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Support bi people who have a strong preference for women

Support bi people who have a strong preference for men

Support bi people who don’t have a strong preference for any gender

Support bi people who are only attracted to women and nb people

Support bi people who are only attracted to men and nb people

Support bi people who are attracted to women, men, and nb people

Support bi people who are bisexual or biromantic but not both 

Support trans and nonbinary bi people

You don’t get to decide who’s “bi enough”. Support ALL bi people.

I lied. I’m not out of this relationship. I’m in. I’m so in, it’s humiliating because here I am, begging. Okay.. Here it is: Your choice? It’s simple. Her or me. And I’m sure she’s really great, but Derek.. I love you. In a really, really big pretend-to-like-your-taste-in-music, let-you-eat-the-last-piece-of-cheesecake, hold-a-radio-over-my-head-outside-your-window, unfortunate way that makes me hate you, love you. So pick me. Choose me. Love me.
Jacksepticeye is so Fucking Good

I mean I already knew that, obviously, but he never fails to make me so fucking happy and a way he does that is by letting us know that WE make HIM happy. That video explaining Anti was a prime example of him talking to us, and even through a camera and a computer screen, I could feel how full of joy and excitement he was because we all got right on board with this Halloween Anti idea and had so much fun as a community. He was absolutely beaming with pride in us! You couldn’t not feel so full and so content with yourself after hearing him say over and over that he loves us and was so happy with us!

That right there makes an amazing youtuber. It is a relationship that is balanced and positive between the creator and the viewer. We work together in all of this and continue to spread love and creativity every day. We thank Jack and tell him that we love him and he has no trouble or hesitation going out of his way to tell us back. Wether it’s vlogs every so often or something elaborate like this Halloween, he does this for us.

Thank you, community, for being so great. We are why Jack can do shit like this, because we are supportive, creative, and overall nice ass people. Thank you Robin!! That editing could have sucked and ruined the immersion for everyone, but no, it was so damn cool and so effective. Amazing job! And of course, thank you Jack. I KNOW you know that we appreciate you and all you do, but extra thanks for being so cool and going out of your way to do something cool and different this Halloween, just for us. You are kind, and talented, and damn creative (and a good actor tbh), and just keep doing what you’re doing, we are along the ride with you.


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okay so i asked someone already and they were an asshole about it. since you are a witch mom, maybe you can explain?? why can't we call them spirit animals?

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This would be the part that the lights would lower and all eyes would be on me as I roll in a white board.  Anyway…

See, darlin’, there is thing and it is called CULTURAL APPROPRIATION.

*The very words echo off the walls of the empty auditorium.*

By definition, cultural appropriation is the adoption or use of the elements of one culture by members of another culture.  Let’s take the United States and use it as an example…

Because people from hundreds of different ethnicities make up the U.S. population, it’s not surprising that at times cultural groups rub off on each other. Americans who grow up in diverse communities may pick up the dialect, customs and religious traditions of the cultural groups that surround them.

Cultural appropriation is an entirely different matter. It has little to do with one’s exposure to and familiarity with different cultures. Instead, cultural appropriation typically involves members of a dominant group exploiting the culture of less privileged groups–often with little understanding of the latter’s history, experience and traditions.

“Borrowing” is a key component of cultural appropriation. In the 1950s, white musicians borrowed the musical stylings of their black counterparts. Because African Americans weren’t widely accepted in U.S. society at that time, record executives chose to have white recording artists replicate the sound of black musicians. This led to musical forms such as rock-n-roll being largely associated with whites in spite of the fact that black musicians were pioneers of the art form. This move also had financial consequences, as many of the black musicians who helped pave the way for rock-n-roll’s success never saw a dime for their contributions to the music.

Onto the more witchy aspects of this…

The term Spirit Animal, as used by young adults today, is a bastardized version of a Native American tradition.  The word’s loss of meaning is damaging to the concept of tradition, especially one as regularly plagiarized and demeaned as the traditions of Native Americans. Religion and belief is something to be taken seriously, and when it’s corrupted by pop culture and turned into something it shouldn’t be, then that’s where the damage starts to set in. 

I am nowhere near qualified enough to go into the importance of the term, and by no means do I want to generalize Native Americans as a singular identity, especially since Spirit Animal is not the same for every tribe. However, I (and many of my other witchy peers, AKA those assholes you speak of) do feel like the inappropriate use of the term is something that should be pointed out more, since most of the time people don’t know how problematic certain language can be.

Alternatives to “spirit animal” could be: personal totem, Patronus (ha!), familiar, and so on and so forth.

And by the way, I do have three personal animal totems I refer to in my craft.  I used to say “spirit animals” when I was younger and I quickly realized how offensive it was because I, a mixture of some very weird Cajun-Creole/Black Irish, am not Native American.

Hope this helps.

TL; dr: If you appropriate other cultures, YOU are the asshole.

