i’ve just thought of the most random au like. okay. bts in community au. vmin as troy and abed and jeongguk as random annie who starts living with them and understands what a bunch of dipshit nerds they really are. namjoon’s gonna be britta with his social justice speeches and seokjin’s jeff because jesus if he ain’t loving himself more than the real jeff. hoseok gotta be shirley who actually takes care of everyone and yoongi holy god - the most perfect pierce! like random jokes, doing some weird shit, g r a n d p a  and secretly adoring the group he’s in. i think i’m going crazy


Please don’t harm my children Dreamworks


An AU where a big and advanced alien species enslaved humanity some centuries ago, and they consider humans as cute, fashionable pets.

Aliens are big and weird, and in a size and social role comparison humans are like a small housecat.

So you’re minding your business in your home, climbing up on the improbably big furniture and prodding at the incomprehensible alien knick-knacks. They use some really unintuitively behaving materials and they bounce when they should crack, or break when they’ve obviously taken harder knocks before.

Sometimes an alien picks you up with half a dozen tentacles, brings you close to its weird, bad-smelling eating and sniffing orifice, and proceeds to rub its face on your chest while you hang in there, while the alien goes “SNOOFMURFMURFSNUFMOOF” on you. Because it loves you, that’s why. Then it carries you to a different room while lovingly caressing you behind an ear with a slightly damp, cool tentacle, and plops you down in a seemingly random spot.

Occasionally, you spot someone else peering at you from around a corner or behind a bit of furniture, and you run over to see who it is, but they vanish - only to appear a little way off elsewhere. This only ever happens when the alien is in the room, watching you, and while it’s holding a strange-looking rod. That’s right - you’re pretty much chasing a laser pointer.

There’s this huge bowl in one room, kind of like an oversized punch bowl, and the alien pours some sort of slurry into it every day. It looks like week-old borscht, but the flavor changes by day. Sometimes it tastes like bacon, other times like candy. As soon as you’ve gotten comfortable with it, the alien starts serving you some completely different kind of slurry that tastes like aphids and old socks, and makes this frustrated “BLURBLEPLURPBLORRB”-noise while wiggling its flagella at you when you shun this substandard fare. There’s no way to make it clear that the place the alien got your food stopped carrying it and now the alien is trying very hard to get something as similar as it can find so you’ll be happy, but how’s it supposed to know how it tastes to you?

But when all is said and done, the alien does care about you. You get some weird-looking but fun toys to play with, you have a nice, soft and enormous pillow to lounge on, and the alien apparently enjoys listening to you talk at it while it gives you gentle tentacle-pets. And you can usually sleep curled up next to its big and soft midsection when the house is dark for the next 27 hours.


{13-3-17}: trying out digital notes today! having notes digitally is so much easier and are quicker to type up!

i decided the best thing i could do (to help myself more towards exam time) is to make summary sheets on OneNote! i really like how they came out! These are my notes on measuring and studying perception!

14/100 days of productivity!! 

Spirit Interview with Demon, Au
  • All interviews are voluntary, so everyone can get an idea of the entities that I work with. This is Au, a demon I work with that can be rather blunt, so forgive him, lol. He is also one of the unbounds I work with, and rather surprised me when he expressed interest in doing this. He gives off a very heavy energy, that almost feels like sludge or slime, which can be overwhelming if you a aren't used to it. I do get headaches from it sometimes if he pops out of nowhere. He is very nice to me, but has an intense temper and is quick to act (too quick sometimes).
  • Me: Hey, to start off with, what would you prefer to be called during the duration of this interview? You do not have to share your full name if you are not comfortable, and can use an initial if you like.
  • Au: Au is fine. (Its a shortened version of his name)
  • Me: You understand you do not have to answer any questions if you aren't comfortable sharing, and that this will be shared with others?
  • Au: Yes, continue
  • Me: K, what sort of entity are you?
  • Au: Why do you ask questions you know?
  • Me: Interview, remember?
  • Au: *grunt* Right. Demon, although there is no human word for my species.
  • Me: Is there anything special your species does?
  • Au: We are attracted to the lack of energy left in the death of life in all creatures and beings.
  • Me: Do you have a favorite way of communicating?
  • Au: Words.
  • I start laughing.
  • Au: What?
  • Me: Do you want me to describe your appearance or either of your forms?
  • Au: No.
  • Me: Can I describe the energy you put off?
  • Au: Fine.
  • Me: What attracted you to working with humans?
  • Au: I am not.
  • Me: I am human.
  • Au: You are different.
  • Me: How?
  • Au: You do not fear like others, and have a curiosity. You did not banish me or scream when I arrived the first night.
  • Me: How did you find me?
  • Au: I was nearby.
  • Me: Would you work with other humans in the future? Do you have an interest in that now?
  • Au: *grunts* I do not know. Unlikely.
  • Me: Has your impression of me changed over time.
  • Au: You are funny!
  • Me: You never think I am funny! (I think I rolled my eyes)
  • Au: You find me funny!
  • Me: You are funny sometimes! In what ways have you worked with me?
  • Au: I fortified your walls.
  • (He did add to my wards around my home and astral areas.)
  • Me: Do you get along with your family?
  • Au: I like this family. They don't all trust me but I like them.
  • Me: Thats adorable, although I meant do you have any other family?
  • Au: *thinks for a minute* I do not communicate with them.
  • Me: K, do you have favorite foods?
  • Au: I like that cow slice that you eat!
  • (Hes referring to steak, I think)
  • Me: Do you have anything you like bonding over?
  • Au: That tube you smoke that makes you laugh!
  • Me: My weed vape?
  • Au: Yes!
  • Me: Seriously? Alright. Um, what are your favorite colors?
  • Au: Brown and red.
  • Me: Favorite offering?
  • Au: Dying things.
  • Me: How did I know that was coming...
  • Au: *teethy grin*
  • Me: Whats your favorite donut?
  • Au: Whats that?
  • Me: A human pastry thats sweet and sometimes has frosting. And has different flavors.
  • Au: That sounds good. Do you eat those?
  • Me: Not really.
  • Au: Why?
  • Me: They aren't that healthy.
  • Au: But they sound like something you would like.
  • Me: I do like them, I just don't eat them.
  • Au: Then how am I to know what they taste like?
  • Me: Point taken. How long have you been working with me?
  • Au: You don't do my work.
  • Me: I meant how long have you been casually hanging around here?
  • Au: Oh. 8 months.
  • Me: This is starting to get long, we should stop for now. Would you do this again?
  • Au: Good, I have to leave soon. It would depend on the questions.
  • Me: Would you like to say goodbye?
  • Au: I am not leaving yet.
  • Me: To Tumblr!
  • Au: Goodbye?
  • Me: *laughs*
  • Anyway, hope you all like this, I'll post more in the next day or two!

