New Companion Quotes:

Chris Chibnall says: “The new Doctor is going to need new friends. We’re thrilled to welcome Mandip, Tosin and Bradley to the Doctor Who family. They’re three of Britain’s brightest talents and we can’t wait to see them dive into brand new adventures with Jodie’s Doctor. Alongside them, we’re delighted that Sharon D Clarke is also joining the show.“

Jodie Whittaker says: "I am so excited to share this huge adventure with Mandip, Tosin and Bradley. It’s a dream team!”

Bradley Walsh says: “I remember watching William Hartnell as the first Doctor. Black and white made it very scary for a youngster like myself. I was petrified but even though I’d watch most of it from behind the sofa through my fingers, I became a fan. I then queued up for ages to get into the Carlton picture house in Watford to watch the great Peter Cushing appear as the Doctor in a full length feature film made in glorious colour. Am I thrilled to be part of this whole ground breaking new dawn for the Doctor?? Oh yes!”

Mandip Gill says: “I am over the moon to be joining the Doctor Who family. This is an iconic show with an amazing fanbase and I look forward to everything that brings. Certain roles seem unattainable and this is one of those, so much so I didn’t believe it to be true for the first few weeks. To be working alongside the likes of Jodie, Bradley and my old friend Tosin is thrilling. This show is worlds away from the work I’ve done previously and that’s the part that excites me the most.”

Tosin Cole says: “I’m grateful and excited to be a part of this journey with the team. I’m looking forward to jumping in this Doctor Who universe.”


I have no excuses I just wanted to draw Diana lifting up Steve and kissing him.

Modern AU Companion | WW tag

eluvixns-moved  asked:

Do you have any w|w book recommendations? I too would like to hide in them forever because television is so fucking sad. I'm sorry for being a bother and thank you!

you’re not bothering me at all i love recommending femslash books!

it’s time i updated the last list i made anyway so i’ll give you all of my favorites and you can pick according to your taste i only guarantee that all of these have happy endings for the pairings :)



mystery/crime with lesbian romance:


  • juliet takes a breath by gabby rivera: young latina lesbian from the bronx tries to figure herself out while interning with the author of her favorite feminist book
  • after the fall by robin summers: wonderful badasses falling in love and finding hope and happiness in a post-apocalyptic world (cw: rape, homophobia)
  • in the company of women by kate christie: historical, about the women’s army corps during world war II, centered around two of them who fall in love
  • courtship by carsen taite: political/legal drama about a powerful campaign manager and the brilliant woman she’s in charge of appointing as the first female chief justice of the US supreme court

let me know if you read any of these and enjoy it i love hearing back from people who read the books i recommended!

They had spent the majority of time in the woods in reasonable silence, Chris supplying jokes or small comments every now and then to ease it. 

Mainly so the forest didn’t feel like it was closing in on them.

After a few moments of companionable silence, Chris began to notice the forest was even more quiet and menacing than usual, pausing in his step to listen.

That was when he heard the twig snap, a wendigo’s cry echoing in the distance. Close. Much too close. 

“J-Joseph?” He asked nervously, freezing up in fear and whipping around to stare behind them. 

“We’re not alone.” Joseph said quietly, loading his gun. 

YOU GUYS! I have been trying to draw this crossover for a FRIGGIN YEAR! I love both of these characters, and had to do a crossover where they teamed up. I picture this taking place after the events of Evil Within, where Joseph and Sebastian design a task force that deals with spooky shit. They get a call to come check out the missing persons in the woods, only to run into the giant shitshow of a night these kids are going through. I plan to do some doodles in the future of my ideas. Enjoy this for now though!

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Hi! I'm sorry to bother you but I just wanted to thank you for all of your great book recommendations! I finally had some free time recently and finished reading We Are Okay and now I'm having a lot of emotions but in a good way lol. I was wondering if you had any WLW book recs that aren't YA?

hey, no need to be sorry! thank you for saying this and you’re welcome for the recs :)

actually, i do have a bunch of wlw recs that aren’t YA. i don’t read a whole lot of YA anyway. i already have a good list of recs here but since that one does include YA books i’ll exclude those and copy/paste it here for you:



mystery/crime with lesbian romance:


  • after the fall by robin summers: wonderful badasses falling in love and finding hope and happiness in a post-apocalyptic world (cw: rape, homophobia)
  • in the company of women by kate christie: historical, about the women’s army corps during world war II, centered around two of them who fall in love
  • courtship by carsen taite: political/legal drama about a powerful campaign manager and the brilliant woman she’s in charge of appointing as the first female chief justice of the US supreme court

My gym partner, Chris, and I were friends for a while now. We’d met at the gym about two years ago. He was already a hunk when I started there. Since then, I gained some extra pounds of muscle, thanks to him. He’s been kind of my personal trainer.

