3 Important Tips for Managing a Social Media Community

1: Embed within your community

Community, it’s not just a “social networking” site where users are required to login and create profiles. Communities can be built on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and even on a blog where the conversations are happening within the comments.

Here are three lessons to consider when managing a community:

Community managers must also embed themselves within the community they serve and become integrated with the community.

The result is the collecting valuable data and insights from the community members and reporting back to management. The reporting is usually feedback on how to improve the company’s products, services or business processes.

Community managers will be successful if they are authentic and leave egos at the door.  Community members are smart and can see right through egos and many times they will call you on it. The best tip I can give to a community manager is just to be yourself.

2: Don’t just focus on monetizing.

The biggest mistake a community manager can make is to start screaming “one-way” marketing messages at the rest of the community. The members will do one of two things: they will either leave the community or call you out on it publicly. Both are bad for business and should be avoided at all costs.

Unfortunately, situations like this still happen today. Brands and small businesses create groups, fan pages or Ning communities for the sole reason of monetization.  There may be some sales as a result, but there is little to no long-term benefit, much less repeat sales. Remember the old saying, “It takes more to acquire a new customer than to sell to an existing one.”

3: Don’t just listen, get the community involved.

Building strong customer loyalty is not just listening but also acting—embedding yourself within the community and becoming a trusted voice there.  However, the challenge for every business in social media is to eventually “become believable.” And that means winning consumer trust.

Shit that needs to change in the metal community

1) Stop calling every band you don’t like “Gay”, or “Fags”. Your alienating gay metalheads and it just makes you look like a douche 

2) Stop calling everyone, especially kids, “Posers” so what if some 14 year old thinks Cannibal Corpse created Death Metal, so what if they can’t name any Thrash bands that aren’t in the Big 4. They are probably new to Metal. So cut them some fucking slack

3) Stop slamming any other genre of music you don’t like on every single fucking youtube video, on every single facebook post, every forum etc. It just makes you look like an asshole. Its okay to dislike rap or dubstep etc. But just keep your opinions to yourself, if someone is like “Hey what do you think of Justin Bieber?” Just be like “Not a fan, sorry”

4) Stop trying to be edgy as fuck, It’s cringe worthy. If your facebook profile has “Burning churches with varg vikernes!”, “Killing Posers!” and “Hail Satan!! 666 \m/” as your hobbies, chances are you are an unlikable twat

5) Stop going in Mosh pits only because you wanna start a fight, Pits aren’t for fighting, if someone falls down, help them up, if someone gets injured help them get out the pit. All in all, don’t be a dick

Meet JSE Community

1. Name, Age, Country: Sophia, 15, USA

Yeah, I’m on the younger side of the community. I’m turning 16 in a few months if that makes it any better??

2. Appearance:

Hey, I actually drew a semi- decent self portrait for once.

3. Hobbies: Art and writing mostly.

4: What is your dream job?: Either a freelance artist or an English (or creative writing) teacher.

5. What kind of shit would we find in your bag?: My art stuff (sketchbook, pencil case, pen bag, ect.) my phone, earbuds and portable charger, and other random odds and ends I pick up for whatever reason. I had a foot long piece of bark in my purse for three months if you need an example.

6. How would you describe your personality?: Hyper and goofy but also cynical and pessimistic. It’s a strange mix of annoying amounts of excitement and existentialism.

7. When did you find Jack’s channel?: Around two years ago with his 7 million subscriber milestone video.

8. Put in order your top 3 Egos!: Anti, Schneep and Marvin.

9. Favorite/ most nostalgic video/series: Probably Undertale, Night in the Woods and Final Station in no particular order.

10. Would you describe yourself as an active member or a quiet member of the community? If you’re an active member, what’s your favorite part about what you do?: I think you guys all know the answer to this one and it’s definitely active. I draw, write fanfics, edit, I pretty much dabble in every fandom thing there is. My favorites would probably be art and writing though. Speaking of, here’s a link to my fic masterpost if anyone’s interested.

Thank you to @no-strings-puppet for these prompts! It’s always nice to meet other members of the community. :D

anonymous asked:

hi so we're mutuals and i haven't talked to you but i just want to say that i've followed you since day 1 and i'm so proud of you. you give me hope because i remember back in the summer when you were depressed and things were really bad and i kind of feel that way now but then i see you on your blog laughing with your friends and talking about how you're going to marry someone you love and just i've seen you go from someone who struggled to someone who provides so much love for this community1/2

and you make me smile and feel better about myself and you’re like a mom to everyone and i see so many people talking about how much they love you and i see how your kindness has helped so many and it makes me smile to think that one day i could be like lacelia and be so universally adored and happy despite so many challenges presented your way. you inspire me to keep going and inspire me to be the best version of myself and i’m just so glad i follow you and i hope you know you’re really helping

oh my god this actually made me tear up i hope that everything good comes your way and please please please feel free to contact me off anon holy shit