comp in 2 weeks

Making this comp killed me. I’m posting it from the grave. 

This ended up being incredibly difficult and time consuming to achieve and it still isn’t perfect but it’s done (at least for right now) Took me about two weeks and a lot of different attempts. 

Honestly looks way better not zoomed in and not HD OTL

I’ve been moving and starting at a new school and whatnot, so I haven’t had much time to post, but here’s a pic from a week ago.

I have class 2 days a week (Comp Sci major in Portland) and I’ve been going en femme more often than not. Loving this city. The only rough part is that I have a Public Speaking class this semester. Doing those speeches en femme is terrifying but I’ve only gotten positive feedback so far. If I can make it through Public Speaking en femme, I can do anything. And no, I can’t mask my voice so the class knows I’m crossdressing because I said as much in my intro speech.

i return from an adventure on saltspring island with the inkstudliest boys and what should i find - some comps of Island Issue 2! You can get it next week, featuring the first chapter of my space cannibal adventure, “habitat”, and more wonderful stuff by steinerfrommars, chamonkee and more

It pisses me off that Brittnee does not get half the credit she deserves from HG’s/alumni. Like she is responsible for getting out Graig, Kevin, Willow and Bruno, Sure she’s made a couple mistakes along the way but she has gotten out big targets. Yet everyone worships Kevin who really only made a good move in aligning himself with people who could win comps and ratting out a conversation he had heard week 2. His instincts have been so off, and it’s frustrating as fuck that he gets props while Brittnee is seen as useless.