Throughout this time, all the workouts and training sessions together made us really good friends. We’d watch sports games together at each other’s house, go to parties, concerts, etc. We were so close that I began to feel attracted to him. I loved how he helped me in the gym with lifting weights and how to better position myself doing crunches. And I loved when he’d put on those tight lycra spandex pants that highlighted his beautifully shaped legs and butt.

However, I didn’t have the courage to come out to him. I mean, he was my best friend and if I ever was to say how I felt about him, perhaps he wouldn’t understand it, and our friendship could be at risk. And I didn’t want to lose that.

A couple of weeks ago, after work, I went to the gym, as I did every day of the week, except for the weekends. Chris and I met there, as we did daily. Just a another normal day. The workout session turned out to go pretty well. In fact, so well that we both completely forgot about the time, until the guy who’s responsible for the gym said we needed to leave because it was 11.30pm and the gym was about to close.

After we showered and packed all our things, we headed out and I asked Chris whether he wanted to sleep in my house. It was late, he had to get the subway and then the bus to get home, and I just thought that didn’t make any sense. Besides, he’d already been to my house many times. This would be the first time he’d sleep in it. No big deal!

On the way home, I told him I had to go to work really early in the morning, so I said what I always said: “Mi casa es tu casa”.

The next morning, I woke up at 6am and I headed downstairs over to the kitchen to grab something to eat. In the way, I stopped by the living room to see him. He was lay down on the couch as deeply asleep as one could.

I decided to lean in and kiss him on the cheek, whispering the words “I’ll be back soon, beautiful”. And I went to work.

At 3.15pm, I headed back home earlier than I expected. I opened the door and went “Chriiis, I’m home!”. Complete silence followed. “Chris?”, I started asking repeatedly, after checking the living room, the backyard and bathroom. When I walked in the kitchen, I saw him as he was in the picture above. As soon as I looked down to his perfect highlighted butt, my penis started hardening. That was hot as hell!  

- “There you are! Didn’t you hear me? I called your name like 20 times!”, I said half joking, half seriously. He didn’t move an inch. He wasn’t facing me so I walked around the kitchen counter to face front him.

“Chris? Chris? Are you alright?”, I asked while waving my hand in front of him. He was just frozen in place, staring blankly at the window. No movement, no shivering. Nothing. As I was reaching for my phone to call 911, I started hearing whirring sounds near me. They got louder and louder, as if something was about to turn on, like an electronic appliance or something.

Then I realized it was coming from Chris. “What the f…?”, I thought. I leaned my body close to his torso, and I could really hear those sounds. “What the f… is going on!?”, I thought again. All of a sudden, his eyes started to blink fast, his head, which was right-turned, headed front.

- “Diagnostic complete. All systems fully functional. Reinitializing systems”, he said with a deep robotic voice.

“Diagnostic? Systems fully funct….You’re a robot!?”, I said to myself. It was a weird feeling. I was surprised. This was the last thing I expected. But, at the same time, I felt really turned on. I had a robot-fetish, what could I do? No one knew that, not even him.

Then, he sort of woke up and saw me there.

- “Oh hi there, Cody! You’ve come home earlier, haven’t you?”, he said as if nothing had just passed.

- “Hum, yes, I…hum, Chris, are you a robot?”, I finally asked.

- “What? Why would you ask that?”, he asked laughing, almost making a fool of myself.

- “Because I’ve been standing here for minutes watching you saying things like Diagnostic complete. All systems fully functional! Is this a joke?”

He then closed his eyes and his head slumped down a bit. This probably lasted 5 seconds.

- “Oh come on, Chris! Quit f..*# with me!, will you?”, I said feeling upset.

His head straightened up again and he opened his eyes again. He proceeded:

- “So, you figured that out, hum? I’m not a robot, I’m an android, who’s…”

- “Whatever!”, I interrupted a little bit angry. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

- “Because we are not programmed to reveal our robotic nature until it gets discovered. As I was saying, I am a companion android, unit Chris-XY, designed to befriend someone we think will help us better interact with humans. I chose you.”, he explained.

- “Wait a minute..So everything we did, every feeling you might have is pre-programmed? Simulated?, I asked

- “No, definitely not! I am a sentient android. That means I have an A.I, which is the robotic term for soul. I have my own personality, my own character. And I chose you, because I liked you. I like how you are.”, he said sincerely.

- “Well, hum….we, I mean….”, I stammered, as I processed all those things.

- “I know this is a big shock to you, but soon or later, you’d have to find this out, one way or another. And, yes. I know you like me more than just a friend.”, he added.

- “Oh, well, hum…you know…that’s not really….”, I stammered even more this time.

