Today is my last day at the Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad, No Good Job.

I should be excited, but I’m not, because I still have eight hours to go, and eight hours is a lot in a place like that.

(Especially if management is still mad at me over that whole “not lying to a visitor about their member’s care” thing.  It seems like they genuinely believe the only problem is that I talked about it.  Euuughh.)

At three today, I’ll be really excited.

Caroline and Tyler, who barely even acknowledged each other in season 1, and only became close in season 2 as a prelude to getting romantically involved with each other were “best friends” before they became a couple? Better friends than Stefan and Caroline “ever were”? What show was this? On the one I watched, Caroline and Stefan were close for 4 seasons before they even shared a kiss. But Tyler and Caroline? Well, let’s see.

Tyler about Caroline in 2x06: “You know what I think of Caroline Forbes. She’s an insecure, neurotic, bitchy little twit”. 

Tyler and Caroline in 2x12:

6 episodes! In 6 episodes, Tyler went from thinking Caroline was a “bitch” and a “twit” to wanting to kiss her. But they were “best friends” before they got involved? Better friends than Steroline “ever were”?

And Stefan and Caroline actually, literally referred to each other as “best friends”:

Caroline and Tyler referring to the other as their “best friend”:

That isn’t to say that Forwood didn’t become friends while she helped him through his werewolf transitioning, and hey, those 6 episodes where he got to know her and fell for her were fine. But 6 episodes of “friendship” before romantic involvement vs. 4 seasons? But Tyler and Caroline were “best friends” and “better friends” than Stefan and Caroline “ever were”?

Whatever you say, guys.


Arthur: Can I just go one day looking semi normal?
Lewis: Well um…. they look nice at least.
Vivi:…..Im not awake enough to process this….why do you have wings? did the faeries do something while I was sleeping?
Arthur:Uh…I think its cause of the faeries that I ate…..
Lewis: So….maybe we should do something about countering whatever effects are going on?

In order to sincerely fulfill his duty, Jaejoong put in the effort to prepare wholeheartedly and to learn. Further, he was good to the teachers and was polite. I liked seeing such a person. ( ) The way he thought was also kindhearted, and truly he was a person who was sincere/diligent.
—  Senior Actor Ji Sung on Kim Jaejoong  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


I thought I’d have to meet you,
my shining star, in the black,
dodge rocks and flames and emptiness
to see you smiling back.
But I see you now, my shining star,
your feet upon the sand;
can you fault me for the breath I took
when I finally touched your hand?
—  You may have fallen, darling, but you’re still bright enough to blind.
Is that your pulse I’m feeling, or have I recovered mine?