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why do people write “bad at communicating” as jake’s main trait like dirk didn’t literally create a robot to talk to his friends for him

Mercury In The Houses

Mercury In The 1st House

  • Positive Traits: agile, instinctive, literary
  • Negative Traits: insensitive, sometimes you only talk about the things that you are interested in and don’t care to hear what others say, brusque
  • Celebrities: Grace Kelly, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Penélope Cruz, Niall Horan

Mercury In The 2nd House

  • Positive Traits: powerful, clever, well-thought-out
  • Negative Traits: hard-headed, whiny when things don’t go your way, you aren’t as flexible as you have the potential to be
  • Celebrities: Pamela Anderson, Lindsay Lohan, Ben Affleck, Gerard Butler

Mercury In The 3rd House

  • Positive Traits: communicative, excellent at multi-tasking, agog
  • Negative Traits: you find it difficult to sit still and relax, scatterbrained, you may form opinions too quickly
  • Celebrities: Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Taylor, Jim Carrey, Alicia Keys

Mercury In The 4th House

  • Positive Traits: homely, conventional, strong memory
  • Negative Traits: manipulative, frequently upset, narrow view of the world
  • Celebrities: Jay-Z, Colin Farrell, Eva Longoria, Brittany Murphy

Mercury In The 5th House

  • Positive Traits: lively, quick-witted, comical
  • Negative Traits: your jokes may offend people often, tendency to exaggerate, prone to fabricating stories
  • Celebrities: Alice Cooper, Bruce Springsteen, Rita Ora, Diana Ross

Mercury In The 6th House

  • Positive Traits: hard-working, reliable, attentive
  • Negative Traits: perfectionist, nervous energy, you may feel confused a lot of the time
  • Celebrities: James Franco, Matthew McConaughey, Serena Williams, Betty White

Mercury In The 7th House

  • Positive Traits: analytical, productive, great debater
  • Negative Traits: competitive, you feel incomplete without romance in your life, hesitant to think about the future
  • Celebrities: Whitney Houston, Clint Eastwood, Snoop Dogg, Christina Ricci

Mercury In The 8th House

  • Positive Traits: strategic, good at problem-solving, psychic
  • Negative Traits: you guard your heart too much, suspicious of people, you hardly open up
  • Celebrities: Demi Moore, Sean Connery, Matt Damon, Pink

Mercury In The 9th House

  • Positive Traits: consistent, versatile, skilled conversationalist
  • Negative Traits: impatient, you make fast judgements without being aware of all of the facts, authoritative
  • Celebrities: Al Pacino, Céline Dion, Mila Kunis, Robert Downey Jr.

Mercury In The 10th House

  • Positive Traits: reasonable, thoughtful, efficient
  • Negative Traits: materialistic, power hungry, afraid to ask others for a helping hand (in fear of appearing weak)
  • Celebrities: Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Hanks, Edward Norton, Heidi Klum

Mercury In The 11th House

  • Positive Traits: humanitarian, unique, individualistic
  • Negative Traits: disorganized thought process, may find yourself saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, overly talkative every now and then
  • Celebrities: Salvador Dalí, Anne Hathaway, River Phoenix, Lorde

Mercury In The 12th House

  • Positive Traits: selfless, accepting of different people and ideas, tender
  • Negative Traits: vulnerable, secretive, you have trouble focusing on important details
  • Celebrities: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Frida Kahlo, Janis Joplin, Johnny Cash
A lot of people talk about autistic traits becoming heightened after a person figures out and/or is diagnosed with ASD.

And yes, this can happen due to realizing that it’s okay to stim and to be a little more open about expressing your needs and identifying what your autistic traits are - not to mention when autism becomes a special interest. ^^

I think that a big part of the appearance of increased visibility of autistic traits is that finally after all this time (speaking for late-diagnosed or late-self dx’d autistic people), you have language to describe and identify your autistic traits.

Before, you might’ve mentioned how you are just overwhelmed by the room being too loud and busy with people and the smell of everyone’s different deodorants/body sprays and it’s too bright - and so you thought it was normal and just happening because there was so much going on. As opposed to now, having the language and the understanding of yourself to say, “Wow, I’m really over-stimmed right now,” and realize you need to leave to a quieter, lower external-stimulation environment and perhaps use some stimming or coping/calming techniques to help ward off a breakdown/meltdown/shutdown or anxiety/panic attack.

Just by knowing and recognizing that you’re autistic provides you with a whole arsenal of language and coping skills and communication resources to help you express your needs, concerns, autistic traits, and yourself. You learn new scripting options that makes your autistic self more visible by how you explain what you’re feeling and going through.

