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 Eggsy, Honeypots, Hartwin and Hickeys. One down, eleven to go.

  Eggsy looked up at the hotel, raising his eyebrow and letting out a low whistle. “Fuckin’ hell Guv, this place is posh.”
  On the other end of the comms link, Merlin chuckled. “Yes it is Galahad, but where else did you expect the daughter of the richest diplomat in the world to take her holiday? Please remember that you’re supposed to blend in. Best behaviour.”
  Eggsy rolled his eyes, then caught sight of his target. “What makes you fink she knows what ‘er dad’s up to, anyway?”
  “He has no sons, therefore she is his only heir.” Harry chipped in. “She’s being equipped to take over her father’s nefarious dealings. We need her room bugged.”
  Eggsy watched his target make her way over to the hotel pool while the concierge took his bags. “This’ll be a piece of piss.” he replied smugly. “'Scuse me Merlin, fink I’ll go for a swim.”
  Eggsy took off his glasses, stripped down to the swimming trunks he’d had the foresight to put on during his flight, then dived into the pool, swimming a few laps. He hoisted himself out of the water after fifteen minutes, perching on the edge of the pool in front of his mark, who was stretched out on a sun lounger. He ran a hand through his wet hair, made sure he had her attention, then spoke.
  “Why don’t you join me? The water’s wonderful.” He grinned, leaning back on his elbows and closing his eyes as though basking in the sun.
  The young woman laughed, closing the book she’d been reading and sitting up on the lounger. “You seem to be enjoying yourself just fine on your own.” She teased.
  “Yes, but a beautiful woman like you can only make the experience even more… enjoyable.” He winked. “What d'you say?”
  “No thank you.” She replied, gathering up her things and standing up from the sun lounger.
  “Aw, don’t be like that.” Eggsy half-whined, determined not to let his mark elude him.
“I don’t spend time with men who are already spoken for.” She raised her eyebrow.
  “Who says I’m spoken for?” He winked again and she rolled her eyes.
  "I’m not interested in men like you, looking for a cheap thrill when they’ve already got someone who’s laid claim to them.“ She draped her towel over her shoulder, putting on her sunglasses as she walked away.
  Eggsy retrieved his glasses and slid them on. “What the fuck , Merlin, does she know who I am? Why’d she make that comment ‘bout 'aving someone else?”
  “Well, Galahad, she was right about you obviously belonging to someone else…” Merlin trailed off.
  “Yeh, but 'ow did she know 'bout Harry?” Eggsy demanded.
  Merlin was silent for a few moments. “Galahad. For future reference, if you plan on taking your clothes off to seduce a target, make sure you’re not…marked quite so obviously..” Eggsy frowned, looking down in confusion.
  His thighs were covered in bruises, bite marks and hickeys.
  “Oh for fuck’s sake, Harry.”
  “Sorry Galahad-”
  “Arthur?” Merlin interrupted dryly. “It’s bad enough you sometimes forget to take your glasses off and make me watch you have sex with Eggsy. If you could please refrain from trying to devour our agents, at least in the days leading up to a honeypot mission, that would be much appreciated. I’m sending Lancelot in to take over the mission. Galahad? Put some clothes on.”

A/N: pfft so I avoided taking this the nsfw route and I don’t know if that counts as cheating or not but I don’t even care. I love Oblivious Eggsy, Possessive Harry and ‘I’m so done’ Merlin.

The ultimate masterpost

**This is a list of helpful sites pulled from multiple masterposts. I will be updating this as I find new things.** 

**If something doesn’t work let me know.** Thank you!

**If something belongs to you and you want credit let me know. I tried to make all the links go to a specific site. But I’m happy to give you credit if you see something that connect back to you.**


ACT Masterpost

AP’s Non-Specific 

For every high school student studying an AP test 
FREE MATERIAL (some SAT/ACt stuff too)
Study guides

AP’s Specific

Art History
Smarthistory: a multimedia web-book about art and art history
Barrons pdfs

AP Biology Exam Guide
Chapter Review
Giant Review Sheet
Crash Course 

Calculus AB & BC
Cheatsheet (AB & BC)
Stuff You MUST Know Cold for AP Calc (AB)
If you see that, do this (AB)