All of this has happened before...
  • NBC, May 2014: *cancels Community*
  • Entire Community fandom: NOOOOOOO! *bombards Netflix customer service by the thousands with pleas to save the show*
  • Variety, May 2014: Netflix will not be saving Community.
  • Community fandom majority: That is not true. There isn't a real source! Don't believe Variety! CS reps say they're gonna make an announcement! Our voices are being heard!
  • Community fandom minority: Hey everybody, we need to move on and try harder at other places because Netflix is out.
  • Community fandom majority: NO IT'S NOT *links to Netflix live chat screenshot*
  • TVLine, June 2014: Talks at Hulu to save Community have broken down.
  • Community fandom: *gets crazy crazy lucky when Yahoo Screen shows up out of nowhere at the last second*
  • Netflix: *never did make an "official announcement" about not picking up Community*
  • Cory Matthews: Learn from the past...
  • Me: I'm seriously not trying to be mean, nor would I do anything to hurt GMW's chance at a pick-up. Continue to lobby Netflix if you must. I know people aren't gonna let it go. I wanted Netflix as much as any of you, because I wanted what was best for international fans too. But based on past experience and current knowledge I am BEGGING YOU...for every one thing you do towards Netflix, do two each for Hulu and Amazon who have NOT given a hard no on the matter to the press. Because I dunno about you, but even though it's technically possible...I'm not holding my breath for a Yahoo to come out of nowhere in the end.
  • In conclusion: Do what you want, but seriously? Do👏NOT👏sleep👏on👏hulu👏and👏amazon👏‼️‼️

there is NOTHING , NOTHING ! i hate more in this vile world than intellectual elitism first of all the assumption that everyone is going to college or will finish college is nasty

second of all, you dont NEED college to contemplate theory or participate in discussions of art i personally know like 20 million people who are intelligent and astute and constantly learning who never went to college, dropped out, or who are projecting going but haven’t gotten there yet; self education is Valid as hell

college is a Luxury with a capital L and trying to shut out voices on the basis that they dont have a $20,000+ diploma is SO reprehensible and rooted in classism/racism/ableism etc etc

THIRD OF ALL, it is even MORE wild, that someone who HAS this luxury could go through 4+ years of the instruction and community college offers without picking up any sense of social responsibility, without deigning to take advantage of diverse perspectives 

like maybe, before you tell people to wait until they’ve taken a college course to discuss something that they find to be problematic or personally uncomfortable or yes Racist, take course on race theory or postcolonialism and figure out what the fuck you’re doing wrong

vampire break-ups must be so awkward bc like i imagine the vampire community is tight, like everybody knows everybody, just these centuries of friendship and then - “jasmine, did you hear? rudolph and alric broke up!!” “dude WHAT they’ve been together since the spanish inquisition!!” and now the entire vampire community has to pick sides just bc alric finally got sick of rudolph not folding his socks and it’s gonna last for forever like “gfdi guys no wonder all of the fictional vamps date humans this is ridiculous”

Dermatillomania Community Blog List!

I really hope this list will help people with derma, or people who know someone with the condition, to connect and help support each other through our struggles and also spread positivity during our good days! We definitely need some extra positivity to give us all a boost and inspire us to keep on trying every day. I promise it is possible to beat this and I’m living proof it does get better eventually. 👍

Also if I’ve missed anyone off the list or you want to be added just let me know. 😊

Here is the list I have made so far of the lovely people you can follow who are in the same position as you. 💕


My Take on Being a Beginner Spirit Worker

1) It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done but also the most wonderful.
2) It makes me happy when I see them near me.
3) It can also be exhausting especially when you’re new and having a hard time picking up communicating with then.
4) Have I mentioned how hard communicating is? I never know if it’s them or me and when I try divination to figure out if I heard them correctly I’m never certain of my answer because I’m new at that too.
5) Watching the fae bob around to dubstep is my highlight of 2016 so far.
6) It’s stressful when you’re so used to being alone and now you have to figure out a way to reorganize your life in order to incorporate them.
7) Their presence (the kind ones) is so soothing.
8) Trying not to laugh out loud when a spirit says something funny and you’re around people.
9) Having friends always at your side.
10) It can be scary when you’re threatened and you’re still new. I’m blessed to have friends who are more experienced that have been able to keep me safe until I’m more experienced.
11) It was the best complete accident to ever occur. I was going to wait a few years to get into spirit work since I’ve only been a witch for a couple of months. But the spirit life said lol here are two fae oh and 3 more spirits are on their way.
12) A heart full of love.
13) Leaving honey nut cheerios out because you’re lazy but you still want to give them something and you’re not sure if fae even like cheerios but you still do it because you want to at least do something for them.
14) Never have a fearful heart and always believe and you will somehow figure things out.
15) Wards are your friend and so are spirits.

So I was planing on getting some kind of lizard when I get back from Australia but now that we are planning on setting up the 45 gallon when I get back(August-ish) I’m gonna shift my research focus to the fish for this tank. So…any community tank combos ya’ll would recommend? I would like a bottom dweller, a mid level swimmer “focal point fish”, and a schooling fish. My boyfriend requests a “cool” fish. 


My fervent hope for 2016 is that there are fewer articles and tech hacks preaching at women — particularly young women — about how they should be speaking, writing and presenting themselves to the world. Maybe if their communications weren’t constantly picked apart, even by well-meaning observers, they’d have more of the deeply felt confidence they need to succeed.