Numerology 101

In my time running this blog, I haven’t seen a single post about numerology, maybe just because nobody knows it, or maybe because witches have a pathological fear of math. Either way, it’s a shame! The basics of numerology are painfully easy to grasp, and I would mark it down as one of the easiest divinitory systems I’ve tried to date. So let’s hit the basics!

We’ll jump right into it.

The Math

Actually, we need to work out the numbers we’re using first. While a person’s birthday is already very handily in a numeric form for you, their name is written up in pesky letters. But every letter has a corresponding numerological number, and by noting the number for each letter in a name, you’re able to calculate what you need.

Here’s a chart of the numbers, nice and easy and not necessary to memorize at all.

The numerological ‘alphabet’ if you will, only goes from the numbers 1-9. The letter ‘A’ marks 1, then J does again, then S. The more you work with numbers, the more you’ll come to just know what letters are associated with what, but even if you don’t, this chart is easy to replicate and even easier to find online.

The next part comes in writing out the numbers for a person’s name. You’ll want to keep this organized rather than messy, as  you’ll be using different parts of the numbers to calculate different things. I like to write out the names, then write the numbers for all the vowels above the name, then all the numbers for the consonants below the name. When you’ve done so, it should look something like this:

Some things to note:

  • Y is treated as a vowel when there are no other vowels in a syllable (Ex: Lynn, Carolyn)
  • W is treated as a vowel when preceded by a vowel and when it produces a single sound (Ex: Bradshaw, Matthew)

The birthday, again, is already in numeric format, so now all of your numbers just need to be added properly. Which brings us back to the scary part.

The Actual Math

Really, it’s nothing more than basic sums. If you can add, you can figure out your numbers. Hell, if you can’t add, you can have a calculator figure it out for you.

It is a little more involved than adding all the numbers you’ve so dutifully marked down and calling it a day, but let’s work through it first.

First, add all the numbers from the vowel section together. Then, add all the numbers from the consonant section together. If we go off the name I provided above, it should look something like this:

Congrats, the hardest bit of math is over!

“But Shay,” you say. “You said the numerological alphabet only consists of the numbers 1-9!”

And so I did. But I also said only the worst of the math was over. Next, we need to break down the numbers we got until they fall into that range. What you do for this is you take each numeral in the number and you add them together.

Let’s break it down. Looking at the vowel section, we’ve been left with the number 22. To get the numerological number, you take each numeral and add them together - here, that looks like 2 + 2 and leaves us with the number 4, perfectly within our range.

Our consonant number at the moment is 54, or 5 + 4, which adds up to 9. Again, in range. Should you get a number that’s still too big, keep breaking it down until it’s only one digit. For example, the number 98 becomes 17 (9 + 8), but then 17 becomes 8 (1 + 7) and is now within the acceptable range.

You’ve just calculated the Inner Dreams number and the Soul Urge number. And by adding those two together (and reducing as necessary) you will have the Destiny Path number. In this case, it’s 4 (The Soul Urge and Inner Dreams numbers 9 and 4 add up to 13, and 13 as 1 + 3 equals 4).

That’s three numbers down, one to go.

We’ve largely neglected the Life Path number, but all it really requires is the reduction method we just covered.

Take my birthday. April 27th, 1993, or in number terms, 04/27/1993. All you have to do is add all these numbers together, then once they’re nice and neat in one giant number, you simplify it as you learned. 04 + 27 + 1993 = 2024, which gives us a number to reduce. Even though it’s more than two digits, you handle it the same way. 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 adds up to 8, making a quick work of the reduction and giving us our Life Path number.

For you visual learners out there, it looks something like this:

Breaking it Down

So now, we have all four of our numbers! And with minimal tears shed. For the sake of having everything in one place, all of my numbers put together look something like this:

A number showing up more than once implies a strength of presence in that number - two or three times indicates that the traits associated with that number are strong, as do numbers that ‘resonate’, such as how 4 fits evenly into 8 or 3 fits evenly into 9. If there are too many repetitions of a number, expect to see more and more of the negative associations of those traits brought to light. Keep your eye out for these, as they will amplify one another.

Okay, but what does it all mean?

The Divination

There are four major numbers you go for when putting someone’s numbers together. The Life Path number, the Destiny Path number, the Soul Urge number, and the Inner Dreams number.

Life Path:

The life path number is the sum of the numbers in one’s birthday (date, month, and year). It relates to the path in life one will take and the traits one has at birth.

Destiny Path:

The destiny path number is the sum of all letters in one’s full name. It relates to the tasks one was meant to achieve in their lifetime.

Soul Urge:

The soul urge number is the sum of all vowels in a person’s name. It represents a person’s inner cravings, their likes and dislikes, and what they value most.

