Compay Segundo - Guantanamera (HQ) (Con Letra)


“-He’s playing you, mi socio, and making you feel like a sellout. Un arrepentido.

-Thank you so much for the bodega psychoanalysis, detective. Compay! No te equivoques conmigo.”

Happy Holidays @s0nnycarisi!!! Here is a Barmaro edit for you from your Secret Santa, I hope you like it! (Also loved who you described them as a cat and a german shepard who barks at the mailman, never thought of them this way, but now I’ll definitely will)

I wish the best for you this Holidays and also the best for the year that’s coming!

Which Robot Anime Protagonist Should You Fight?

Amuro Ray - He once tackled a man on a horsback off his horse and proceeded to beat him up. He’ll beat you up.

Kamille Bidan - WHY ARE YOU A TERRIBLE PERSON? His parents got killed by the Titans and he got put in a coma while fighting for everyone’s rights. Don’t hurt the adorable gerbil.

Quattro Bajeena - There is no way you can lose this. Just bring up his mom and watch him break down in tears. Plus, he got pushed off a horse once.

Judau Ashta - He’d leave for Jupiter after being disappoionted at how whimpy you are. Technically your win.

Üso Ewin - You would win but why are you such a horrible person? Usso is just doing his best despite his terrible life. Don’t be a terrible person.

Kou Uraki - Just shove a plate of carrots at his face. He’ll run away.

Seabook Arno - Here’s how this is going to go down. You’re going to schedule a fight and there will be a production conflict and it’ll be shortened to a punch and a kick. Then it’ll be further shortened to a punch. In all cases, who cares? Seabook isn’t important.

Bellri Zenam - Probably the most fair fight you will get out of Gundam protagonists. Go all out. It’ll be fun.

Setsuna F. Seiei- He’s a gundam, man. No way you can win.

Garrod Ran - You can win this, provided that you aren’t a newtype. Then he’ll get mad enough to beat you up.

Loran Cehack - Don’t be a terrible person. Loran’s only hurt 1 person in the entire run of Turn A Gundam. Why do you feel the need to put your hands on a perfect fluffball?

Heero Yui - Your win. He’d threaten to kill you but almost everyone he’s threatened to kill ended up having a great life or ended up marrying him.

Kira Yamato - He survived a nuclear explosion. Why do you think you stand a chance?

Shinn Asuka - Just do it. Fuck the consequences.

Domon Kasshu- the man’s job is to fight people using ridiculous martial art moves. No chance of victory.

Banagher Links - He once fought off 3 trained soldiers with nothing but a Haro. But without homefield advantage, you could probably win.

Sei Iori - Do you enjoy beating up little kids? You’re the kind of guy that’d beat up Shotaro. Get out of my face.

Noriko Takaya- Don’t be an ass. She did nothing wrong.

Nono - She’s literally a robot but she might just let you beat her up but would you really do this? She’s too innocent and naive. It wouldn’t even feel good to win.

Kouji Kabuto - This depends. Which version are you fighting? If it’s original, good luck. If it’s mazinkaiser, maybe he’ll let you beat him up if he’s in a good mood. Shin Mazinger? He’ll definitely let you beat him unless you bring up his grandpa. In any case, why? Kouji’s trying his best.

Tetsuya Tsurugi - Character so forgotten about that you might just forget to fight him. You win.

Ryoma Negare - Good luck. His best friend can literally rip your face apart with his bare hand and Ryouma’s stronger than the said friend

Haran Banjou - This man could be literally made of metal and has the combat skill of James Bond and Jet Li combined. Plus, if you manage to beat him, he has a harem of women that’ll beat you up. Do you want to be chased for the rest of your life?

Shinji Ikari- Beat him up. It won’t be satisfying for anyone but at least it’s an easy win.

Akagi Shunsuke- Why would you fight him? He’s just an insurance company worker. Cut him some slack.

Roger Smith - He’s literally batman. Don’t do it.

Aoi Hidaka- Did you hear her scream whenever she pilots Dancouga Nova? No way in hell can you win.

Shinobu Fujiwara- He might just let you win, but that’s because he’s a good guy. In a fair fight, he’ll beat you in 2 seconds flat

Chirico Cuvie - The man’s life is hard enough. Let him be. Though he might just break your neck and walk away if he feels like it.