Here comes more Hope brainwashing related stuff with Mitarai because I just can’t get enough of the concept of him being a potential mastermind.
And the fact that I just never shut up about Ryota.
It’s more than obsessive of me, but y'know. ^^’
Colorbars is…just one of my favorite songs by GHOST. So here’s a parody based on it. ^^

Oh, the world is signing off

the final game fortells the audience, I’ve had enough
all the colors to halt the tragedy arranged across the screen
I think the audience has seen enough-h-h-h-h
Oh yes, the audience has seen enough

Oh, the world’s in a trance
Here’s to loving life!

Soon we’ll televise our H-O-P-E
It’ll leave you blinded and erase bad memories
Soon you’ll be a part of H-O-P-E
We leave you blissful and it changes everything

And in a moment you will notice nothing’s quite the same
When you feel your despair slipping from your MIIIIIND
Turn the signal down and spin around in the opposite direction
And now, will you please applaud?

Turn the volume up, folks
Listen to the words I say, now


Hope will always be here, for you to see
For you to see, to see you
HOPE’S _always_ here

Oh, the clock is ticking down
There’s a voice inside my head that says “This isn’t right”
(And now you’ll turn your eyes towards the screen)
See, all the limits of the televised, my anime
(Oh yes, now turn your eyes, and dream)

I’m already here
For you to see, for you to see, to see you
I’ve always been here
For you to see, for you to see, to see you

I’ve lost control, of my imagination
The only solution
It’s sweeping ‘cross the nation
Finally, I-
My imagination

the only solution
It’s sweeping ‘cross the nation

Soon we’ll televise our H-O-P-E
Now, leave you blinded and erase bad memories
Soon you’ll be a part of H-O-P-E
We leave you blissful and it changes everything

I’m already here
For you to see, for you to see, I see you
I’ve always been here
For you to see, for you to see, I see you

And in a moment you will notice nothing’s been the same
Now fucking despair is ERADICATED
Turn the signal down and spin around in the opposite direction
And now you will applaud!

For you to see, to see you
For you to see, to see you
For you to see, to see you
For you to see, I see you

Childhood friends AU. Will Solace and Nico di Angelo were childhood friends who had lost communication with each other when Nico’s family moved away. Years later, Will found an old unopened letter with what seems to actually be Nico’s by then new contacts. Not really thinking it would still be working, he dialed up and to his surprise it started ringing and soon enough, someone answered.

Crossember Day 2: Underfell

Oh gosh I’m kinda ahead of the game for Crossember but hey… *shrugs*

I rewatched episode 0.2 and noticed that there was a siloette of when Fell get’s stabbed by Cross… so I decided to sketch out what it might have looked like up close o-o

Gosh I wish I can take my time with these but I really don’t have the time -_-

Though I might revisit this sketch later once I am out of college for the semester :)

Cross by @jakei95 / @underversesans

Underfell by the AU community

Missed Connections

I’m not sure if you would even remember me, but I met you the other day. 

It was a brief meeting, I sort of caught you looking at me, or at least I think I did. It was really sweet, you were really sweet. I gave you this dumb little wave that I’m positive made me look desperate. And if that didn’t, my awkward attempt at conversation probably did. 

Although, you went along with it and wow- thanks for that.

You asked me what I was doing out this early in the morning, and I bullshit some lame excuse. 

I didn’t want to say that I had been wandering around since about two-in-the-morning, I didn’t want to explain why, I didn’t want to talk about the fight, and I certainly didn’t want your first impression of me to be some strange guy with “daddy issues”. (I swear, if someone ever calls it “daddy issues” again…)

You just sort of smiled and nodded; I’m pretty sure you knew I was lying- and I think you took that as a cue that I didn’t want to talk to you. I fucked that up. I really, honestly did. I asked you why you were out here, and you smiled. 

“Some fresh air.” You said.

I nodded. 

I still wonder why you might’ve lied. Of course I can’t be sure, but- I believe that you did. 

I told you my name, but you didn’t tell me yours. I don’t think it was intentional, I think you were just pre-occupied. You didn’t seem quite all…there. 

You left after that.

And for some reason I’ve been so bothered by our meeting. I wish it had gone differently, I wish maybe I had just told you why I was really out. I wish I had at least asked for your name. 

Maybe that would have changed something. 

I haven’t seen you around again, and I regret everything. I can’t stop thinking about you, although that makes zero sense, considering I only spoke to you for a moment. But, I can’t help it.

I can’t help feeling like something didn’t go right. Like, I was supposed to say something, do something, but-

I will never see you again.

And I feel empty.

I feel like, maybe I missed something.