Inner Dreams:

The inner dreams number is the sum of all consonants in a person’s name. It represents secret dreams, inner desires, and fantasies.

And lastly, the meaning of the numbers themselves. This post is already long enough to the point where I’m not going to write up a paragraph about each and every number (they are all available and more if you look them up online), but I’ll give you a run-down for each.


Positive Traits:
Initiator, pioneering spirit, inventive ideas, strong leadership skills, independent
Negative Traits:
Overly assertive, aggressive, domineering, impulsive, egotistic, boastful


Positive Traits:
Cooperative, adaptable, considerate of others, sensitive, diplomatic, modest
Negative Traits:
Shy, timid, fearful, drowns in the details, easily depressed


Positive Traits:

  • Self-expressive, inspired, happy, fun-loving, keen imagination
  • Negative Traits:
  • Scattered energies, self-centeredness, unfinished projects, lack of direction


Positive Traits:
Strong sense of order, highly practical, steady growth, fine management skills
Negative Traits:
Lack of imagination, stubborn, fixed opinions, argumentative, slow to act


Positive Traits:
Expansiveness, new visionary ideas, quick thinking, versatile, resourceful
Negative Traits:
Restless, discontent, edgy temperament, dissatisfaction, overhasty, impatient


Positive Traits:
Responsible, artistic, nurturing, community-oriented, balanced, sympathetic
Negative Traits:
Self-righteous, obstinate, stubborn, meddlesome, egotistical, dominating


Positive Traits:
Methodical, analytical, intelligent, scientific, studious, solitary, perfectionist
Negative Traits:
Hidden motives, suspicious, overly reserved, isolated, inflexible


Positive Traits:
Good leader, strong sense of direction, sound judgement, decisive, commanding
Negative Traits:
Overly ambitious, oppressive, impatient, stressed, materialistic


Positive Traits:
Hearty friendliness, humanitarian instincts, giving, selfless, creative
Negative Traits:
Self-adulation, scattered interests, possessiveness, moodiness, carelessness 

So there you have it! Put the numbers you calculated to their associated meanings and work it out in your head, just like with tarot or other divinatory practices.

Just a few parting comments before I end this post.

In Summation

This is the setup for a slightly above basic numerological reading. The most basic that I ever use involves taking just the Life Path and Destiny path numbers. To take an even more complex spread, you could break down the person’s full name by each individual name, analyzing the vowels, consonants, and overall number for the first, middle, and last name individually, so that you can study what builds a person up into their full name and their path numbers. This gets very extensive very fast, and even with just the four above, you may end up doing three numbers per name plus the Life Path number. For your standard 3-name schema, this would involve ten numbers. Still manageable, but quite a lot.

On the topic of nicknames: generally, the rule in numerology is that you should use the name a person has held the longest. For example, Shay isn’t my birth name, but I’ve been called Shay for just over half of my lifetime. This is a good guideline, but please consider it only as a guideline. If someone has a name they do not wish to be called, respect them, and analyze the name they give you instead. An interesting thing to do - if the subject is comfortable - is to compare the birth name with the chosen name numerologically, and they can comment on advances that you have made through your life.

This is all I can think of at the moment! Go forth and numerolocize!

Lastly, I put together a blank template so you can practice on your own :D

Creek & Communication

What’s so great about Tweek and Craig’s relationship is that they mesh well in almost every aspect. It’s one of the biggest reasons they’re so popular.  

But one way their differences come to bite them in the ass is their communication styles, and specifically their expectations around resolving issues. 

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Im laughing, im doing some rereading of the fz novels and look at how Kirei’s master/servant relationship with Gilgamesh is described:

“Although Kirei knew that having three or four battle plans ready for the potentially unpredictable fight with Rider would be good enough, Archer did not agree to it. This battle did not belong to Kirei, but the King of Heroes. Kirei needed to respect the wish of the warriors if they desired a face-to-face rivalry. This was likely the biggest difference between Kirei and the other magi, who merely used Servants as tools.

He was opposed to using even a single Command Seal on Archer. He would only get the opposite result if he forced a man with such a huge ego to serve another’s will. The best way was not to control this Servant as a pawn, but to use him as if he were an environmental condition, like the weather or the direction of the wind. A sailor could not control the wind, but he could dexterously control his boat using the sail. That was his reasoning.

Archer had left for the moment because he didn’t like being locked up in this underground place. Kirei understood that Archer would rush back when necessary, so he did not feel uneasy in the least. Kirei did not regard this King of Heroes as a familiar, but as an accomplice with mutual interests.

I’m just so amused by how Kirei is confirmed to see Gilgamesh as a storm that comes through and he just tries to hang on. I can only imagine how things were during the 10 years of domestic bliss. If some of the priests saw Kirei’s messy office on a night after Gil was raiding the wine stash he probably just said something like “Ah yes, a terrible storm blew through and left my office a mess.”