- “You don’t have to say anything. We are companion units, so we are experts in analyzing how people look at us. In fact, I know everything about you. Every time I came to your house, I accessed your pc and it was very easy to discover you have a robot fetish. And I think that really helps our situation here, because many of my android colleagues don’t continue their relationships, once their true nature is revealed. But I guess that won’t be a problem here, am I right, Cody?”, he said with a final perky smile.

- “Huuum, know…I guess not.”, I kept stammering.

- “So, I’m judging by the size of the bulge you have down there, you may want to get upstairs and have some fun. What do you say?”

- “Hum, sure! Of course!”, I exclaimed, after eyeing down to see my penis wanting to get out of those pants, as I realized my dream of having a robot companion had finally come true. This was not a dream!

- “There’s only one last thing before we move ahead.”, Chris said smiling.

- ”What’s that?”, I asked curious.

He then stopped smiling, his face turned numb and he robotically said:

- “Sex mode activated”.

After that, his smile came back, he lifted me with his strong arms and took me upstairs for an afternoon I’d never forget.

In honour of our darling new companion, Bill.

Babel Song - ccbb 2016

Title: Babel Song
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Rating/Length: PG-13 (some violence, blood) / ~18,500
Summary: The night is dark and a kingdom is ablaze. Chris, a young villager from the North, wakes in a forest with a dreadful wound and no memory of what happened to him. Desperation rises and hope appears distant when a shadowed stranger with his own secrets emerges from the trees. With his new companion, Chris must journey an unknown path while the lands around him fall into war if he is going to make it home.

A/N: Many, many thanks to @crisscolfuck for her A+ beta help and to @actyourshoesizegirl to her questions and comments that made me think more about this world. And thank you to Lindsey for organizing another round of fun.

Fabulous Cover Art by lokicorey!!

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Hi Julia!! It seems like I have read every wlw book out there and I need more! Do you have any under-appreciated favorites you would recommend?

hey i love recommending my under-appreciated favorites!!!

  • interference by zoe reed: super slow burn, lesbian athletes, lots of angst, wonderful writing
  • four steps by wendy hudson: mystery/crime story about two women who meet when hiking in scotland and one of them has a super tragic backstory (their interactions are some of the cutest i’ve read i love it so much)
  • treasure by rebekah weatherspoon: baby butch falls for cute stripper from her sister’s bachelorette party. yay for original plots and black lesbians!
  • cash braddock by ashley bartlett: cash is the softest drug dealer ever and falls for laurel who’s very closed off and also there’s a baby butch in training who’s like cash’s little sister and they’re perfect
  • all the little moments by g. benson: an anaesthetist is left responsible for her young niece and nephew when her brother dies in an accident. she also falls for another woman cause i’m listing lesbian books but this one is very focused on family and it made me cry a lot. it has a happy ending though
  • survived by her longtime companion by chris paynter: two women break up after 9 years together and then find themselves working on biographies of the same actress who just passed away and had been in a relationship with a woman the whole time. the book alternates between the two women reconciliating in the present and flashbacks to the entire love story of the older women
  • captain of industry by karin kallmaker: romance between an actress and a successful CEO who meet again 20 years after a failed attempt at a relationship
  • heart of the game by rachel spangler: romance about a sports writer who struggles to find the balance between her job and her love life when she falls in love with a single mom

these are all books i rated 5 stars on goodreads so i hope you like them <3

So, since the twelfth Doctor was announced today I thought it fitting to use one of the song prompts I got, to work around ‘The Heart of the Navigator’ by Neaf. I’m still not finished this fic because my continuity skills are worse than Glee’s…. so… but! here is my finished drawing inspired by the lyrics from 'Come Away With Me’ by Norah Jones. The song was prompted to me by devonandlizzy and I loved doing this drawing.

The lyrics I used as a guide were:

I want to walk with you

On a cloudy day

In fields where the yellow grass grows knee high 

So wont you try to come.

Modders Are Turning Fallout: New VegasInto A Whole New Game

External image

Fallout: Lonestar isn’t just any old Fallout: New Vegas mod. It might just be the most ambitious, coolest-looking Fallout mod currently in development.

The video above is a development diary with the project lead, Christopher Means. He breaks down what makes Fallout: Lonestar so interesting: the game takes place 50 years before New Vegas, and it takes you down to Texas. Fallout in the south sounds interesting to me, especially given that this is a total-conversion mod—there will be a ton of new assets. The game won’t just look like Fallout: New Vegas, with stuff rearranged a bit. It helps that the game looks like it’ll have neat enemies, locations, a focus on companions and Chris Avellone, one of the designers on Fallout: New Vegas, seems hyped on the project too. 

Currently there’s no release date on the mod, but there is a lot of pretty concept art to look at. I’ll take it!