Noa Izumi - Dude she’s a cop. Don’t do it

Lelouch - Fight him. Please. Who cares about the outcome? You know you want to punch his smug face.

Guy Shishioh - He’s a cyborg who becomes a God of Destruction. Fighting you would be like washing his hand.

Shotaro Kaneda - I mean if you like beating up little kids…

Kappei Jin - Dude his friends and family all died. Why do you need to fight him? Go fight Sei or something.

Watta Takeo- He runs a compay and pilots a robot while attending elementary school. He’ll beat you up then sue you while learning about negative numbers.

Hikaru Ichijyo - Ask him if he’s Rick Hunter. Just do it.

Isamu dyson - Fight him. Even if you lose, he’ll prove to be probably one of the only fair fight on the list. On top of that, it’ll be fun. He’s not a superhuman or a little kid. Just fight him and have a drink with him. He’s a cool guy. He’ll forgive you.

Gamlin Kizaki- He’s from a race of giant aliens that thinks war is the only legitimate mean of foreign diplomacy. He will murder you.

Alto Saotome- He gets beat up by almost everyone in the anime anyway. Your win.

Sosuke Sagara - He’s just doing his job. Why do you need to be a bother?

Apollo - He’s a reincarnation of a cosmic dog thing. He’ll probably bite you.

Amata Sora - He has 2 incredibly strong women crushing on him. You can beat him but you won’t survive the aftermath.

Takeru Myojin - He has a bomb that will blow up Earth if he so much as clips a nail inside of him. Why do you want to get us all killed?

Cosmo Yuki - Probably. I mean, why not? Even if you don’t, the entire anime he’s from is basically the world beating him up. What’s a few more punches?

Shingo Hojo - Dude he’s a space samurai revolutionary that fights evil gods in a giant robot. He’s like a bad game of madlibs. You can’t beat him.

El Grupo de Walter Nicks,  Ballet experimental de El Eco, 1953

La Serpiente por Mathias Goeritz en el patio del Museo El Eco, calle James Sullivan, Col. San Rafael, México DF
Arqs. Mathias Goeritz y Luis Barragán

Foto. Marianne Gast

Walter Nicks dance compay, Ballet Experimental at El Eco, 1953

La Serpiente by Mathias Goeritz in the courtyard of the Museo  El Eco, calle James Sullivan, San Rafael, Mexico City

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SCOUT your new coloring style is just SPOT ON. Its like painterly but sharp at the same time and im IN LOVE. Keep em coming!! (Sorry for the random caps btw)

THANK YOU! i LOVE coloring like this–like, i either always do a cell shading style or uncomfortable shading for my comic stuff, but for some reason it never clicked to combine the two. thanks for such a great response!! i think it’s how i’m going to color a handful of things for the new g’n’g c:

Anonymous said:

S C O U T!!!!! i fuckin love your art <3

ANON!!!! thank u ヾ(。・ω・。)

Anonymous said:

The thing I find the most funny about ‘scout the useless prophet’ is that you actually have consistently predicted minor things on the show. Like you are #forreal, if u get my drift. It’s beautiful

literally like the most useless things, too

like?? cell service in the cage??? of all the things to accurately predict???


Si dios fuera negro mi compay
Todo cambiaría.
Fuera nuestra raza mi compay
La que mandaría.

If God was black
everything would change.
It would be our race
that would rule.

Original song by Roberto Angleró

La bomba is the dance of African slaves who worked sugar plantations in Puerto Rico. La bomba was used to celebrate weddings and baptisms, and often used as a means to communicate plans for rebellion against Spanish slave owners. Los bailarines tomaban turno para retar los tambores, creando asi un dialogo con sus movimientos, en el cual el tamborilero contestaba. The women would often dance with their skirts raised so to ridicule the fashions of the white women and challenge their views of decency.

Revolución no es parte de nuestra cultura; así es la cultura! 🇵🇷

please consider kuroo as a mechanic and daichi always brings him broken appliances at least twice a week and kuroo’s not even sure anymore how many broken things does this dude have and he wants to ask daichi except that would be rude and if he had to be honest, daichi is good for business and he would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy daichi’s company because he really does, but in truth daichi breaks some things on purpose just so he has an excuse to see kuroo