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Milkyway and My Equipment in Atacama Desert May 2017 by Hisayoshi Kato
Via Flickr:
I stayed in Antofagasta Chile for a week and drove to this site every evening. Sky was clear every night in the period. Wind was always light from East, and temperature was around 10 degrees Celsius. Sky Quality Meter showed around 21.5. The brightest part of milkyway came near the zenith every night. I watched it near my equipment with my back on the road for a while. Dark parts of milkyway were alluring at the dark site. No vehicles came on the road except twice through the period. They were of security parsons and Carabinieri keeping the observatory. They confirmed me and advised not driving up to the observatory. They also promised kindly that they would guard me through the nights there. There was a small guard building by the crossing of the route B-750 and the access road to Armazones observatory. equipment: Sony Cybershot DSC-RX1 on a compact tripod exposure: 20 seconds at ISO 10,000 and f/2.8 This frame is a jpg jut out of the camera with no modification. site: 2,317m above sea level at lat. 24 38 26 South and long. 70 17 13 West on route B-750 near the access road to Armazones Observatory in Atacama Desert Chile