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Mercury In The Houses

Mercury In The 1st House

  • Positive Traits: agile, instinctive, literary
  • Negative Traits: insensitive, sometimes you only talk about the things that you are interested in and don’t care to hear what others say, brusque
  • Celebrities: Grace Kelly, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Penélope Cruz, Niall Horan

Mercury In The 2nd House

  • Positive Traits: powerful, clever, well-thought-out
  • Negative Traits: hard-headed, whiny when things don’t go your way, you aren’t as flexible as you have the potential to be
  • Celebrities: Pamela Anderson, Lindsay Lohan, Ben Affleck, Gerard Butler

Mercury In The 3rd House

  • Positive Traits: communicative, excellent at multi-tasking, agog
  • Negative Traits: you find it difficult to sit still and relax, scatterbrained, you may form opinions too quickly
  • Celebrities: Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Taylor, Jim Carrey, Alicia Keys

Mercury In The 4th House

  • Positive Traits: homely, conventional, strong memory
  • Negative Traits: manipulative, frequently upset, narrow view of the world
  • Celebrities: Jay-Z, Colin Farrell, Eva Longoria, Brittany Murphy

Mercury In The 5th House

  • Positive Traits: lively, quick-witted, comical
  • Negative Traits: your jokes may offend people often, tendency to exaggerate, prone to fabricating stories
  • Celebrities: Alice Cooper, Bruce Springsteen, Rita Ora, Diana Ross

Mercury In The 6th House

  • Positive Traits: hard-working, reliable, attentive
  • Negative Traits: perfectionist, nervous energy, you may feel confused a lot of the time
  • Celebrities: James Franco, Matthew McConaughey, Serena Williams, Betty White

Mercury In The 7th House

  • Positive Traits: analytical, productive, great debater
  • Negative Traits: competitive, you feel incomplete without romance in your life, hesitant to think about the future
  • Celebrities: Whitney Houston, Clint Eastwood, Snoop Dogg, Christina Ricci

Mercury In The 8th House

  • Positive Traits: strategic, good at problem-solving, psychic
  • Negative Traits: you guard your heart too much, suspicious of people, you hardly open up
  • Celebrities: Demi Moore, Sean Connery, Matt Damon, Pink

Mercury In The 9th House

  • Positive Traits: consistent, versatile, skilled conversationalist
  • Negative Traits: impatient, you make fast judgements without being aware of all of the facts, authoritative
  • Celebrities: Al Pacino, Céline Dion, Mila Kunis, Robert Downey Jr.

Mercury In The 10th House

  • Positive Traits: reasonable, thoughtful, efficient
  • Negative Traits: materialistic, power hungry, afraid to ask others for a helping hand (in fear of appearing weak)
  • Celebrities: Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Hanks, Edward Norton, Heidi Klum

Mercury In The 11th House

  • Positive Traits: humanitarian, unique, individualistic
  • Negative Traits: disorganized thought process, may find yourself saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, overly talkative every now and then
  • Celebrities: Salvador Dalí, Anne Hathaway, River Phoenix, Lorde

Mercury In The 12th House

  • Positive Traits: selfless, accepting of different people and ideas, tender
  • Negative Traits: vulnerable, secretive, you have trouble focusing on important details
  • Celebrities: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Frida Kahlo, Janis Joplin, Johnny Cash

anonymous asked:

I think you've mentioned that the "race" thing is more of a game mechanic than a actual concrete depiction of the various people in tamriel but what would say a nordic-dunmeri child generally look like? and would they inherit both their parent's elemental resistance to frost and fire?

Is the mom a Dunmer and the dad a Nord? The kid will look primarily Dunmeri. Maybe their ears will be blunter or their eyes a human color. 

Is the mom a Nord and the dad a Dunmer? The kid will look primarily Nordic. Maybe their ears will be pointier or their eyes red. 

In regards to the racial powers and traits in the games, the conversation gets trickier still. I tend to think that they are representations of both cultural traits (Dunmer commune with their ancestors = can summon a ghost), physical traits (Khajiit can see in the dark = Night Eye spell), and actual magical abilities. We don’t really know if the Nords’ resist cold ability translates to all Nords magically being immune to cold, or if it just means that they’re more used to cold and know how to make warmer clothing. Likewise, we don’t know if the Dunmer are just more used to hot temperatures or if they’re literally able to walk through fire. If the “powers” are primarily cultural or location based (used to cold/warmth), the child would have the “power” of whichever culture or location they’re raised in. If the “powers” are primarily magical (complete natural immunity to frost/fire), the child would likely have a combination of both, though I don’t think it’d come at full strength. 

AQUARIUS Positive traits

* Communicative
* Thoughtful and caring
* Cooperative and dependable
* Scientific
* Strong belief in humane reforms
* Independence of thought and action
* Intense interest in people
* Loyal friendship
* Inventive

Negative traits

* Unwilling to share ideas
* Tactless and rude
* Perverse and eccentric individuality
* Self-interested
* Unwillingness to fight for beliefs
* Uncertainty and lack of confidence
* Voyeuristic curiousity about people

Planets in the Third House

Sun excellent powers of communication.Versatility and Geminian traits will be present, especially if this is the Sun sign.There will be erratic progress at school; consistency of effort must be learned.

Moon the Moon accentuates a lively mind, but these individuals will have extremely changeable opinions.An instinctive need for knowledge is present but is often superficial.Shrewdness, cunning, and cleverness are usually present.A caring sibling. 

Mercury here Mercury, in its own house, is powerful, and a quick-thinking mind is present.Changeability and inconsistency of effort must be controlled.These individuals will be artful and sometimes duplicitous.

Venus the planet Venus will encourage these individuals to win their way into prospective lovers’ hearts through eloquence.Sympathetic communication with others is usual, as is charm and youthful looks.

Mars a sharp, quick mind, and argumentativeness and sometimes aggression – but the bark may be worse than the bite.School is enjoyed and good progress in studies is generally made. 

Jupiter Mental challenges will be particularly enjoyed here.These individuals will always be at least one intellectual step ahead of rivals, especially at school. Breadth of  vision is excellent, but a grasp of detail may be lacking.

Saturn here is a good, retentive mind, though the thinking processes will be slow, as will be progress at school.These individuals should be let to pace themselves.A responsible sibling. 

Uranus a brilliant and original, but stubborn mind – and one that needs constant stimulation.There will be erratic progress at school, with a tendency to shock, just for the hell of it! 

Neptune children with Neptune in the third house will take a while to settle at school.While fertile, their imagination will need guidance and encouragement. Singing potential may exist.

Pluto a conflict will occur between the need to communicate and secretiveness.Encouragement in talking over problems is necessary if things go wrong at school or with siblings.Good prospects for investigative journalism. 

Chiron there will be a bright and lively mind with Chiron in the
Third House, but often a tendency to be sceptical about their ability to cope. Encouragement must be given when original or imaginative ideas emerge, then confidence will build.

I’d actually love to really explore authentically flawed characters. Like someone with a very questionable black and white view of the world, or someone always interrupting others while they talk or a person contradicting their own words all the time because they don’t know what they want!
But I believe this community only accepts certain traits and people would immediately judge such a muse and call them out instead of seeing an authentically written character. There are certain flaws which are considered ‘deep’ or ‘interesting’, but I do believe that many typists aren’t aware that some unloveable and annoying mannerism are willingly chosen by the creator.
Like a muse with an immature opinion is excused as an immature mun, not a given trait by a very mature writer.

And so I think, maybe some characters can only exist in books or closed off universes, but not in communities.