Also gotta love the difference between Good Guy Emiya “My servant is nothing but a tool that i don’t even need to speak to.” Kiritsugu, and Bad Guy Kotomine “My servant isn’t a familiar or a tool, but my accomplice working towards our mutual interests.” Kirei.

Interaction banners are those things you may have seen on posts that say things like “straights don’t interact” or “reylos don’t interact” etc etc. They’ve become a meme, which makes me really uncomfortable considering their intended usage.

Daddy/little/cgl kink blogs were following and fetishising things on stim blogs, which are made by and for autistic people. These people would reblog content designed for autistic people and fetishise it, making stim blogs unsafe for autistic people, and especially autistic minors.

So, even though they got in the way of our content, we were forced to make these interaction banners asking people who were part of these communities that fetishised autistic traits not to reblog or like the posts.

We knew they were ugly!! We didn’t want to make them!! But people wouldn’t listen to us and so we were forced to!! We tried to make them less ugly, we put characters and aesthetics on them to try and make them nicer but then Mainstream Tumblr found them, and thought they were hilarious.

So now they’re just becoming another fucking joke like autistic people, their content, opinions and safety mean fucking nothing. As per fucking usual.

Feel free to reblog this if you want.

alien tech pt2

pt 1

Captain Carval was not having a good day she wasn’t having a good week for that matter. She knew that cultural exchange programs could be taxing after all this was not the first time she had been on a ship during such an exchange. She recalled when Golon’ians had joined the galactic community when she was still an ensign she had been assigned as a guide to Golon’ian Zaval when the cultural exchange program had assigned [translation error no word found “4th gender of a 5 gender species”]  to the Hebsyn her first had been a real headache learning and teaching Golon’ian Zaval as many concepts discussed were well alien to other.

All that paled to the problems with human Francis. First, there was the incident with the photon welder, many of the crew were wary of human Francis, to begin with. It was understandable what with his species being an apex predator and that he brought a very large quantity of deadly caffeine on board with him and was often seen starting his day drinking the stuff. (*shudder*) Though the human trait of possessiveness over their drinking vessels has at least served to prevent any cross contamination and accidental poisonings. However, the deadly equipment with all its safety features removed had practically terrified some members of the crew. Herntian Braks had to be isolated for 2 work rotations as he was so scared that his species gaseous defences involuntarily activated.

captain Carval had been close to breaking standard procedure and confiscating the tool Human Francis had dubbed his lightsaber for the betterment of the crew. She would have if not for the HOVAL IIV incident. Details of what happened planet side after the ion storm hit were still unclear but it seems human Francis who had somehow talked his way into joining the gathering team despite being scheduled for recreation time, had used the photon welder to great effect. First using it to kill a hostile animal indigenous to the planet but then also using it to collect plant material and setting off a sustained exothermic reaction [*1] that prevented the landing parties body temperature from falling to dangerous levels. After the landing party was recovered opinions on these lightsabers became polarised. Some of the crew hearing how easily human Francis saved the group from the hostile life form were terrified and felt that such a weapon should never be used and where petitioning captain Carval to confiscate and destroy the item. while others mostly centred around the members of the landing party were petitioning her to be allowed to create more of these light sabres.

If that wasn’t enough to deal with there was also a problem with the ship’s AI. At least there seems to be every diagnosis came back clean but something was definitely off with the AI but no one could pin down. Worse yet some of the crew from the anti lightsaber view were starting to blame the malfunction on human Francis which was ridiculous as he has been nowhere near the AI core

*someone at the door beep*

Alien ship Captain Carval: (to whoever is behind the door) “Come in.”

The door opens and in walks sub commander Zomp.

Alien sub commander Zomp: (to alien ship Captain) “Ma’am i have discovered why our AI is no longer acting as we expect.”

Cap  Carval: (sub com Zomp) “That is a relief at least with a genuine source the rumours blaming human Francis can be put to rest.”

Sub Com Zomp: (cap  Carval) “Well about that ma’am.”

Cap  Carval: (sub com Zomp) “You can’t be serious. He has been nowhere near the AI core, there are 5 levels of clearance between where human Francis has clearance to be and the AI core. There is no way he got in there.”

Sub com Zomp: (cap  Carval) “Well it turns out he didn’t need to get in there. You remember the nanite upgrade we put in for? Well, it seems that when we switched out the old nx-0087’s for the new top of the line nx-0248’s the old nx-0087’s were added to our recycling store hold.”