AP Chemistry Notes
Quick Review
Periodic Table

Comparative Government and Politics
Government Comparisons
Study Sheet (opens as word doc)

Computer Science
Review:Part 1Part 2

English Language
Rhetorical Strategies
AP Language Review

Environmental Science
Vocab to Know
APES Review

European History
Exam Review Sheets
Tom Richey 

French Language
Cram packet

Human Geography

Every Graph You Need To Know (YouTube)
Cram packet

Study guide

sparknotes study guide
hella good review sheets
ton of flashcards woah
mind map of social psych
rough outline of the year
psychologists to know
crash course ~ hank green
intro to psych post
free textbook resources
study playlists help u
bunch of review materials
very good cram packet
lots of notes from a post
outline of erikson’s theory
mind map of disorders
how to stay motivated!!

Physics B & C
Equations (C Mech)
Unit Notes ©
Unit Notes ©
Equations © 

Cram packet
Inference Procedures
AP Stats formulas

U.S. Government
Cheat Sheet
Review Materials
Tom Richey 

U.S. History
Cram Packet: part 1, part 2
The Giant AHAP Review
Unit study guides
Quizlet sets
The Comprehensive AP US History Study Guide
The man that saved me Part 1 Part 2

World History
Cram Packets and Review Sheets
Cram packets by era

General Subject’s

English Help
No Fear Shakespeare
How to Write a Essay (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X)
What makes a good Essay
How to Edit Yourself
Editing Checklist
Trouble Reading? Tips (X) (X) (X)
Writing Masterpost (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X)
Other things to help your Writing  (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X)

Achieving Proficiency

Math Help
Mathway (type in your problem and it solves it)
Square Root Calculator
Cube Root Calculator
Expression Simplifier
Helps you with Math
Easy unit converter
Any calculator you need
Algebra Solver
Scientific Calculator 
Cheat Sheet 

Science Help
All about space
Guides for more than 5,500 animal species
Improve you Geography knowledge
vast collection of historic images and videos
Symbols and their meanings
Comprehensive site for genetics and evolution
Lab Write Ups

Writing Help
Free Microsoft Word Equivalent
Writing Software Master post
Cant Remember A Word?
Bibliography Maker
Social Media Citation Guide
Earn A Cute Picture Of A Kitten For Writing
Writers Block?
Check Your Writing for Spelling and Grammatical Errors
Coffee Shop Sounds
Essay Structure Guide
Want To Know Who You Write Like?
Remember the Word
Alternatives to Said
Great Inspiration
Getting Inspired
Free Microsoft Word alternative
Dealing with writer’s block
Lay vs. lie
When to change paragraphs
Music for writing
Research and reading
How to write a kickass essay with ½ of the stress
How to write an essay
Guide to writing a basic essay
Essay writing: the basics
What makes a good essay?
How to google? (1) (2)
Writing tips
Harvard Writing Resources
Synonyms Masterpost
can’t find the right word?
Hemingway an online editor (It’s awesome)

Other Useful Stuff 

Son of Citation Machine
Owl Purdue
How to write Bibliography

College tips
make a to do+doing+done board (I just did this and it is very helpful)
print sources nicely (1) (2)
recipes based on ingredients - recipepuppy
popular new headlines -
speed read -
white noise -
plan sleep time -
google like a boss - png / jpg
Tips for college freshman
Know before college 
Preparing for a lecture

30/30 (app)
Essential productivity apps for any student*
Top 5 productivity apps for iOS (video)*
Top 5 productivity apps for Android (video)*
Time Warp
Self Control (mac) blocks websites
The science of productivity (video)
The science of procrastination and how to manage it (video)
7 brain hacks to improve your productivity (video)
The simple science of getting more done (in less time)
Productivity tips
About power naps
How to pull an all-nighter effectively

