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i feel like the most important piece of wisdom i can impart on teenagers is that no one–no one–knows what the fuck they’re doing

my brother is 26 years old, makes $200k a year, and just bought a house with his fiance. he’s the success story you hear about but never actually meet in person, but it all happened by accident. he wanted to go to college for clarinet performance, but he got rejected from all the top schools. so he decided to major in physics instead, and then went on to get a doctorate to put off being an adult for a few more years. but then he ended up dropping out halfway through the program and accepting a job with google as a software engineer. so to reiterate: my brother majored in something he was not interested in, and then he got a job that had nothing to do with his degree. 

he isn’t successful because he had some master plan he followed, he just stumbled around blindly until something worked out. and that’s what we’re all doing–i majored in political science and now i do customer service for a company that makes industrial-sized gas detection monitors. the marketing director at my company has a degree in biology, and my mom has an MBA and works at a middle school.  no one knows what they’re doing, we’re all just trying different things until something works out.

so if you don’t have a plan, that’s fine. most of us don’t. and even those of us who do, don’t usually end up doing the thing they thought they would. it’s okay to relax and let life carry you wherever it’s gonna carry you. because even though a lot of us don’t end up doing the thing we wanted, most of us end up happy anyway.

For people struggling to understand what this all means, it just means that Harry’s management company, Full Stop Management, is merging with Irving Azoff’s (a known powerhouse manager in the music industry) company.

Basically, this means that Full Stop just got some real power behind it, in the form of a father aligning with his son.

Larries have been predicting for a LONG ass time that Irving would play a role in a managerial transition for the boys. Right now we have solid confirmation of that for at least Harry. Most of us believe that when One Direction comes back, they will do so under the guidance of Irving and Jeff Azoff.

Just a short sum up, if anyone needs it! ♥️

I hate this new thing where makeup companies come out with makeup that’s supposed to make you look like you have no makeup on like “Our new (x) gives you that ‘no makeup look’ that everyone loves right now! Like when did “no makeup” stop meaning not wearing any makeup and start meaning doing your makeup a certain way like kids are looking at models and celebrities’ “no makeup looks” and wondering why they don’t look like that and it’s because they literally have on a full face of makeup. Like why are girls expected to wear makeup even when they’re “not wearing makeup”?

10 Of The Most Effective High Level And Nitty Gritty Tips For Getting Rich

There are a million paths to getting rich. But there’s unlikely anyone out there successful who wouldn’t emphasize the value of people skills in succeeding. So back to your question, how do you get rich quickly:

1. Learn relentlessly.

2. Become a people person.

3. Work hard.

4. Take risks.

5. Get a job in a high growth industry.

6. Work for the best and most recognizable company you can work for.

7. Become an expert.

8. Create multiple income streams.

9. Be too busy to spend money.

10. Finally, start a company.

Here’s why these tips are so effective.

Germany Economic Facts

- Germany is the most populous country of the European Union
- Ethnic groups: German 91.5%, Turkish 2.4%, other 6.1% (made up largely of Greek, Italian, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, other European); Danish minority in the north, Sorbian (Slavic) minority in the east
- population is well educated with modern and cosmopolitan views
- fair amount of plurality in the lifestyles and diversity in the cultures
- demographic challenges such as aging population, immigration issues, depleting incomes due to world economic crisis
- the business culture in Germany is unique in the world
- engineers and managers are given higher appreciation than accountants and lawyers; the people on the job have good academics and technical proficiency
- hierarchy is prominent in almost every organization and most of the power is vested in the hands of top level senior managers
- roles and responsibilities are strictly defined and the business processes are very well defined
- people tend to be less social in the working environment and separate work life and personal life
- teamwork could probably be best described as a group of individuals working to a specific leader towards a recognizable goal
- one of the qualities of Germans is that they put facts ahead of emotions and hence behave very objectively
- they have a direct communication style  
- German industry is very diversified and in many sectors it is a global leader
- Germany’s greatest strength is its automobile industry
- the country committed itself to developing renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power
- infrastructural facilities are very strong in Germany which facilitates the growth of any business in the country
- it has one of the world’s most technologically advanced telecommunications systems
- the broadcasting media, especially TV and radio, is deeply penetrated as more than 90% of homes have cable TV, which provides ample opportunities for effective business promotions and marketing
- internet population is 20.416 million which is 5th-largest in the world despite a population of only about 80 million
- well-developed transportation systems in terms of airways, railways, roadways, ports etc.

Source: A YUM brand/Taco Bell Market Analysis info sheet on Germany

Trying to find a Job


While i try to get back to the blog, I wanted to ask for a little help.