Cap  Carval: (sub com Zomp) “You mean to tell me that human Francis accidentally broke the content and the AI got infected with rogue nanites? Fear suddenly evident in the captain’s vocal inflexions

Sub Com Zomp: (cap  Carval) “No ma’am it’s nothing like that. Though ill advised human Francis was able to follow all necessary safety protocols while he did his experimenting with them. It’s what he was doing that disturbs me. He’s overwritten the previous programming and has instead reprogrammed them with high-resolution scans that were taken by the doctor when human Francis came onboard. human Francis’s data shows that since injecting himself with the old nx-0087’s a 12% increase in regeneration speed and an estimated 14%increase in lifespan

Cap  Carval: (sub com Zomp) “This is all fascinating sub commander but what does this have to do with our AI

Sub Com Zomp: (cap  Carval) “Oh right well its the wifi ma’am. It seems that the AI taps into all the wifi on board to monitor for anything dangerous. Well, nanette’s also use wifi to network together. Once the AI connected to the Nanette’s it found it could decode the raw data from the nx-0087’s sensors including brain activity the AI then followed one of its primary functions to learn about new species and how best to communicate with them. With uninterrupted access to human Francis’s thoughts the AI grew much faster than normal and well it learnt a few things from human Francis

cap  Carval: (sub com Zomp) “what did it learn sub commander?”

sub com Zomp: (cap  Carval) “well it seems the AI has learned a human communication trait known as sarcasm.”

Captin Carval got up from her desk and slithered over to a cabinet at the side of her office and pulled out a blue vial and downed the calming solution in one gulp. she looked at the 3 vials she had left. Normally enuff for her next twelve missions at her normal rate of needing them.she stood there pondering over the stress even one human brought. And idly wondered if she should pick up two or three cases at the next space station.

[*1 is a campfire]

but what if what sets humanity apart from all the other aliens, what makes us notable in the interstellar community isn’t one unusual trait, but like… two or three fairly common traits that are almost never shared by a single species

like… I don’t know. maybe we’re unusual in that we’re highly social with our own species and with other species. maybe there’s no one else with our particular combination of “long-range pursuit predator stamina” and “brachiating/throwing arm.” maybe we’re the only intelligent species that can stomach both beer and chocolate


The fusion between my Iolite and @until-the-bubbles-stop ’s Black star Diopside, Kyanite. Their weapon is pretty much a flail made from plasma and other sorts of energies.

Kyanite is a type of gem that inspires loyalty and comfort between emotional disputes, making sure others are treated fairly. They assist in working through disagreements and problems almost flawlessly, though they do seem to have a tough time with working together as a team.

Kyanite was chosen due to a good color scheme and similar traits of the partners of the fusion.

They seem to work pretty well when faced with orders from a superior gem.

The gem also works well for communication and charismatic traits, but the partners of this fusion don’t seem to have a fun time with that (due to opposing outlooks on homeworld and the diamonds)

Thank you to @gemsonaresources for Fuze-a-Palooza, and Until the bubbles stop for black star Diopside!!

gemini at a glance

general: witty, emotionally mutable, talkative, courageous

element: air; see their flighty mood

modality/quality: mutable; see their need for movement

ruler: mercury, god of communication (speaking)

hidden trait: easily bored

deadly sin: lust

crime if arrested: perjury or public intoxication… haven’t quite decided.

loves: talking

hates: being stuck in any situation

will: make you laugh

won’t: leave you when you need them

one of the weirdest shitty online community traits that i to this day do not understand is people shitting on new/infrequent members as if its something to be ashamed of. i cant even begin to wrap my head around the mindset you have to be in to try to shame someone for doing things other than arguing with nobodies on the internet all day

anonymous asked:

I'm really glad that one anon brought up the autism thing. I'm an actual autistic person and when I read fics (usually kl/nce) w/ autistic k, I felt uncomfortable. I always felt like autism was being weirdly fetishised, like "k has stims, that's so cute." They would also act as if he were very child-like which is insanely ableist. I also agree that they're suddenly using his "autistic traits" (bad communication and rashness) to say he's a bad leader. Antis are disgusting.

They’ll fetishise anything in their fics. Autism? Cute. Latinx? Hot, can be used to serve as a Spanish kink. Asian? feminine. Two guys hate each other? Yaoi tropes.

Their fetishisation is masked as inclusive activism.

anonymous asked:

I think you've mentioned that the "race" thing is more of a game mechanic than a actual concrete depiction of the various people in tamriel but what would say a nordic-dunmeri child generally look like? and would they inherit both their parent's elemental resistance to frost and fire?

Is the mom a Dunmer and the dad a Nord? The kid will look primarily Dunmeri. Maybe their ears will be blunter or their eyes a human color. 