Studying (Currently long but I will sort through at a later point)
How to take notes Masterpost 
StudyBlue- Make online flashcards.
open2study- Free online study for everyone.
Khan Academy- Learn anything.
Coursera- Online courses for free.
Quizlet- Make flashcards and test yourself.
Presentation Zen- A blog that helps you with your presentations.
Time management
Momentum- Be motivated and organised.
Test your vocabulary
Grammar Check
Website Blocker- Remove temptation.
Coffitivity- sounds of a cafe 
Create flowcharts, network diagrams, ect.
Check spelling and grammar
Google books for research
Youtube Crash Course
Study Playlist
Convert Anything To Anything
Productive Study Break Tips
Pull an All Nighter & Do Well On Your Exam
Online Ruler
Thinking & Memorizing Tips
Research & Reading Tips
Finals Help Guide
Homework Help
Inkflow Visual Notebook
Free Flashcards Study Helper
Apps for students
Tips and trick to help you get good grades
Learning how to study
Cornell note taking method
BBC Bitesize
Essay writing
Wolfram Alpha for research
Memorizing dates
Making a good study guide
Note taking like a pro
Online calculator
Finals survival guide
How to survive finals
School survival guide
Free online courses
Exam survival tips
Studying for an important exam
Answering multiple choice questions
Guide on punctuation
Science simplified
How to answer exam questions
How to study
Useful websites
How to write an essay
Defeating Procrastination
Notetaking Strategies
Triaging Your Assignments
Basics for Efficient Studying
“Academic Disaster Insurance”
Test-taking Strategies
The “Secret” to Doing Well in School
Taking Notes Effectively and Practically
How to Review in Less Time
The Benefits of Active Notetaking
“Big Idea” Flashcards
What NOT To Do When Studying
How to Underline/Highlight Effectively
How to Read a Textbook
Reading Review, Highlighting, and Underlining
Superb Study Guides and Mini Moleskines
Solving Problems vs. Practicing Them
Creating Effective Exam Cheat Sheets

Free textbooks
Text Book Nova
Medical Textbooks
Cookbooks to Text Books
Science/Math Textbooks
Business Textbooks
Tech Books
Greek and Roman Text in English
Art Books
Historical Fiction
History Books
Project Gutenberg
Free Ebooks
Classic Books
Classic Books
Classic Books
Classic Books
Classic books and Reference and study guides
Classic books
Free Textbook Download Masterpost
Textbook Guide

My Study Life - It’s a planner to help you remember when your homework is due and stuff like that
Free printable planner
To do list
How to make a study schedule
Class folder organization
“Study Cove” Organization
Making a Detailed Study Schedule
The Work-Progress Journal
Quick Tip for Flashcard Organization
Scheduling Organization
College Plan Spreadsheet Template
Organizing Your Notes
Getting Yourself Together in College with Mental Illness
How to Organize Your Workspace

Stress Reliefs/Relaxng
stress analyst - relaxonline
distract yourself
self-care tips
self-care for overstimulated nerves
softest legs
feel better
Thoughts Room
Panic & Anxiety Masterpost
Guided Relaxation
Stress Relievers
Chill Playlist
Cute Videos
The quiet place project
Feelings Masterpost

Useful Stuff
plan, budget, and manage daily finances
How to take a Standardized Test
How to Master Excel
Fact check politicians
Back to school Masterpost
What you didn’t learn in high school

IDK what to put these under but they're helpful too
Check The Safety Of Any Website
Download From 8tracks
Print Webpages Without the Clutter
Is This Website Down For Me Or Everyone?
Self Defense Tips
Upload Anything From Your Smartphone To You Laptop
Chrome Extension Tells You Which Tab Is Playing Music
Prevent Hangovers
Bookmark Online Videos
1 Month Free of Amazon Prime
Netflix Recommendations
Becoming An Adult Masterpost
All The Audios You’ve Ever Reblogged
Stream/Watch Free TV/Movies
Never Hit A Dead End With A Broken Link
Downloadable PDF To-Do Lists
Watch Musicals
List Of Universities On Tumblr
Summer Studying

Scholarship Masterpost


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“Zetus lapetus Captain Anderson!”

Shepard: Girl of the 21st Century (Released January 29, 1999 on VHS)

The crossover that no one wanted, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century and Mass Effect. Anything space related I immediately think of Mass Effect, so when I watched Zenon with my friend last semester, well…

Throughout Dragon Age merchandise, Anders is vilified in many ways that tend to be interpreted as joke material by fans, but we should look at the real meaning of the references to Anders made in Dragon Age. Sometimes they’re hidden and subtle, and at other times they are blatant but easy to ignore. The latter one makes it easy for Bioware to get away with it.

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