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The Third House - The House of Communication

This is the third part of a twelve part series briefly explaining how the signs work in each house. Enjoy!

The Third House is known as the house of communication because it is in this house where we learn to speak with our conscious. Our communication skills in this sense are deep rooted because the things we say impulsively can be a reflection of how we grew up. Another aspect of this house is intelligence. Essentially, the third house represents how we use our communication skills to spread our knowledge and make an impact within our environment. In the third house we asks ourselves, “How do we best state our case with others, often those we love the most? Will our actions be true to our environment, and our planet, for all time?”

Aries in the Third House: As a doer, you speak with your actions. You are not afraid to take initiative of your own life sometimes refusing the help of others because you can be too impatient. You come up with great ideas and are very expressive in sharing them. Learn that it takes time to get something done, not everything has to be rushed. Patience is a virtue when it comes to communicating and sharing ideas with others. 

Taurus in the Third House: You use your materials and finances as a means to communicatively express yourself. You like to learn about how to continuously increase your wealth so this would have an influence on the people you spend your time talking to. Like the bull, you are stubborn with other people’s ideas, try not to quickly shut them down just because they don’t seem right to you.

Gemini in the Third House: This is a natural placement since Mercury rules the Third House and with it, Gemini and Virgo. Knowledge and wit will come easily to you, and you will have a great capability of sharing it with others. You are highly intellectual and creative, showing a constant interest in learning new things to keep your mind occupied. Because of this, you tend to leave things undone.

Cancer in The Third House: Overthinking and intellectualizing your emotions is a common thing you do. Your emotions are important to you so they affect the way you speak to people and who you choose to speak with. Since you can be highly emotional you wish to speak to those who  only make you feel nurtured and protected. However, you must learn to push away from these emotional limitations and not let them affect your journey of self discovery.

Leo in the Third House: You are very critical in your self-expression. The knowledge you search for is of the kind that will help you shine your light on others. Like the proud lion you are you can be stubborn about what is right or wrong, almost always believing that your right is the truth. However, if you can learn to set your pride aside, you may find yourself collaborating well with others since you are able to enthusiastically share your creative ideas.

Virgo in the Third House: Logical and rational as the Virgo is, this placement brings forth many anxious feelings. You tend to overthink every part of your life, constantly trying to think of ways to be the most efficient. Because of this, you have some of the greatest ideas, but you get too critical to the point where you over think your ideas, bringing you to a halt. Learn to communicate with others for help and you will see that you can achieve many great things once you share your ideas. 

Libra in the Third House: Using your natural charm, you are able to smoothly communicate with others. This helps you network because you have a calm presence that makes you attractive in a way that people are comfortable with you. You are unbiased and want to feel balanced, so you tend to not take sides but stay neutral. You can also be artistic in the way you talk so you may find yourself communicating through music, writing, or painting. 

Scorpio in the Third House: The way you communicate with others is very dark and brooding. You are forceful because you are passionate in what you believe. You tend to force your opinions on others because you want them to see what you see, often finding yourself frustrated. Learn that you must share your acquired knowledge in a selfless way and think more for mankind and how you can help everyone. 

Sagittarius in the Third House: If there’s one thing you want to expand, it’s your mind. Sagittarians are known for seeking adventure and exploring new places, so it only makes sense that the way you communicate and acquire knowledge is going to be very abstract. Education is important to you so you will find yourself tackling on more than one subject, for example, going back to school to major in something else. Explore your mind selflessly and remember that it’s helpful to search for knowledge to help others and not just yourself.

Capricorn in the Third House: Slow and steady is the Capricorn in this placement. You take your time and there is nothing wrong with that, you just learn at a different speed than others. However, this might cause you to become introverted so you tend to not communicate well. You are more interested in finding out how to achieve your goals but struggle in putting these ideas into actions. You must remember that in order to fully achieve your goals you need to communicate with the people around you and do the things you aim for.