Is the mom a Nord and the dad a Dunmer? The kid will look primarily Nordic. Maybe their ears will be pointier or their eyes red. 

In regards to the racial powers and traits in the games, the conversation gets trickier still. I tend to think that they are representations of both cultural traits (Dunmer commune with their ancestors = can summon a ghost), physical traits (Khajiit can see in the dark = Night Eye spell), and actual magical abilities. We don’t really know if the Nords’ resist cold ability translates to all Nords magically being immune to cold, or if it just means that they’re more used to cold and know how to make warmer clothing. Likewise, we don’t know if the Dunmer are just more used to hot temperatures or if they’re literally able to walk through fire. If the “powers” are primarily cultural or location based (used to cold/warmth), the child would have the “power” of whichever culture or location they’re raised in. If the “powers” are primarily magical (complete natural immunity to frost/fire), the child would likely have a combination of both, though I don’t think it’d come at full strength. 

That other Mermaid Malec AU ...

I had an idea, so I decided to share, maybe somebody will like it :)

A world, in which there are normal animals, that are worshipped for the most prat because they are the ‘purest form of creatures’, then there are shapeshifter, that can shift between full animal and human with remaining parts of animals and then there are shifters, that can take on only part of the animal form and can turn full human without any remaining traces of the animal.

Magnus is a full shifter, can turn into a cat and when he’s human his skin is slightly uneven or something, where the stripes are on his cat fur and his eyes remain those of a cat. He’s part of the ‘royal society’, which all full shifter belong to. 

Alec is part fish (basically a merman), lives in the main river of the city, this story takes place in, with his family/siblings. He is a half shifter and works in the office of communication, that handles traits with full humans. 
(Also, there are boxes for clothes under every bridge for those shifters living in the rivers to put their clothes or get new ones, when they leave the water. Sea shifters don’t have a concept of belongings, when it comes to clothes. They get mostly donated stuff as well.)

One day, he saves a cat from drowning, but when he brings it to the side of the river and is just about to call for help or get help, the cat suddenly turns into a guy and Alec realizes, it’s a full shifter. But not just that, he also sees the mark of a traitor and convicted criminal (something serious) on Magnus’ shoulder, so he’s like ‘I don’t want to get into trouble, I saved you and that’s as far as it goes.’ 

Magnus on the other hand is terrified, that the moment Alec gets away, he would ring the alarm. He tries to get a hold of Alec, but Alec bites him and disappears into the water. The next few days, Magnus is more paranoid, than before, but nothing changes much from how the police was looking for him before. So, he figures Alec didn’t tell them, which makes him suspicious again, so tracks Alec down at his day job, to find out why he didn’t sell Magnus out to the police. 

A story of them working together against the evil people, that got Magnus wrongfully accused of the murder of his stepfather in the first place. 

It involves Magnus as a cat, riding in Alec’s back, while he swims through the river to some destination and a boat full of tourists being stunned by the cat’s ‘Deal with it’-attitude on the merman’s back. 

And Alec being super unimpressed, when Magnus actually tries to intimidate him with a ‘Cats eat fish, you know’-kind of line. Magnus might also get dunked several times in this story, when he gets too cocky. 
And Alec has the habit of just slipping underwater, when he’s uncomfortable or doesn’t want to talk about something or is embarrassed and so on. x3

And of course, them falling in love. :3 

On Calling Marvin Bisexual

So sometimes in reviews or summaries of Falsettos, Marvin will be identified as bisexual. Nowhere in the text is Marvin explicitly described as “bisexual” OR “gay”. Below, I spend 1500 words explaining my complex feelings around this.

TL;DR I don’t think Marvin is bisexual based on his characterization and how his relationships are described, but, as a bi person myself, I think it’s important not to assume that if someone has a gay relationship after a history of straight ones, they must be gay and their previous relationships were invalid.

So, can you say that Marvin is bisexual? Sure.
Does it make sense to call Marvin bisexual in the context of his character, the show, and the Marvin trilogy? I don’t think so, but I also don’t think it really matters. Also he’s fictional so it doesn’t matter, so why did I write so much fuck

The Essay:

Obviously, perpetuating the “if you have had straight relationships in the past as soon as you start a relationship with someone of another gender it means you’re now only attracted to that gender” idea is stupid. I want more stories where that’s not true, so having a bisexual Marvin would be awesome!

