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Natalie Tran Discusses Asians in the Media at Brown University.  She’s hilarious, and gives great insight into how the media portrays asians.  Hopefully, this will change sooner rather than later.

This video was originally posted by communitychannel.  No credit to me for this video.


A popular Youtuber by the name of Natalie Tran, also known for her channel name CommunityChannel, had a talk about Asians in the media at Brown University.  In her talk she spoke on subjects such as typecasting, lack of representation, and racism she had been forced to endure from comments on her videos.  She went on to list many hurtful remarks she’d encountered including one along the lines of, “You’re a slut, because you don’t date an Asian guy.”  Following this statement, a commenter went on to criticize her lack of romantic history with other men of Asian decent.  This triggered an onslaught of users either agreeing with the commenter’s views or fiercely defending Ms. Tran. 

One user in replying to these hateful remarks, instead of addressing the racism involved in the original comment, decided to approach that hate with some productive and healing wisdom.  His response (while moving) is quite long, so beware!  Please read on as what he says may be enlightening and encouraging to those who have suffered from heartache and/or loneliness.

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How Weather Reports Should Be

Featured: Unoriginality

Unoriginality’s brand of humor is unique in that he takes social situations and often exaggerates them, creating an excellent blend of both darkness and satire. Most of his content consists of skits or vlogs involving skits with him acting in every role (often with him wearing wigs). His enthusiasm and confidence while being over the top make for a funny combination and definitely contribute to his style. His videos are reminiscent of nigahiga, communitychannel, and other vloggers that use skit-making to portray their thoughts. Make sure to go check him out if you’re interested in well-made, comedic skits!

Internet star Natalie Tran discusses Asian representation in the media

Natalie Tran is well known for the hilarious, absurd, and relatable observational comedy videos she releases on her YouTube channel CommunityChannel. But she recently stopped by Brown University to give a slightly more serious chat about Asians in media. (more…)

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