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15 Day Spread The Love Challenge

Hello, friends - I’ve made my own challenge but I invite you to try it too! I’m here with some of my favorite simblr’s sim-selves to tell you about it! (@bridgeportgirl, @adelajde21, @budgie2budgie and @redhotchilisimblr)

Take 15 days and spread some of that simblr love!  Send at least one ‘Thank You’ message (although you can do more) to the inbox of another simblr.  This message should be personal and not a cut-and-paste.  I encourage you not to use ‘anon’ but if you’re shy - no worries!

Day 1: Beautiful Builds (thank that talented builder you’ve been following!)
Day 2: Sweetest Family (that sims family, legacy or otherwise, that is just the sweetest)
Day 3: Stomach Stitches (that simblr that always has you laughing out loud)
Day 4: Kickass Hero/Heroine (amazing protagonist who always gets things done!)
Day 5: Underdog (simblr with that sim who is the ultimate underdog - life just seems to be stacked against them)
Day 6: Eye-candy (thank that simblr with striking sims, builds, editing skill or overall aesthetic - you choose!)
Day 7: Villain You Love To Hate (what would these stories and gameplay be without that big, bad villain?  Who’s your favorite?  Say thank you!)
Day 8: Tissues Required (a good cry is good for you!  Thank that simblr who has you reaching for the tissues)
Day 9: CC - Splendid (people put a lot of work and creativity into the CC in this community - give them an extra shout out of appreciation)
Day 10: Cyber Friend (we are a community and I’m sure you’ve exchanged some lovely messages with someone here - say thank you!)
Day 11: Cliffhanger Queen/King (you never know what will happen next!  That takes real skill in storytelling!)
Day 12: Vanillatastic (it’s amazing what some simblrs can do with no CC - appreciate that!)
Day 13: Friendship From Afar (there are a few simblrs that follow you or that you follow that you’ve never interacted with - now’s your chance!  Reach out and say Thank You!)
Day 14: Marvelous Mentor (that simblr that’s helped you with a build, challenge, cc, story idea that you were stuck with)
Day 15: WILD CARD (it’s not because I couldn’t think of a last one - it isn’t!!  You choose why you’re thankful and who you’re thankful for!)

Fanfiction Recommendation

7/2/17: So I finally had the chance to read some stuff, which is why last week’s list of recommendations didn’t happen. But here is this week’s and I’m really hoping to get two fics out this week, we’ll see. As always, I love you guys and enjoy!

Last Week’s Recommendations

My Masterlist

Dean x Reader

Sam x Reader

  • Yes by @shadowtail32 - Sam decides that he wants to take his girlfriend of three years (You) out to her favorite book store to let her buy anything she wants, and then surprises her with one of the most important questions in a woman’s life.
  • Changes in the Wind (series- All parts linked) by @wayward-marvel-and-more - Y/N L/N has just gotten her big break into the world of acting with an Oscar nominated role in a hit new movie. Everything is looking up for Hollywood’s newest favorite as she lands an audition for a movie, reading with the Sam Winchester. Unfortunately for Sam, first impressions can be tough, especially with an older brother newly checked into rehab clouding your thoughts… Though Sam is mesmerized instantly by Y/N’s talent and personality, she is left to believe he’s a stuck up, rich actor with a superiority complex. Sam is determined to work with her, and decides he has to mend things between them at the upcoming Academy Awards. Will he succeed in winning her over?

Cas x Reader

Crowley x Reader

  • ‘Ello Love by @mackenziethehuntress - Crowley makes a visit to a distressed reader
  • Plum by @fanfictionaddictions - “Request: Hello darling. I saw you take requests :D Could you do Crowley x reader, where reader is Lucifer’s daughter and reader finds out that she is pregnant and reader with Crowley have to tell the news to Lucifer?”

Jensen x Reader

Jared x Reader

Misha x Reader

  • No Greater Sorrow by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing - “My prompt was “She has this gentle laugh that sounds like running water. I’ll do almost anything to amuse or entertain her, just so I can hear it. But she’s not laughing all that much anymore, is she? Ever since…” - My prompt gif is under the cut.”
  • Mistakes Are Made by @cass-trash - It has been just over eight years since your friendship with Misha deteriorated, and your roommate just happens to drag you to a Supernatural convention in Nashville where you reunite with the blue eyed actor.

Bucky x Reader

  • Lost Without You (Series-Ongoing) by @caplanbuckybarnes - Disney’s UP! inspired fic. After Bucky’s long term girlfriend, Natasha, falls ill from sickness and passes away quickly in her sleep, Bucky changes. He’s not the same man he once was. Will a new face moving in next door help him out of his depression? Or will he forever be lost in a world where he was once so happy? 
  • Injured Football Player by @callie-swagg1 - Bucky Barnes AU. Bucky is a pro football player who gets hurt during practice and the reader, his fiancé, had to find out through ESPN. 

People are legit angry that Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite is being more accessible to people who don’t possess the knowledge or reflexes to input ridiculous combos and strings.

Good. Screw them.

What if a younger sibling wants to play and actually stand a fighting chance without the elder sibling going easy?

What if someone with a disability just flat out lacks the dexterity to do intricate button and joystick movements?

Why is this such a big deal to get angry about? 

This is the same reason I’ve grown to outright hate Smash Bros. Melee. The gate-keeping holier than thou attitude of some of the competitive fighting game scenes make me want to vomit. 

Of course I know not all people and communities are like that; but enough of them are. Enough to keep people from wanting to get in.

More Entranced

The more I think about it, the less I think I like doing these overview posts; there’s always more I want to say. I’ll do this one quickly, but I really want to dig into the meat of each day. Let me start here, with the very quick version. Maybe the outline will help.

Saturday, as I said in a previous post, went better than Friday. @lily-ackerman and I spent some time in the morning talking; the communication was not IMMEDIATELY good but we kept at it until we got to a place where we both felt better. It was the sort of foundation that set up a much better day than the day before.

The first class of the morning was @enscenic ’s class on the power of No, a class that I almost didn’t take in favor of @mrs-prism ’s Expanding Hypnotic Pleasure. Mrs. Prism herself actually told me to take Power of No instead, as it would be more useful to a beginner like me. She couldn’t have been more right. Highly recommended for anyone in the community. The 11 o’ clock hour held no classes I desperately wanted to see, so I took the opportunity to return to the room for a brief rest (self care badge, whaaaat). At noon I attended a class called It’s a Snap! Induction Workshop (as taught by @hypno-sandwich and @theleeallure), which was marvelous. I’ve never seen anyone drop to half a dozen swinging pocketwatches before! I also had the chance to briefly demo for them; it was the first time I dropped to snaps alone!

Lunch was provided by the con at the hotel, and it was a great opportunity to see people and mingle. I ended up sitting by @darthkyra and @zanythoughts both of whom are utter delights. I also made my way back to the table where @digitalswitchgamine had tried to introduce me to a couple of new folks so I could meet them and finally talk a little with digitalswitchgamine (garsh, but she’s nice). Maestro presented an award to Mephki in honor of her achievements, and the ConCom made some very nice remarks on behalf of the convention as a whole.

I honestly don’t recall what held me back after lunch, I think it was just another recovery sesh in the room while Lily went for a swim. I know I skipped the 2:30 classes and went in for Subject-Directed Traces taught by Chewtoy. I experienced something pretty interesting in that class: it was the first time I was able to make a suggestion to myself in trance. More on that in another post.

