Some commonly used words/phrases that contribute to the appropriation of Black culture in the U.S.(hence, if you aren't Black, you shouldn't be using them):

Note: this is not a comprehensive list!

Lit/it’s lit
Bae (this is NOT short for “before anyone else” tf. Niggas been sayin this forever)
[on] fleek
Ratchet (don’t be a smartass, the adjective not the object)
Baby Mama
Squad [goals]
Trap/trap queen
YAS/Yasss queen
Turn up/turnt
Basic (as in basic Becky)
[throwing] shade
Bout that life
Dig it/ya dig
Giving life (i.e. Beyonce gives me life, black tumblr giving me life)
Fa sho
Habitual “be” (i.e. they be killin it, he be walkin, bitches be like, etc.)
Ass (i.e. That’s some ignorant-ass shit.)
[don’t] trip/trippin
Thug life (I can’t believe I have to say this one)
Tea (spill the tea!)
______ game strong
Fuckboy (derived from fuck nigga)
Thirst/thirsty (also contextual)
Nigga (obviously, but not so obvious to everyone)

If you wanna argue with me:
1.) Check your privilege
2.) Educate yourself on the historical and contemporary harms of cultural appropriation in this country, particularly within the Black community
3.) Assess whether your ability to say a word is as important as the dehumanization, oppression, and appropriation of an entire culture.

If you still wanna argue:
1.) Don’t even say nun just unfollow me
2.) Piss off

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Ok so I actually have an issue with people who have issues with fictionkins/fictives who were/are “trouble characters”

1) Especially with past lives and fictives, they can’t help it, and they’re probably really sorry/won’t do anything like that in this life/world

2) Sometimes it prevents the said kin/host from making friends in the kin community

3) It’s literally the reason I can’t tell anybirdie my fictive

So seriously, could we not do this? Like- I get it maybe they killed you, or they killed somebirdie you cared about, but chances are this incarnation/host is really sorry.