The endurance comp lasted 5 and a half hours… isn’t this the longest HoH endurance comp on a while? All I can remember is the wall comp from last year lasting 2 hours and the buynack/HoH comp lasting like 30 minutes (due to the rule of no sitting like on BB11). I don’t remember any comps from BB16 and I doubt there was one that lasted that long on BB15/BB14.

The BB18 cast really did that uh?


My computer finally got fixed! Anyway, I don’t exactly have a comic for you guys so have a bunch of baby expressions! There’ll be a continuation for the comic soon enough. You know the one. 

On a side note, thank you for providing your opinions on whether or not I should continue using the designs of the original cast as the tots. I suppose it would still be a bit too soon to change anything so I’ll probably be keeping the designs the same for now! 

its actually like really unsettling and disgusting that frank has literally made more than one woman cry because of his genuine sexual abuse and misogyny and not only has production not given him a warning, they continue to portray him in a positive light on the show