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Capítulos 6 y 7:  
Bajate del pony al que te subiste Surtizorra, el bichis is on the house ahora! 
Que barbaridad, a Camus se le juntó el ganado, ¿Ahora que va a pasar? D: La única certeza es que los dibujos cada vez son más deformes (?) Y además también apareció el señor frutsy de bulimbrusti! :0 (?) Qué rayos hacen ahí?

¿Debería encontrar un lugar donde subir todo el cómic en un album solo para aquellos que acaban de descubrirlo y no estan entendiendo nada? :0 tal vez (?)

Pd: Frimbul XDDD pobre señor bulimbrusti :3 (?

PD2: Combiné ambos capítulos, el 6 y 7… porque sí xD 


But one become two/ And two inevitably three../ And three could never repeat/ She keeps seeing that old freedom holding her soul bleeding./ What hurts is it’s so fleeting./ So she leaves three. And four’s not easy./ At five, still thinks back and has trouble breathing./ Six is just a fling and seven, well that’s me,/ but all she sees is everything that she can’t be./ Wish I could say some- thing, but she’s done the math and knows that I know nothing

Been like seven years since I was sixteen/ I’m still waiting here for my teenage dream/ Perry lied - I was five foot five inches short staring eyes open wide at the door./ The love of my life bursting forth/ and I could feel my heart keeping time hitting four on the floor/ Need I say more?/ I was that dork that never knew how tell her what I felt for her./ Took three years for me call her/ and two minutes in she says “Who?” Shoot, I thought she knew./ Honestly I spent too long chasing one./ Time wasted and now I’m facing life with none