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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Autistic Self Care and Community Support Zine

So I finally got around to writing the official call for submissions for the autistic self care zine! My testing-the-waters post got a lot of interest, so here it is!

This zine is a compilation zine by and for autistic people on autistic self care and intra-community support.

As an autistic person who occasionally struggles with executive function and “autistic inertia,” sometimes the typical self care advice just doesn’t work for me. I’ve found that getting other people to guide me or tell me to do something is helpful, and I’d be willing to return the favor, so this is an important subject to me. I’d like to explore the ways that autistic community can make the results of working together greater than the sum of our individual efforts.

Also, I’ve noticed that most self care advice tends to be directed at allistic people, and I can’t find much tailored specifically to autistic people. Sometimes the things I think would be helpful, like requesting support for supposedly “easy” tasks, are seen as awkward, taboo, or immature, often leading to me avoiding asking them of allistic people. I think all of these things deserve more dialogue to bring them into the open and provide useful advice to fellow autistics.

Possible Submission Topics:

  • Building support networks in autistic community
  • Dealing with depression and anxiety as an autistic person
  • Autistic inertia and self care
  • Addressing barriers to self care
  • Making self care manageable
  • Sensory self care
  • How we can help each other care for ourselves
  • And anything else you can think of!


  • You must be autistic (on the autism spectrum) to submit. Self-diagnosed people are welcome. If I’m low on submissions, I may accept pieces from people with similar issues to those faced by autistics, such as allistic people with ADHD or SPD.
  • You must be over the age of 13 to submit.
  • Keep things SFW (safe for work, no explicit content)
  • Try to keep submissions a reasonable length (probably under 10 pages)
  • This should go without saying, but refrain from including sexist, racist, heterosexist, cissexist, ableist, or otherwise bigoted material in your submissions.
  • Please don’t use functioning labels in your pieces. Also, avoid talking about Autism Speaks.
  • You can include an “about the author” section with links to blogs, etsy shops, etc.
  • You may submit multiple pieces.
  • Submissions will be edited lightly for spelling and grammar. If I think something else should be changed, I’ll contact the author
  • No poetry, please.
  • Art submissions are okay if they include text.

Important Stuff:

By submitting, you are giving me permission to include your work in this zine. The zine will have a free pdf version released online (including a version that will work with screenreaders) and maybe a print version to be sold online. Authors retain copyright to their submissions.

Tentative Submission Deadline: May 31st, 2015

To Submit: Email me your submission at metaparadox11 (at) gmail (dot) com

If you want, you can also submit through Tumblr (I’m here at oliviaszines and paradoxnow, my personal blog.) Feel free to ask me questions.

In case you’re curious, I’m a 22 year old autistic (diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome) girl who is still fairly new to the autistic community (it took a long time to find someone who would take me seriously enough to diagnose me) and the world of zines (which are now my strongest special interest.) If you have any advice from either side, I’d love to hear it!

- Olivia

maggie-stone  asked:

Hello! I super admire your writing and love your zines. I was wondering if you had any recommendations for beginning zinesters who are trying to find some direction?

Well, the first thing I’d recommend to anyone who wanted to get into writing - of any kind - is to read a lot and write a lot. Since you want to get into writing and making zines, specifically, I’d say read all of the zines. Read fanzines and perzines and lit zines and comp zines and how-to zines and political zines and zines that blend some or all of the above. Figure out what you love and what you hate and what you’re indifferent to - in the writing itself but also in the layout and execution. Take the things you love and try to use similar tactics in your own zines. The things you hate or are indifferent to, throw those out.

Here are some other things you might want to check out:

the zine scene, then and now (a response to an ask I wrote a couple years ago)
Fuck Fear // New Dreams // “If I’m a dork, it doesn’t matter.” (something I wrote at the beginning of last year; it’s more about overcoming fear in general, but can definitely be applied to zines.)
go forth and make zines (a video chat about zines I recorded in October 2015)
writing/zining prompts (a couple pages from the handout I made for my perzine workshop)


A Call to Arms (Aaron Cometbus’ zine/self-publishing manifesto)
Stolen Sharpie Revolution by Alex Wrekk (the best, most comprehensive zine resource out there)

One last thing:

As much as I agree with Cometbus (see: A Call to Arms) that zines and other self-published writing and art should be just as good as - if not better than - anything the big guys produce, and that we shouldn’t just let ourselves produce shoddy work with the mindset that ‘no one cares’ or ‘so what, it’s punk,’ I also don’t think you should hold yourself to an impossible standard, especially with your early zines. I started making zines in 1994. Notice how I haven’t posted anything from any of my zines pre-1997? Yeah, that’s cos my first three years of zine-making were truly cringeworthy. But that’s okay! It took me three years of zining to produce anything that wasn’t a waste of paper, and another two years to produce anything that was even halfway good, and I’d been making zines for nearly a decade before I produced anything I was truly proud of. Don’t let me scare you off; I’m not saying it will take you a decade to make a great zine. What I am saying is: just go for it! Don’t worry if your zine isn’t better than every other zine ever written. It’s still worth it, and you’ll still find people who wanna trade for it and buy it. And here’s something to keep in mind every time you make a zine: once again, don’t worry about making it better than every other zine ever written. Just try and make it better than your last zine.

That was a tangent, but an important one, I think.

You were asking for direction. I’ll repeat what I said at the beginning. Read lots of zines, of all kinds. Figure out what kind of zine you want to make, or what elements of different kinds of zines you want to combine, then go do it.

And hey - if any of my zine pals want to weigh in on this, that’d be great, too. (@crapandemic, @matresist, @upthewitchypunx, @gnade, @dreemmachine? uhhh…I’m suddenly forgetting the URLs of all the other zinesters I know…)

Comp zine coming up!! Luna Rio’s first issue will focus on creativity and fire. I need to print before I make it to SF next week, so the deadline is v short. So if this flows, pls go for it and send me your words/art to This one is gonna get the heart, and I’d love to include more of us. Let me feel you 💐


Here’s a tiny peek at the two zines I put together in time for the Chicago Zine Fest this weekend!

Dig Deep #6 has stories about friends, projects, adulthood, keeping your head up, etc etc. You know, the usual.

Always & Forever is a comp zine about friendship & IT FUCKING RULES. Get stoked on this killer lineup of contributors:

Brittany Maksimovic (Playing Victim)
Caitlin Constantine (All I Want is Everything)
Celia C. Pérez (I Dreamed i Was Assertive)
Heather (Dig Deep)
Jamie Varriale Vélez (Sinvergüenza)
JC (Tributaries)
Jen T (Tongueswell)
Jenna Brager (The Sinew That Shrinks)
K (Lake Effect)
LB (Truckface)
Leslie Perrine (Sometimes the Sky Explodes)
Lily Pepper (PALS: The Radical Possibilities of Friendship)
Sara Bear (Grin & Bear It)
Sarah McCarry (Glossolalia)

With a cover designed by Marissa Falco (Miss Sequential)!

Not going to be at CZF? These zines will be in the Stranger Danger catalog in the next week or two!