Aquarius in the Third House: You are very idealistic and out of this world with the views and beliefs you express to people. Sometimes you come off as an extremist because you feel very strongly about your beliefs although people are more interested in the now and not so much the future. You do well in gathering groups and networking, but when doing this, do not forget to stand up for your ideas because although a little out of other people’s element, that just might be the idea everyone is searching for.  

Pisces in the Third House: Intuition is a strong trait of yours. So much so, that sometimes it wins over logical arguments. Your mind ranges far with fantasy and this is expressed in the way you communicate. You can be vague, quiet, and stick to creatively writing your thoughts instead of sharing them with people. It is also important to resurface and gather your dream-like thoughts back to reality. Overall, you have a mind full of wisdom that others can trust because of how impressively intuitive you are. 

*shrugs* maybe people point out OP is a terf/terf-supporter because it can change the context (or rather, make it more clear) of the post, or maybe some people just really don’t want to interact with someone who supports people who are actively against them/hate them for who they are and I mean you can think whatever you want about that but dismissing them as childish/derailing is kinda naive

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Okay I'm new to MCR so I have just one question, what did bob do to make everyone hate him?

Oh god ok. Where to start. There’s been quite a lot of stuff that’s happened over the years and I don’t have all the receipts on me at the moment but basically he’s like hella racist and has said a whole litany of really shitty things. He also kind of harassed mikey a little bit on social media after he left the band which is just, not cool especially since I would die for any of the ways. But yeah I think those are kind of the main things? My good friend Sarah @isnthatsomething probably has all the receipts bc drama and hatred of bob are like her two specialties so if you want specifics I’d recommend asking her (or someone else idk I’m sorry I don’t have it all bookmarked ahh).

I hope that kind of answers your question? Welcome to the fandom, we’re all dying but at least it’s good for the aesthetic right.

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Can I ask for further info on what's going on in the wolfdog community? Thanks!

I’m not sure exactly which part of the recent events you’re interested in / aware of, so I’ll do a quick recap. 

The private ownership wolfdog community is super full of group-think to the point of kind of being it’s own cult. Most really dedicated animal group are, from specific purebred dog breed clubs to reptile keepers, but they take it even farther than the extremes of most of those groups. They promote hands-on experience with wolfdogs as more important or relevant to successful animal management than professional or academic backgrounds in relevant topics. Their care is generally based on mythology and urban legends about canine behavior and is fairly lacking in awareness of any recent behavioral science for dogs or wolves, and they tend to think training either isn’t possible with wolf content animals or that it makes them less wild, somehow. They’re also nasty and tend to go on witch-hunts within their own community if someone does something they don’t like or gets on the wrong side of a respected old-timer.

I wrote an article on a northern breed mix named Loki, who is really famous for his owner’s tendency to claim he’s a wolfdog, and was lambasted for it. I was kicked out of the wolfdog communities, harassed, and vaguely threatened with legal action. I eventually took the article offline because the unending harassment it was destroying my ability to function as an educator. You can read more about that story here. I’ve gotten requests to put it back up from people  who think calling out this specific case of misrep is important, but are uninterested in backing the project openly due to the amount of backlash it generated when it was posted. The article will not be going back up. 

Shortly after the Loki article came down, a GSD mix named Capone was taken by animal officers in Aurora, Colorado, and claimed to be ‘part wolf’ because he was aggressive towards the officers. To make it worse, he wasn’t vaccinated for rabies or registered with the county. A tense week ensued, in which petitions were started to save Capone and he became a fairly visible media story in the US. Eventually, DNA results from UC Davis came back that Capone was entirely dog, and he got to go home. Unfortunately, a shitty breeder of northern breed mixes decided to go talk to the local media about “how they should come see what real wolfdogs look like” and managed to make the misrepresentation problems regarding wolfy-looking arctic breed dogs 1000% worse. The wolfdog community (the bits of it I’m still tangential too, anyway) spent a lot of that week bemoaning that man, why doesn’t anyone speak out against exactly this sort of misrepresentation?

