Monday night’s episode for the Tuesday morning commute:

In this episode, we spend a little time breaking down the Super Bowl. Not so much the gameplay, but more so the advertising dollars spent, the performances, the controversies, and the anti-movements of the country. A much larger talk is had.

Around the halfway point is when we shift gears and talk about past generations of Americans and then calls from Max and Jonny Vroom to talk a little Super Bowl; a little video games; and a little on whether not we should be making women register for the Selective Service.

Another great show with the squad.

Watch the entire episode here:

Nonverbal Autism and Making the Right Decision
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Lately I have been struggling with knowing what’s right for my son. We are lucky in Minnesota to have many therapies available for kids with autism, but not all are the right fit. You see, my son has nonverbal autism and that makes things tricky.

We’ve tried early childhood special education, Fraser, and in-home applied behavioral analysis (ABA). I liked things about all of them but have had some…

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Songbirds recognize songs the way humans recognize vowels
But very differently from the way we process music.

Humans are obviously pretty special when it comes to language. One of our cleverest tricks is the ability to process the sounds of spoken language at high speed—even more remarkable when you consider just how variable these sounds are. People have very different voices and very differently shaped throats and mouths, which all affect the sound waves that come out of them. And yet we have very little trouble communicating with speech.

There are many ways to try to figure out how this wizardry evolved, but one particularly useful source of information is birds. Their evolutionary relationship to humans goes pretty far back on the family tree, so anything unusual we have in common with them—like vocal learning—is unlikely to be because of our shared genetic history. Instead, it’s more likely to result from similar evolutionary pressures causing both of us to hit on the similar solutions.

This is why a paper in this week’s PNAS is so fascinating: it found that songbirds process sounds in a way that is very similar to humans. Like us, they’re able to process how all the complex frequencies bound up in a single sound relate to one another. It’s very close to how humans process vowels.

[Speech on the Terms of Admission to the Communist International July 30]

Crispien went on to speak of high wages. The position in Germany, he said, is that the workers are quite well off compared with the workers
in Russia or in general, in the East of Europe. A revolution, as he sees
it, can be made only if it does not worsen the workers’ conditions ‘too
much’. Is it permissible, in a Communist Party, to speak in a tone like
this, I ask? This is the language of counter-revolution…

The workers’ victory cannot be achieved without sacrifices, without a temporary deterioration of their conditions. We must tell the workers the very opposite of what Crispien has said. If, in desiring to prepare the workers for the dictatorship, one tells them that their conditions will not be worsened 'too much’, one is losing sight of the main thing, namely, that it was by helping their 'own’ bourgeoisie to conquer and strangle the whole world by imperialist methods, with the aim of thereby ensuring better pay for themselves, that the labour aristocracy developed. If the German workers now want to work for the revolution they must make sacrifices, and not be afraid to do so…

To tell the workers in the handful of rich countries where life is
easier, thanks to imperialist pillage, that they must be afraid of 'too
great’ impoverishment, is counter-revolutionary. It is the reverse that
they should be told. The labour aristocracy that is afraid of sacrifices,
afraid of 'too great’ impoverishment during the revolutionary struggle, cannot belong to the Party. Otherwise, the dictatorship is impossible, especially in West-European countries.

—  V. I. Lenin, Collected Works Vol. 31, Moscow: Progress Publishers (1960), pp. 248-9


[Full Translation] Message from Ms. Rita Izsák-Ndiay, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues, to the Japanese people who have commented on her unofficial visit to Japan


This is to all people who commented on my unofficial visit to Japan:


Dear All,


first of all, I would like to thank you for taking your time to write me your comments and reflections on my recent unofficial visit to Tokyo. One of the main aims of my visit was indeed to stimulate more public discussion around the topics of inter-communal relations, hate speech and tolerance in Japan. Since social media was created to enable two-way communication, I believe it is important that I respond to you. This will be my only reaction: as my visit was unofficial (meaning that I was not invited by the Government of Japan), it will not result in any official report or statement.

