#1: (2011) Initial design. Looking back, he looks kinda horrible lol.

#2: (2012) Tried to tweak his initial design. This is the design that is meant to be a wizard + shark hybrid I proposed, hence the “hat” resembles like a wizard.

#3: Thinking about giving him an “organic” feel, but I never liked the result so this was scrapped. Kind of borrows the previous 2012 design though.

#4: This is where I made drastic changes on my Shark Wizard robot. Still retains the wizard motif I had back at 2012 and I was referring to some original mecha designs via Pixiv.

#5: Somewhere in middle of 2012, this was his finalized design.

#6: The current design. Although I lessen the details on his armor for simplicity’s sake.


How Jensen makes Misha laugh - the look aka flirty faces, winking; dirty talking and shaking his hips, ok.

“Another time Misha was trying to get out a line and I was just off-camera. I switched the lines up completely and made it really obscene and probably not stuff I would repeat in front of strangers, or even friends, but he couldn’t make it through the scene, [he] just busted out laughing.” [x]