companion cake


Happy Geek Pride Day 2015 from Pixels Among Us

Half-Life (1998)

Portal (2007)

Left 4 Dead (2008) by Valve Corporation  

Fun Fact:

Gabe Newell, the current CEO of Valve Corporation, originally dropped out of Harvard to pursue a career at Microsoft Corporation. After helping produce the first three iterations of Windows and becoming a “Microsoft Millionaire”, Gabe saw the success of Id Software’s Doom and Quake and decided to found his own video game company, now known as Valve. 


And then Vilkas forced them to do the damn ceremony because he didn’t drag his ass all the way from Whiterun to watch the Harbinger and a random elf eat cake.

In other news Omiid finally got married to an altmer named Rumarin (from Interesting NPCs mod) and they probably had the dumbest wedding ever.


A continuation of yesterday’s wonderland!mormor, requested by pocket-companion and some other bloggers in the tags–how could I refuse?

As if their height difference wasn’t already great enough, Seb of course finishes half of the “eat me” cake before realizing its effects…


Some Portal themed jewelry I’ll be taking with me to Omni Expo in May. I need to branch out a bit from just food at conventions, and this was the first set of items I thought of. :)

I’m not posting these up on Etsy, but if you really want one of them, just message me and I’ll see what I can do.