I’m trying to get a job at the animation industry

but I have no professional experience yet, and that makes it really hard to take the first step… An company to hire you for the first time XD And i sadly lack the contacts inside the industry…

I’m trying to send my portfolio and data to all possible companies.
If you know of a cartoon/animation company with a hiring page, or that is looking for people, can you let me know? I was only able to find a few so far… And I’m sure there are more out there >>. I DON’T CARE WHERE IN THE WORLD. I’m willing to relocate xD So don’t worry for that.

I don’t animate, i am more of a prop/character designer… and self taught story artist. (rough layout?)

Studies in Spain suck a lot xD So there is a lot i have to learn yet. But that’s why i want to get my experience from a company, rather than keep on studying here…

Thanks for reading! Have a cat!

Little Unnoticed Danger Days Things

1. The album was produced by two different record companies, one being Better Living Industries Music (BMI). You can actually see the smiley face logo on the side of the CD case.

2. Frank did the cover art for the album (but I’m not sure if that means he designed the spider or took the photo of the desert).

3. Bob helped to write the songs “Na Na Na,” “Bulletproof Heart,” “The Only Hope For Me Is You,” “Party Poison,” and “Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back.”

4. Steve Righ?’s actual name is Steve Montano.

5. Even if you buy the CD today, there will still be a little paper inside that gives you a special code for 10% off all Danger Days shirts and bracelets (offer expired 11/22/2012). If you flip it over, you will find Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, Life On The Murder Scene, The Black Parade, and The Black Parade Is Dead! are still available.

6. Burns caused by radiation is known as Flash Rash.

7. If you look on BLI’s file for Girl in Chapter 4 of the comics, there are pictures of Jet-Star, Kobra Kid, and Fun Ghoul. They all have their masks on, with red X marks over their pictures. Next to Ghoul is a picture of Dr. D, also with a red X. Beside that is an enlarged picture of Cherri Cola, with a red question mark over his face. There is no picture of Party Poison.

8. Party didn’t die immediately when Korse shot him. He had enough time to tell Girl to run.

9. Concerts in the Zones happen in a place called The Pit.

10. Other killjoy bands are: AKA Loretta and Richard Ai Yai Yai.

11. The Director is apparently BDSM.

12. Recently deceased bodies can be turned into Dracs if they didn’t suffer too much physical damage.

13. The killjoys were exterminated in 2027.

14. The Analog Wars occurred from 2014-2019, during which time Better Living Industries believed Girl’s mother had been killed. Instead, she was turned into a Drac.

15. No one knows who Girl’s father is.

16. Plus is only allowed because it’s administered to non-human androids and BLI gets a great profit margin off of it.

17. BLI refers to brainwashing a person so completely that they have no personality as “Bleaching.”

18. Girl’s cat had tracking/surveillance tech implanted into it in 2028, which suggests that she had the cat prior to the Fab Four’s deaths. It’s possible BLI caught the cat while it was roaming long enough for them to modify it.

19. A year has gone by since the death of the Fab Four in the comics, which means it is 2028.

20. Contrary to popular belief, the female killjoy seen driving the van in “SING” is not Cherri Cola, but a woman named DJ Hot Chimp.

21. The Drac whose face is revealed in “SING” by Party was played by the lead singer of Mindless Self Indulgence, Jimmy Urine.

22. The Director has an aesthetic for drinking bleach.


Doverail a shelf/mirror by Hallgeir Homstvedt for Mjölk

Doverail is a simple piece of furniture that can either become a mirror or a shelf. The main part is the stick in the center, that is hung to the wall with only one screw. By sliding either the mount of the mirror or the shelf plates onto the X profiled stick you can decide its purpose and adjust its hight to your desire. This clever item is a design of Hallgeir Homstvedt for the Mjölk company.
Esther Afua Ocloo’s 98th Birthday
Esther Afua Ocloo’s 98th birthday! #GoogleDoodle

Today’s Google Doodle honors Ghana’s Esther Afua Ocloo

“As both an entrepreneur and an advocate for microlending, “Auntie Ocloo” worked tirelessly to help others like her succeed. Esther Afua Ocloo had only six shillings to her name — less than a dollar — when she made and then sold her first jar of marmalade as a teenager in the 1930s.

Esther was determined to expand her livelihood of making marmalade and orange juice, but she needed a loan to increase production, and credit was hard to come by for women with little economic resources. It took persistence and a supply contract to secure the money to start her company, Nkulenu Industries.

After traveling to England to learn the latest techniques in food processing, Esther returned home and shared those skills with other Ghanaian women. Perhaps more importantly, she taught them everything she knew about starting and running a business, which put more money in their pockets. She made such an impact that in 1975 she was invited to the first U.N. World Conference on Women.

