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Toni and Jughead's Friendship

I am saying this now, I will be shipping Jughead and Toni’s friendship really hard. So expect to see them in my blog. I mean, I really want someone to be there for Jughead and really be his friend. I am not saying Archie hasn’t been a friend but let’s be honest, Jughead has done way more for Archie than Archie for him. And this season they will be on differents sides so…
Anyway, I feel like Toni and Jughead could become great friends. I won’t lie, at first I wasn’t a fan of Toni because she is said to cause some “trouble” for Bughead but then in an interview, Lili said that Toni becomes like a confidant to Jughead so this means they become great friends. Meaning the “trouble” is like a lot are saying, she just drags him more into the Southside and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Anyway, anyone who feels like they will be shipping them too, wanna help me out with a ship name…


I like Jopaz a lot but I don’t know, what do you guys think?


Because no one can wait for Stranger Things: Season 2 here’s the newest teaser trailer that appeared at Comic-Con. Not only is the teaser throwing out clues about how dark this season will become but poor Will Myers does not seem to be out of danger yet.