4:30 brought the one and only information and planning session for our Hypnotic Nerf Battle! @pirate-king-of-trance helped us set it up and get some ideas flowing and we signed up for the uncon space on Sunday (ahhhh we did a thing!). That only took about 20 minutes but honestly I don’t remember what the hell I did after that! I probably just chilled out again until dinner. Dinner was a large group of us at Korean BBQ and the first chance I had to really interact with certain awesome folks. So much soju being shared! What a good time.

Saturday night was dominated by Hysterical Literature which was AWESOME and I could dedicate an entire post to. Big shouts to my favorite story writers and readers (I’m pretty sure I told most of you in person). There were some fun conversations, a raucous after-party, some really fun trancey things, and finally, bed way too late.

Sunday was a big highlight for me. The Unconscious Minds panel was mind-blowing (hah) in lots of ways; hearing people who have the ability to let their unconscious talk so clearly, who seem to even have developed a whole new personality that expresses itself that way! I’m not explaining this well. It was amazing and fascinating and the sort of thing that bears a lot of close examination because I literally can’t stop thinking about it.

In a moment of stupidity I accidentally double-booked time with @zanythoughts and @digitalswitchgamine just following that. Through some incredible cosmic luck, this led to (instead of two beautiful people ready to do me grievous bodily harm) one of my favorite sessions from the weekend, a beautifully deep dual induction from both of them. I hope to work up the gumption to talk about that in greater detail because it was a transcendent experience.

I spent a little while hanging with people and chilling out. Several of us went to an early lunch because we all wanted to be back in plenty of time before the post-lunch classes. Lunch was Portillo’s again. Damn, but I finally get why @unlockingwonderland misses that so much. I’m craving a Maxwell Street Polish as we speak. Lily didn’t join me for that one because she was in a scene at the time but I brought her back food that she scarfed down while we caught up before the all-important Hypno Nerf Battle.

Oh, the Hypno Nerf Battle! How to describe it? Ever play laser tag as an adult? Have you and your friends ever spontaneously busted out into a slow-mo finger gun fight? Imagine something like that, only people in the room had triggers ranging from simply dropping into trance when they got hit to giggling uncontrollably to my own hell (thanks to @justsomedudeandhisthoughts I would lose control of a limb if it got hit; body shots slowed me down and I’d drop after 3; head shots were an instant trance). There was a lot of silly fun thanks to MindControlFun and his penchant for showmanship in differentiating each round. Highlight: at one point @lily-ackerman was slowly fading into trance while on the ground but managed to hit me in the head anyway. I remember muttering “fuck” before sinking to my knees and trancing in that position. As always, her reaction was pure gold. That’s one that we’ll be repeating in the future.

I know I went to a Switchcraft class taught by @hypno-sandwich and @ellaenchanting that had some insightful and important commentary from the crowd and an epic, 10-minute-long switch fight that ended in a draw. I know that. I remember laughing hysterically as the two hosts spun each other around, wrestled across the room, and spoke in a rapid patter of hypnotic language trying to get the upper hand on one another. I’ll be damned if I remember the details. Dangers of a hypno con. Moving on.

We spent a little while hanging with people before coming up with dinner plans. As we didn’t have the foresight or planning to actually sign up for the con dinner, we ended up doing something smaller at a… confusing German restaurant. There was a polka band playing Pharrell and Ke$ha and a man who couldn’t take more than two light spanks before bowing out (wuss). But hey, they had currywurst and my dunkel came in a 1 liter mug, so good times all around.

Sunday night was… indescribable in a lot of ways. I got to witness a scene between two amazing people that was confusing and hot for me in a lot of ways. I got to be a robot that examined a quarter in way-too-much detail and get turned on as I did so. I did a little trivia show for some people but I could only answer questions wrongly. I was utterly convinced I’d tranced @enscenic using The Focus (more on that later), only to discover that when I tried to repeat the experiment for others that I would slip into a trance of my own. I believe my reaction to that was to call her a “complete pain in the ass.” A certain someone forgot who I was and had to wander from room to room asking all the masc-types if they were hers (I’m never letting her live that down). I had a couple of insanely hot scenes in the Hypno Lounge. Boot-licking, breath play, and a form of intelligence play that had me becoming more “primal,” not to mention some light and fun fractionation stuff. Oh, and a certain someone being auctioned off. That was funny.

Monday was all over the board. We had fun in the morning (Juris prudence!), said some bittersweet goodbyes. There was a limo ride around the city with WAY too much karaoke; and an evening spent with good friends doing some really fun stuff. Somewhere in there, a couple of us got pretty emotional… it had been a long weekend, full of lots of experiences. Con drop and exhaustion were starting to rear their ugly heads, I think, but I know I came out of that feeling closer than before. Tuesday morning was particularly hard, as we actually hit the road. There was a lot of time in the car to talk things through, and thank god for that.

I have one more post I’m going to write tonight. It’s the one I’m really not looking forward to. I’m going to tag some people before I go just so I don’t forget:

@lily-ackerman @enscenic @theleeallure @hypno-sandwich @darthkyra @hypnokittencalico @zanythoughts @digitalswitchgamine @pirate-king-of-trance @ellaenchanting @unlockingwonderland @carneggyblog @arihi @tennfan2 @theeye368 @sammynona @banana-pie-gaige @sebsteerpike @darquefool @fayvie @erogenousmind @somehowbreathtaking @sex-obsessed-lesbian @mr-prism @mrs-prism and many I’m sure I’m forgetting. This weekend was unbelievable. So much love and gratitude to all of you.

“T'challa and Tony are foils and so that makes Tony a villain because T'challa is a hero.”

Hmm, well, not necessarily. See, T'challa and Tony are one hundred percent foil characters, its actually one of marvels more successful character developments, because comparing them gives so much insight into each character. But them being foils does not make them opposites, and it certainly doesn’t make one a hero and one a villain.

See what tony and t'challa represent is a how the little things you experience growing up can really change you.

Let’s start with their responsibilities. For one, T'challa grew up being groomed to be king, whereas Tony was set to be a weapons manufacturer. These are both things they could probably get out of, if they so wanted, but don’t out of a sense of duty to both their parents and their country. Both probably grew up mingling with diplomats, learning everything they probably could about what they would be responsible for (a business and a country) with little time to their own hobbies, and had to be on their best behavior at all times.

Theres also the publicity heavy culture of the US, versus Wakanda, because of their isolation, probably being a lot less concerned with celeb news. And lets be honest, T'chaka is so respected by his people, so they would adore the shit out of T'challa. Howard, while he certainly had the suppport of the United States at first, more than likely gained a lot of resentment after the Vietnam war. So, Tony would probably be the subject of harassment a bit more (imagine North West for comparison) because of his dad.

And then, theres the fact that T'challa seems to enjoy being Prince of Wakanda, and not because of what that position can do for him, but because of what he can do for his people. He’s the perfect example of someone who does what he does because he believes in It, him being really good at it is just a bonus. Tony? He more than likely never really wanted to be a weapons manufacturer. If we follow the 616 canon (which on this case we have to because of the mcu’s lovely lack of talking about Tony’s childhood), Tony’s first love was robotics. He wanted to make robots. Not weapons. He’s good at making weapons, he feels like he has to make weapons, but when he was younger he didn’t really want to. I’m also pretty sure that under Tony, SI started producing things other than weapons, which is how he was able to shut down that division of the company, because it was just a part of what they do (a big part, but still, just a part.)

