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HandToHeartCreations is an independent handmade jewellery business by @fenland-witch.

Fenland offers very reasonable prices for her beautiful high-quality jewellery and even better postage prices, being completely free for UK citizens and consistently low for the US. She has just transferred her store from Etsy to self-managing it on her blog for the time being. Due to this, her prices are currently lower than usual without Etsy fees having to be paid.

Everything she creates is handmade and there is a large range of pieces to choose from such as pendants, bead bracelets and necklaces, crystal chip bracelets, rings, bag charms and more which can all be found on her page. To inquire about purchasing a piece of jewellery message her blog.


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Great Members of the Community - 1

Rather than do them all at once since there are so many blogs to cover, I feel it would be best to break it up a little by purely arbitrary amounts and qualities. Each one will be whatever number of blogs and of whatever quality. Now, without further adieu

Voice of All MTG ( @voiceofallmtg )

If you don’t know about Voice then you are missing out. Run by Blaise, they take in auditions from members of the MTG community to voice characters from the MTG story and bring it all together in the form of a radio play. The amount of work that goes into bringing it all together is incredible and the fact that more people don’t know about it is a travesty. I strongly recommend listening, sharing, and giving auditioning a shot if that tickles your fancy. Even if you’re not a massive fan of magic, it is an incredible way to get into the story.

Daily MTG Flavour Text ( @dailymtgflavortext )

A really simply blog that will post art from the history of Magic the Gathering, and overlay it with the flavour ext from that card. They also post Deck Builders Toolkits. There blog is dedicated to just this if you are worried about being spammed with personal stuff.

Weekly MTG Post ( @weekly-mtg-posts )

Weekly MTG post is a blog that primarily dedicates itself to creating themed Magic Art posts once a week, as well as daily art content (including Cosplay, custom cards and alters) from across the magic community. To put it simply, if you enjoy art produced for MTG professionally, as well as in the community, they are a strong follow.

The Foxwolf ( @the-foxwolf )

One of the many Vorthos in the community, The Foxwolf posts content relating to the community at large, as well as interesting theories from the story of magic. What’s more, on top of the good work they’ve been doing recently, they currently have a great deal more in the works. Onwards and upwards.

Dragons of Dominia ( @dragonsofdominia )

Dragons creates analyses of the different kinds of dragons from across the multiverse identifying, not only what to anticipate from their appearance and behaviour but also obvious dangers. In addition, there is also a few ‘dragonesque’ creatures covered. As of posting the blog has gone quiet due to having analysed the various dragons on all planes thus visited, but with Amokhet in the not too distant future, there may be a resurgence.

Magus of the Colour Pie ( @magus-of-the-color-pie )

Got a question about how certain aspects of something relate to the Colour pie but are worried that if you ask MaRo himself you’ll never get a reply? Well, Diego is the person for you. With an incredible understanding of the colour pie and it’s relation to other things, they are the go-to person when you got an itching question or just wanna talk magic. 

Sam Keeper ( @sam-keeper )

How I had never heard of Sam before this is beyond me, but their blogspot blog, Storming the Ivory Tower, is the perfect mix of anecdotes and interest concepts that makes each post, which may appear daunting at first, melt away as you read deeper into it. Maybe I’m biased because it’s similar to the way I tend to write, but maybe that just sells it too. If you like the way I write, but wanna see it done better, Sam is the way to go. Also go support their Patreon

Jace, The Belt Sculptor ( @jacethebeltsculptor )

Jace (I’m sorry, I don’t know your real name) is an up and coming writer and member of the community who is passionate about creating well written pieces and reaching those he can. His work has a finger in ever pie, but at it’s core it magic, relating other things, like Voltron, various anime, and even feminism back to magic. If you’re passionate and ready to discuss things, I recommend reading Jace’s stuff.

Servo Facts ( @servo-facts )

This is a bit of a two for one because I wanted to promo Servo Facts as a blog but also say that I haven’t been running it for a while. Despite that, the person who has taken it up in my stead has done an incredible job at maintaining a flow of content. Even if that flow stops of slow, going through the history of the blog is great for a laugh. I’m a big fan, and I think more people should be too. 

“Can we do the Orlando thing again” ? Really ? Is it supposed to be funny ?

Wow, I just wanted to cry when I read all these disgusting comments.
The video is beautiful and powerful, check it out if you want to. But, please : don’t read the comments.