External image

External image

External image

Development Diary #1 [Fallout: Lonestar]


Dylan had been trying to contact Kasim ever since the day Chris found out about them, but he kept ignoring her. She had tried blocking her number, as well as calling from a different phone, but as soon as he heard her voice he would hang up. She had even tried sending insulting texts and DM’s to his Twitter account, in hopes of getting a rise, but he wasn’t responding to any of it. She had considered showing up at his house, but knew with the way he was acting, that he’d just slam the door in her face. Kasim’s refusal to talk to her was really getting under her skin. It was making her feel like he had only pursued her because she was with Chris, and now that Chris was out of the picture, he was no longer interested. Dylan was not going to allow Kasim to destroy her relationship with Chris and then cast her aside like garbage. She was going to continue to harass him until he spoke to her, because she was not the chick to be dismissed.

One afternoon, while Dylan was out engaging in some much needed retail therapy she spotted Chris on the other side of the street, walking with some girl.

Dylan’s blood was boiling as she raced across the street to confront him. She knew what she did with Kasim was wrong, but goddamn… it hadn’t even been a month and this muthafucker had already moved on?! Thinking back to the night when she found her supposedly “faithful” man playing strip poker with those two hos, Dylan figured that whoever this girl was, she had probably been in the picture all along. If there was one positive about Dylan, it was the fact that she owned who she was. There was nothing she hated more than a hypocrite.

She ran up behind Chris, purposely digging her nails in his arm causing him to wince in pain as he spun around.

Dylan: What’s up, Chris?

She was ready for a fight. However, the wind was knocked out of her when she came face to face with Chris’ companion.

Dylan: What the hell are you doing with him?

Dylan then looked over at Chris, bewildered and angry.

Dylan: Is this for real?! You break up with me, she disappears on Kasim, and now I find the two of you out here together. What the fuck are y'all doing together?!

Chris: I don’t have to answer to you!

Dylan: You dirty ass bastard! You’re fucking with her now?! You’ve probably always been fucking with her?! Kasim couldn’t find her, but you can. I don’t believeyou had the nerve to get angry at me about what I was doing?!

Dylan then directed her anger on Angel.

Dylan: And YOU! You got these stupid niggas thinking you’re so perfect, walking around like your shit don’t stink, but from where I’m standing you ain’t nothing but a ho. Is this why you left Kasim? He’s worrying about where you went and you’re creeping with Chris!

Screaming and arguing was not Angel’s style, but after finding out that Dylan and Kasim had been sleeping together, Angel had a few choice words of her own for Dylan.

Angel: Why I left Kasim is none of your business and coming from you, being called a “ho” is a compliment. Suddenly you’re so concerned about Kasim being wronged? Do me a favor and spare me the fake outrage, because I’m sure you couldn’t wait until I was out of the picture so you could step in to lick his wounds - among other things.

Dylan: I don’t know who this bitch thinks she’s talking to, but Chris you better tell her-

Angel: I’m talking to YOU and Chris don’t have to tell me nothing.

Dylan: First of all, you all up in your feelings, mad at me like I’m the only one Kasim was fucking. Kasim is community dick, boo. He’s fucking ev-e-ry-bo-dy! And the only dumbass that didn’t know about it was you!

Chris: Dylan, what do you want? Why are you coming over here fucking with us? Haven’t you caused enough damage? Why don’t you just go somewhere and leave me alone.

Dylan: So now you’re taking up for her?! Fuck you and this homely bitch.

Angel: It’s alright, Chris. You don’t have to defend me. Actually, I feel bad for you, that you wasted so much time with someone like her. You could have done so much better.

Dylan lunged at Angel, but Chris quickly stepped between them, grabbed Dylan and spun her so Angel was out of reach.

While Dylan was going crazy, screaming profanities and trying to break free of Chris’ hold, Angel was barely fazed. She didn’t want to cause a scene, but Angel was no slouch. Growing up an army brat with two brothers, she knew a thing or two about defending herself. If Dylan thought it would be an easy fight, she was going to be in for a rude awakening.

Angel: It’s ok, Chris. Let her go.

Dylan couldn’t believe that Angel was challenging her.

Dylan: Oh you wanna act brave?! Get off me, Chris!

Chris kept a firm grip around Dylan’s waist. He couldn’t believe Angel was challenging Dylan either. Chris didn’t know what Angel was capable of, but he was very aware of how well Dylan could fight. Back when they first started dating, Dylan attacked Chris’ ex-girlfriend. The fight cost the girl a hospital visit, 7 stitches and a black eye. He was not letting Dylan anywhere near Angel.

Dylan was squirming and writhing in his arms trying to break free when Chris yelled at her.

Chris: Will you calm down?! Damn! Stop it! You can’t fight her! She’s pregnant!

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