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Profit – the unpaid surplus created by labor and appropriated by capital – is essentially a tax on labor with none of the pretense that it’s coming back to you in some way. In the best case scenario for tax, it’s put towards social programs and helpful common utilities. Profit, on the other hand, is essentially a tax on the worker’s labor for not owning means of production, a tax that is always there to line the pockets of the capitalist.

And that’s not even going into rent, the tax on the tenant enforced by the landlord.

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so, like, in Ancap Utopia what happens to people who don’t have money?

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I have a genuine question, I'm seemingly in the middle and trying to get view points and perspectives. I assume you speak of Marxism, where the people rule? It has always been an ideology and never taken into effect unless with a dictator. Socialism is seemingly great, but it always fails. People don't want to work just to be taxed an insane amount so people who don't work get a check. That's why it usually fails, because people stop working and money ceases. Why are you for communism?

theres so much here thats wrong and simply assumed that i really don’t want to get into it because it’s obnoxious and we get asked the same shit all the time. like you could literally go through our blog a bit and have every single one of your points knocked down because they’re all wrong. but I digress.

1) there have been countless communities where the people ruled, which exist before marxism was ever even written about, kropotkin talks about a few in the very beginning of the conquest of bread, but as you should know humans have been around for 200,000+ years, and during this time we’ve lived under countless social structures, which includes, but is not limited to, a rule of the people. It worked. It worked for a long time. The state and capitalism fucked it up. But that’s something you’ll have to research on your own because this is already fuck long.

2) There are no taxes under communism, none, because there is no capital … no private property, there is nothing to tax, capital does not exist. so try to comprehend that for a second before applying capitalist ideas onto a communist framework

3) people don’t want to do fuck nothing. People get bored as shit. notwithstanding the fact that people already do shit they aren’t paid to do: laundry, dishes, vacuuming, organizing, showering, brushing their teeth, etc. You know what happens when a person isn’t capable of doing this shit? They typically get help or die, because if you can’t or have no want to work at all on anything there is literally something wrong with you, it’s not the typical human experience. 

And I suppose I could show you the whole cities using the universal basic income shit and how people still work under that but I feel like you should already understand people do shit all the time without monetary compensation, and when people aren’t worrying about if they’re going to die or not from their job they tend to produce a lot better content and work in places more suited to their interests and skills

You think all these people on tumblr who write pages and pages of informational texts, or make graphs just for fun, or draw all the time just for fun, or do hours and hours of research and so on for no compensation just would stop fucking working if they had their basic needs provided for? thats fuck ignorant and completely lacks a basic understanding of people

4) again, there are no checks, capital is abolished, there is no state, there are no taxes, you fundamentally misunderstand the most basic aspects of communism. please do some research before coming to random people on the internet and spewing bullshit that isn’t goddamn true and stating it as fact when it goddamn well isnt. 

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Not meant to incite anything, but could you direct me to information about appropriation of taxes for schools? I always thought if, say, a particular state were taxing for education that it would be distributed evenly but always wondered why it didn't seem that way. After what you said, and I believe it, I'm curious as to how they appropriate funds based on contribution since other public works like roads or infrastructure is meant to be distributed evenly.. Agh. Why do humans lack compassion :/

Different states handle funding differently. I’m most familiar with Texas, since I live and teach here. 

Here’s some rather official and dense information about how Texas funds education.

This article goes into some of the specific issues and efforts we have

A collection of Texas Tribune articles on the subject.

Many of the education issues in Texas, including funding. 

The short version is that Texas does not have a state income tax (which is how many other states pay for education.) Instead, we use local property tax, which stays in the communities it comes from. So rich communities pay more property tax and have nicer schools. Poor communities, particularly those with lots of renting, pay far less property tax, and have chronically underfunded school. Every few years this obvious bullshit goes to court, but so far no change. 

Reagan was an uber-conservative who thought that any progressive program leads to communism and that massive tax cuts would fix the economy. He realized that he couldn’t win the presidency without evangelical support, so, despite the fact that he wasn’t particularly religious, he pandered to them. He was suddenly pro-life. They were suddenly lifted to center stage and given an outsized voice. The Republicans continue to need them. Trump made the same cultural conservative religious tack to the right to win their votes ranting about how mothers rip babies from their wombs weeks before they are about to give birth and undermining the separation of church and state in numerous ways. The religious right are just pawns in the game. The real goal is to consolidate power in the hands of a few very wealthy families and screw everyone else over. Religious conservatives in any religion are easily manipulated. The Republicans understand that and are willing to do it because otherwise, they wouldn’t have anything like a majority to support their anti-democratic policies.

The Republican President Eisenhower was a Liberal before the Liberals became Democrats. Republicans have been conservatives since LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act in the 1960s. That is when Republicans started trying to dismantle the US government.

Some numpty: I don’t see why I have to pay school taxes when I don’t have kids in school.
Me: Well I don’t know why my taxes have to support a military I can’t join fighting a war I don’t support against people I don’t think deserve it.


AUGUST 23, 1986

The Cry of Pugad Lawin (Filipino: Sigaw ng Pugad Lawin), alternately and originally referred to as the Cry of Balintawak was the beginning of the Philippine Revolution against the Spanish Empire.

At the close of the 23rd of August 1896, members of the Katipunan secret society (Katipuneros) led by Andrés Bonifacio rose up in revolt somewhere in an area referred to as Caloocan, wider than the jurisdiction of present-day Caloocan City which may have overlapped into present-day Quezon City.

Originally the term “Cry” referred to the first clash between the Katipuneros and the Civil Guards (Guardia Civil). The cry could also refer to the tearing up of community tax certificates (cédulas personales) in defiance of their allegiance to Spain. This was literally accompanied by patriotic shouts.

Because of competing accounts and ambiguity of the place where this event took place, the exact date and place of the Cry is in contention. From 1908 until 1963, the official stance was that the Cry occurred on August 26 in Balintawak. In 1963 the Philippine government declared a shift to August 23 in Pugad Lawin, Quezon City.