And lastly, the biggest difference in Tony and T'challa’s characters are their relationships with their fathers. T'challa and T'chaka only share the screen for maybe five minutes (?) and we can already see how loving their relationship. In that five minutes, we see them talking to each other as equals, while smiling and laughing with each other. there’s a mutual respect there, and get this, the ~communicate~. Tony very much did not have that. Whether you go with MCU canon where Tony and his dad only spoke if it had to do with Tony’s work, and Howard was a borderline alcoholic, or 616 where Howard is blatantly emotionally abusive (Stark Men Are Made Of Iron, anyone?), and was a seemingly violent drunk, is safe to say that Tony’s relationship with his father cannot hold a candle to T'challa’s relationship with his. Tony and Howard had a one sided relationship, no matter how you try and spin it. There was no communication, no ability for Tony to disagree with the path laid for him. They don’t respect each other. Tony never got the chance to see Howard as anything other than a bully, and Howard never saw Tony as anything other than an heir, a creation if you will. In fact, Tony had to change his last memory of his father in order to allow himself the chance to properly grieve his death.

So yeah, T'challa and Tony are foils, and yes T'challa so far has made really great choices, whereas Tony’s past is sketchy. But you know what? For once, Marvel isn’t black and white in its story telling. T'challa and Tony don’t represent hero vs villain, they represent the “sins of the father” trope, and how if your father makes great choices, it makes it a lit easier for you to make good choices too.

anonymous asked:

In your last post, you mentioned decodingJ2andco. I had noticed that she had stopped posting, do you know why? Is she alright? Concerned anon.

Hello, dear anon!

I don’t think anyone has any sturdy info on why she left, but here’s an interesting read regarding her disappearance by Narnia Dispatches. Anna got a lot of hate for doing what she did from all sides of the fandom - even some of the believers thought it was inappropriate to archive the inconsistencies in such an accessible manner.

Personally, I believe she was bullied into silence. Was it the PR interns trolling her? I don’t know, perhaps. Whatever the reason is, I hope all of us who are still active remember to block all the haters that try to tear us down. You might feel like you can take it all in a stride, but everyone has a limit. Don’t let them find yours.

Like Prairiegirl said in her excellent Narnia post that I linked, establishing friendships is important when you’re posting controversial thoughts. We’re a hell of a lot harder to shut down when we all stick with each other and offer support to those under attack. We need to take care of each other in this hostile enviroment.

Anyway, I truly hope everything is well with Anna. I’m sure she’s still somewhere out there, living her life and subtly keeping an eye on the J’s. On the off-chance that she happens to read this post, I want to say my thanks for all the hard work she did. I’m so very glad to have her blog to turn to whenever I’m looking for something.

As for you, sweet anon, I hope everything is well with you! Let’s hope the bullies won’t tear down any more bloggers from our lovely community. Thank you for the message and have a marvelous day!

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June 2, 2016


I had not realized how truly remarkable the invention of a Ferris wheel is. They are entire beings of architecture engineered to get its passengers that much closer to the sky and the surrounding area, and yet they give the opportunity to see the entire world in which we live in from another point of view. The mass of the marvel is only its starting point, but the wheel can show you a different take on perhaps a city in which you have lived an entire life. Though not in the same exact words, this was something I had the chance to reflect on while at the London Eye today.

There had been a miniscule report in an obscure news article speaking of this “Millennium” wheel serving as a spot in where a variety of information is exchanged within the hunting community, including transactions from Men of Letters in the past. I thought it would serve as a lead, but I did not find any new information besides noticing that there was more than one sigil engraved just before the entrance of the wheel itself, presumably banning creatures from being able to board. I was unaffected, but I had not seen any angel warding that could hinder my entering one of the pods before it rose up into the sky.

Cities in and of itself are feats of labor, passion, and commotion. They were built by humans and continue to expand with every passing year. Seeing it like this, from above I mean, was once a normal view for me. Now I have come to realize that it is more of a luxury that I took for granted. Sam would have liked to see the world like this, but Dean would have most likely remained on the ground unless there was an immediate threat. His fear of planes has the potential to also include heights, as I found out one night after we had experienced a rather ominous earthquake while on one of the highest floors of a building in California during a case. He refused to acknowledge his scream…

Other tourists are crowding around the same pod that I am in, taking in the sights from all angles. This is one of the few chances they are able to do so, I understand. There was a little girl that had been attempting to get closer to the glass, but the adults had blocked her vantage point, her view rendered to nothing less than a few pairs of feet in front of the entirety of London. I let her my spot. Children should have the chance to view all that is around them because one day their world may change so irrevocably that these views are no longer an option for them.

… To think that just a few days ago the world was ending. It is thanks to Dean that we can still view it…



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Spideypool, Spideypool, Spideypool. Lately it seems this and Hydra Cap. are the things creating most buzz in the Marvel fan community! But what I like best is that with “Spideypool” Marvel actually has the chance of doing something very interesting and new. First off, I’ll flatly admit that I am a supporter of the pairing and would love to see it turned into “canon”. But here, more detachedly, are the reasons why I believe IT REALLY WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA and what makes this so interesting.


Like everything new, it would break barriers. Of course there have already been gay characters in the Marvel comic books, but (as far as I’m aware) never one of the main heroes/villains. You can have a minor hero have a gay love affair without a blink, but you’d definitely think it through for someone of the likes of Cap. America, Iron Man, Hulk or Wolverine. And even with Deadpool (who started out as a minor character to play with and one canonically labeled as “pansexual”) the authors have always double thought it and preferred avoiding giving him a real male love interest, leaving his ambiguous sexuality to comical flirting and subtext.

Having Spider-man and Deadpool actually be in a relationship/ in love, would definitely shatter some walls.

This meta-argumentation aside, I believe it would really benefit the characters. Especially Spider-Man!  Peter Parker has been around for long enough to need a radical swing every now and then to keep him fresh. Just lately the “All new, all different” installment turned him into an international, millionaire superstar (much in the likes of Tony Stark) but didn’t do anything crazy to his do-gooder-responsibility-man personality. Deadpool could change that.

Joe Kelly really is a brilliant, brilliant writer! He is already showing how a team-up changes people both ways, the good and the bad. Even if Spider-Man is supposedly tutoring Deadpool into becoming a better man in their current Spider-man/ Deadpool run, Kelly proves it would be impossible for Spidey not to be affected and changed as well. It’s slight, but through the pages of the 8 issues already printed one can see how Peter has tilted in a darker humored and violent direction. And…it’s really interesting! Of all the good this series and his main one have cooked out I found this aspect to be the most engaging. Just how much can Deadpool’s proximity challenge his stone carved morality, without him even noticing it? I focus on Spider-Man because Deadpool is per se a very malleable character. His chaotic neutral moral alignment made him already a perfect villain and a perfect hero. One that is capable of captivating us by killing the entire Marvel universe in one issue and proving to be a great Avenger and friend in the other ( yes, I’m talking about “Uncanny Avengers: 13-14”).

