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Why do littles always compare their experiences to that of lgbt people?

Its so offensive! Or at least thats what antis say. But the reason we compair it to being lgbt+ is because a lot of us are lgbt and the experiences we have with people who are anti-cgl are often comparable to those we have with people anti-lgbt+. Its not offensive, in fact it tends to be lgbt+ people making the comparison, and they arent wrong to.


slowly melting because of you 

Female draenei set V3_TS4

My newest update of the female draenei set. 2 compair screens:

Its not 100% yet but the items take all skincolors now, unfortunately they dont work well on dark skin colors (they appear some shades lighter)  :(

I also got Yrel her horns now :3 (I wish I could have them on my draenei but I didnt found them when I wanted to change them in WoW)

And the other 7 (basic) horns in there new style:

So the final set gives: 8 horn styles, 1xtendrils, 1xtail, 1xhoofs, 2x eyes (costume make-up and genetic), 1xskinoverlay. And yes everything works for on a mail aswell. Note for the genetic eyes: they are all darkblue if you want to know where they are.

You can download the newest set here (dropbox)

Dont forget to remove all older items from your mod folder, you can easly find them with typing in your search bar (in your modfolder): Draenei. Click all those files and delete (exept the hairs and underwear).

I’ve noticed a misconception in the fandom is that Kanto is often seen as being the equivalent to country sides or nowhereville. I think this happened because in the English dub, Trip refers to Kanto as being “the boonies”. However, I just want to point something out:

Trip isn’t talking about the Kanto region as a whole when he says “hick town”, he’s refering to Pallet Town–which is very often seen as being the nowhereville of the Kanto region.

It’s plain to see in compairing Pallet Town to Saffron City (both being in the same region):

A big plot point in Ash’s character that he’s a boy from nowhere. Pallet Town is so small that it only has one restaurant (according to the novelization). The most significant landmark is Professor Oak’s laboratory–which is most likely how Trip even knows where Pallet Town is (he seems to be very well versed in pokemon based knowledge).

However, the Kanto region itself is the total opposite of being “the country”. Keep in mind that the Kanto region is based off of the real Kantō region in Japan–which is one of Japan’s strongest and most advanced innovation points in technology and education. It’s incredibly developed, urbanized and industrial. Saffron and Celedon Cities are actually both based around Tokyo, Japan–commercially and financially. And well, we all know that Tokyo is basically the center point of Japanese innovation.

In the pokemon world, Kanto is seen as being modern and technological. It created things such as the pokeball and pokedex–and is one of the leading regions in pokemon research (Professor Oak constantly being praised by all other professors we see in the series). It’s also important to note that Kanto is the one region to have very little pokemon mythology. They seem to be heavy followers of science (with pokemon such as Porygon, Ditto and Mewtwo). It’s also noted that the people from the Kanto region are considered to be “sophisticated, reserved and formal”.

So while Ash might be from “the boonies” or “the hicks”, the Kanto region itself isn’t the hicks. It’s Pallet Town in particular–which isn’t all too surprising.