I watch the older butches. They have perfectly shined shoes and crisply ironed dress shirts; ties that point politely down, slung around necks I want to carefully touch; thick belts and square edges and hair that looks like it’s been freshly cut at all times; change in a loose jangle at the bottom of pockets calling out an insistent rattle as they walk by; neatly clipped nails on hands that are forever ready to hold open the door. Their postures are straight and stiff, except for the ones who stoop their shoulders to hide their softness.

The butches are always quietly determined to get the drinks. I watch their calm circle to the bar and back, nobly presenting cocktails to femmes who take them like prizes. At the end of the night, I see them hold up coats with outstretched arms for their tired femmes, hail cabs with one authoritative arm reaching for the stars, the other wrapped lightly around their girl’s waist. They make everything look charmed and easy–rolling coins across the table with a silver flash; arm-wrestling with their sleeves rolled up as my eyes hungrily lock on their tensed forearms; swinging Zippo lighters open before I’ve even contemplated having a cigarette. I crave their softness, how gentle they can me in touch and gesture; I love their hardness, all of the sharp lines and angles I want to feel the pinch of and press myself against. They wear their difference out there every day in a mostly hostile world. They take refuge in approving nods of other butches, in welcoming smiles of the femmes at the bar. When they are here, they are home. When they are here, there is nowhere else.

—  Debra Anderson,
So I want to do something

I want to start a community spotlight thing. I know there are a lot of small members of the community who do some absolutely amazing things, and it’s by no means fair that they can have so few people looking at their stuff, and I have so many. So, if you know someone in the community who you believe to create amazing things, but don’t get the recognition they deserve (even if it’s you) please message me, reply to this, or reblog with that person. Then I’ll do a post showing the world how great they are.

If, however, you don’t personally know anyone, please reblog this so we can reach the deepest depths of the community.

Let’s talk about Catholicism. It’s one of the biggest religions in the world, with something like 1.2 billion members around the world. It’s also a deeply, inherently misogynistic religion in almost every aspect of its existence which, I, as an ex-Catholic, have been unfortunate enough to witness.

The foundation of Catholicism is the Holy Trinity: the Father (God), the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. These three things are all separate things that are also the same. What’s important to note is that God and Jesus are both men. (The Holy Spirit doesn’t really have a gender, since it’s not really a person, as far as I know.) The very foundation of this belief system is that the Father, his Son, and some mystical spirit are the rulers of the universe. Of course, we can all notice that the Holy Trinity lacks a single woman whatsoever.

The most important woman in Catholicism is the Virgin Mary, Jesus’ mother. Mary’s defining characteristics are that she was a virgin and she gave birth to Jesus. She wasn’t given much choice in the matter either, which sends a pretty terrible message to young girls, IMO. So if Mary is the ideal woman, as Catholics say she is, what are the characteristics of the ideal woman? She has a child when a man (God) tells her to, she’s a virgin, and she’s self sacrificing, going as far as giving birth in a damn barn.

So, the Scriptures themselves are pretty terrible concerning women. But how does this play out in practice?

Only men are allowed to be priests. If this was true of any other occupation, people would be pretty damn upset. If only men were allowed to be engineers or lawyers, that wouldn’t be okay. Sure, women can become nuns, but can separate be considered equal?

Priests are given certain powers that nuns are not. Priests have the power of transubstantiation, turning the Eucharist and wine into the body and blood of Christ. Priests officiate weddings and baptize children, which nuns do not have the power to do under Catholic doctrine. And maybe most importantly, priests serve as community leaders. The movie Spotlight describes this perfectly in a scene where a man who was molested by a priest as a child describes the excitement in his family when the priest of their neighborhood church came to their house. Priests are held in unbelievably high esteem in Catholic communities. And probably most importantly, they have the opportunity to rise up and become bishops or even Pope.

Finally, Catholic communities and nations are often really harmful for women. Ireland, a nation with a lot of Catholics, has complete prohibition on abortion, leading to women being forced to travel to the United Kingdom for the procedure. There’s also a cultural stigma around birth control and abortion. (Both of which are banned by the Catholic Church.) The stereotype of the Irish Catholic family with a million kids isn’t just a stereotype. My mom was one of five, her mother one of twelve. I know more than one family with over eight kids.

Catholicism is dangerous for women. It teaches us negative messages about ourselves, offers few opportunities, and restricts our potentially lifesaving healthcare. This isn’t even covering the homophobia and sexual abuse of children committed by the church.


What is Gobsmopolitan?

Gobsmopolitan is a zine featured around the women of the World of Warcraft - Wyrmrest Accord community. 

Including Fashion, General Womens Interest Articles, An Advice Column, and Community Spotlights!

