commuter mitts

Just wrong enough.

I spent all day taking it easy because the antibiotics I’m on are making me feel very ill every time I take them, which is 3 times a day.  So I decided to knit a pair of fingerless mitts for my sister, a kind of test run, since I think I want a pair for myself.  So I cast on for the Commuter Mitts, and knit and entire one (sans the thumb).  While it fit around my wrist/hand fine, the proportions of the top cuff were just off and too small.  I should have paid more attention to other comments saying that the pattern seemed to be made for really tiny hands.  I hate when projects just barely do not work out.  It would be better if it was just completely wrong, but having something just the tiniest bit off making it unwearable is so frustrating!

I am just going to re-watch Buffy from the beginning because I want some good comfort TV.