Think of the twists and struggles this pairing could have! They could grow close, start genuinely to love each other but still try to keep a distance because they realize how much their needs and moral orientations are at core incompatible. And/or because they realize it’s changing them in a way they don’t feel comfortable with. And that’s just to name one possible way it could go! Adding the romantic element to the formula just brings new layers to characters we have long loved and followed. Discovering there is more to them than what we already thought we knew is what we readers are really after.        


Despite the huge success of the “Stucky” and “Stony” pairs (especially after the movie “Captain America: Civil War”) and the “Cherik” fandom in the X-men branch, none of them is actually likable to happen! For obvious reasons. The one thing that makes Spideypool a real possibility is that Deadpool is allowed to do basically anthing is canonically interested also in men. The readers have already been prepared to it by seeing him openly flirt with Spider-Man for years and sharing an extremely blurred relationship with another hero, Cable (albeit a subtext one you can either choose to consider as real or not). In this case it would only take for Spidey to tilt in his direction. In every other case it would imply for two straight characters to suddenly have a change of heart, which is, frankly, not very believable and too risky.

THE TIMING IS RIGHT (for the following reasons):

1) There is a VERY strong fanbase to support it and ask for it.

2) Both characters are at the peak of their success. ( If everything goes wrong people would still love them)

3) Peter Parker isn’t in any meaningful relationship at the moment, nor is he really fawning over someone. Wade Wilson’s marriage with Shikla is falling out.

4) Mary Jane Watson is currently out of the picture. ( And I’m reeeeeally curious of what she’s up to with Stark)

5) Marvel has a VERY CONVENIENTLY demi canonical team-up series starring the two that could try the idea out and just close down and get labeled “NOT CANON” if it doesn’t work out ( This new Spider-man/Deadpool series really is proof that Marvel is at least considering it).

6) ( The most important in my opinion) we live in a time where the idea is socially “acceptable”. In the Western-minded side of the world it is acceptable that among an endless list of male superheroes, two of them have romantic feelings for each other. Whether you ship it, like it or not. IT IS ACCEPTABLE. Think about just how many fans never really liked MJ or Black Cat or Gwen with Spider-Man; how many hated Shikla when she first came out and married Deadpool. It’s not important that everyone likes it, that’s never going to happen in any case, but that it is considered as something that CAN happen. Only about 50 years ago I don’t think it could!

7) Heck, even Ryan Reynolds seems to like it!

And now, just to be fair, all my doubts and things to be careful about when handling the bomb!


Heh, I’m not contradicting myself, I swear, stay with me. While IT IS good timing for all the reasons listed above, it isn’t when it comes to the time it needs to be executed perfectly and the patience fans could come short of. The reason Cable and Deadpool worked so well and their series lasted for over 50 issues is that there was little to none expectation and pressure behind it and was thus able to grow steady and strong over time. But with the “Spider-Man: homecoming” movie about to come out and a lot of excitement surrounding Deadpool 2, it’s easy to see the spotlight is brighter than ever on both of them and it’s hard to believe they’ll both be so front and center in everyone’s attention for much longer. People wants Spideypool, and they want it now!

But Spidey and Deadpool aren’t there yet! They are just starting out, barely even friends! It takes time for them to bond, get to actually know each other, find mutual trust and care, to grow close and intimate. Then, and only then, it could pop up in the privacy of Peter’s mind that maybe, just maybe, he could like that other guy as more than just a friend. It’s a looooooong way there for it to sound believable and page turning. Not just fan service shoved up our greedy throats! But will we, the fans, have the patience and trust to wait for it? Or will this bomb just explode before it can become reality? People gets bored, that’s a fact! And since THIS IS ALREADY the pinnacle of the fandom’s popularity, I fear people will just get bored of it, and it falls out of trend, nothing coming out of it.

 That said, I trust a great team such as that of Ed McGuinness & Joe Kelly can pull out a REALLY GREAT story that makes the annuals, whether you consider the romantic implications of it or not, that keeps us reading avidly about our heroes for a long time. And also that Marvel will still keep teaming up the two in epic stories while keeping it’s ears open to fan’s requests. But what do you think about it? Do you agree? Do you not agree? Please let me know!    

17 Things to Accomplish in 2017


You guys, we’re in 2017!

A new year means new opportunities to conquer, and I am so unbelievably ready. Based on this post [here], I not only been requested to explain some of my resolutions, but I was even tagged to do so! (Thanks so much to @aoademic! Their blog is jaw-dropping, and I highly recommend you go give them a follow.) 

Here we go!

1. Avoid complacency and be resistant to stagnancy. Definitely the most important message that is to be imparted on you, Future Leon, you need to deconstruct the notion that once you succeeded in achieving on of your goals that you should be content with your position. You can never stop learning. There is always another rung to the ladder, something that you could be doing to further enrich yourself and remain generative, whether that’s reorganizing some aspects of your life, working on future assignments, advancing your reputation, exploring different research opportunities, encountering new people. Of course you don’t always have to be working, but in those moments where you are able to do something, you should channel some discipline and commit.

2. Exploit all that you can from your professional experiences. A little nod to the previous resolution, these professional opportunities are marvelous chances to formulate new relationships with people and networking. There is always someone to communicate with or something to learn in these experiences. So shrug away all those feelings of dissatisfaction and indifference, and go forward. Only you can see to it that these jobs or internships give you all that they can, because in the end, you are responsible for how much information you gain from them. By ensuring that you consistently ask questions, introduce yourself to people of all different walks of life, and behave in punctual, professional manner, you’ll receive noteworthy recommendations and insight into the field you want to enter, which is dependent on what you know and who you know. 

3. Be more appreciative of the present, and stop over-analyzing the past. As much as you try to persuade yourself otherwise, the past has been established and there is nothing that you can do to change that. Remember, the past is a fact, not an ambiguous statement. As such, avoid fantasizing about alternate scenarios of how you could have approached an assignment, carried out a conversation, or dealt with your emotions. Besides, all of those moments of grief, failure, and loss have contributed to the wonderful person you are today. Relish in what spectacular memories you can make NOW, and reap whatever fruit you can from the present.

4. Express more gratitude for your relationships and opportunities. Please, you have to stop taking certain people for granted. You have to acknowledge the heavy truth that at any moment, important people in your life can suddenly disappear from the picture and leave you with that disgusting, consuming feeling of regret. Appreciate people in their entirety, and define them not by their detracting qualities or their mistakes, but by their humanity. This applies to your closest friends, your fellow employees, and your family especially. Also, recognize your privilege, and express gratitude for the opportunities that have either been bestowed upon you or that you achieved through hard work. Who knows how many people would crave to be in a position where you are in right now?

5. Explore more, and embrace your inner wanderlust. As Robert Orben said, “Time flies. It’s up to to you to be the navigator.” You attend university in one of the most colorful cities in the nation, filled with similarly young and interesting personalities from different corners of the world, yet you still confine yourself to your dorm room. Go out and have an adventure! Time is ticking away, and who knows how much longer these adventures will be open to you. Dedicate your Saturdays to exploring the mainstream and the obscure, leave no stone untouched. Also, don’t let other people make you feel insecure about going out and living your best life. If they choose to study or hang out in the privacy of their dorm, that’s their decision and their problem. You have your own schedule and your own standards. Another word of advice: Don’t explore alone.

