comp climbing

aurelinsol  asked:

12:11 am and thinkin about how you inspired me to play more dps than healer in overwatch and how now i've started to enjoy playing comp again and am climbing much easier

ANGIE STOP I SWEAR I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! if you play on pc let’s play!!! pls!!!! playing with you all the time would be a dream come tru.

@queenbva honestly ur probably right but if i finish my placements i’ll probably end up being ranked in like bronze bc i ended in low silver last season after a losing streak of 11 games. i just dont think i can play comp until i climb back to at least gold

It’s halfway through the game, let’s stop pretending Justin’s jester act is simply because he’s not familiar with Big Brother. He doesn’t read the rules (face swap comp), doesn’t take comps seriously (sword comp), doesn’t study for comps (wall climbing comp).

Stop excusing his lack of giving a shit as rigging. He just sucks.

Moved up two places from Qualifiers and ended up in 18th at this year’s Vail World Cup; not bad for an off-the-couch performance! I’m glad that I went into this year with a more relaxed attitude. I am definitely more psyched about my upcoming Australia trip (6 days away!!) and I needed this comp to re-ignite my psych to train for next year. So happy I got to represent my country for Semis! Till next year GoPro Games!

Photo cred: Beau Kahler; unbeauvoyage