Shit that needs to change in the metal community

1) Stop calling every band you don’t like “Gay”, or “Fags”. Your alienating gay metalheads and it just makes you look like a douche 

2) Stop calling everyone, especially kids, “Posers” so what if some 14 year old thinks Cannibal Corpse created Death Metal, so what if they can’t name any Thrash bands that aren’t in the Big 4. They are probably new to Metal. So cut them some fucking slack

3) Stop slamming any other genre of music you don’t like on every single fucking youtube video, on every single facebook post, every forum etc. It just makes you look like an asshole. Its okay to dislike rap or dubstep etc. But just keep your opinions to yourself, if someone is like “Hey what do you think of Justin Bieber?” Just be like “Not a fan, sorry”

4) Stop trying to be edgy as fuck, It’s cringe worthy. If your facebook profile has “Burning churches with varg vikernes!”, “Killing Posers!” and “Hail Satan!! 666 \m/” as your hobbies, chances are you are an unlikable twat

5) Stop going in Mosh pits only because you wanna start a fight, Pits aren’t for fighting, if someone falls down, help them up, if someone gets injured help them get out the pit. All in all, don’t be a dick