compact body

If someone has very big eyelids they have cancer influences
If someone has lots of moles its either aries or scorpio influences
Aries influence can also give someone triangular eyebrows
Leo influence gives thick hair
Lots of earth in the chart gives somebody a “compact” looking body while lots of air stretches it or makes it lanky
But pisces influence can also give a lanky body
Gemini and aquarius gives an androgynous look, and to a lesser extent libra

Date a girl with concave eyeballs

Layers of teal rubber skin

Standing in your kitchen doorway

Tall vines growing from her shins

Date a girl with fluffy cloud hair

And a chartreuse plastic face

Shiny tar inside her eyeballs

Pupils made of empty space

Date a girl moist eyelashes

Fingernails of plexiglass

Blood vessels made out of wire

Short hair that grows roots like grass

Date a girl whose leafy eyebrows

Produce their own chlorophyll

When she needs to absorb sunlight

She stands on your windowsill

Date a girl who has a body

That compacts into a sphere

When you see her rolling toward you

You know she will soon be near

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the picture with the scribbled out can make out that the person is small structured.. like a compact body.. from head to waist and not like a tall person would be

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Darren is the mysterious, scribbled out person in the photo.  Whether he is wearing The God Save the Queer shirt or not (I know many agree.  Some disagree.  Likely never know.  I clearly see the outline of the Queen’s hair.   But my opinion.).Thanks for this ask, while there are many posts about Christmas and the videos, none of them have the whole story as the videos were found for several weeks,

What we know about Christmas.  On or about October 24, Darren’s team staged Christmas in San Fran.  Why?  They knew Darren would be in Clovis.  So they knew they couldn’t stage a photo in NYC like last year.  And they had to account for him in Northern California.  And conveniently Darren was in San Fran in October.  Von Beard was confirmed there through October 23rd when we were “treated” to her version of the only song she sings.   We have looked at pics of Darren’s hair and nails and they match perfectly.  

This photo was taken the weekend before the filming (either Oct 22 or 23). Not that his nails are perfect and the length of his hair. We all know that the majority of Hedwig, the nails were chipped. But not here and not in the video.

This is a still from the video, Same perfect nails. Same hair.

We know Dylan and Christopher Lorentz (featured in the video that was filmed by his Brother Bryan) were at Hedwig on Tuesday October 25.   This is a pic from October 25, of Dylan, with a fan at Hedwig:

Reminder, Dylan is now represented by Hyphenate:

Missing from the videos.  Darren’s family.  No Bill.  No Cerena.  No Chuck. No Children.  

Further.  From Chucks IG post we are all but certain he stayed in NYC. If that is the case, then certainly we can assume that is where the grand kids were.  I have to believe, but have no evidence, Bill and Cerena were in New York as well.  It actually makes no logical sense for them not to have gone and to stay behind and celebrate with Darren and Darren’s friends.  And not be with their young grandchildren. One of whom is just old enough to be excited about Santa.  Nor does it make sense for Darren to not spend CHristmas with them. Unless he was spending it with his husband’ family.  This is Chuck’s IG post, from his home in NYC (and absolutely not the same place the video was filmed). Also posted at a time that made sense in NY and not in California.

Darren was spotted in San Fran on Dec 23.  This was intentional.  He purposely posed for some photos with fans to be placed there.  Seemingly alone.  

We then didn’t see him until the 26th.  Just his one IG post that is awkward as hell and that chris predicted hours earlier with his IG post. 

I do believe this perfectly predicted both the IG and the videos that were posted December 26, just not found for a few weeks.

In said IG photo, Darren stood as far from her as the sweater would allow with his hand limply by his said.  The sweater they were likely paid to advertise.  (Same brand as the ski suits, tipseyelves). 

Night of Christmas.  Chris is in Clovis and his cousin posts a pic. Taken with snap. Posted on IG.  Of him, Hannah, and the scribbled out boyfriend.  Ask yourself.  Why not crop the photo??   It makes no sense with editing being as easy as it is to choose to scribble as opposed to crop.  Her comment on why. “She didn’t want to out him.”  Out him?   Chris has publicly held Will out as his boyfriend for years.  No outing required.  