In light of the drama. Why Animals Do The Thing has decided to no longer support with the private ownership wolfdog community. WADTT is also choosing to discontinue it’s partnership with a wolfdog rescue we have previously unequivocally supported - you can read more about why that choice was made here. WADTT will continue to do independent education regarding wolfdog media as is pertinent for the scope of this blog, however, because it’s pretty clearly a topic readers care about. 

“What do you mean you can’t help me? You didn’t even try!”

“Did you even want to be here in the first place?

"You gotta tell me how you attract so many pretty people.”

“You all keep sneaking around and I feel so out of the loop. What’s going on?”

“Before I learned to speak their language, we communicated with vague hand signs.”

“I’ve tried, but I honestly think you’re a natural at this.”

In Stereo (Part 1)

“Draco,” an almost hesitant knock came at his door.

“Come in,” Draco’s voice sounded unnaturally low and scratchy in contrast to his mother’s smooth tones.

The ornate oak clicked open softly and he was greeted with the image of a teary-eyed Narcissa, who was so obviously trying to pull herself together for the sake of her son. Draco pushed his covers back and stood up, summoning all of the shrapnels of dignity he had left and using them to build the illusion of a strong exterior

“Mother,“ Draco whispered.

That was all it took. Narcissa was across the room in a second. She took Draco in her arms and, although he was bigger than her now, squeezed him as though she could shrink him small enough to fit in her pocket. Hide him away from what few dreadful things he had yet been forced to face.

Draco felt his mother start to draw back and fought to suppress a whimper. He studied her face and watched as she composed her strong, aristocratic features into the usual Malfoy mask that occupied them.

Draco reached a pale hand up and wiped a stray tear from his mother’s face.

“I’m okay,” he assured her. Or maybe he was assuring himself. Or maybe he was assuring both of them. Draco didn’t believe it, and he doubted his mother did either.

She didn’t answer, but nodded her head and set her lips in a grim line.

Narcissa fussed with her son’s fair hair and Draco frowned but made no move to stop her. “You’re wanted in your father’s study within the hour.”

Draco sucked in a breath of air and nodded his head in a single jerky motion.

Everyone communicated in nods and vague hand gestures lately. It was almost as though they were scared of using their voices too much. Which was oddly ironic, considering how they had all ended up here. Voicing opinions no one else wanted.

His mother exited the room and Draco - with a shaky exhale - made his way to the bathroom that was connected to his spacious bedroom. He stripped down with only a few seconds hesitation, still uneasy after an unfortunate incident with the wolf, Fenrir Greyback. Thankfully, the Dark Lord had called the obscenely large werewolf into some sort of emergency meeting before Draco had seriously injured him. Or been seriously injured.

As he showered, he wondered idly if this was how the Gryffindors had felt back in third year when Sirius Black had been on the loose. Nervous in their own house because of a lunatic hunting down the Chosen One. Hunting down Potter.

It was with a heavy heart that Draco stepped out of the shower and dressed. Nothing too fancy, this could hardly be considered a special occasion.

Draco wasn’t stupid, he was well aware of the reasoning behind his requested presence.

Requested. Draco scoffed ever so slightly at the word. As if he had a choice. If he didn’t show, he - and his mother - would be killed.

If he did show… he’d be punished. For his failure, and his father’s.


Deep breath. Sharp exhale. Draco put his hand on the doorknob to his father’s study. His eyes slid shut as he braced himself to open the door and face whatever was waiting for him on the other side.

Draco felt a delicate hand rest on his left shoulder lightly and he turned his head to meet his mother’s blue eyes. They held love and hints of reassurance, but Narcissa’s eyes had always been a direct window to her emotions, a trait she had unwillingly passed along to her son, and now they held barely concealed fear. Fear for the fate of the son she had raised. Fear for the boy who had no choice.

