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Anyone who has been following me for any length of time knows that I often speak out against “before and after” photosets in the recovery community; however, my dislike goes beyond just finding these photos distasteful. I strongly believe that equating weight gain with recovery from an eating disorder, in any context, does the entire eating disorder community a great disservice.

Someone’s progress in recovery cannot and should not be represented by a full-body photo that highlights that person’s weight, because in doing so, that person’s ability to “look healthy” is being equated to that person “being healthy.” As anyone who has struggled with an eating disorder knows, someone can often look normal and healthy but still be struggling and hurting immensely.

If the phrase “You don’t look like you have an eating disorder!” both hurts and angers you, then you’ve already become aware of the negative effects that before and after photos have caused to the eating disorder community. Because these photos are so prevalent in social media when recovery is the topic of discussion, the general public perceives that being sick with an eating disorder means being underweight and that being recovered from an eating disorder means, well, looking recovered!

As a result, most individuals who remain at “normal” weights despite engaging in dangerous, restrictive behaviors, specifically sufferers of OSFED and bulimia, are often dismissed friends, family, and even medical professionals as not “being sick enough.” What a horrible phrase to for an eating disorder sufferer to hear, especially from an external source!

You would never tell someone that an eating disorder’s severity can be gauged by weight, so why would you post a photo with that same underlying message?

One of the most devastating effects of persecution is isolation - the feeling that you’re alone and no one really cares about your suffering. But as Guta* discovered, the Church is united around the world by the love of Jesus Christ!

Guta’s house was burned down because he is Christian. But thanks to the prayers and gifts of friends like you, he was able to rebuild. And now his home is a light for the Gospel to his community.

* representative name and photo used for security reasons

The footprint that caught Richard Ramirez. At the time, Ramirez bought a new pair of shoes that were extremely unique and rather easily traceable. Were it not for this footprint, Ramirez might have still been killing to this day.

imagine having a snap streak with your tc, where the majority of the time you’re sending each other goofy selfies and while in their class, you send candid photos of each other.