October 24th - All of a sudden, Autumn has exploded into vibrant colour, and the Black Country, from Darlaston’s quiet majesty to the postwar estate roads of Tipton wear the season’s overcoat beautifully.

There was little wind, and in the stillness, leaves tumbled freely and carpeted footpaths, towpaths and roads. I hate the darkness autumn brings, but it is beautiful out there right now. 

Get out and enjoy it if you can.


October 24th - Something out of the ordinary picked up by the ride cam as I hopped on the canal at Moxley on my way to Great Bridge on an errand at midday. 

Riding the canals, you get used to seeing rats occasionally, but this small one was absolutely frantic to get somewhere safe, and repeatedly tried to jump over the wall, but each time failed.

I understand people not liking them, but they really are fascinating creatures.

Every day, hundreds of workers in Mexico begin their days lying down in the back of pick-up trucks.

Alejandro Cartagena does not know much about the lives of these “Carpoolers,” whom he photographed for a year starting in the winter of 2011, heading down Highway 85 off Monterrey. But he does know this: Every morning from about 7 to 9 a.m., groups of construction workers gather by a “maestro” (or head construction worker) before they hit the highway and head south toward San Pedro. They lay low in the truck’s beds, surrounded by the tools of their trade, along with blankets and towels to make the ride more comfortable. The commute runs from 45 to 90 minutes, depending on traffic.

Mexican Carpoolers: A Photographer’s View Of Truck Bed Commuters

Photo credit: Courtesy of Alejandro Cartagena


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More than half of the professors in the United States are adjuncts. As largely part-time educators, they’re excluded from most of the benefits and security granted to full-time faculty. Even though their numbers have dramatically increased in recent decades, that doesn’t necessarily translate into power. Many struggle to attain any recognition at all for their hard work, low pay and often terrible commutes.

Artist Dushko Petrovich is one of those adjuncts and he’s got an extreme story. He teaches at four colleges: Boston University, Yale University, Rhode Island School of Design and New York University. That’s right, four different states. Talk about a nightmare commute.

Low Pay, Long Commutes: The Plight Of The Adjunct Professor

Comic: LA Johnson/NPR