New Picture released of Andrew Scott playing Lazlow in the new Swallows & Amazons Movie. (x)

It looks like they’ll be expanding on Captain Flint’s storyline as Andrew is playing a spy & there wasn’t one of those in the books. I think they might be playing about with the storyline of Captain Flint’s wooden chest being taken & buried on comorant island whilst Titty (renamed Tatty in this movie) is drifting in the Amazon’s ship at night after capturing it from the Blackett sisters.

I’m really looking forwards to this movie as it looks really good & the Walker kids look like they are being played by real looking children & not by Hollywood’s version of kids (if you know what I mean!) & the boats are spot on perfect!

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Name: Kastra, Wren, Lybris

Nickname: uhhh. kas and wrenny

Birthday: 11/19/98
Sign: Scorpio
Gender: Nonbinary

height: 5′2″
Favorite color(s): ahh.. i lo e comors allnof them are nice but purples and greens are ly favorite
Time: 9:47 pm
Average amount of sleep:lime 4 hours and an extra few just lying around
Last thing i googled: my own blog bc i had to open in mobile browser to copy these questions
Number of blankets i sleep with: 2
Favorite fictional character of all time: Gamzee…….
Favorite famous person: hhh im not current w celebrity dtuff in the slightest?? probably nicki minaj
Favorite band: lmao?? idk
Favorite book: aaahh idk if i jave a favorite tho my favorite genre is horror
Last movie i saw: Inside Out
Dream trip: i dont think abt traveling much?? proba ly to visit my close friends
Dream job: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ animator maybe?? game design??? idfk

idk who to tag uhhh. clock-heart nonbinarykarkat cocoraccoon if you guys wanna?? and thats it lmao

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lwcy you know comor and I are here for you and we love you so much. just please hang in there, I know you can do it. we can get through this together. you still have to meet conor and I in person remember?it's a promise we made to eachother. I love u

I fucking love you so much. and yeah, a promise is a promise

Mc, ici c'est nous les best !!!
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Plastic Free July

Day 23

Another great working day down at the Natural History Centre in Werribee Park.  If you don’t know who we are, check us out at

Being there reminds me of how important it is to continue with Plastic Free July long after the month has ended.  Ok I know I’m not very good yet, but I will gradually reduce my use of plastic as time goes on.  It takes a while to change, so if you’d like to join us, take it slow and gradually change.  A single piece of plastic not used is a step forward.

I’ve also been making preparations for our forthcoming clean up weekend at Wader Beach.  There are tonnes of plastic litter on the beach so I had to call up a few waste bin providers to book a skip for our collected litter.  It is expensive, as the disposal costs at landfills (where our litter has to go) are high.  I can’t grumble about that as we want every one to minimise their wastes so that we need less landfills.  Sadly some ignorant people just dump their waste down by the beach to avoid tip fees.  

Here’s one of our Wader Beach friends.  With friends like this to look after we will eventually get to be plastic free!


Camera, interrogazioni seduta 29 luglio: Pellegrino e Giordano -2-

Roma, 31 lug. (askanews) - L'impugnazione riguardava la pronuncia di compatibilità ambientale - a seguito di procedimento promosso a domanda di Terna s.p.a. del 22 gennaio 2009, con conferenza di servizi - dell'opera (decreto del Ministero dell'ambiente e della tutela del territorio e del mare, di concerto con il Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali e del turismo, del 21 luglio 2011);
la sopraintendenza aveva a suo tempo richiesto l'interramento di parte dell'elettrodotto, per l'impatto negativo, causato anche dall'esbosco di specie arboree significative per l'assetto naturalistico ed ecologico, dei mastodontici tralicci e dei cavi sull'ambiente sottoposto a tutela, e cioè su corridoi fluviali di elevato valore paesaggistico del torrente Comor, del fiume Torre, del fiume Isonzo nonché della Roggia di Udine e della Roggia Mille acque e sulla matrice agricola del paesaggio. Successivamente il Ministro dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo diede invece parere favorevole vista «l'impossibilità di realizzare l'elettrodotto in cavo, (sotterraneo) nelle zone sottoposte a tutela paesaggistica, come chiarito dalla società Terna s.p.a.»; (Segue)


Quão Magnífico é o Teu Nome - Coral Jovem Assembléia de Deus de Belem-PA