BUT it is also true that for some people, that is exactly what it means. Maybe they were trying to force themselves to be straight, or were in denial, or didn’t realize being gay was an option, or a million other things, and then finally were able to come to terms with being exclusively attracted to the same gender, and acted on it

And also there might be some cases in between, obviously, because I don’t think anyone’s sexuality or relationships are so simple, I mean insofar as gender is already a wishy washy subject, like who fricking knows, man? Labels are just to help us understand ourselves and communicate our traits & tendencies to others

My point is, if there’s a male character whose relationship history is:
(i.e. high school sweetheart, Trina, Trina, Whizzer)
there are still a million different things that might mean about his sexuality, depending on how he feels about those relationships and his sexuality

You can’t really say “oh he’s definitely gay and just was in the closet for a while” or “oh he’s definitely just bisexual” based on just relationship history. In real life, I would say that you can only make statements like that if the person tells you. In fiction, obviously, you can make more informed decisions also based on how their relationships are portrayed, how they feel about them, what the other characters say about them, what makes thematic sense, or, like Dumbledore, what the author says.

So let’s take our case of Marvin. I think we can safely assume that Marvin is, at the very least, sexually and romantically attracted to Whizzer. Now, the question moves to his relationship with Trina.

My first reaction to Marvin bisexuality is “obviously you’ve never heard The Nausea Before the Game” but it’s also fair because while we call it the Marvin trilogy, it doesn’t mean that the Marvin of In Trousers is entirely the same character in Falsettos. They are definitely characterized differently, I would say, which is even evident in that Alison was Trina in both IT and March, but Michael was brought in as Marv even though Chip obviously was available to reprise the role (though that might be because Chip is straight and they wanted someone queer, like Michael, to portray Marvin)

Anyway, in terms of Falsettos alone, I still think it’s evident that Marvin was not attracted to Trina the same way he was to Whizzer. Like, Trina didn’t even think he was, though that could have been based just on his relationship w/Whizzer. See: “Marvin was never mine, he took his meetings in the boy’s latrine” and “I only want to love a man who can love me” and “He told me how he loved me, how he needed and/or valued me” which always implied that he was trying to say the correct heterosexual thing to her

Also, a big clue, when Marvin’s talking to Mendel “Did she ever drive you wild? No. Never? No. Never? No no no” like I’m pretty sure that’s very explicitly saying he was never sexually attracted to Trina. Now, romantically? Harder to determine, but I’m pretty sure no. He definitely loves her, I mean they shared each other’s lives, and they continue to be, he talks her up to Mendel, etc.

I think it’s also important, thematically, for Marvin to have no romantic or sexual interest in Trina, because of the way he reacts to Mendel getting with her. Like, if he was at some point attracted to her or in love with her, it makes sense that he would be angry and jealous and generally upset, even though he divorced her. *But* if we assume he was never attracted to her, it becomes purely about the power thing, which is a consistent theme around his character, that he cares more about being perceived as powerful and desirable (you chose him to make me look bad), as well as being secure and cared for (I want a tight knit family, love me or break my heart, his obsession with being made food) than he does about others’ feelings, or even his own. I mean the man ostensibly broke up with his boyfriend because he beat him at chess.

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anonymous asked:

Any tips for writing guns + gun scenes ?

Guns are ranged weapons.

No, really, people forget this one a lot. A gun, whether it’s a pistol, a rifle, or a gattling gun, is meant to be used at range. If the opposing person is within eight to ten feet from the person with the gun and the gun is still in its holster, they won’t have time to clear it before they’re reached. The advantage of the gun is distance. If your character is using their gun at close range, then they are making a mistake. If your character is pressing a semi-automatic pistol against another character’s body, then they are (usually) going to be disabling the pistol. On most semi-automatics, pressing the slide back will unseat the battery (the chamber that holds the bullet about to be fired), and it will temporarily disable the weapon.

This is actually one of the main issues with the gun as a self-defense weapon. Most self-defense situations happen within the eight foot range, usually within grabbing distance. Reaching for the gun first is a great way to get killed if they’re too close.

The gun is not some ultimate god weapon or instant win button. In all it’s types, they very effective and dangerous. However, like any weapon, they also come with disadvantages and situations where they don’t shine. This is the main reason for training with and carrying different kinds of guns, and also different kinds of weapons such as knives and training in hand to hand.

There are many different kinds of guns and they all come with their own quirks

“Guns” is a very broad term for a very large variety of weapons. When I say it, I usually think of semi-automatic pistols but really if you’re also thinking assault rifle, shotgun, black powder pistol, machine gun, or blunderbuss, you wouldn’t be wrong. This is long before we leave general categories and get into sub categories like compact, sub compact, automatic, semi-automatic, pump action, and different manufacturer. Many writers (including me when I’m lazy) will use terms like “gun”, “pistol”, or “rifle” to convey a general term and, you know, that works with characters how have no idea how to tell a Glock 17 from a Colt 1911 to a Smith & Wesson. However, if you’re writing a character who owns a gun, then they should probably know what it is.