まず、私の東京への非公式訪問について、コメントや感想を述べることに時間を割いてくださったことに感謝いたします。今回の訪問の主だった目的の一つは、まさに [こうして] 異なるコミュニティ間の関わりや、ヘイトスピーチ、不寛容(※1)の問題等について公開の場での議論を促進することにありました。ソーシャルメディアは、もともと双方向のコミュニケーションを可能にするために創られたものなので、皆さまに [きちんと] 私の反応を示すことが肝心だと思いました。[ただし] これは、私の唯一の反応となるでしょう。訪問は非公式に行われたもの、即ち日本政府に招かれて行ったものではないので、公式な報告書や声明が発せられることはないという意味です。

※1 原文はtoleranceですが、通常社会の問題に触れる場合は「寛容の問題」とはせず「不寛容の問題」とするため、「不寛容」としました。

I regret the number of hate-filled messages appearing on my social media sites (here on FB and on Twitter) against various groups living in Japan, most often targeting Koreans. I especially regret the ones that are trying to justify hatred against them by explaining in detail why all Koreans are thieves, murderers, prostitutes, or rapists. This is absolutely unacceptable. In EVERY single nation and country in the world, there are unfortunately individuals who are thieves, murderers, prostitutes, or rapists but labelling entire communities, let it be a majority or a minority community, because of the action of a few people, is absolutely unacceptable and I will delete such messages from my private page consequently.


For those of you who worried about what kind of agenda I am serving, I am glad to tell you that nobody’s. I have written a UN report on “Hate speech andncitement to hatred against minorities in the media” in 2015 which you can read here: http://ww, and I was invited by the Japanese Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA) to present it.

私があやしげな目的を持っているのではないかと懸念している方々がいますが、そのようなことはありませんのでご安心ください。私は、2015年に国連のレポートとして書いた"Hate speech and incitement to hatred against minorities in the media(メディアにおけるマイノリティに対するヘイトの扇動及びヘイトスピーチ)"の講演を行うために日本弁護士連合会(JFBA)に招かれたのです。そのレポートは、こちらでお読みいただけます。(反差別国際運動による抄訳『マイノリティ問題に関するリタ・イザック特別報告者報告書』

In my presentation at the symposium, I explained that the term “hate speech” is rarely used in international law. There are different expressions categorizing the nature of hate-filled speeches and most countries make a difference between incitement to genocide, advocacy for hatred and offensive languages for example, which in everyday discussions are often labelled under the common name of “hate speech”. In reality, these should have different legal consequences.

私はシンポジウムでの講演で、"hate speech(ヘイトスピーチ)”という言葉は、国際法では滅多に使われないと説明しました。ヘイトに満ちたスピーチには、その性質によって分類される様々な表現があります。そしてほとんどの国において、これらはたとえば、「ジェノサイドの扇動」「ヘイトの提唱」「攻撃的な言葉」等に区別されます。日常の会話の中でこれらの言葉に与えられた共通の呼び名が、"hate speech"なのであって、現実には、これらにはそれぞれ次のように法の適用が行われます。

1) Direct and public incitement for genocide MUST be prohibited under international law (see Genocide Convention, Rome Statute etc).

1) ジェノサイドの直接かつ公然とした扇動は、国際法上禁止”されなければならない”。(ジェノサイド条約、国際刑事裁判所ローマ規程等を参照)

2) Advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence CAN be prohibited as long as restrictions are legal, necessary and proportionate (Article 19 and 20 in ICCPR, Article 4 of CERD) and

2) 差別、敵対行為、または暴力を扇動する民族、人種、宗教的なヘイトは、それらの制約が合法、必要、かつ、比例的であるかぎりにおいて、禁止”できる”。(ICCPR国際人権規約第19,20条、CERD人種差別撤廃委員会規則第4条)

3) expression of opinions and ideas that others may find offensive but does not meet the threshold of severity, at which restrictions on expression are permitted, SHOULD NOT be prohibited (see in detail Human Rights Committee’s General Comment No. 34).

