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moon: it is a tragedy, yes? that you have all the light in the galaxy to offer, while i may only reflect yours?
sun: but dear moon, i am lonely, i am poison to the touch. too often the ones i love come away with burns. if you dream, dream to be the stars, for mortals send up their dearest wishes and secrets to the stars.
stars: envy us not, we are but pinholes against the canvas of the sky. envy the moon, the center of the masterpiece, the sovereign of the wolves and the tides and the night.
—  “celestial dialogue”, paperharbors

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hc on even and isak (+eskild) going to pride together? xx

yess!!!!!! yes yes yes!!

  • ok so in my head if isak were to go to pride it would be a Group Effort not just even and eskild… he would need all the support he can get ok
  • bc here’s the thing about pride - it’s overwhelming, esp if you’re someone whose never really been open about your sexuality, or struggled with internalized homophobia the way isak has. to be suddenly surrounding by so many open + proud gay people, it makes you wonder if you really belong with them. sometimes it feels like you’re making it up bc you’re not as ready as they are to go and make out with your boyfriend in front of the whole world or even just paint rainbows on your face. 
    • and also its just like??? the world has sort of shamed this sort of behavior all of your life, you never see it in tv shows or movies, and isaks never really seen this in his own personal life other than eskild so just to see??? himself in this?? and people like him??? everywhere? and to see them happy??? man it would be SO much for him to take in.
  • i think he would struggle a lot with whether or not he should go, if he’s ready to be there and be out and have his sexuality on display like that. but eskild thinks it would be good for him, bring him in touch with his own community, so he pesters isak until he gives in. 
  • at first isak isn’t planning on going with anyone other than eskild and even (who he asked hesitantly, in more of a whisper than anything else, a this is really stupid but there’s Pride this weekend and eskilds making me go and i was wondering if …. maybe you would want to come with me to which even smiles a little bit and goes oh yeah im totally down for that! pride last year was really fun and isak’s a little surprised because he never knew that even already did these things, and it makes him feel a little less weird about it)
    • but then the Boys find out and isak’s sort of embarassed bc he thinks they’re just gonna be like oh. ok. and be weird about it, but they react really well???? and they ask hey that sounds like fun could we come with you?
      • (jonas noticed how weird isak is acting about it and lowkey thinks he might need a friend there, its his way of asking do you want me to be there for you?)
    •  and isak feels this relief of tension he didn’t even know he had, he didnt know how nice it would feel to have friends who want to be there to support him, even if they’re not gay themselves (as far as we know… [eye emoji])
    • and jonas tells eva, who tells the rest of the Girls, and they all agree to go together - eva, who’s been growing more and more aware of her own sexuality and thinks that maybe going will help her figure it out, vilde, who has a part of her that really wants to go for some reason and who doesn’t realize why yet, noora, who’s already been so many times with eskild and loves it, sana, who feels a bit nervous about probably being the only girl there wearing a hijab but ready to support isak + prove that her religion doesnt make her any less supportive,  and chris, who just really wants to get drunk lbr.
    • so it becomes a Group Thing and isak never meant it to but he feels like he can breathe a little bit easier, it doesnt feel so weird, its obvious now that it never had to be a thing he had to keep a secret.
  • so. PRIDE. what fun huh.

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Well. You guys asked for it. The origin story of Yellow. :)

Well, more like the moment when I first started thinking about him and not the origin origin. Honestly, when I made his concept design, all I wanted was to get him out of my head and into the world because my brain kept nagging me all the time about it.

But T H E N @therealjacksepticeye saw it and the community around him saw it and all fucking HELL BROKE LOOSE. My inbox and activity feed was flooded with so many questions and positive feedback and and just SO much interest that I couldn’t for the life of me imagine happening.

So, needless to say, I hope y’all are happy because here you go. It’s here. It’s done. *opens confetti*

Also, really sorry about the quality. Both work and Patreon had been big priorities so this comic was done every chance I could get. ^^;

Take care and have a happy new year. <3


P.S. Shoutout to the person who asked the question to Jack during the panel. Thank you <3

Tarot Readings

Hey Guys. So I’m currently going through some financial issues, and as a result I’m going to start giving 3 card tarot readings for $5 to help get me through some bills and help build up my savings a bit. I’ll be doing 10 at a time, though if I do get that many it will take up to 7 days due to my work and school schedule. The readings will be done in write up form, through email or private message via tumblr, and payment through my account, which I will put the link to in my bio at the top of my blog.  

If you’re interested in getting a reading, please private message me so we can discuss, I’m open to reading for specific questions or just general readings as well, and of course if theres something in the reading that I don’t explain or that you don’t fully understand I will try to go more in depth. Please note that these are a lot more personal and specific than my free one card draws, so any request sent through anon will be ignored.  

Donations and tips would also be greatly appreciated. Please PLEASE help me out and spread the word by reblogged this post, tagging it would be even better  

Thank you all So much!!

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listen, angst aside, jupeter is… it takes literally  h o u r s  for peter nureyev to decide that yes, this broody misanthrope is the one for him, chuck the 20-year vow of anonymity out the window and tell him your name and ask him to run off into the stars with you, and the MOMENT juno lets him all he wants to do is fuss adorably over him in the hospital and kiss and dramatically confess his love. meanwhile juno pines about nureyev in every other line the whole time he’s gone, swears he’ll never love again like a jilted 13-year-old girl, broods over how He’s A Criminal And Left And He Can’t Be Trusted, and then two days and one train robbery later has decided that NO I TRUST HIM COMPLETELY and is willing to suffer torture for him and literally calls him “the best thing that ever happened to me” like some kind of straight person nicholas sparks movie bullshit ????? they are so in love what the fuck