6. Learn that a little bit of uncertainty is not destructive. Planning and organization are crucial in the process to achieving your goals, but sudden, unexpected changes in your plans should be no cause for panic. Stop assuming that just because your meeting with someone was cancelled or that you couldn’t get into the class you wanted to for next semester or that someone can’t give the full details about an event that your entire world is falling apart. It’s not. Replace that rigid mindset of yours with one that is more accepting of adaptability and error. It’s of no use to overreact to something unanticipated happening. The situation is fixable, and it always can be addressed with a logical, positive outlook.

7. Find substance and emotional clarity in your relationships. Now, this doesn’t negate your previous promise of meeting new people and generating friendships wherever you can. However, learn to cut parasitic or damaging people from your life. Come to terms with the fact that some relationships are transient and shouldn’t go beyond their expiration date. Being friends with everybody sounds fabulous, but try to associate yourself with people whose presence you actually enjoy. It’s hard being that person that knows everyone, but can’t ask anyone out to a movie since it’ll be too awkward. Have intimate conversations and go somewhere memorable with them. Make sure you can laugh with those people and that they don’t drag you into situations or interactions that make you feel uncomfortable. Otherwise, such people are not worth your affection. 

8. Avoid mistaking confidence with arrogance. With all due respect, do have confidence. Maintain your self-esteem and love yourself unabashedly. Put your personality on full display and have assurance in your decisions. Nevertheless, that doesn’t entitle you to be rude, myopic, or haughty. Other people have sensitivities and needs which you have to honor. Be a humble yet energized individual, one who lets their ambition shine without allowing it to blind them to the welfare of others. Why be egotistical, when you can let your passions and your success speak for you?

9. Be engaged, but not obsessed, with social media. Social media has a consuming presence that’s for sure, but don’t let the fear of having these sites dictate your life inhibit you from enjoying them. Or meeting new people. Or catching up with old friends. Post some gorgeous photos on Instagram. Have a Snapchat war. Build your profile on LinkedIn. Check your email daily. Nurture your blog on Tumblr and meet fellow studyblrs. Just remember though, social media should not be the reason that days waste away and blend together. Define your limits for social media activity, and adhere to them.

10. Test your creative boundaries and admire your artistry. Yes, your career and your education are principal interests of yours, and yes, establishing a proper foundation of knowledge is essential to your future success. But remember, art and science aren’t mutually exclusive interests. Do something fun and spontaneous, something outside the scientific sphere that genuinely gives you pleasure. Sign up for a cooking class. Experiment with watercolors and acrylics. Learn more about photography, and make a photo collage. Take care of some plants. Write a short story. Practice calligraphy. Be dangerous in your fashion choices and select clothes that boost your confidence. However, don’t be hypercritical of your work all the time. What may seem mediocre to you may seem incredible to another person.

11. Stop suppressing those butterflies and take a chance on romance. Literally, STOP AND GO ON A DATE FOR ONCE. GOD. In all honesty, the reasons that have been preventing you from adventuring into that fierce unknown that is dating have been complete and utter bullshit. Hold your head and your standards high, but avoid allowing the intimidation of a casual romantic or sexual relationship completely unnerve you. Be spontaneous, acknowledge people’s humanity and fallibility, explore your sexuality, stop complaining, and make the first move sometimes.

12. Enrich yourself with good books, good music, good media in general. Please, read another piece of literature that isn’t required reading material. Fall in love again with the raw imagination and poignant lyricism contained within books. Drown in seas of texts, and apprise criticisms or reviews. Additionally, get off the internet and investigate other forms of media that can stimulate the brain. Watch a documentary. Listen to a couple podcasts. Stream more TED talks. Read some scientific journals. Chill with some incredible music. ANYTHING. Escape the intellectual rut that university has coerced you into, and galivant into amazing material.

13. Further your knowledge in other languages. Considering the fact that you’re going to be studying abroad next semester in France, you are definitely going to need to brush up on your French. Nothing is going to contribute to that besides you own sense of perseverance. Also, there’s something about the grammatical analysis and assembly of languages that’s so beautiful and peaceful? I want to feel that same appreciation I had for learning new languages that I had before high school. To me, foreign languages are vocal watercolors.

14. Be kind in your pursuit of your ambitions, and volunteer. In some moments in your life, you just need to toss that swelling, cumbersome ego of yours into the trash and adopt a cause. Consider needs aside from your own, needs that extend beyond yourself into the community or into the world. Donate yourself to charity and immerse yourself in volunteer projects. You’ll get to interact with people of different circumstances with incredible stories, all the while assisting in service and improving your understanding of your own humility.

15. Absorb the idea that your body is a spiritual place. Your body is absolutely a temple. Cherish it like a religion and attend to its demands. Sleep properly and accrue as much of it as you possibly can. Don’t be ashamed or angry at yourself for sleeping, for the simplest thing you can do when your body is screaming out in exhaustion is to listen to it. Frequent the gym more and maintain a diet that isn’t just calorically healthy, but nutritionally healthy as well. Hydrate often to replenish that burnt-out brain of yours, and substitute binges with intermittent snacking throughout the day.

16. Force some reality checks on yourself. In your moments of productivity or crisis, your head can often get lost in the clouds or fogged by harmful thoughts and emotions. Attempt to ground yourself with pep talks and daily reminders, to reorient your focus on practical, pertinent, and possible goals that you can strive for. The mere act of verbalizing your issues and presenting them in a clear manner where you can potentially formulate solutions is so helpful, as you learned during finals season this past semester.

17. Moderation and balance should remain priorities. Finally, do NOT take things to the extreme this upcoming year. Stop engaging in polarizing, self-destructive behaviors or toxic coping mechanisms that can take you to the very edge of your sanity. Perfectionism is not the means of approaching your studies, or your life, for that matter. Attempts at making every single aspect of your existence perfect, from your grades to your fitness to your relationships to your projects consumes too much time and too many resources. Now should that prevent you from striving towards excellence? FUCK NO. But you need to admit to yourself that something does not have to be perfect, but enough.

For anyone else wanting to explain their New Year’s resolutions, be my guest! 

But still, I’ll tag @oursciencestudy @thestudyharder @bookmrk @universi-tea @katsdesk @milkteastudies @aeristudies @equaticns @lavistudy @h2ostudies @obsidianstudy @sapphirestudy @studyplants @revealedreams @grracestudies @biochemis-tree @its-aesthetically-aquarius @z-oologystudy @lil-tea-cup @cdy-studies @rewritign and @questionstudies

Enjoy the new year, you guys!


thewillfulones  asked:

❋ Your blog is one of my favs // ✦ I like seeing you on my dash // ❇ I love the way you write

Meme: Send me a symbol for how you feel.
Sender: @thewillfulones
Status: Accepting.


u know, funnily enough???????

u make me happy, too. :-)

You’re like a bright sunshine whenever you’re on my dash, sending out so much love and so much happiness to whoever can see your light. You’re a wonder in this community and I’m still in awe of the fact to have been given the chance to tell people that you’re a very loved friend of mine, because you are! You’re so marvellous and inspiring, and even though you have your salty moments, I’m just really glad that you don’t allow for those moments to keep you down; you rise back up every single time with nought but a smile.