3) 他者にとって攻撃的と捉えられる可能性のある表現、意見、考えではあるが、その重大性が限度を越えないもの、即ちその表現が認められるものについては、禁止"してはならない"。(詳しくは人権理事会の一般討論コメント第34号を参照)

However, legal action (which can be criminal, civil or administrative - depending of the severity) is not the only solution: social action bears a huge importance, especially in relation to the 3rd category of speech as described above. Coordinated action to address hate speech and hate crimes must include legislative steps and swift and efficient social responses, engage majority communities, including politicians, intellectuals, celebrities and ordinary people concerned about discrimination and hatred in their societies.

ただし、法的措置(その重大性によって刑事、民事、行政上のものとなる)は唯一の解決策ではありません。社会的行為(social action)はひじょうに、とくに上記の第三の「スピーチ」の分類との関わりにおいて重要な意味を持ちます。ヘイトスピーチやヘイトクライムに取り組むために連携して行動するには、立法上の措置や、素早く、かつ、効果的な社会の対応(social response)や、マジョリティのコミュニティ(社会における差別やヘイトについて懸念をおぼえている政治家や、識者、著名人、一般人)に対する取り組み(エンゲージメント)を誘発する必要があります。

I also talked about how important it is to consider the elements of speech, such as the context, the speaker, the speaker’s intention, the content and form of expression, extend and magnitude of the speech and the likelihood of harm to occur as a result (see Rabat Plan of Action). For illustration, there is a big difference if a political leader says “Let’s burn the houses of all Pink People tonight!” in the national TV during evening news and if a young man posts “I hate Pink People” on Twitter where he has 15 followers.

また、講演では、スピーチの要素、たとえば文脈や発言者、発言者の意図、表現の内容と形、その範囲と重大性、そして結果として生じる損害等を考慮に入れることが重要であると説きました("Rabat Plan of Action"を参照)。たとえば、政治指導者が「今夜、ピンクの人間の家をすべて燃やしてしまえ!」と全国放送の夜のTVのニュースで発言するのと、フォロワー数15人の若い男性が「ピンクの人間は大嫌いだ」と呟くのでは、大きな違いがあります。

I talked about the issue of nationality regarding a question about what is unique in Japan compared to other countries in my experience. I responsed that I was surprised to learn that many 3rd generation of Koreans who were born, raised and schooled in Japan and have Japanese as their mother tongue and consequently a strong Japanese identity didn’t even realize they were Koreans until their teenage years when they learnt that they have a Korean passport and can not vote in Japan for example.

講演では、「自身の経験から、他国に比べて日本の何が特異的だと思うか?」という国籍(nationality)を巡る問いについても語りました。例を挙げると、「日本で生まれ育ち、日本の学校に通い、日本語を母国語として話し、日本人としての強い自覚(strong identity)のある在日三世のコリアンが、10代になって自身が韓国のパスポートを持ち日本での投票権がないことを知るまで、自身が韓国人であるという自覚を持たずにいたことに驚いた」という風に私は答えました。

Some commenters here on Facebook brought up the example of green card holders in the US. In fact it is an interesting comparison because the US is a country granting citizenship based on jus soli (right of the soil) and not based on jus sanguinis (right of blood) so if a foreign woman moves to the US at her 8th months of pregnancy and gives birth there (and is “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”, see 14th Constitutional Amendment), the child can potentially become a US President, automatically.

ここFacebookに寄せられたコメントの一部に、アメリカのグリーンカードを保有する人たちを例に挙げたものがありました。これは実は興味深い比較でした。なぜならアメリカでは、jus sanguinis 血統主義ではなく、jus soli 出生地主義に基づいて市民権が付与されるからです。だから、外国人の女性が妊娠8ヶ月でアメリカに移住してから出産した場合(そして「合衆国の管轄権に服す者である場合」―合衆国憲法修正第14条を参照)、その子どもは自動的にアメリカの大統領になる可能性を持つことができるのです [訳注:アメリカ国籍であれば大統領になれるという憲法の規定に従った例。同規定に従い、俳優で州知事にまでなった元オーストリア移民のアーノルド・シュワルツェネッガー氏が「皆さんご承知のとおり、私がアメリカ生まれであれば大統領にもなれる」と発言して物議を醸したことがあった]。

And those of you who were concerned that I didn’t listen to Japanese people, my response is that I met dozens of Japanese people and listened to them very carefully. Luckily, they were members of the majority of Japanese people who want peace, friendship and tolerance in the society and who are deeply committed to keep that social cohesion. There are thousands of Japanese people who stood up to protect those who are targeted solely based on their ethnic and national origin and I was deeply inspired and moved by their courageous actions.

