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| Table + Plywood |

Image 1: This plywood desk is 2400mm wide x 600mm deep and 730mm tall and all cut from a single 1220mm x 2440mm sheet of plywood.

This uses the flexibility of plywood to lock the legs in. The legs are inserted into the two top pieces and pinched together so the clips can be inserted. These clips hold the two halves of the leg square and under tension created from the fixed slots in the top two pieces.

Image 2: The legs and clips are cut out from the underside piece of plywood. This second sheet adds a stiffness to the desk too.

With a sheet of 15mm CD structural plywood costing less than $50 and only a small amount of time on a CNC machine, this could be a very cheap but effective desk.

Image 3: Storage and shipping for the table is compact because the legs can be packed in the holes they were cut from. This large table assembles in seconds and doesn’t require any mechanical fasteners or tools.

Taxi, Shuttle, Plane - Joji Miller Imagine

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It took you a taxi, an airport shuttle bus, one airplane, and a grueling amount of time spent going through customs, but you’ve finally landed in New York City. You’re exhausted- it’s a five hour time difference between New York and London- but also excited and very, very nervous. You aren’t here to take a vacation, nor are you here to work- your visit only has one purpose and one purpose only: meeting the love of your life.

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"wait who's Misty?" Pokeshipping fic w/ one sided amour only on Serena's end. :)

The Kalos group were currently enjoying the start of a nice lunch break beside a local river on the way to their next destination and, at the same time, had decided to take advantage of the opportunity to learn of more adventures and things from Ash’s past.

“Oh, well, I can always show you some of the pictures my friends and I took!” the raven-haired trainer had exclaimed with a guffaw, already plopping his backpack on their compact table to pull them out. “C’mon Pikachu!”

“Pikaaa!” the electric mouse cried in glee as he pounced after his trainer.

“Sounds like fun!” Clemont agreed with a nod as he started setting up the campfire with all of his necessities. “You’ve been traveling around the world a lot longer than the rest of us. It would be nice to get to know some of the people and Pokemon you’ve met outside of Kalos, wouldn’t it?” he asked openly towards Bonnie and Serena.

“Mm, sure!” the Pokemon performer nodded affirmatively as she started setting up the table, carefully moving Ash’s abandoned backpack out of the way while he ran over to the Lumiose City natives and sat down beside them.

“Hehe, feel free to come join us whenever you’re finished, okay Serena?” he asked with the same charming smile he always did, leaving her chest fluttering and burning in its wake.

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HIYA guys! so as the title says… SEPTEMBER 4TH  will be the official release date for the SWA Bedroom clutter set!

After a few months of mesh making I decided to create a set that you guys can enjoy and also as a going away gift … Ill be ending my summer of creations! (ill still be making cc … just not as often… ill be going back to uni! so MUCH less time on my hands) so I wanted to give you guys something BIG to make up for the lack of cc ill be making over the rest of the year after this is released . 

You guys have given some AMAZING suggestions and i’m still taking suggestions so you can leave them as a reply to this post  or in my ASK box 

I wont be able to make all of your suggestions ..for various reasons  the main one being I probably have no clue how to make it! if you guys didn’t already know i taught myself how to make cc in June and i’m STILL learning so I can’t make everything….. just yet ! lol  

Your suggestions are down below and I HAVE CROSSED OFF THE ITEMS I HAVE ALREADY CREATED , ill be making the rest over the time from now until the release date X


  • hair straightener
  • filofax
  • curling iron
  • lint roller
  • makeup brushes
  • dvd series / box sets
  • hair brushes / combs
  • tampons
  • hair dye boxes
  • pillows (there are SO many already out there I don’t think ill make any)
  • books
  • mugs
  • travel cups
  • deodorant
  • pencil case
  • makeup bag
  • sticky note stack
  • nail polish set
  • earbuds / headphones
  • shampoo/ conditioner
  • phone chargers
  • designer shopping bags
  • perfume bottles
  • books 
  • real magazines
  • Mattress recolours
  • polaroids
  • bed frame
    • platform bed
    • hideaway bed
  • the body shop lotion
  • urban decay makeup palettes
  • NARS makeup palette
  • open eyeshadow palette
  • Lipstick holder
  • modern side table
  • backpacks
  • fashion closet clothes
  • shoes
  • school folders
  • colourful usb sticks
  • cute clocks
  • face down cell phone (with cute cases)
  • postcards
  • ethnic hair/beauty products
  • modern wire chair
  • set of pens laying flat
  • individual nail polishes 
  • floor clutter storage boxes
  • smaller/ compact wardrobe
  • sunglasses
  • wall hooks 
  • compact bedroom trash can
  • side table candles
  • tealight candles
  • posters/ wall art (Again there are LOADS of wall art creations already … so i more than likely will NOT be making any posters / pictures or anything like that )

OK SO WOWZERS! That’s a long list ! I’ll try my hardest to make these!! I PROMISE!

if you have any more suggestions (although i think we’ve covered almost everything lol ) I’D LOVE FOR YOU TO LEAVE THEM DOWN BELOW! 

PS. ILL UPDATE THIS POST AS I MAKE MORE STUFF! LOL then you guys can see how my progress is going! xx

what would you like to see in the BEDROOM clutter set?