“Do you know-” Draco was cut off by the hesitant yet rough shaking of his mother’s head.

Grey eyes met blue one last time before Draco opened the door to his father’s study and stepped inside.

The tense atmosphere in the room prickled at Draco’s skin. His father refused to even look in Draco’s direction from his place in a chair in the edge of the room. On the flip side, his Auntie Bella looked positively ecstatic, smiling maniacally as the occasional giggle - which sounded suspiciously like a cackle - escaped her thin lips.

Lord Voldemort sat at the wooden desk in the centre of the room, stiffly perched in the same chair Draco’s father had sat in so many times before. There was something malicious glistening in his eyes. Though, that could just be one of the side effects of having red eyes. (Seriously, what muggle movie villain must the Dark Lord have based himself off of?)

The Dark Lord had always been intimidating but something was different this time.

“My Lord,” Draco regarded his master with a dip of his head.

“Draco,” The Dark Lord stood leisurely and a cold, cruel grin stretched across his white face as his snake, Nagini, slithered about near the bottoms of his robe. “You are to accompany us to Hogwarts, we have some… business to attend to.”

Draco had to restrain himself from furrowing his brow in confusion. (He could hear Pansy chastise him in his head, “Really, Draco, darling, that causes premature wrinkles,”).

“Yes, my Lord.”


Snow covered the Hogwarts grounds in a pillowy blanket. It seemed the sky, too, would have liked to cover the horrors that this war had conceived.

Draco walked behind his aunt and father, who were following the Dark Lord into the school. The irony of it all was not lost on Draco.

Familiar grey stone pillars towered around them as they entered the school. Every student in the vicinity - which wasn’t many, considering almost all of the students were already in the great hall - turned to glance in their direction before quickly looking away and flicking their eyes elsewhere, either at their shoes or towards the ceiling.

Draco watched silently as the doors to the great hall opened to accept their little group.

A hush fell over the already nearly quiet hall. Draco couldn’t think back to a time when the students had been this contained, not even after the death of Cedric Diggory, and it added to the ache he’d been feeling in his very soul since he had been marked a Death Eater, and therefore sealed his fate.

The Dark Lord stood at the front of the great hall, facing out towards the expanse of students.

“It has been brought to my attention that there are some,” the Dark Lord drawled and it made Draco regret ever using a similar tone, “who still resist my rule at this school.”

The Dark Lord’s eyes were skirting around the room - taking a particularly long look at Gryffindor table, Draco noted - before landing on Draco, himself.

A cruel smile stretched across his face and a shark’s mouth of teeth were put on display. “This will not be tolerated,” His words remained as calm and calculated as ever, but there were heavy notes of underlying anger in them that Draco only knew how to detect because the man (if he could even be called that) had been living in his house.

“And while I am unsure of what has given these students the false impression that Harry Potter is coming to save them,” He raised his arms up and glared cruelly out towards their audience, “No matter, I am here to right old wrongs, and give punishment to those who deserve it.”

Draco forced himself to stay still in his position between his Aunt Bellatrix and his father, Lucius. He was still confused as to why he, of all people, was asked to come along. He was also confused as to what they were doing here in the first place. Were they simply here to taunt the students with the hopelessness of their situation? No, he said he was here to ‘right old wrongs’ and to ‘give punishment’. Draco’s stomach flipped sickly as he realized the implications of what was happening.

This was his punishment.

Draco was no fool. He knew this was only the beginning. The Dark Lord surely had more planned than to force Draco to stand in front of his former peers and watch as he mocked them, like a petty schoolboy did a crush. Surely, there was more to come.

Sudden commotion dragged Draco out of his thoughts. He looked around, trying to pinpoint the source of uproar, and of course, it came from Gryffindor table. Specifically, from a certain boy known as Neville and a certain girl known as Ginny.

So, Potter’s sometimes-sidekick and his little girlfriend. Great.