私が日本の人びとの声に耳を傾けてこなかった、と懸念する人たちがいますが、私の答えは、私は大勢の日本の人びとと会い、彼らの声にとても慎重に耳を傾けてきた、ということです。幸運なことに、彼らは、社会に平和や友好、寛容さを求め、社会の結束(social cohesion)を保つために深くコミットしている人たちでした。民族性や国籍のみに基づいて標的とされる人たちを守るために立ち上がった日本人が大勢いることを知り、私は彼らの勇気ある行動に深く感銘し、感動をおぼえました。

I thank all of those who helped in the preparation and organization of my visit and all those who took their time to meet and talk to me. I wish you and all of us continued strength to teach people how to love each other “for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” (Nelson Mandela)

[今回の] 私の訪問の準備や企画について支援してくださったすべての方々、そして私に直接会って話す機会をつくってくださったすべての方々に感謝します。皆さまや私たちが、他者を思いやる心(愛)について周りを説き伏せる強さを持ち続けられることを祈ります。なぜなら、『愛は、その反対のものよりも、より自然に人の心に届くものだから』(ネルソン・マンデラ)。


Reference (Japanese):

Translation:Office BALÉS(異邦人のためのアクションオフィス)

※2015.02.06追記 本文中の「韓国人」という表記について適切ではないというご指摘があったので、一部を除き「コリアン」という表現に改め、その他指摘のあった箇所についても修正しました。 ご指摘に感謝いたします。

So, on Monday, for my Communications (Speech) class, I have to write a free speech to present. So of course, being the person I am, I chose to write about my favorite person… Ms. T. Swift. 😁❤️

Have you ever had someone who was always there for you? Even when it felt nobody else was? I have.
She was born on December 13, 1989. She comes from her father and mother, Scott and Andrea, and her younger brother Austin. She comes from a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania. But then she moved to Nashville to follow her dreams.
Her name is Taylor Alison Swift. And OUR story in begins 2006.
I first discovered Taylor after her release of “Our Song” in 2006. Ever since then, we’ve traveled on a very long path together. She has been there for me more than some people have in real. She’s been there for me through so much. She’s been there for when the guy I’ve been in love with for 9 years has broken my heart over and over again. She helped me handle that love that had such a strong hold on me for so many years. She was there when the things the bullies would say, would tear me down. She’s always been the one to come out strong no matter what people say, and that inspired me to do the same. Her confidence and strength has helped me to become even somewhat more confident in myself, and not let the things people say bother me as much. I just “Shake It Off” now and just know that all people are ever going to be is “Mean”. Not only has she inspired me to be more confident, but also to be more happy as well. There’s so many things going on with everything that it’s hard to just be happy sometimes. But anymore I’m just trying to do the best I can and keep a smile on my face, and not let things get to me as much. And she helps me do that. Her words and music has helped me through so much. I think one of the main reasons why I love and adore her is because I can relate to her music. I’ve experienced and felt the emotions and things she speaks and sings about in her songs and the things she says. I do not know what I’d do without her, because if it wasn’t for her, I probably would not have made it through some of my darkest and lowest of times.
I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I just don’t see how some people can be so hateful to her. She donates her own money to help her fans in any way she can. She goes and visits with her fans who are very sick in the hospital or even at home. She meets as many of us as she can. She honestly cares about us like we’re her best friends as well, and I think that’s why she is one of the most considerate and caring celebrities out there, because a lot of others wouldn’t take that time. But after everything she does though, all people care about are the guys she dates or when she won’t sign onto something. She is not selfish, she is just standing up for herself and other artists.
I’ve been with Taylor for almost 10 years now, (and as she says like for us “she’s one of the longest and best relationships I’ve had) and I’m not going anywhere. I will stand by her for every decision she makes and every path she takes. I will defend her always. Because she was there for me when I needed her the most. Every concert I’ve been to of hers, has been one of the greatest days of my life. And I can’t even begin to explain what I felt on August 31, 2015, at 12:42am when Taylor followed me on Tumblr after the VMAs. Let me just say, I was a crying, shaking, screaming with joy mess. I’m proud to be a Swiftie, and I always be. Her quotes are the words I live by. I live by “You are not your mistakes. You are not damaged goods or muddy from your failed explorations. You are not going anywhere just because you haven’t reached your final destination yet. You are not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know you. You are a product of the lessons you’ve learned. You are your own definition of beautiful and worthwhile. You are wiser because you went through something terrible. And you are the person who survived a bunch of rainstorms and kept walking. I now believe that pain makes you stronger. And I now believe that walking through a bunch of rainstorms gets you clean.”
Taylor is not only my idol, but she’s also my best friend, my sister, and my person. And I thank her every day for all the strength and inspiration she has given me. ❤️😊 @taylorswift