Right now as I prepare to launch the first issue, I’m looking for people who’d like to contribute to the 2nd issue, slated for July 2017. I will need models and people interested in writing articles. This is all done In Character - As such it requires your character to identify as a woman since it revolves around womens interests.

This is also potential ad-space for whatever you might be interested in advertising. 

If you are interested in this project, please contact Falaxi on [H]-side WRA, either via whisper or in-game mail.

I was taking a nap and just caught up. I have some things to say.

The fact that we can’t ever talk about colorism on here or tell anyone that they’re out of line without people whining about it or unfollowing is a huge problem.

A lot of our asks are from light skinned or white passing people and the one of the rare times we get one from a darker skinned person, a light skinned person tried to make it about being light skinned and that’s not okay.

Of course we understand what it’s like not to fit in because we look different but as light skinned people we cannot compare our experiences to darker skinned folks. Oftentimes darker skinned mixed folks are told they don’t look mixed or can’t be mixed along with usual colorist statements which I’m not going to list here.

There is a certain look mixed folks are supposed to have that is portrayed in the media and expected by society and it’s rooted in anti blackness, colorism, and for non black folks too…it’s usually centered on “looking more white” than anything else. It’s looking just “ethnic” enough that we’re interesting but not too much and one of the main factors in that is skin color.

Also light skin privilege isn’t just in the mixed community but the spotlight is on light skin mixed people because mixed persons are expected to be light skin which erases the fact that darker skin mixed exist and share experiences with us but also have their own unique problems as a darker skinned person who is also mixed.

We get rightful complaints every now and then about why we don’t have a space for darker skinned mixed folks and some of the reactions to our most recent asks is part of the problem.

I’m not sorry for taking a couple asks and explaining why their reasoning is problematic when darker skinned mixed persons exist here and in the world too. If I hadn’t responded in the way that I did I would be contributing to closing that space off to darker skinned mixed people to have a safe space here and also I would be contributing putting light skin voices and feelings over dark skin struggles.

As I said before we share struggles but usually as a light skin person, ours are more concentrated to our sphere and aren’t a systematic problem.

I’ve even said “I understand how you feel” so that’s enough validation and I’m not here to coddle people when they are in the wrong.

Like Coyote said, if you have a problem with how we handle light skin or white passing centered messages, which is more often validating than not, then you can find another space and/or unfollow.

– Jay


What Wast Taken Project Statement:

I explore themes around the social constructs of identity and trace how race, class and gender factors in one’s perception of self. “What Was Taken” is a photo-­series that spotlights the communal effects of trauma, depression and the mythos of the “strong black woman” in communities of color.

Following recent incidents due to police brutality, I began to reflect a great deal on the mothers of the slain. How do you stand strong in the face of tragedy?

As Women of color, we carry the burden of being “Strong.” It looms eerily above us in times of trial and tribulation. We are forced to tuck away our feelings: our grief, our hurt, our pain for the sake of moving forward. But, what are the cost?

In recent studies, it was found that 63% of African Americans believe that depression is a form of weakness. Due to the racial and ethnic disparities in and communal stigmas associated with mental health care in communities of color, many are reluctant to seek help.

In this exploration of “self” and “other”, I  examine how our socio-political constructs limits the personal experiences of marginalized and historically stigmatized people. As confidence… depression… anger are privileges wielded only by the politically, economically and socially advantaged majority, are we, as women of color, entitled to own such feelings?”

I watch the femmes that everyone always wants, femmes who make people hang from their every word, as if their sentences are wrapped in gold. Cherished. I discover how to make an entrance like it is your birthright–as though you are in the centre of a stage and people lined up all night just for the chance to get close to you. I watch femmes who walk into every room as if they own it. As if it was created just for them.
—  Debra Anderson,


LittleBatEmporium is an Etsy shop run by independent craftsmaker Kat, who runs the tumblr blog little-witch-princess.

Kat creates wonderful plush familiars such as mushroom sprites, bats, owls and more for all your witchy needs. All of them are handmade and each one is unique in it’s own way! No two familiars are the same.

As if the general premade familiars weren’t cute and beautiful enough, Kat’s speciality is custom orders. Here you can request the familiar how you’ve always imagined it; the perfect companion to guard over your room and keep you safe, or the playful friend you watch scary movies with. It’s all down to you. Just click on the custom order button on the shop!

The stock is updated regularly; there will be a cute new white ghost mushroom sprite coming to the store for Samhain/Halloween that is pictured above. This store has wonderful reviews from all customers and amazing attention to detail. Please, check it out! And reblog to help a fellow witch out.


Special thanks to cheshirewitch for suggesting the store to me this week!

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