“Harry is coming to save us you snake-faced bastard!” Longbottom burst out.

Girl Weasley stood next to him in a show of support, before yelling out, “Harry’s more of a leader than you could ever hope to be!”

The Dark Lord surveyed them with a front of amusement but there was a certain amount of malice shining in eyes. “Bellatrix, restrain them.”

“With pleasure, My Lord,” His Aunt smiled in that extra disturbing way of hers. She aimed a Petrificus Totalus at Longbottom and before the Weaselette could protest she was hit with one as well.

Alecto and Amycus Carrow were at the scene within seconds, where they exchanged grins and levitated the two defiant teenagers out of the great hall. Bellatrix skipped merrily behind them, humming a tune and laughing to herself occasionally. Draco grimaced in sympathy.

“Lucius,” The Dark Lord’s high, cold voice echoed in the suddenly silent again hall. “The boy.”

Alarms rang in Draco’s head as a heavy sense of foreboding fell upon him. His palms had started to sweat and he was fighting the urge to run.

Large hands that belonged to Draco’s father gripped his wrists and Draco could feel waves of confusion rolling around inside the hall.

The telltale static of a radio being turned on filled the room. Merlin, they were broadcasting this?

“Now,” The Dark Lord said, “You know what you’ve done.”

Draco’s heartbeat increased tenfold. He was trying to control his breathing as he risked a glance toward the tables.

His gaze landed first on Pansy. She looked terribly frightened as Blaise kept one hand on her arm, a look of set determination on his face. When he met Pansy’s eyes the look on her face shifted into defiance. But her eyes, her eyes held a question.

‘Should we help?’

Draco managed a small and subtle shake of his head and watched as tears filled her eyes. But Draco did not miss the slight flashing of relief. Pansy’s Slytherin self-preservation was still a strong part of her.

Good, Draco thought, Maybe she’ll make it through the War.

He directed a look at Blaise and knew he understood it perfectly as his shoulders slumped the smallest bit, his chin staying high in the air while he comforted Pansy.

Draco took a deep breath and turned his head to face the Dark Lord, who had used the time Draco had taken to watch his friends to speak of his greatness. Speak of how no one could disobey the Dark Lord and get away with it.

The task must be completed, no matter the consequences or difficulty.

Draco remembered those words from when he had first been given his assignment. An impossible task.

The Dark Lord stared directly at Draco as his long, white fingers curled around his wand. He whipped the wand up and pointed it at Draco.

Draco felt the grip of his father’s hands intensify in their place of holding Draco’s wrists behind his back.

Draco knew he should stare the Dark Lord down as he was punished. Knew he should exert some form of bravery. A way of showing he was not scared. But he was. He was so scared.

And although Draco knew he should do all of this, he also knew he wouldn’t. Because those were all the kinds of things a Gryffindor like Potter would do. And Draco was not a Gryffindor. He was a Slytherin through and through.

So Draco shut his eyes.


Huge thanks to @ferret-face for being my wonderful beta, @bigjellymonster for being the best Angst Lord™ anyone could ask for, and to @fairydrarry for just being an overall amazing wife.


For anon:

You assumption is totally pertinent. Kishimoto just might have blighted narusaku. And NS as a couple won’t transform the ninja society without radical grassroot reforms. But why do I ship them? Because of my personal history with Naruto. I didn’t particularly ship them when I first became acquainted with Naruto - their dynamics just made them appear to be the most plausible pairing. Romantic love felt to be the perfect logical conclusion to their character evolution as depicted. A reasonable prediction of romance - this much was my involvement with canon narusaku.

After the Sasuke retrieval arc i watched Naruto pretty much sporadically and eventually lost interest in the anime. The concepts were intriguing though, so i almost exclusively retired to fanfiction. At that point of time, i wasn’t bothered by the problematic issues handled by the story, instead i was infatuated with a particular character. Exploration of core issues was secondary to my fave’s status as the protagonist. Anyways all my updates were sieved from fanfics and were not too thorough either. Gradually I cut back on my fanfiction consumption which had become too very addictive and hindered my studies. All i retained was the skeleton of the premise and the vague outline of characters. If you can believe it, I came to know about shippuden’s conclusion last year only.

