Alright, I know that everyone’s upset because tumblr didn’t include the lesbian flag (I am too, Tumblr why did you leave out my flag ;-;) but why is everyone hating on them for including the ace flag??? I mean, why the fuck are you guys hating on the ace community because of something tumblr did???? Look:

Like, wtf???? Just because our flag wasn’t included, doesn’t mean we have to hate on another flag!!! Why can’t people realise we can ask for a flag without hating on another? It’s not like it’s impossible for them to add the lesbian flag while keeping the ace flag. The ace communtity has already had enough hate, why are you guys being acephobic? And to that one user who said, “asexuals arent even inherently a part of the community” Fuck you. Just…. Fuck you. If you believe that aces aren’t apart of the community, you can unfollow me right now.

Also, I don’t think it’s fair to call the Tumblr staff lesbophobic just because they left out the lesbian flag, because I don’t think they meant to. They honestly believe that the rainbow flag covers both gay men and gay women. And honestly??? I sorta agree with them???? Don’t get me wrong, as a lesbian, if someone asked me what flag I identifed with, I would show them the lesbian flag, but I don’t mind using the rainbow flag either? Maybe that’s just me. What IS lesbophobic is how tumblr flagged lesbian as nsfw. So fuck them for that.

One last thing that kinda makes me mad is the pride month calenders:

Like, why are you deviding up the days? Shouldn’t every day of pride month be a day to celebrate all genders and sexualities? I don’t care what this stupid calender says, I’m gonna celebrate all pride, every day.


Stop being acephobic, just because tumblr didn’t include a lesbian flag doesn’t mean they’re lesbophobic, however them callling lesbians nsfw is lesbophobic, and stop dividing up the days of pride month, we should be able to celebrate all types of pride all month. Thank you, and happy pride month :3


I have to say that the worms series is really funny 😂😂😂

Book Reflection: Wrestling With God and Men - Homosexuality in the Jewish Tradition

This was a truly fascinating book. It’s written by Rabbi Steven Greenberg, the world’s first openly gay Orthodox rabbi, and makes the case that being gay and having gay relationships and sex is not biblically forbidden, in opposition to the mainstream beliefs of Orthodox rabbis. I’m not Orthodox, and so don’t see myself as bound by all the laws of the Torah, so there’s no conflict for me between my gayness and my Jewishness, but I think this could be a tremendously important book for gay Orthodox Jews who are struggling to reconcile their sexuality with their faith, as the author also agrees. I won’t go into his actual arguments, as they’re quite numerous, complex, and require the background provided in the book on Torah and Talmud, but, admittedly coming from the perspective of a non-Orthodox Jew, I found them very convincing and well argued.

I think this is a landmark book, one that people will look back on in the future as being an important trailblazer. Rabbi Greenberg states in the text that change in halakha (Jewish law) takes a long time and must be preceded by change in cultural attitudes and beliefs, so he doesn’t think gay Orthodox Jews will be fully accepted by their rabbis and communities for a long time, but he believes we are on the road to that distant point already, with promise being shown by the rabbis and communtities. The book ends on a note of hope, with a final chapter on how synagogues can work to be accepting and supportive of their gay congregants. Like Rabbi Greenberg, I too hope that one day gay Orthodox Jews and their rabbis and communities can live together without conflict.

Are you religious and LGBT? How do you feel these two identities complement each other?

Teddy’s Videos

Andromeda convinces Teddy to film pretend blogs to her parents.

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August 2, 2013

Teddy: What happened at school this year.

Teddy: I was TOTALLY cool. Definitely didn’t make a fool of myself. Did not happen. Aaaanyways…

Teddy: We’re learning about it at school… it’s unimaginable.

Teddy: Until next time.

Hey Jack, can do me a tiny winy favor! I know your stressed, so take a few deep breaths for me!

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*breathe in* *breathe out*

*breathe in* *breathe out*

Once more

*breathe in* *breathe out*

You feel relaxed now, 👍 good 😀 now listen, we don’t mind if we re watch videos of yours (I have 30 or so I need to catch up 😂) ! Just relax, we got you FAM (I really got to stop saying that 😂😂)

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When I started Teen Wolf on MTV the day it aired, the summer before my sophmore year of high school , I honest to god almost shut off the television. I thought “This is the most cheesiest television show about a boy becoming a wolf.” 

Needless to say, I watched episode two quickly after. 

I remember being really involved in the rise of Tumblr and had a pretty good footing in The Hunger Games and Percy Jackson fandoms. But during that time, I had really never ventured out to other communtities. Both of those fandoms created great enviroments for me, but that was because I was there for the start of them. Teen Wolf was a fandom I joined a bit after the first season ended, and was unsure of my place when so many other people dominated the space (espeically since, at the time, I wasn’t great at creating content). 

But in my years of Tumblr, there has been no greater family than the Teen Wolf family. There is no community like this, and trust me, I’ve been in a lot. I have met, connected, loved, bonded, and collaberated with so many people within this world, all because I watched this silly little show about teenagers and wolves and angst. I felt so welcomed and so encourgaed, that Teen Wolf was the first place I felt comfortable wiritng for, and delving into design more for. Withing a few months, I had switched urls from ohmymockingjay to stilinskyed and became a full-fledged Teen Wolf blog. 

It’s crazy to think a television show would mold a good part of my personality and growth in high school, and it’s even crazier to try to explain it someone who isn’t connected to this community, but high school sucked for me. I was unhappy with my body, my mental health was taking a turn for the worst, and I had no social skills whatsoever. But you people made me feel so comfortable being myself, and do what I love, and share what I love. 