The only boyfriend she can’t out is Darren. Who is firmly in the closet and publicly maintains that he is straight.  And it was intentionally posted so we would talk.  And talk we did.  Granted she later retracted.  Said she loved Will.  But she only wanted her family in the photo.  Which is funny as Will was included as family, by Chris, on his Thanksgiving IG.  

Let’s not forget the day after Christmas Darren was spotted about an hour outside of Clovis.

Bottom line.  The haters can hate all they want.  They can live in the land of denial. They can ignore the hints and signs.  But to do so is naive.  

I feel like car design is in a good place right now in terms of how certain designs will age, but pretty much only in the sedan segment. Like this, the 2017 Ford Taurus?

That’ll look pretty good for ten years to come or so. Wheels are a little bold, but that’s not an integral part of the body. But compacts, pickups, and SUVs?

It’s the same general body language compacted or stretched to fit different profiles. I promise you these things will look like the 90s GM B-bodies look today in about 20 years.

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Eliott looks like a super chill cat, is he like that all the time?

Oh, yes :p He’s the type of cat that never, ever get pissed off, and he’s basically glue-turned-cat. He spends his day cuddling with me, sleeping, talking to the pigeons outside (he has a lot of things to say to them, it’s adorable), snuggling with me, and answering everytime you talk to him. It’s really fun :p

Here, have some examples! This was one of my best friend coming home on sunday after six months away (notice how he basically trapped her on the corridor ground, and how he looks like a huge ball of a cat when he compacts his body. Did I say that my cat is a giant?)

And this is his usual pose during the day, everytime I stay stilllong enough (more than five seconds)

Yep. He’s chill :p He doesn’t really understand the whole “cat are independant beings” concept though

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Thank you for your post and putting all events together :).. also I too think that is Darren.. one for the compact body and when u're anon pointed out, the tshirt. C's cousin could have used a pic where she had her cousins front and centre not one they are smooshed to the side and not the focus... also regarding C's 'confirmation', the best time to ask who W is was during the last book when it was dedicated to him, not for a book talking left, right and centre about how the industry works

How the industry works.  That celebrities lie.  That there are contracts.  And legal obligations.  And how hard it is to be famous having to live up to expectations.  

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signs or placements with the most rhythm and good at dancing?

i would say that water signs have the best rhythm, but i dont think that astrology can determine the way your body can move, to much of an extent anyway. maybe libra/taurus asc bcos they’re generally more short and stout and more compact bodies are better equipped to dance well, plus libras are quite graceful. but generally good dancers just come from practice and body type, not personality

No human body was ever meant to hold as much as you do;
it’s evident in all the cracks in your armor,
the broken smiles you don as masks and
the gaping hole in your chest filled with light.

You are- and this is putting it mildly-
a disaster of epic proportions, a compact body
housing hurricanes and tornadoes, wildfire and lightning
just waiting to consume whomever is closest in one fell swoop.

Loving you is willingly putting myself on an active railroad,
waiting in apprehension for when the train will come
and hoping it will run the other way,
just so I can keep my heart safe for another day.

Loving you scares me,
but god, I have never felt as full as I have
when you told me that you loved who I was, who I am:
that frail and skinny Brooklyn boy holding justice to his heart in an unspoken oath
housed inside a body finally made to keep up with a too-large heart
held between two heaving lungs.

—  falling in love with you is like skydiving into a tornado and hoping for the best (it’s scary, sure, but the thrill is goddamn worth it) || jG

Diverse werewolves 1

Left: Plains werewolf

Tall, sleek, and speedy. Most of the old well established packs are of plains stock. The long tail tassels make signalling easier in tall grasslands. This breed’s long covering coat gives it the second best cold tolerance among werewolves.

Right: Forest werewolf

Short and stocky. These werewolves commonly have wiry coats and compact bodies. Forest werewolves are the strongest of the werewolf breeds and among the loudest. Their stubby tails make body language difficult to read.

