Summaries of YouTubers

DoddleOddle: exactly what she says she is - bunting and ukuleles.

danisnotonfire: inhale the memes

Zoella: here is something you already know how to do with a british accent

KidPOV: what

Jack & Dean: insanely fucking funny but where are you

Hannah Hart: drunk but you know what that’s ok

Tyler Oakley: very gay. very beautiful. very.


AmazingPhil: funny and creative videos, always makes you smile

PointlessBog: ^^

Alexis G. Zall: since my mom’s not here im going to go fuck myself up but only with her permission

Chris Klemens: his content is the people of nyc

CommunityChannel: #relatable

Jenna Marbles: today we’re going to do some random shit that i saw on my facebook and it’s going to take like 11 minutes but that’s ok because it will still be funny as fuck

Amy Ordman: can never be bothered but makes great content anyway

Amy Ordman: also yells a lot

AmandasChronicles: really fucking gay, loads of feet

Twaimz: high school musical

Super internet fam

Kara does Communitychannel style YouTube videos, lots of “isn’t it awkward” type shows. She also runs a food blog and regularly creates vines that are just her zooming in on pigeons and other animals she sees throughout the day.

Alex, after a guest appearance on Kara’s channel, starts her own Ytube channel where she does increasingly ridiculous science experiments that may or may not explode all the time.

One day she gets a comment from another well known science channel insulting her application of a scientific theory. They end up getting into a passive aggressive “RE: response to SawyerScience’s response to my response” fight and every comment on their videos is “JUST MAKE OUT ALL READY” and “MOMS PLEASE”

They end up meeting at a local convention, getting into a loud and public argument, and then furiously making out in an empty panel room. Someone manages to snap a shot of them kissing and their two fandoms let out a collective “FINALLY THANK GOD”

James runs an aesthetic blog that’s just nature pictures he’s taken and shots of his bf Clark

Winn mods a subreddit