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“Quinn,” The Doctor said, as he slipped into the opposite side of the booth, “this is Amy. I brought her with me to help you work out.. whatever you people do when you’re on a date.”

“Hey, you’re the cheerleader then? He’s told me about you. Don’t people get weirded out when they see you hanging around with a creepy old man?”

“Oy! I’m not old.”

“You’re nine hundred and thirteen.”

“Nine hundred and twelve.”


“Never stopped you from trying to seduce me.”

Quinn shook her head as she looked between the two, they seemed to have completely forgotten she was even there. She cleared her throat and they both quickly looked back to her, the smile they’d shared gone.

“Sorry. So you need help with a date?” Amy asked. Quinn nodded awkwardly, looking away.

“It’s with this girl from my school, Rachel, I’m not exactly used to being the one doing the wooing..”

Who I Think Would Make For Great Star Guardian Skins In The Future

(Warning) This is souly based off my opinions. I may not have every champion you may want to see on here, because I was putting into thought abilities, particle affects and character in general. Also, this will be long. Not in order. (NOT FEMALE EXCLUSIVE)


Not to be against anyone, I just really want to see this. Her kit and base model are perfect for this. I know she has the DJ skin which is probably why she’ll never get one. But I can dream, she’d be perfect!

2. Bard

He’s already a star sent celestial being! Come on, if Soraka is getting a skin so should he, its fitting. Plus his particle effects leave plenty of room for that. And I want stary tunnels okay.

3. Diana

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Things I, an actual living, breathing human woman, have said (OUT LOUD) while out adventuring with my companion, Malavai Quinn, a completely fictional character in an entirely computer-generated world:

(As he’s frantically spraying me with kolto even though I’m not at all injured): “Calm your tits, Quinn, for fucks sake.”

(As he’s bugged out somewhere in the back of a heroic and I’m dying horribly without him to heal me): “OH MY GOD WHAT DO I EVEN PAY YOU FOR?!?”

(As our enemies are killing him because I can’t hold aggro for shit): “Stop hurting him! He’s so squishy! Oh my god stop hurting him – Oh, good, now get the fuck over here and heal me, you jackass.”

(After I accidentally poke him and he says something about how working for me is its own reward): “Shut up, Quinn, you magnificent bastard.”

(As he once again expresses approval because I’ve said something incredibly Sith-like and/or supportive of the Empire): (mimicking his voice) “Stop, stop, my penis can only get so erect!”

My husband thinks I’m insane. This will all be used as evidence at my eventual mental competency hearing, I’m sure. (He’s already keeping track of the dumbass shit I say while gaming. I have a counter-list from his playthroughs of Fallout 4.)

Dear Bioware,
  • I hope you are planning a dramatic and romantic reunion with our romance companions. I'm not going to go through the whole game waiting for the day the chapter of my companion comes out and all I get is a 'Hey welcome back' and a pat on the back. Please. My feels can't handle it.

Face masks

I might’ve mentioned before but my lord has a very strict schedule. But not work strict. She couldn’t care less about when things happen that are work involved. Her personal schedule is strict.

Such as, she will never forget to do her complete facial routine on the last day of the week. If she does forget she will usually not do much until she has remembered. She will stare off into space and generally seem upset until she goes through the routine

This routine (for reasons unknown to Kriff ) requires a specific facial mask that most sith of Chwits power would feel insulted if it was in their presence. It is sold at one store on Droumnd Kass that is usually only used by bounty hunters and other ones that are as respected. How my lord knows of the mask I don’t know but she will it so the routine without it, even when given the options of better quality products

“My lord” I come up to her on one of the facial days.we are at her house on Droumnd Kass and She is currently applying the mask that is a pale green and does not contrast well with her red skin. ‘She looks kinda like a life day decoration’ Vette remarked one day

“Yes Quinn?” She said turning to me

“I wish to ask you about the mask you usually apply” I state “you could wear better quality masks. Surely someone if your rank would rather wear those”

She smiles as if she is amused at the question “I’ve been wearing this mask since I was a child. It works well and has been part of this routine since the routine began. As long as I have access to this mask it will be park of the routine”

“Surely the more expensive products would work better”

“You’d be surprised” she laughs

“The other ones are simply made of better material, my lord-” she cuts me off

“Maybe you should wear the Plebeian one too. see how much worse it is compared to the more expensive ones” after I give her what is apparently a confused look “have you ever even worn a face mask before?”

“No, my lord”

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