Esther and other advisors knew that lending money to women could have a ripple effect, improving the prosperity and health of the women as well as their communities. But because they lacked collateral, low-income women were often ignored by banks. So in 1979, Esther helped found and became Chairman of the Board of Directors of Women’s World Banking, which provides millions of low-income women with the small loans needed to reach their financial goals.

On what would have been her 98th birthday, today’s Doodle shows Esther empowering the women of Ghana with the tools to improve their lives and communities.”



Since it began, the space industry has generally been the realm of large organizations, governments and militaries. That all looks about to change. In this video: explore the history of the space industry, its current state and its future!

If you are any kind of artist

From music, to cooking, to making videos, to drawing.

(Honestly, this applies to everyone, but I’m talking to artists at the moment)

I know it’s hard. I know some won’t agree to your prices. Some of you have “normal” jobs on top of your art time, some of you managed to make it full time. Some of you are hobbyist, some of you do it for a living.

Whatever you do, please, you are worth your time and money. No matter how good or bad you think you are, someone out there will admire you work, and if they want a commission, charge appropriately for your time.

So many of us are made to believe that this is not a real job, that this isn’t a viable career. I can officially tell you, it is. Both as a freelancer, working for a company, and more. It’s tough, it’s not easy, and you have to do a lot of research, doing your own bills, putting the time in, teaching yourself schedules, even learning bits of retail and other skills. 

But, it is a job. People need your work. From inspiration, to personal projects, to large projects for gaming companies, buildings, even food and industrial work. We THRIVE off of the arts. Both for entertainment and for daily life uses. Just because a project is not NEEDED and ENTERTAINMENT doesn’t mean that it isn’t still very INSPIRATIONAL and USEFUL to people. Our mentalities can’t live without a break, and having things such as a doodle to full movies and such help ease our minds and inspire us.

Even if it means you have to have a “normal” job while doing your art. However it is you want to achieve your goals, I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT. DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
Work hard, feed off of the hate and push to be better than ever. Keep moving. Even if it’s slow, keep moving. The more you keep walking, crawling, running, whatever pace… you are still LEARNING. You are still ACHIEVING, you are still DOING.

I love you all.
Keep it real, fam. Keep the peace. Keep the love.

All of you are amazing, from “normal” jobs to “real” jobs, artists to lawyers and more, it doesn’t matter. YOU ARE LIVING. You are doing what YOU need to do. 

One last piece, if you dislike someone else’s prices, work, or what they do. I am sorry that you have so much hate in your heart to take it apart to try to break someone else down. But you know, you matter too, and they are doing what they need to do in their life, just as much as you are. If you do not agree to it, walk away. Spilling hate onto others only makes your own dreams become even less obtainable. Believe in yourselves, believe in others.

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Omg I'm so excited about that Harry Styles coming soon ahh!! Could you explain it more if you know about the event please I'm confused about why they would just put that in a video was that event for people in the music industry like is it legit

Yes, it was a Sony Mexico event to showcase its local and international acts for the industry and highlight what big artists/releases are coming up this year.

UpFront2017 - An exclusive event that showcased important figures of the local and international roster. 

The country’s leading music industry company, Sony Music Entertainment Mexico, celebrated UpFront 2017 with great success; an event where more than 40 artists from the local and international scene, important entrepreneurs, sponsors and leaders of the media gathered on the night of March 14 to get a closer look at the contents of the company, to find out about upcoming releases and future projections, on a fun night in which music was celebrated.


Flu Season 
Words: 554
Tony Stark X Reader
Prompt: “Look man I appreciate you coming in to work today but you don’t look good. I’m driving you to the hospital” AU -@moonigaming & @dailyau

“Is it freezing in here or is it just me?” You asked your laptop computer, knowing full well it wouldn’t respond to you. You knew that in all likelihood the expansive open office wasn’t cold at all. It was the damn cold you’d had for the past two weeks. For the past fourteen days you’d had the chills, the sweats, a nose that was runny and stuffy at the same time, coughing, sneezy all the classic hallmarks of a winter illness. Still shivering, you rubbed the sides of your arms trying to generate warmth.

Normally you would have taken a few days off of work to recover and make sure you really kicked this cold’s ass, but you’d very recently been promoted and were too afraid to put your new job on the line. Being Tony Stark’s personal assistant the highlight of your career. You’d been anxious to try and fill the shoes of the previous PA, Pepper Potts. Pepper was brilliant at what she did. She knew what Mr. Stark was going to want long before he did. You, on the other hand always felt a step behind. For some reason Tony seemed to like this about you. It was as if just by being Pepper’s opposite you were helping him.

