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Why don't you do a blog on strictly lesbian issues instead of having your blog be about two boybanders, one of who doesn't even acknowledge the gay community?

Lol. You don’t know anything about Louis do you? Cause that’s like… not right. At all. He shows his support in the small ways he can. 

I suggest reading through this post - (x)

Then read this post where he outs himself numerous times?? - (x)

He also communicates through his t-shirts quite often since… ya know… he can’t really say much considering he’s been forcibly closeted for years. Don’t forget that.

Anyways I suggest not worrying about what I decide to post about on my own blog. Thanks. 

oK, OK  so you’re telling me that Harry got a tattoo of a tiger on his thigh and that Louis not only tweeted

but also wore this tiger shirt around the same time:

Tell me again that he doesn’t communicate through his shirts.