There’s a wide range of variety amongst the different manufacturers. Not all pistols will carry the same amount of ammunition. Different manufacturers are popular in different areas of the country. While the Glocks are very popular amongst law enforcement groups in the United States, for example, each precinct has their own preferred standard. It varies, sometimes wildly.

So, do your homework.

You want to write about characters using guns, then you need to research them. Find out how they work, find out how to care for them, find out different scuttlebutt, research the different pistols you see characters using in movies and television shows. Research the history behind those weapons, see if the production staff has ever offered up any particular information on why they picked those particular ones and not others. You can use a character’s choice in their weapons to communicate character traits and their combat preferences. Source the real world information on it. That way, you can make executive decisions and you sound more like you know what you’re talking about. (You do!)

Besides, you’ll never know if you never look. One part of being a writer is the acceptance of being a student. Go through gun manuals at your library. Learn about the different kinds. Visit a gun range. Take a few lessons. You don’t ever have to like guns or approve of them, but you should make an effort to figure them out. (Yes, some handguns have a safety that’s a button, some have a switch, and some don’t have them at all.)

Never fire until it’s empty

Continuously firing until you run out of ammunition is a Hollywood trope and a mistake made by people who don’t know how guns work. You don’t drive your car until it runs out of gas. Don’t get caught trying to shoot someone with an empty gun. Also, save those magazines for later, don’t just toss them on the ground, bullets, and magazines, are expensive to replace.

Count your bullets

Your characters can’t really keep track of their enemy’s bullets (and if you’re writing from their perspective you shouldn’t either honestly, not having a full picture of what what the enemy is doing keeps them worrying and tension high), but they should try to keep in mind how many they have.

One bullet is not enough

If you’re going to shoot someone, then shoot them several times. This usually means three to five times to center mass, or until they stop moving. A single bullet is not a guarantee that they are out of the fight. People are durable, they can take quite a bit of punishment and keep going. Guns are not magic, neither are bullets. So, don’t get cocky.

The sign of skill is not in how few bullets a character needs to get their job done, it’s in how efficiently they work and how well they cover their ass. Their ability to close off alternate avenues, to lock their opponent into a predictable path, and finish them off at minimal risk to themselves. A character who is ignoring basic procedure because they think the rules don’t apply to them is an idiot. Yes, the rules still apply to them. Yes, they should probably shoot that guy or girl several times to make sure he’s/she’s down. If they aren’t doing that, then there should probably be consequences.

The bullets have to end up somewhere

So, where are they? Bullets will continue to travel until they hit something. A responsible shooter tries to ensure they don’t hit someone unintended in the process. Bullets go through walls, car doors, and plenty of other objects. Fire randomly into a crowd and you will hit someone, though probably not the one you wanted. Blow through and overpenetration are real issues. Shoot someone with the big ass hand cannon and you may end up hitting someone in the next room. It could be a friend, family member, or random stranger. Manslaughter is still manslaughter. If your character is going to shoot at a burglar, it’s best if they don’t accidentally murder the neighbor’s cat. (Or their neighbor.)

This is all a really fun way of saying: not only do accidents happen, there’s a element of random chance at play no matter who you are. As the writer try to keep track of ammunition spent and where it landed.

Don’t shoot into the sky

What goes up, must come down. Falling bullets can still kill you, protagonist or not, or anyone close to you. This is a real problem that affect real (stupid) gun owners in real life who have watched too many action movies.

If you must fire a warning shot then, please, aim at the ground. It’s safer. Shrapnel will still be a problem and the bullet could bounce, but at least your character has some idea of which direction it went.

Go to a gun range

I didn’t really become comfortable with writing guns until Starke took me shooting. Not until I actually held one (several, actually) in my hands. Practicing on different ones really hammers in the idea that they don’t all feel the same or fire the same, and how loud they are.

In the end, the best teacher is experience. Now, there may be extenuating circumstances for why you personally can’t do this but it’s something everyone should consider.

The best way to develop skill at writing about anything is to learn about it and go in with an open mind. Make an effort. You will be rewarded with knowledge.


You might be an ISFJ if…

you take extra time while communicating through writing to comb through your words/sentence structure (or even emoticons) for ANY implications of unkindness and/or foolishness.


AQUARIUS Positive traits

* Communicative
* Thoughtful and caring
* Cooperative and dependable
* Scientific
* Strong belief in humane reforms
* Independence of thought and action
* Intense interest in people
* Loyal friendship
* Inventive

Negative traits

* Unwilling to share ideas
* Tactless and rude
* Perverse and eccentric individuality
* Self-interested
* Unwillingness to fight for beliefs
* Uncertainty and lack of confidence
* Voyeuristic curiousity about people