Hermione Granger is flawed. She is ruthless. She casually curses Marietta Edgecombe to a lifetime of pimply-faced shame with no remorse. Hermione Granger lashes out with violence. She sets a flock of angry, attacking birds on Ron in the sixth book. She punches Draco in the face in book three (not that anyone’s complaining). Hermione Granger can be condescending and narrow-minded. She openly insults Trelawney and Luna because she thinks that what they believe is far-fetched. Hermione can be tactless. She utterly fails at comforting Lavender after her pet bunny dies, and she doesn’t understand the culture of the house elves, and continues to steamroll over their expressed wishes, thinking that she knows better. And all of these things are wonderful. x

I just realised there is something I really want for S4/5. 

John having a drinking problem and by some ill luck meeting Harry will he is totally plastered. Harry, of course, has been clean now for ages and I want her to give him hell for this.