The word amazing is the word that you are a perfect example of: it’s amazing how you’re so patient; it’s amazing how you’re so caring; it’s amazing how you’re so… you.

I bet you that I can find so many others who will be willing to vouch for that, because it’s all true.

You are a wonderful writer, putting time and effort in every single headcanon, detail, and reply you have for your variety of muses. It’s so refreshing to see, and I doubt that I’ll ever get tired of seeing it. And when I decided to grab the reins for Raine again, knowing that you remembered me gave me so much joy, because in spite of being gone for such a long time, I always did consider you as one of my most cherished partners. So thank you for giving me another chance to write with you!

And in conclusion, anyone who’s been able to bask in your warmth of love will understand when I say this: we are exceptionally lucky and blessed to have you in our lives, Kaya. We love you!

Open Letter To My Fellow Young Artists and Scholars Who Work On The Margins

You know who you are.

Your parents may be immigrants. You yourself may be from a place far from where you currently live. You may have been the only (insert minority) in your art and theory classes. Your sexuality and gender (or lack thereof) may become a topic of conversation before your work does. You may have grown up without access to museums and good art supplies, but you still drew, sculpted, took pictures, or performed for your family and friends. Your beliefs or body type may make you a target for violence or ridicule. You may make work about your identity or you may not. Like all artists and scholars, you want to share your work and ideas.

You are reminded daily or occasionally but you are reminded nonetheless: you are “other.”

To you, I declare that community is not passé. It is the foundation upon which we stand, no matter how post-modern, irreverent, or solitary our practices. Also, I propose that heritage and the history of those who came before you is not a burden, but a source of strength. Tribute, homage, and respect are not just generational mandates - it is how your foundation is continually fortified. Community is how artists survive perpetual historical amnesia at the hands of the gatekeepers of the canon from which we seek acceptance.

I’m not going to lie to you. There are rewards for this amnesia - people will call you avant-garde or controversial, you don’t seem hindered by oppression, you aren’t didactic, you will gain access into places - alone - because you are one of the chosen ones who don’t challenge the institution. But you will be in the ivory tower, alone.

We can explore such ideas as the post-black, the post-racial, and the post-feminist because our ancestors’ world was a world of firsts before the post. I appeal to you to acknowledge your influences, publicly and loudly. I implore you to do your research and cite your sources. I ask you to share. Do not be lulled by the open gate or window, and then close it behind you so no one else like you can enter. A sense of competition is bred into the art world that makes you feel like you will lose if you aren’t the chosen one. Especially to the radiant child and the wunderkind, I ask you to open your hands and release your anxiety.

Perhaps most importantly, reach back and open doors to your elders. They need us, too. I applaud William Cordova’s work on the Black Panthers, Rashid Johnson for curating Sam Gilliam, Mickalene Thomas’ inter-generational show of black photographers at Rhona Hoffman, Clifford Owens’ historic work Anthology, LaMont Hamilton’s 75 Portraits project, and Eliza Myrie, Dawoud Bey, Candida Alvarez, and Theaster Gates for organizing the Black Artists Retreat.

Since Terry Adkins’ passing yesterday, I have been shocked at how many people did not know this brilliant man and his work. However, I have taken comfort that I belong to a community of people in the art world who take care of each other. “Are you alright?” “How is so-and-so taking the news?” “Do you want to talk?” “How will we make sure Terry is not forgotten?” I met the man briefly and have only been in this community for a few years, yet I feel totally enveloped by support. LaMont Hamilton and I were marveling about his impact and how we feel as emerging artists to have had the chance to share words and ideas with him. How good it feels to know I am not the only one who wants to celebrate his legacy.

This is not only about respecting your elders. It is also about self-care. The threat of addiction, isolation, and fear of losing your spot can have fatal consequences. We’ve seen this with our beloved Jean-Michel Basquiat. Take care of yourself and others on the margins with you. None of us are free until all of us are free.

May you all find comfort and power from your community in art and in history.

Brother Terry, may your legacy live forever.

In solidarity,

Rashayla Marie Brown
February 9, 2014
Chicago, IL

Image by me.

In 1963, the comics world was full of straight laced heroes that exemplified the New Frontier model of Kennedy explorers. Heroes like Green Lantern, The Flash and even Superman were father figures or older brother figures in which everyone basically had their lives together. Green Lantern was a test pilot with a constant love interest in Carol Ferris and the biggest personal drama given to Superman was whether Lois Lane or Lana Lang was going to try and marry him. The biggest conflict that affected superheroes was the villain or threat that was in that issue, their lives were completely average and stable. Marvel Comics changed that with the Fantastic Four in 1961 which exemplified the Marvel style of giving their heroes problems, personally. The team fought and had money issues and this was new for readers. No hero exemplified the struggle of personal problems and supervillains more than, Peter Parker, The Amazing Spider-Man, first appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #15 in 1963.

In 2011, the comics scene is a market that is dominated by white male heroes. Spider-Man was up for a second chance in a new movie franchise. One candidate for casting of Peter Parker was Community actor and rapper, Donald Glover, a Black actor. The response to Glover being rumored for the role was telling about the comics community, with some fans making the case that Peter Parker’s race could not be changed and that it was impossible to have a black Peter Parker. A response from Glover, questioned did these people believe that there was no poor black teenager in Queens who was into science. This discussion and response prompted Brian Michael Bendis for inspiration to create Miles Morales, a half Black half Latino teenager, who took the mantle of the Spider-Man from the Ultimate Universe Peter Parker who died in a previous storyline.

Both Peter Parker and Miles Morales had a huge impact when they were created. They both sold very well and I believe it is because they represented their audience. In 1963 comics were mostly read by kids and bookish teenagers. Peter Parker, a shy, nerdy teenager as the protagonist was a great representation of the readers at the time. Readers seeing someone like them going through the same problems as they are and being the hero of the book is the way hooked them in and to connect with the character. Similarly Miles Morales had the same importance but this time at a larger scale. While comic book sales are much lower than they were 50 years ago, the presence of comics culture is global through film and television. Spider-Man is an icon around the world and the fact that a person of color took over that role, and to be a success, is such a meaningful accomplishment.


(sorry for the shorter entry)

Cosplayers & Costumers, its time for the Sixth Annual Costoberfest on! We here at are always super appreciative and constantly in awe of your costumes, time and time again! As is now tradition, we would like to honor the costuming and cosplay community for the time and effort you’ve put toward the Marvel fandom throughout the month of October. For 31 days, we will highlight cosplayers & costumers through profiles, news articles, events and more! Plus you all get your chance to participate! Here’s how:

Every day, starting October 1, we will pick a cosplayer to profile on and Marvel’s Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

If you’re interested in possibly being spotlighted, send in the photographs* of yourself in costume to:

Feel free to submit as an individual or group, but remember only Marvel cosplay & costumes will be accepted.

*Marvel’s use of all photos are governed by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. All photos must be of cosplayers 13 years of age or older. All selected individuals/groups will be required to sign and return Marvel’s likeness release and waiver form.

Plus, all throughout the week of New York Comic Con, we’ll have tons more cool things for you!

So remember to stop by, plus Marvel’s Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter every day for the month of October to celebrate in everything cosplay & costuming!

Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests Visit the Exploratorium This Summer

Giant, Wind-powered Kinetic Creatures, Photographic Installation on View from May 27-September 5, 2016

Starting Memorial Day weekend, guests will have a chance to see and experience Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests at the Exploratorium. (Photo Gayle Laird/Exploratorium)

SAN FRANCISCO — This summer West Coast audiences will have a unique opportunity to see and experience the global phenomena known as Strandbeests (“beach animals”), the wind-powered creatures that blur the lines between art, science and engineering. Open Memorial Day through Labor Day weekends, this temporary exhibition will debut to the public on May 27, 2016 and close on September 5, 2016.

Strandbeest: The Dream Machines of Theo Jansen features large-scale kinetic sculptures, including Jansen’s newest and never-before-seenAnimaris Umerus Segundus, as well as artist sketches, immersive video, and the lyrical photography by Lena Herzog, who spent more than seven years documenting the Strandbeests’ evolution. The exhibition, organized by the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM), is the first large-scale museum presentation of Jansen’s Strandbeests in the Americas. The Exploratorium serves as the exclusive West Coast venue.

Marina McDougall, Director of the Center for Art & Inquiry, believes that Jansen’s work and process perfectly embody the Exploratorium’s interdisciplinary and inquiry-based approach to art, discovery and learning.

“Jansen exemplifies the Exploratorium ethos of a life inspired by imagination, curiosity and creativity,” McDougall said. “At the Exploratorium, we value art as a process of inquiry, a way of knowing. We believe that art is for everybody and integrated with other disciplinary approaches deepens learning and discovery. As an artist/engineer with a background in physics, Jansen embodies this ideal.”

First conceived as a thought experiment in the spirit of Albert Einstein, Strandbeests have evolved over the last 20 years through Jansen’s passionate process of prodigious tinkering, iteration and adaptation. Made entirely of PVC pipe and zip ties, the animals were originally inspired by the threat of rising sea levels; the mechanical creatures were functional and able to pile sand back up on the dunes. Over time, the animals evolved as Jansen became more fascinated with exploring ideas around the origins of life.

“Jansen’s work provokes us to consider evolutionary processes of adaption, and our own role in re-shaping the world around us,” McDougall said. “Jansen is animated by a grand, seemingly impossible ambition of animating the humble material of PVC into herds of creatures that move on their own and can be replicated. His work compels us to consider how the very definition of life turns out to be a trickier thing to define than we might initially think.”

Participatory, hands-on and kinetic, the exhibition invites the public to “walk” a Strandbeest (Animarus Ordis) in the galleries. The exhibition features some of Jansen’s most recent and ambitious Strandbeests, including the 42-foot-long, pneumatically poweredAnimaris Suspendisse, which features a responsive nervous system, sweat glands and wind stomachs. A collection of “fossils” (the term Jansen uses for his retired creations) and the future of their evolution is celebrated through a section of the exhibition that captures Jansen’s 20-year process of invention.

Jansen is looking forward to returning to and working with the Exploratorium after an initial visit in 2014, when he made a special appearance at the museum’s annual spring gala.

“Our partnership just fits so well. It is exciting to see the mix of imagination and science at the Exploratorium,” Jansen said. “The Exploratorium and I both try to get people surprised about the big miracle we are living in. And we both try to put reality in a certain perspective and make the viewer aware of the beauty of the world. My work may do it in a somewhat more romantic way, but I see my work as a fairy tale with strong roots to reality.”

Given the interdisciplinary nature of Jansen’s work, it is expected that a wide range of audiences will be attracted to the exhibition.

“When Jansen was here in 2014 we discovered how deeply his work resonates with the Bay Area creative communities,” McDougall said. “Many people have experienced Strandbeest as video that has gone viral on the Internet. Visitors will now get a chance to see Strandbeests in person, watch them move, understand the mechanisms behind them, marvel at Jansen’s inventiveness, and even contemplate the nature of life itself.”

Strandbeest: The Dream Machines of Theo Jansen is organized by the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA. Audemars Piguet provided generous support as the tour’s National Sponsor. ABC7 is the exhibition’s local media sponsor.

Okay, gotta say something about To Walk A Pagan Path by Alaric Albertsson…  

So, this is a book talking about the Pagan path in general, and ins’t Norse Paganism-specific (so anyone new to Paganism can benefit from this book), and we’re in a part of the chapter that deals with choosing a god or goddess or pantheon to follow.

Mr. Albertsson clearly states in this book, “If a particular pantheon just feels right to you, then by all means go with that feeling.  Maybe you were inspired by Greek mythology when you were in school.  Maybe the comic book verison of Thor (who shares little other than his name with the real Thor) has kindled your interest in the Norse gods of Asgard.  There are infinite reasons why you might be drawn to a pantheon.  Most of the reasons may seem to be nothing more than random chance, but I have found that random chance very often has some underlying purpose.”

I put this quote here because I have heard about the shit some members of the Pagan community are spewing and bad-mouthing new converts all because of the Marvel movies. SO FUCKING WHAT.  I’m sure these new followers can easily tell that there is a difference between Marvel’s Thor and the lore’s Thor.  That’s the same with Loki.  That’s the same with Odin.

Who another follows and why is none of your concern.  If there was something wrong, I think the gods and goddesses can speak for themselves.  You know what they say right now?  "Welcome, newcomers!“  (Or something of the sort.)

Marvel got me interested in Norse mythology.  The gods made me wish they were real at the time so much that I expressed it to a friend, who told me that this (among others) is still a practices religion today.  I had no idea because I thought beliefs or something had an expiration date.  This made me want to follow the real deal instead of fantasizing that they were possibly once real but not anymore.

Marvel was a gateway, and I’m smart enough to know the difference between entertainment gods and real gods.  So I don’t wanna hear anymore of the bashing on people who converted thanks to Marvel.

My practice and my bond as a follower of Loki should not concern anybody else.  I don’t even understand why anyone else would even give a shit who I follow.  It’s not hurting them!  I broke away from christianity to get away from that shit, not to see another version of it!

To those of you hating on newbies because of Marvel, cut that shit out.

Cosplayers & Costumers, its time for the Fifth Annual Costoberfest on! As we here at are always super appreciative and constantly in awe of your costumes, time and time again! As is now tradition, we would like to honor the costuming and cosplay community for the time and effort you’ve put toward the Marvel fandom throughout the month of October. For 31 days, we will highlight cosplayers & costumers through profiles, news articles, events and more! Plus you all get your chance to participate! Here’s how:

Every day, starting October 1, we will pick a cosplayer or costumer to profile on Marvel’s Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

If you’re interested in possibly being spotlighted, send in the photographs* of yourself in costume to:

Feel free to submit as an individual or group, but remember only Marvel cosplay & costumes will be accepted.

*Marvel’s use of all photos are governed by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. All photos must be of cosplayers 13 years of age or older. All selectedindividuals/groups will be required to sign and return Marvel’s likeness release and waiver form.

Plus, all throughout the week of New York Comic Con, we’ll have tons more cool things for you!

So remember to stop by, plus Marvel’s Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter every day for the month of October to celebrate in everything cosplay & costuming!

If Steve Rogers is Hydra...

I might just be in denial, but there’s still a chance that Marvel will go “jk it wasn’t actually Steve Rogers! It was a clone or some shit made to look like Steve a she was implanted with false memories.” Like that better be the case it’s literally the only thing keeping me from breaking down crying. Like damn. If this is true, which I refuse to believe, it not only ruins Captain America but it ruins every single Marvel story and character he’s been involved in.