You see, Naruto had been so much like opium that I had consciously refrained from getting involved with it a second time. Once in a while i would peruse my favourite fanfics and that was that. When i finally learnt about chapter 700, i was shell shocked. The thing i had been most curious about was not any pairing but Sasuke’s fate. And it was fucking anticlimactic to know about the resolution of the series.

You see, according to my past knowledge, NS had felt like a given. So my anticipation was all about Sasuke. Did he die at last? If yes, under what circumstances? If he lived, how did he manage to achieve closure about the Uchiha massacre? What was the final ethical stand of Konoha? Were all the troubling clandestine operations finally banned with punishment meted out for past offences? Where did the Konohans finally draw the line? Did group morality triumph over the personal? How was the ambivalence about good and evil finally settled? Ironically, Sasuke was the epicenter of all these questions and my interest was specifically arrested by his ultimate fate and its implications for the ninja world as a whole.

Needless to say, i was disappointed. No true resolution of the vexatious issues and the epic showdown monopolized by an overpowered duo and the main villain disposed of so erratically to introduce Deux ex machina style another supervillain. Madara’s philosophy actually merited consideration - sacrificing reality for freedom from pain. It deserved to be scrutinized and answered, even if ambiguously. But no. All it got was a simplistic appraisal before going altogether moot with Kaguya’s superfluous entry to the scene. God-like powers, a flimsy character background and sudden attribution of the shadow supervillain crown - it was a classic bullshit move.

And then came the pairings. It was the last straw. Not only the Byzantine intermeshing of NaruHina but also the fucking travesty done to my favourite character. The person she ended up being - it was a damn nightmare. And the person worst implicated in this sabotage was, most ironically to my consternation, Sasuke. As for Hinata, she went from being an almost invisible speck to the cynosure of it all.

For Sasusaku to be, NaruHina was needed. And the final product of this infuriating algebra was one parody of a Sakura Haruno. Which couldn’t have been possible without the undermining of Narusaku relations, a pathetically concocted sasusaku and Hinata appropriating and subverting the main story. Thus not only was the ending terribly contrived with no real closure, but my precious character was mutilated beyond recognition.

The lack of a mature resolution was disappointing, but THIS was aggravating like hell. I hadn’t felt so outraged for a fictional character all this time and this discovery was like a fucking cataclysm to my imagination. So from being complacently convinced about narusaku as an inevitability, i went to become a NS shipper with a vengeance.

And now without my childhood naivete, all that was invisible to me then became glaring enormities now. Thus I came to have two axes to grind but Sakura will always take precedence over the bungling narrative. Turns out it’s an attachment i can’t exorcize myself of despite the passage of time.

So yeah, NS wouldn’t have made any difference on its own while the status quo remained essentially unchanged with a cosmetic gloss over. But all the shoddy development leads inexorably towards the canonised pairings, making it the most obvious target for criticism. The tip of the iceberg, if you will.

For example, Kaguya was completely unnecessary if not for the intention of protracting the series with a new treasure mine of antagonists. Neji’s death was gratuitous as well, a preposterous contrivance to propel NaruHina. Remove the couples and new gen characters from the equation and you get so much space for a worthy denouement.

Now pairings were only necessary for a sequel featuring the next gen ninjas. Eliminate the pairings and you can instead concentrate on the immediate aftermath as well as the gradual reordering of the society. For this to have happened, no ludicrous change in the NS dynamics would have been needed, thus naturally culminating in romantic love.

Alternatively, instead of placing emphasis on conjoining them romantically, attention could have been paid to the new dialectics of Team Seven which could be considered as a microcosmic portrait of human impact of the ninja business with all its ambivalence.

