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Sneak Peek in which Chidi attempts to rap

anonymous asked:

is albert going to die in the christmas special??? and do you think the show will get renewed?

Don’t worry guys… Albert is safe (for now).

I know the timeline isn’t always easy to follow on the show (that’s probably the reason why the second series was confusing and all over the place — and the historical inaccuracies didn’t help, thanks Daisy Goodwin!) but Albert and Victoria had NINE children and they only have THREE (Vicky, Bertie and Alice) at the end of the series so I don’t think Albert will die in the Christmas Special.

In the preview, it seems like Albert is going to fall into that icy lake and Victoria will gets scared and rescue him (yeah a little bit of historical accuracy would be nice!!!)

assortedflavours wrote a good post about the whole situation. You can read it here!

And do I think the show will get a third series? The ratings were a bit lower this year but good enough to get a renewal in my opinion. FINGERS CROSSED!