Now I’m not overlooking how offensive this whole thing is to the original writers and the Jewish community. But as someone who was raised Christian this has been addressed by others far better then I ever could. So instead I’m just going to rant about how this effects every single character that Cap has ever talked to.

This destroys Falcon. Steve Rogers meant somethings to Sam. Steve wasn’t just an ideal for him, he was his friend. Steve was there for him when he needed him and helped to nourish his hope and determination to keep fighting for a better future. If Steve Roger is Hydra then what does that say about Captain America? Does that mean the mantel is now a symbol of betrayal and prejudice? When Falcon discovers this he will be disgusted with himself for ever taking on the role. He will question what it says about himself that he let himself be connected with such disturbing and racist ideals.

This destroys Peggy Carter. Steve Rogers is the man she loved. He saw her a soldier before he saw her a woman. He treated her as an actual intelligent human being with thoughts and ideas and not just some trophy to be won. They fought together to forge a better future for the world. A future where everyone is seen for their actions and not things like their race, or gender, or other anything superficial. Part of why she helped to start S.H.E.I.L.D. was to honor his memory. If Steve Rogers is Hydra then her life becomes meaningless. All of her sacrifices were for a dream that is now revealed to be a joke from the beginning. I’m so glad she’s dead because if Peggy Carter discovered this then she’d give up because this proves what everyone else was saying was true. It really is impossible for her to change anything. A woman’s place really is just at home because this means that when she tried to be something more it was a failure like everyone always said it would be.

This destroys Black Widow. A big part of her character development is learning to trust people again. This proves every fear she’s ever had right. She will never be able to escape the horrors of constantly fighting a war in the shadows. She’ll never truly be safe because this proves that her enemies will never be far away. If Steve Rogers is Hydra then who else is? What about Tony? What about Bruce? Can Clint Barton really be trusted or is he secretly working with the Red Room? When Black Widow discovers this she will lose what little bit of security she had and will never be able to feel safe again.

This destroys Iron Man. Whether you ship Stony or not I think we can all agree that they were close. Hell, one of the reasons the Civil War was so painful at times was because Tony cared for Steve more than he did most people. Whether he cared like a brother or a lover, he trusted Steve above all else for a while there. If Steve Rogers is Hydra then that means his best friend was involved in the murder of his parents. Sure they weren’t exactly good parents but god damn it they were his and their death destroyed a part of him inside. If Steve is Hydra then does that mean he was using him just like everyone else in his life? And if so who else is just using him? It could be anyone. It could be everyone. When Iron Man discovers this it will destroy an already broken man beyond repair because there’s no getting over something like that.

This destroys Bucky Barnes. Jesus Christ does this destroy Bucky Barnes! His whole childhood has been about keeping Steve safe and good and pure! When Hydra takes him it’s Steve that breaks the mind control and brain washing. It’s Steve that helps him find himself again. Hell if Steve Rogers is Hydra then that mean that he had a part in the creation of the Winter Soldier! He allowed Hydra to torture and brainwash a man who was supposed to be his best friend! He allowed Hydra to force Bucky to commit atrocities that he knew Bucky would be against! And then when he’s “freed” he has the nerve to try and help him recover!! If Steve Rogers is Hydra then Bucky will never be free!! No matter how hard he tries to fight back and be his own person there will always one more person right next to him just waiting to be his next handler! It doesn’t matter anymore how many lives he’s saved or how many lives he’s saved or how many or much many villains he’s stopped because for all he knows he could have been following Hydra’s plan all along! When Bucky Barnes discovers this he is going to break because Steve Rogers was one of the most important people in his fucking life!! Regardless of what you label it, their relationship saved Bucky time and time again!! It gave him fucking hope for mankind and himself!! Steve Rogers helped to show him that Hydra didn’t completely ruin him!! That he could still be a good person after war forced him to commit terrible atrocities that he would never willingly do otherwise!! Fuck he will break! Whether it’s in a burning fury or a calm suicidal depression he will break.

And that isn’t even everyone. I could spend hours going on about how many lives he’s touched in the Marvel Universe but I can just too upset to continue listing them. Hell they can’t even necessarily count on each other because they’ll all be broken. After all, Steve showed them that even if you’re suffering you can still save someone else. So if that’s a lie then what’s the point in even trying?

And the worst part is we’ve all identified with at least one of these stories. We’ve all felt scared or alone or dirty or discriminated against or unworthy of saving!! We’ve all learned from these characters that we can be strong and tough and can fight back against oppression and are worthy of love and forgiveness!!! We believed these things because Steve believed in those characters which meant he believed in us!! If Steve Rogers is Hydra then everything he’s ever said, every bit of hope he’s ever given is a lie!!! And while that might not mean a lot to some people, for others Steve Rogers is the only one who’s ever said that shit!! He’s the only one who’s ever turned to a character that we identify with and said that people like that are worth something!!! That even though we’ve made mistakes that can never be fixed!! That even though we were forced into situations where we unknowingly cause permanent damage!! That even though the rest of the world told us that we’ll never amount to anything because of how we were born!!! For some people Steve Rogers is the only one who said fuck what everyone else says or the mistakes you made!!! As long as you tried your hardest to do what’s right, then Steve Rogers believes in you!!! You can be saved!!! You can get better!!! You can be healed and over come discrimination and be amazing because Steve Rogers saw just how amazing everyone can truly be!!!

But now. Now that all becomes a lie. Steve Rogers doesn’t believe in you. Steve Rogers doesn’t believe in truth or justice or equality or anything like that. Steve Rogers is in Hydra. He believes all of that Nazi propaganda that can be seen even nowadays.

If Marvel wanted to shock us while “celebrating” the 75th anniversary then they didn’t have to destroy Steve Rogers. In fact they shouldn’t have. Watching a symbol of goodness be destroyed isn’t shocking anymore. It’s heartbreaking because we’ve all seen it time and time again in the real world. What truly would have been terrifying would have been if they introduced and ordinary man with dangerous ideas. No mask. No costume. No powers. Just a simple man with dangerous ideas that people listen too. Because that’s how most monsters begin. Because those are the kind of monsters that Steve Rogers fought against. Except they’re not anymore. Because if Steve Rogers is Hydra, then he’s now one of those monsters.

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[H] You Are Cordially Invited (Oct. 24th)

WHAT: The Tirsfal Theatre Troupe’s 2nd Annual Big Hallow’s End Bash
WHERE: Caer Darrow
WHEN: Saturday, October 24th, starting at 7 PM WrA Server (9 MG Server)
WHO: THE HORDE! (or Alliance with Horde alts!)
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philly-anon  asked:

Out of curiosity, are there any comic book characters that you would love to get a chance to write if given a shot by Marvel or DC's editors?

The X-Men.

They need to let me write the X-Men.

They need to let me write the X-Men as a family, a school, a community, a group of people bound by shared needs and goals and dreams, but not by a shared background or a shared set of values.  They need to trust me, to look at the work I’ve already done and believe that I can be trusted with Xavier’s dream, with Summers’s dream, with Frost’s dream.  They need to give me my head and believe that I will bring them the world.

Because I will.

All they gotta do is let me try.