community spoilers


“I’ve made it my personal mission that Britta is trying to do the Troy and Abed handshake because I sit next to Danny at the table, but Britta is messing it up. That’s not scripted, and Dan may have cut every single instance of it, but that is my attempt because I have decided personally that Britta is trying to replace Troy in some ways, emotionally, for Abed. I don’t know if it will be perceptible to the human eye, but that was my secret actor intention.”
-Gillian Jacobs [x]


Tonight’s celebration was cut short by some tragic news. Pierce Hawthorne, 14-year Greendale student, entrepreneur and expert heart attack faker, passed away. For real, this time. Pierce had been recently banned from campus, but not from our hearts. He survived by many ex-wives and all of us here at Greendale that called him friend. If you’re listening Pierce, you were a hell of a D&D player. It’s time to level up.


Oh don’t blame it all on a gas leak year. This was a four year process. We went in one end as real people and out the other end as mixed up cartoons.”