fo-shizel asked:

I saw your post about what to bring to college, but I'm most likely going to be a commuter (live at home then drive to the school). What kind of stuff should I bring? Just my backpack and laptop or should I keep, like, snacks in my car?

Essentials for Commuters:

  • Backpack, messenger bag, etc.
  • Laptop or tablet - practically a requirement for commuters
  • Snacks in your car or backpack (esp. if you’re taking public transportation)
  • Plastic silverware. You can bring real silverware, but I found it really helpful to just keep a box of plastic ones in my trunk for days I would forget.
  • Lunchbox, if you need to eat meals on campus
  • Folders - one for each class that day
  • Notebook(s)
  • Sticky notes - keep a small pad in your backpack. Replenish as necessary.
  • Highlighters, pens, pencils - 2 of each in your bag
  • Calculator (if you have a maths class that semester or that day)
  • Phone charger (if you have long days, personally, I just charged mine while driving to/from school)
  • Umbrella - just something you should keep in your car regardless of where you’re going
  • Headphones
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Extra sweatshirt or jacket in your car

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extra tip for new college students: commuter edition

procure for yourself a small hard-case pencil box to keep in your bag and fill it with these things:

  • a small bottle of ibuprofen
  • a few pink bismuth tablets
  • sinus pressure/pain pills
  • bandaids in various sizes
  • some tubes of chapstick
  • an emergency pad/tampon (particularly if you menstruate)

commuting is a big enough pain in the ass without having your home/apartment within walking distance like dorm students do, you would not believe how often i use my emergency medical stash at school bc i am a tired and sickly individual

chantatortot asked:

Can commuters rush?

YES! A commuter student can join a sorority. But after pledging, it will take extra effort to attend events and be on campus for all the greek activities, mandatory meetings, fundraising events, parties and other sorority requirements. It can be done, but be prepared for a demanding schedule and an adjustment in your time management. xoxo ;)

impresss asked:

Can I pledge as a commuter??

YES! But you will need to make an extra effort to attend mandatory meetings and events. It will mean more driving back and forth, or frequently staying later on campus. If you want to be in a sorority, you will need to manage your time and dedicate yourself to staying connected. It can be done. Sisters do live off campus and remain actively involved. If you have the discipline to make it work, let the chapters know that your commuter status won’t be a roadblock to being a fully engaged member. xoxo ;) 

Here is my schedule.
Psych MWF
English MW
Trig MW

I know I have great professors.
I am able to afford 3 classes


I hate that I’ll be driving back and forth every Monday and Wednesday. Maybe it won’t be so bad, we’ll see.

***this app by the way is called My Study Life I have the app on my phone and it’s also an app on Google chrome. It’s a great way to keep your class schedule, assignment due dates, and exam dates organized and it’s FREE

huskyonahill asked:

how are sorority members towards commuter students?

FINE! Not all members can live on campus or live in the sorority house. Many sisters live in dorms, apartments, off campus housing, or even at home. As a commuter student, the burden will be on you to attend all mandatory events, participate in chapter activities, socialize with the sisters and show up for meetings.

There won’t be any problems as long as you make the extra effort to be present. Sometimes commuters have long drives and they don’t want to make multiple trips to campus for required events, meetings, parties and socializing. This can be a real challenge. Maybe parking is difficult at school, the hours are long and traffic unbearable. You will need to plan your time very carefully and possibly stay at school additional hours to meet your obligations to the sorority. It takes more energy, flexibility and dedication to be a commuter greek girl. But all things are possible if you really want to be involved in sorority life. 

The only way to bond with your chapter is to BE THERE. If sisters see that you’re not a part of chapter life, you will feel some distance from the group. But if you show up for everything, join in the fun, run for office and fully participate, etc… then where you drive from each day is not that important. How and when you interact with the other sisters is the top priority. xoxo ;) 

I can’t wait to live at home next semester. I’ll be able to have a part time job while I’m going to school and I’ll be able to help out at home. 

But what I am most excited for is decorating. 

There are going to be so many plants in that house. 

mother fuckers 

you don’t even understand 

I’m finally done with finals!!

Freshman year is over! It went super fast. I’ve met and made awesome friends. I have tried new things. I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve had my happy moments, but also a few meltdowns. I made the Dean’s List and got into an honor society. I honestly thought freshman year was going to be bad because I was commuting, but it was the total opposite. I definitely made the best of my situation and got involved in my school. 

Can’t wait for next semester :)