The central canonised pairs are as static and complacent as the new Konoha. If you think about it, the lack of structural reform is mirrored by the stasis in personal relationships. There has been no substantial growth, both character wise and society wise. In Shippuden, private issues were inextricably linked with systemic iniquities in Konoha. Gaiden is all about children with daddy issues in a vaguely defined commune of the ninja with extraterrestrial dangers since issues endemic to their society got resolved magically.

Erasure of canon pairings could only be a small prelude to the radical restructuring of the ninja business, if not its complete annihilation. For me, narusaku embodies a shift from sentimental romance to a holistic revolution in the ninja universe that includes nuanced exploration of love. It is a pair that could be easily assimilated with the canon developments until the shinobi world war while functioning as the centre of the divergent narrative.

Such are the reasons for my ardent Narusaku love. Canon remains unaltered for the major part, the facile resolution is substituted with realistic (and consequentially arduous and protracted) measures that bring about genuine transformation and my precious character evades an abrupt, uncharacteristic and altogether debilitating transition.

It goes without saying that with Sakura eliminated as a romantic candidate for Sasuke, Hinata not playing usurper and continued emphasis being placed on team seven, Narusaku emerges as only one of many possibilities in the resultant tableau. It just happens to be the one I’d rather prefer.

P.S. Hope this suffices, dear anon. If not, feel free to enliven my sad, empty inbox:)

P.P.S: I didn’t dwell on Sakura’s character in a hypothetical tryst with Naruto since canon Narusaku is mostly impeccable as it is and doesn’t do Sakura an egregious disservice like another pairing. Sakura Haruno stays Sakura Haruno, not an emasculated shell of her essential self.

anonymous asked:

I have a question... I don't really know who to ask for this, so i'd like you to respond... i tag my posts with lgbtianp to try to be as inclusive as possible, and include pansexual people, but i am afraid people might misunderstand my intentions because pedophiles and pedophile apologist use things like "lgbtp" too...#child abuse mention

Hmm yeah, I’ve seen LGBTINP used to only exclude aces and because I’m dyslexic so I don’t really like that ending with NP format. (Not that my dislike should stop you.)

If someone uses MOGAI I always feel safe because the people who hate it are gleefully misinformed or outright bigots. In truth, any “alphabet soup” combo you could use is going to exclude someone. For example my local community’s full acronym is like LGBTQI2AP (or something but they always shorten it to LGBTQ). I use LGBTQ or LGBT+ often myself in places where I don’t want to explain or don’t have room for it but if you are worried it looks like its dropping letters maybe just go with Q community. It’s vague sure, but approachable.

If I’m not really close with someone and they ask whether I’m gay, I usually respond with something like “Yeah, basically,” unless I feel like the question is likely coming from someone who isn’t cis/straight, in which case I might respond with anything from “…ish,” to “I’m asexual,” depending on how much I think I’ll have to explain about non-binary gender / asexuality / being quoiromantic and how much time/energy I have to provide that explanation. And it’s because the question, “Are you gay?” has different contextual meanings. If a straight cis person asks me that question there’s a strong chance they mean “I had assumed you were straight until you started talking about your spouses with he/him pronouns; please clarify that I heard you right,” in which case “I’m gay” is a sufficient answer – whereas if a gay person asks me whether I’m gay there may be an additional layer of “I’d like to know if we have certain life experiences in common,” and the answer to that is more complicated. If I tell a straight person I’m gay, or if I tell a gay person I’m asexual, or if I tell an asexual person who uses the split-attraction model I’m quoiromantic – all of these are truthful attempts at conveying the same information about myself using whatever language is most likely to be understood in context. And for me, the same applies to terms like LGBT or queer.

Basically what I’m getting at is that all our sexual/romantic identity labels are at best imperfect and context-dependant tools that allow us to communicate some vague approximation of facts about who we are to each other.