So to some OG friends, thank you to @silverrargent, @mrsobrien888, @truegriefbeard, @queerlyalex@wolftease, @sleepy-skittles, beth (im sorry i cannot find ur blog link omg rip), @magnusimon, thank you for just always being such amazing people through this. You all have touched my heart in so many ways. Even if we don’t talk much anymore, and even if you don’t fuck with teen wolf anymore, credit is due to the people that really made this show worthwhile. Thank you for the 2am frantic texts when I had headcannons rolling through my head, the years of encouraging messages, the constant last-minute beta-ing of my writing. I love you all. 

And to, of course, @wolfbutts, my blonde bombshell in the photos. I love sharing our story of friendship bc it’s cute and really, I just love you. But Kaelyn and I met right before I came to college, on a forum to find freshman roommates for dorm selection. I remember that I had been messaging her and one other girl trying to decide who I might like more, but the minute me and Kaelyn awkwardly shared our intense love for Teen Wolf, I knew I was going to choose her. We moved in together, and for being literal polar opposites, we got along pretty well, probably because of this one thing, and for the fact that we had fandom blogs. We would watch Teen Wolf in our room together when it aired, sometimes with other friends, other times in our hall living area. We had posters up our Teen Wolf art in our room, and our gifts to each other seemed to revolve around the show. 

Even now, almost four years later, me and her still watch the show together, and watched the finale together too. And it was so nostalgic, really, to sit with the person I entered into college with as complete strangers, and to be in my senior year, close to graduation, and to end the show with her. 

My point is, the show, and this community, gave me oppertunities to meet people like Kaelyn, like Rachel, like Kayla and Beth, and all of you, and to create friendships and memories I wouldn’t trade for the world. All the con meet-ups where we put urls to faces, the Skype dates and video chats, the networks to talk about our otps and headcannons. I couldn’t have asked for a better community of people to share that with.

This show has been such a staple in so many of our lives for so many different reasons. It’s been relatable, comforting, and intriguing all at once. And even though at times it seemed to let our expectations down, it still shaped up to be a show that gave us way more than something to watch. It gave us an outstanding cast to cherish and support. It gave us a space to create and collaberate, and even made strides to put veiwers like us on the spotlight and thank us, through the After After Show and Wolf Watch, steps television shows rarely do to incorperate the fandom into the show. And even giving us the chance to find some role models in the cast (Meagan Tandy, you are the light of my life). 

@teenwolf, to the cast, writers, and all the in-between, thank you for giving us this experience so that we could spend the last seven years finding and loosing ourselves in the story, the characters, and the family. I don’t know how my life would have turned out if it wasn’t for that first episode of two best friends on the search for a dead body, but I’m glad I don’t have to find out. 

A Forever Fan,



some. very rough concepts for the ‘everything is the same but with stands’ AU:

1) on trill, only the symbionts have stand abilities, developed over time through exposure to their hosts’ spiritual energies and wordly experiences. after each host the symbiont gains new ‘act’ form - for example, dax, joined with jadzia, has 7 (6 before unlocking joran). all dax’s abilities are based on some or other form of sound manipulation - act 1 (lela) is able to generate and absorb shock waves, act 5 (torias) has the biggest range of hearing (around 1km), act 6 (curzon) renders anyone the user is talking to extremelly suggestible to persuasion. act 0 (joran), due to his personality being separated from others is the most independent form, capable of verbal communtication and painfully uncooperative

2) quark’s stand ability is to divert attention from whatever he is doing (creating diversions, generating blind spots within 20m range etc etc), which doesn’t make your local constable’s work any easier. also, ferengi obviously have a tradition of preserving and selling stands after their user’s death

Every time I see a list of “kinds of witches” I just wanna reblog it and finish it with “here a witch, there a witch, everywhere a witch witch”

Then I think that would probably be rude so I don’t do it.

Often times when idols are seen in communte (airports, arriving on venues, etc.) they are seen wearing ear buds. However, there is usually nothing playing in them, nor are they even plugged in. They are used as a deterrence device as well as a discreetly polite way to avoid responding to screaming fans without appearing to be rude and inconsiderate.

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100 Followers Gift!

Hello Simblr Communtity and followers! I will be doing some sim requests! Send as many as you would like! 

But! You must include the following in the request:




-Hair Color

-Eye Color

-Traits and Packs (I only have parenthood, city living, and get together)

If you want it to be up to me then just lemme know! I only will be answering them as asks. If you sent me them as a mesasge then I will tell you redirect it to my ask box which is right here! Have a LOVELY day wherever you are! OH and ps! I will also be taking sim edits if you would like!

Tsukiuta. Nagatsuki Yoru & Satsuki Aoi [Yuuyake Days] Mini Drama Translation

This mini drama is the mini drama I enjoyed the most in Tsukiuta for sure. It was pretty hard for me to translate some things due to the very high volume of the background sound. But if I misheard something or found a mistake please tell me~ Then, please enjoy!

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iikiko  asked:

I have a few questions, 1. how are you doing, lovely? 2. Do you have any advice on how to communticate with fae/ghosts? including spirit guides and totems? 3. Any advice for someone who's starting herb, spirit, and divination magic? Love ya!

1. I’m doing fine! I’m so glad to finally have my witchcraft supplies back so I can do some death work during this new moon!

2. My advice is to get comfortable with the spirits. Remove any fear you have of them. Recognize if you’re feeling stressed, distracted or otherwise negative, as that can skew your communication. Be welcoming, but be on your toes! Spirits can still trick you.

3. Herb magic works with spirit magic very well, so you have a lot of overlap in your studies! For divination, I recommend you practice. It doesn’t have to be every day, but maybe once every couple days to get really good and comfortable. Also, carry your divination tools around with you, or keep them with you to bond with them!

Thanks all! Have a lovely day!