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((You might be asking yourself………

Why is Defoko angry? Isn’t it just a silence M!A? It can’t be THAT bad!

Well..Defoko can’t talk

she uses speech to express her feelings

feelings that can’t be displayed with mere text or gestures

and she uses speech to communicate with what makes her…….joyful

and since, she can’t talk,

and Valentine’s day is near..

She can’t say what she thinks.

if this M!A doesn’t end by Sunday..


There might just be Bad things coming our way.

But if the M!A DOES end by then…

a part of Defoko’s past will be unlocked.))

30 Days Astro Challenge

Day Ten: Tell us your Mercury sign and three facts about either how you communicate with others or how you learn.

Sagittarius Mercury:
1) When I check the study material for any exam, I really, really hate to find those huge, enormous books made of just text, the worst ever when they’re about some uninteresting, badly written, endless list of names and opinions or mindless facts or some unreadable code… I just know I won’t ever be able to memorize THAT amount of detail.
2) Whatever I am to learn, at some point I’m going to be surrounded by colors, maps, summaries, post-it, stickers, flying papers of any kind, and my books are going to be the field of a battle between something like 4 different highlighters;
3) A language with a spice makes the words tastier to roll off the tongue: some well-placed profanities make the speech more honest and impactful at times, in my opinion.

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If you take any kind of speech or communications class, one of the first things you’re probably going to learn about is communication ethics. The responsibility involved with free speech. How to be an ethical communicator and how that actually helps you have credibility.

It’s applicable to all kind of communication. Particularly fandom communication.

And there are so many blatant violations of communication ethics in fandom communication that it’s kind of astounding.

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PORTSMOUTH, NH - FEBRUARY 07: Audience members cheer during a speech by Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) at a campaign rally at Great Bay Community College on February 7, 2016 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Sanders is hoping to win the New Hampshire democratic primary on Tuesday. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

And to Ben’s (Possible) displeasure, he has managed to unlock another alien that should be female only.

Dubbed, once again, by Gwen as ‘ScreamQueen’, this alien is a Rhythmiren that lives on a planet close by Sonorosia, the home of Echo Echo’s people.

As ScreamQueen, Ben is incapable of normal speech, and doesn’t possess a normal mouth. Instead, ScreamQueen’s ‘mouth’ is a series of holes akin to a phone or stereo pad. Instead of normal speech, Rhythmiren communicate in a series of various noises and singing.

ScreemQueen can adjust the frequency of the singing for varying effects, from a hypnotic wave capable of influencing others, to a lullaby that can send them to sleep. Via the speaker-like ear organs, and the pads on the hands, sound waves/blasts can be fired.

A Rhythmiren’s diet consists mainly of liquids, as well as the vibrations and waves of sound around them. Via listening to the rhythm around them, they are capable of understanding how those around them are feeling. 

ScreamQueen isn’t exactly the most… mobile, however, as that dress hampers proper movement. However, he is rather flexible.