I dunno, words have a purpose and an impact, but they’re also all fake, I guess. And that’s basically my position on everything in “the discourse”.

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Hey. I was just going to unfollow and brush off all the discourse and call it a day. But it seems like a wiser idea to try to start a conversation. Try to understand if, if you aren't being beset on all side by angry asks. I can't quite wrap my head around the ace exclusion. Especially in a community based on inclusion.

The… the LGBT community isnt a community based in the vague idea of inclusion. The LGBT community exists to aid those who get shit via systematic oppression first, that is, there are laws that make them and them suffer exclusively. Ace people dont get systematic oppression. Ace people get bullshit based in misogyny and violent male culture. that is still bullshit and that still should be stopped, im in no way saying that ace people deserve what they get and they should suck it up but what im saying is like…. “you dont belong” sounds strong, especially in our society, especially in our sub-society of tumblr where its all about wanting to belong. on tumblr not being LGBT is Not Cool so i can see why one would clutch to the label in every single way possible like a cornerstone, finding constant excuses why cishet aces are lgbt. “you have nothing to gain from this community” sounds a bit softer.

i said everything i wanted to say on this topic today, you literally got a huge glimpse into what i believe, and it was humane discussion. it wasnt me going “rrahrhrwh im a big bad allo sjw gatekeeper”, i tried to just.. point the views out? read the views please, and read replies on posts from my followers who filled in the blanks (mostly wisdom from @thug) and just… try to take your guard down for this.

(Where is your Mercury Sign) How you communicate!

Aries: You’re probably defensive when it comes to certain subjects. You are very direct when you speak but some people can take it as rude

Taurus: You’re probably stubborn af when it comes to your opinions you will never/rarely ever change your stance on shit. You probably have a nice ass voice

Gemini: You have a weird ass mind. It seems like you know a little bit of everything. You probably talk with a little sense of humor!

Cancer: You communicate with feelings you can be very personal when speaking. You probably have A1 memory

Leo: You speak with authority and take pride in what you believe in. A good ass story teller!

Virgo: You always take track of detail whether its on purpose or not. You could be critical of others and notice things people miss.

Libra: Beautiful voice. You always want things to be fair. You tend to try to find a compromise in debates or arguments

Scorpio: You are passionate about what you talj about. You may be into deep ass shit. Instinctive intelligence! Could affect people deeply when you speak.

Sagittarius: Very big ideas. You are always enthusiastic or atleast try to be when you speak. Conversations with you are very interesting. You probably dont argue much because youre so open minded!

Capricorn: You like to get in the depth of issues. You want to know how, why, where, what, etc. You look up facts to back shit up. Good ass investigator

Aquarius: Probably intelligent af. Good at making people really think about what youre saying. You usually win debates. Something that stands out about your voice.

Pisces: Gentle communicator. More of a listener than a talker. Great listeners! Type of person people love opening up to. Maybe a little vague in communication.

Something frustrating that Ive found with the AH community, at least vaguely in my experience, is like. Very few people seem to like to reblog art? I know people who reblog fanart almost religiously but everyone else doesnt seem to.
I posted some Sonic art and some AH art at almost the exact same time yesterday. The AH art took me two days, the Sonic art took me 30min. And yet the Sonic art exploded and the AH art takes forever to circulate. I don’t get it– on my old AH blog, I had to even put like reminders to urge people to reblog because it genuinely does so much good for artists.
I dunno. Im not at all trying to hate, its just an observation.

listen-i’m cool with otherkin. i’m down with it. most of yall are neat people and have really nice aesthetic blogs, especially angelkin, yall are amazing and your blogs are absolutely beautiful, but if a white boy named Lorica Squamata calling himself ‘godkin’ tells me to throw myself at his feet, lick his adidas clean, and offer ‘sacrifices’ to him via white sage and cigarettes idgaf if he’s shrouded in ancient mist or is known as the ‘Warped Savior’ i’m fucking swinging.