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Hey, if could you please help me think up of an alchemized weapon? My title is Seer of Space and Strife Specibus needlekind.

The weapon i think you’ll get the most use out of is the Frankenspool.
It’s a needle and thread that can connect two enemies in the most useless way for them both to be attached to eachother, so much that it utterly cripples them. I’m talking like sewing their face onto the other one’s knees, among other things. This leaves them open to being sliced to pieces with the razor sharp needle, or being choked to death with the thread.

To make this weapon, you’ll need a Bust of Gene Wilder (R.I.P.), a compact sewing kit, assorted body parts, and neon green thread.

Hope you enjoy it!

~Weapons Master Blu

Common Physical Attributes of the Signs

Lean and strong, big bones, thick shoulders and a long neck. Longer face with steady, challenging eyes, if they have scars they wear them like throphies. Dresses very well

Compact and sturdy bodies, muscular legs, often have round face with a cleat complexion. May appear to have a short thick neck due to the common high square shoulders, usually have large and or broad feet’s. Eyes are large and have a steady gaze.

Usually slim and tall, active with long arms and legs, fleshy hands. Very agile (plumpness may come from other influences)

Usually top heavy, can be slim although usually more rounded body, faces ate either moon like with prominent brows or have high cheek bones and small far apart eyes (often very round eyes). Faces can be a combination of both, soft skin charming smile.

Slim with graceful movement, hair is prominent feature - if bald they wear it very well. Oval face with big eyes relaxed look (like a cat in front of a fireplace - half closed), carry themselves well and well proportioned

High foreheads vieled eyelid, face may seem small compared to whole head. Broad jaw line and straight nose.

Very symmetrical, balanced appearance.pleasant face often with dimples, charming smile.

Broad face, wide forehead and thick neck. Middle stature but strong build, broad shoulders but slender intense eyes.

Strongly built quick to move, large well shaped face with high broad forehead, twinkling bright eyes. Either tall and athletic or short and sturdy, although weight can be a problem.

Narrower forehead between temples, frown lines, walk swiftly and surely. Small bodies, penetrating serious eyes, white teeth

Dreamy look to face and eyes, taller than most, noble-fine facial features, head bends forward/tips to side when thinking, movement is with purpose

Usually short thickset body, make have stooped back, oddly shaped head with relaxed almost sleepy,caring eyes and prominent or large eyebrows. May look eager or niave.

Do you fit with your sign? I have found many of these to be true. Reblog ;)

Cypriot Terracotta Jug,  Cypro-Archaic I, c. 750-600 BC

With an unknown mythological creature.

The astonishing figure shows a compact body with small hooves, one of a pair of wings, and a human face. The iconographical source is Near Eastern, possibly one of the human-headed composite creatures that figure prominently on readily portable seals. During the period of Assyrian control of Cyprus (c. 707–612 BC) such influence are particularly likely.


Subaru Impreza Sedan Concept Unveiled at L.A. Auto Show

The Impreza Sedan Concept is a design concept car previewing the next-generation Impreza which is to be the first one of Subaru’s next-generation strategic vehicles envisioned in FHI’s Mid-Term Management Vision “Prominence 2020” announced in May 2014. While positioned as an entry model in the Subaru lineup, its compact body features a blend of bold expressions of Subaru’s Dynamic & Solid design elements and a quality feel beyond its class - hinting at the design direction not only of the new Impreza but of Subaru’s future models as a whole.


The Toyota S-FR Concept World Premiere 

The Toyota S-FR is a concept vehicle that continues the proud heritage of Toyota’s fun-to-drive lightweight sports cars. Pitched as an entry-level model, the new concept emphasizes responsiveness, and aims to make a whole new generation fall in love with driving.

The concept’s compact body is incredibly light, yet offers a smooth driving style. Not just a sports car, it pairs the simplicity of an entry-level model with an intimacy that brings human and machine closer together. 

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Louis’ accent is so strong and uncontrollable bc he’s so smol he can’t contain it all it comes out all strong bc it’s kept inside such a compact body HES TOO SMOL #FreeTheAccent