be assigned to me until you’ve got the information that you need.”

So did he.

When he awoke the next day Alice was fully dressed and sitting on the floor by her bed, sorting items out from a box. There were Polaroids, which she had piled up along with a small box. When she felt his eyes on her, she glanced up.

“Sleep well Dr Reid?” she asked, much calmer than he’d heard her so far. It was then that he realised that his gun as no longer its holster and was by her bed.

“Please, call me Spencer. I keep telling you that. How did you sleep?” his eyes flickered to the weapon, wondering at what point she’d taken it.

“Better than I have in a while. Knowing that there’s an armed federal agent in my room definitely helped.”

“I’m not sure what good I’d have been though if anything did happen, considering my weapon is all the way over there.”

She gave him a very childish grin. “Sorry. You can have it back.” She slid it across the wooden floor to him.

Spencer tossed the blankets back and pulled on his courdroys which he’d discarded last night to sleep before padding across to her, picking up his gun as he went.

“What are you looking at, Alice?” He settled onto the floor across from her, crossing his long legs under him.

“You can call me Ally, you know. Ellen and Rob always do.” She handed him some Polaroids and he leafed through them.

“Which do you prefer?”

She shrugged and slid the small box over to him as well.

“Alright, I’ll call you Ally if you start calling me Spencer rather than Dr Reid.”

He opened up the small box, seeing that it contained leather bracelets. The same ones he’d seen in the photo she’d given him before.

“You all wore these?”

She nodded. “The tattoos are too low down our necks to be easily seen. We wore these on our wrists so we could easily spot our family…. I mean, the other members.”

“Children wore only one though.” Spencer remember the original photo and continued to sort through the other photos, seeing pictures of happy looking people going about their day to day life. From what he could tell in the images, the compound looked self sufficient. There. were shots of people tending to chickens, grooming horses, photos of what appeared to be a school lesson in progress.

“Yes. The children wore only one until they came of age and were matched.”


She looked at him, focusing her eyes on his.

“Yes. Matched. See Meg here?” she tapped a face on a photo. “Meg was nineteen before they decided on a suitable match for her, one she was happy with. A band on your right arm signified you were underage and therefore off limits. When you turned 16, it was moved to the left arm to show that you had come of age. When you were matched, you wore a band on both arms.”

Spencer assumed that being ‘matched’ was their version of being wed.

“Was everyone matched then?”

“Not everyone. There were a few people who chose to remain loners, and a lot of the younger people didn’t want to be matched straight away. They wanted to have fun. They didn’t force you into a match if you didn’t want to be. That was the good thing.”

Spencer recalled the photo of Alice, bands on both arms.

“Ally, how old were you when you were matched?”

“The ceremony took place on my 17th birthday.” She locked eyes with him again.

“Who were you matched to?” He knew the answer to the question before he’d even asked it.


No one talks about the sacrifice of Lyra Erso (Jyn’s mother) in Rogue One, and I am worried that it is because they think her character was thrown away, or that she was foolish or reckless. Allow me to assure you that this is not the case.

The companion novel Catalyst focuses heavily on Lyra and her respect for the Force. She is determined, penitent, and clever–hardly someone who would throw her life away in a half-baked assassination attempt.

She would, however, allow herself to be killed if she knew it was a winning move.

Lyra knew that Galen couldn’t lie about her being dead because the evidence to the contrary was all over their house. She also knew that Jyn was capable of surviving without her, and that Saw was ready to raise her. She also knew that there would be no time to cover her tracks to the hiding place. Finally–and this is key–Lyra knew one of them would crack under torture if she or Galen was a hostage. Thus, she made sure that the only option left to the Empire was to kill her.

And what better way to guarantee it than by brandishing a gun at the Director?

In conclusion: Lyra Erso died executing her own flawless plan.

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anonymous asked:

Do you guys work with demons? I'm asking because of something you mentioned on that Djinn post, and it made me curious, since I didn't really think demons would be willing to work with humans

Yup! I have one demon companion myself, and I know Mod Faery has several demon companions and mates. Not sure about Mods Vi or Nova, however. 

Not all demons want to work with humans. Goodness, not every spirit in the refuge wants a human companion! (In that case, we usually try to find them a suitable home in the astral somewhere so they can be happy and safe and hopefully with a good community around them.) 

However, there have been some demon hybrids up for adoption as well as several demons themselves. It honestly simply depends on the spirit and their wants/needs. My demon companion is an absolute delight and I love that little charmer to bits. (He’s so charming it’s ridiculous.) 

I’ve also met demons who are absolute assholes (some who’ve tried to kill me lol) who I wouldn’t trust with any human. So really it depends. Hope that helps clear things up!

Mod Petra

My Spirit Companions

Just in case you see their names mentioned anywhere on here… now you know who they are.

Steve (Evil Stevil)- A thought-form, actually. He’s an adorable, mildly sassy, tiny demon. He eats anger, pain, the color red, and fire.

Supernova- The spirit of a star that exploded. “Supernova” is a nickname, as they told me that their name is years long and way beyond human comprehension. (”Not even if I tried really, really hard?” “Sorry, nope.”) They help me with learning, magic, compassion, seeing the big picture, stuff like that.

Favorite quote: “What is occult for you is normal for me.”

Ash- I call her a vampire, but she’s in a class of her own, as far as I know. She does feed off of life energy, which is contained in bones, blood, etc.She also feeds off of mental/spiritual energy, and magic/intent. She’s like a wisp of black smoke that’s vaguely humanoid. We recently met, so I don’t know a whole lot about her.

There are other spirits that I’m loosely acquainted with, but I consider these to be close friends.



SWTOR Original Roles of the Companions

Just in case I am going to forget that once upon a time companions used to have only one role, and start to wonder why they seem out of character in some they can asume now.

Aric Jorgan             Ranged DD
Elara Dorne            Heal
Tanno Vik               Melee Tank
Yuun                       Melee DD
M1-4X                     Ranged Tank

Jedi Knight
Fideltin Rusk           Ranged DD
Lord Scourge          Melee Tank
Kira Carsen             Melee DD
Doc                         Heal
T7-01                      Ranged Tank

Jedi Consular
Felix Iresso               Ranged Tank
Nadia Grell               Melee DD
Zenith                       Ranged DD
Tharan Cedrax         Heal
Qyzen Fess              Melee Tank

Imperial Agent
Vector Hyllus             Melee DD
Scorpio                     Melee Tank
Raina Temple            Ranged DD
Kaliyo Djannis           Ranged Tank
Eckard Lokin             Heal

Sith Warrior
Pierce                        Ranged Tank
Jaesa Willsaam          Melee DD
Broonmark                 Melee Tank
Malavai Quinn            Heal
Vette                           Ranged DD

Sith Inquisitor
Khem Val                     Melee Tank
Andronikos Revel        Ranged DD
Ashara Zavros             Melee DD
Talos Drellik                 Heal
Xalek                            Ranged Tank

Akaavi Spar                  Melee DD
Bowdaar                       Melee Tank
Corso Riggs                 Ranged Tank
Risha                            Ranged DD
Languss “Guss” Tuno   Heal

Bounty Hunter
Blizz                              Ranged Tank
Skadge                         Melee Tank
Gault Rennow              Ranged DD
Torian Cadera              Melee DD
Mako                            Heal