“Hey, [Y/N],” Tony called out to you as he walked by your desk. “What time is my appointment with the president of GE?”

“Four I think.” You answered back to him without thinking.

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It’s Time, America. It’s Time.

The UK’s NHS has been in use since 1948.   👇 

They laugh at us, pity us, shake their heads. 

It’s time. 

Where Obamacare is just not enough: it is wrong, unfair and, yes, unAmerican to allow for-profit corporations and industries (insurance, pharma, etc.) to be middlemen between the people and their healthcare. 

Insurance. It’s basically a game, after all. You’re gambling your money on chances with your body. We were raised that way, and don’t know any better! 

      -                   Think Singlepayer                    -

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It takes a lot of guts to speak out against people doing something wrong. I'm sorry you're receiving a lot of hate for it because honesty is important. Keep on doing you 💕

i sure have gotten a ton of hate. but until i stop getting questions about it i’ll keep telling the truth. bad coaches and companies are widespread throughout the industry and people need to be aware of how to figure it out and what to look out for. and helping someone avoid the situations ive been in is more important than a few hate messages.

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What's wrong with sm?

hello anon…are you new to the kpop world? then let me introduce you one of the worst companies in the kpop industry! 

you guessed it, sm entertainment!

to begin, here is a detailed list of controversies sm has dealt with in the last years:

as you might have noticed, sm has lost a lot of artists! why? they’re known for treating they’re artists like shit! an example is hangeng, the only chinese (now ex) member of super junior. he filed a lawsuit stating that there were “unfair profit distributions and an unfair thirteen-year contract that contained provisions in S.M.’s favour and that he was not allowed to revise or end.” 

he was also discriminated both financially, and management wise, and developed gastritis and kidney illness because of no proper rest in TWO years. to add, “han geng requested from SM for leave to return to China to rest but he was rejected every single time.”

but, sm has a reputation for disliking chinese members! in fact, exo has lost 3 out of 4 chinese members. kris left because:

  • he was being treated more like an object rather than an artist
  • sm would change his schedules without his opinions on the matter or take his health in consideration

luhan instead, had suffered from insomnia and his health was getting weaker, thanks to the little to no time of the rest they had.

tao left because he was forced to have a COMEBACK (so practice, dance and sing) with a hurt ankle. as in, he had broke it but did NOT get enough time to rest. 

to add!! as luhan stated in his lawsuit, sm has favored exo k over exo m. both in promoting them and financially.

oh but i ain’t done with exo yet!! :-) you’d think sm would’ve learnt from this right? WRONG! on october 11th 2016, the last remaining chinese member of exo, lay, fainted at the airport for lack of sleep. lay has some of the busiest schedules i’ve personally ever seen, and he literally IS the one to promote exo in china. alone. here is an example of lay’s schedule back in 2015. you can imagine that, with exo’s rising popularity, comeback, concerts, and his own solo debut, 2016 was even more chaotic.

im not done yet !! sm can be absolute shit also at promoting theyir artists and timing their comebacks. that is because of the amount of artists they have and they’re incapability of organizing everything correctly. 

let’s start with the timing: a great example is how in 2 weeks three different artists had a comeback!! jonghyun came back the 23rd of may, luna had her solo debut the 30th of may and exo came back the 8th of june, therefore jonghyun and luna only had ONE week for themselves because obviously with exo’s comeback, the other two artists were obscured.

in fact, moving on to the next point, they promoted both luna’s debut and jonghyun’s comeback very, very poorly. and it’s not the first time they do jonghyun wrong! what do i mean, you ask? jonghyun had two sm stations and NONE of the two had a music video. 

this leads on to the promotion shinee received for tell me what to do! they only had two weeks of promotion, very little hype/tease and no official album details or fanchants, fans had to do them. 

we all know sm favors very blatantly certain groups and artists, or treats certain groups or artists unfairly. a recent example is how red velvet, after over 2 years of having debuted, have not received a fandom name or a reality show when nct, a group that debuted only last year, has already had a reality show. 

another example is how f(x), a girl group that debuted in 2009, had their FIRST solo concert in 2016.

last example is henry’s instagram post from a few days ago: 

he’s pretty much saying sm won’t let him release music, or help him with it. if this isn’t heartbreaking af….

in conclusion, sm is shit and all they care about is money. yes, there have been some human acts made from them (for example delaying shinee’s 1of1 comeback to let onew rest after his injury) but this does NOT cover up all the shit they have done, and continue to do. hope i made it clear!


CIA whistleblower Kevin Shipp speaks abut about climate engineering, geo-engineering, chemtrails, vaccination dangers, and nine and eleven.