community season two


“There is another way in. If I enrol in the AC school, they’ll help us. We could walk in and out. It’ll mean I’ll have to move out of here and into AC school housing, and I won’t be able to hang out with you guys any more, or have a relationship, or use the word "sensational” for some reason.“


annie: i don’t [understand].
britta: you will.


favourite songs from community: season two

Jeff and Annie Holding Hands in Basic RV Repair and Palmistry

Made primarily because of this post in the JA tag:  “but they held hands for a little bit” brenda-thegenius

What gets me about this little moment is how Jeff and Annie just gravitate towards each other and gain solace and comfort from each other during the panic. 

Him grabbing her hand (it looks like he’s almost going to bring it to his mouth to give a kiss on the hand) and his smile at her shows just how much that in the midst of the chaos, Jeff and Annie seek out each other. 

Also, look at how this moment was framed - we’re seeing it from the back (similar to the Milady Milord of 106) but that just to accentuate how VERY PUBLIC it is. Elroy is aware of it. Abed is seeing it from his position. Frankie and Pelton are looking directly at it. 

But no one in the group says anything because this is another moment to show that both Jeff and Annie don’t care what the world says anymore. If they like each other, then they’re gonna go to the other for comfort (and because the other will CARE) and this is another instance of the show framing the interaction between them as subtly public - and also showing that them being open with the thing they have between them is not scary anymore.